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Is This for real? Sodom and Gomorrah coming back

Sesame Street’s Bert, Ernie ‘celebrate gay marriage ruling’

New Yorker cover
Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie snuggle up on the couch watching the US Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage.

The cover of the New Yorker magazine designed by Jack Hunter depicting Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie.

A PRESTIGIOUS American journal has marked the US Supreme Court’s historic ruling on gay marriage with an illustration of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie sharing a tender moment.

The headline reads ‘Bert and Ernie’s Moment Of Joy” and features the two characters snuggled up together, with Ernie’s head on Bert’s shoulder and Bert’s arm protectively around his companion.

It is an eye-catching way for journal to illustrate the Supreme Court’s historic duel ruling this week in favour of same-sex marriage. continue

Man High On Mushrooms Rips Off His Own Private Part

poisonous mushrooms

By: Shifra Unger
A man is in critical condition after ripping off his own private part while hallucinating from poisonous mushrooms, according to hospital officials in Michigan.

Michigan police said that the Ohio man is recovering after ripping off his own private parts while under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The Office of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies said they responded to a burglar alarm at Ypsilanti Middle School where they found the 41-year-old Columbus man naked, screaming and bloody from the waist down.

“He really did not say much at all. There was just a lot of shouting and screaming,” Sergeant Geoff Fox said. Police could not really communicate with him in terms of a constructive conversation,” Fox said.

Fox said that the man had broken a window of the school, but had not stolen anything. He said the man was holding a piece of his own private part, which apparently he had ripped off.

The man, along with his cut off private part were taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Superior Township.continue

Sexual Abuse Files of 42 Catholic Priests Will Be Released Tomorrow; ‘Prepare To Be Shocked,’ Archbishop Says

Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. (Central Time), a new chapter opens in the long, sordid tale of Catholic clergy raping children. That’s the hour when the Milwaukee diocese, which has found itself in bankruptcy proceedings since early 2011, will make thousands of pages of incriminating records available, including personnel files and secret depositions by the highest Catholic Church authorities in Wisconsin. Both thearchdiocese’s site and a website run by victims’ lawyers will publish the documents.

There is speculation that the disclosure may be a body blow to New York’s Timothy Dolan (pictured below), the most powerful Cardinal in the United States. Though Dolan denies he did anything wrong, critics say that when he learned the Chapter 11 filing in Milwaukee was inevitable, he had millions of dollars funneled into special trusts, out of reach of abuse victims and their lawyers.continue

‘Biggest protest in Egypt’s history’: LIVE UPDATES

Millions have taken to the streets across Egypt to demand the resignation of President Morsi on the first anniversary of his inauguration. But Morsi loyalists are staging counter-demonstrations, saying they will defend the leader with all means available.CONTINUE


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