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Faith Healing Butt of Sick Attacks in Mainstream Media

Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland
From praying in tongues to Christian persecution to faith healing, mainstream media mockers are lifting their voices ever more loudly against Jesus and His church these days. At the same time, the Hollywood Reporter is noting that sexual infidelity is “fall TV’s hottest topic,” media’s new mania is being transfixed by transgender, and video game makers are developing a title where players hunt for abortion access in Texas. Can you see the contrast? From immorality to abortion to the gay agenda, the culture war truly is raging—and the latest target is people who believe God still heals. I know God still heals because He healed me—but even if I hadn’t received healing, I would still believe God heals because His Word says He does. Yet mockers are increasingly coming against so-called “faith healers.” Mind you, I’m not talking about secular media reports about extremists from “faith-healing churches” who refuse to take their kids to the doctor for diabetes or fake faith healers charged with rape—or even phony faith healers on Christian television, for that matter. I’m talking about the simple belief that God still heals. I’m talking about believing “the Lord will strengthen him on his bed of illness; [He] will sustain him on his sickbed” (Ps. 41:3) and that “by His stripes we are healed” (Is. 53:5) and that “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Ps. 107:20) and many, many other healing Scriptures that I’ve confessed over my own life in times of sickness. More

FALSE PROPHETS WILL ARISE: Pope Francis offers reduced time in Purgatory for Catholics that follow him on Twitter

Salvation – or at least a shorter stay in Purgatory – might now be only a tweet away with news that Pope Francis is to offer “indulgences” – remissions for temporary punishment – to the faithful who follow him on the social media site. Around 1.5 million are expected to flock to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate World Youth Day with the Argentine pontiff later this month. But for those who can’t make it to Brazil,  forgiveness may be available to contrite sinners who follow Francis’s progress via their TV screen or social networks. The Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary, the Vatican court that rules on the forgiveness of sins, has said that indulgences may be given to those who follow the “rites and pious exercises” of the event on television, radio and through social media. The Penitentiary said that Pope Francis’ Twitter account, which has already gathered seven million followers, would be one such medium. Vatican officials, noted however, that to obtain indulgences over the internet or otherwise, believers would first have to confess their sins, offer prayers and attend Mass. “You can’t obtain indulgences like getting a coffee from a vending machine,” Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, head of the pontifical council for social communication, told the Italian newspaper Corriere della SeraThe Independent

Philippines and US to hold war games near South China Sea

Philippine BRP Ramon Alcaraz outfitted with ASW capabilities, Harpoon missilesThe Philippines and the United States will begin war games near disputed South China Sea waters this week, showcasing fast-expanding military ties and likely further stoking tensions with China. The annual exercises, which involve 2,300 marines from both sides, will take place amid the backdrop of ongoing negotiations to further increase an American military presence and the deployment of its hardware in the former US colony. They also come three weeks before US President Barack Obama is due to visit Manila, a huge moment for the Philippines as it looks for US support amid a worsening row with China over rival claims to parts of the South China Sea. ”The Chinese will view these military exercises as yet another example of the Philippines stirring up tensions in the South China Sea and of the US taking advantage of the situation to increase its military presence,” regional security expert Ian Storey told AFP. Beijing, which insists it has sovereignty to nearly all of the South China Sea, has repeatedly railed at the Philippines for refusing to back down in the territorial dispute and seeking to draw the US closer. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have competing claims to parts of the sea, which is believed to sit atop vast deposits of fossil fuels, but China has been particularly angered at the Philippines for being the most vocal. More

LAWLESSNESS WILL ABOUND: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Earns $800 Million in a Day

Grand Theft Auto V earns $800The release of Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto V” generated $800 million sales in 24 hours around the world, a record for any game from Take-Two Interactive, and the “GTA” franchise itself.  Success of the game bodes well for other tentpole game releases debuting this fall including the next “Call of Duty,” “Assassin’s Creed” and “Battlefield” sequels, as well as “Batman: Arkham Origins” and newcomer “Watch Dogs.” The release of “GTAV” is certainly impressive, especially when compared to film releases. The top three earners at the box office this year are Disney’s “Iron Man 3,” which generated $1.2 billion; Universal’s “Despicable Me 2,” at $840 million; and Warner Bros.’ “Man of Steel,” at $663 million. “GTAV” boasted a budget just as lofty as most tentpoles, with Rockstar spending around $115 million to make the game and Take-Two another $150 million to market it throughout the year. Of course, games are more expensive than movie tickets: “GTAV” is priced at $59.99 for the standard edition, $79.99 for a Special Edition and $150 for an exclusive GameStop edition. More


Revealed: Washington navy yard gunman Aaron Alexis 'obsessed with violent video games'
Aaron Alexis: Washington navy yard gunman ‘obsessed with violent video games’ –  
Alexis, 34, who was shot dead on Monday after killing 13 people at Washington’s Navy Yard, also carried a .45 handgun tucked in his trousers with no holster “everywhere he went” because he believed people would try to steal his belongings. He also felt racially discriminated against, and believed he had been financially “screwed” over a contracting job in Japan at the end of last year, friends said. They also said that he was working in a nearby building when the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center went down following the September 11 terrorism attacks. The addiction to violent video games and guns was at odds with his devout commitment to Buddhism, which saw Alexis spending half the day every Sunday meditating at the Wat Busayadhammvanaram temple in Fort Worth, Texas over a period of several years. He also spent a month in Thailand in April, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. More


RISE OF ISLAM: The Muslim Brotherhood & its growing ties to the U.S. government

Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, joined Glenn on tonight’s Glenn Beck Program to elaborate on the Muslim Brotherhood and its growing power and influence in the U.S. government. We have already witnessed the Obama Administration throw its support behind the organization in Egypt, and now there are a growing number of people with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in our government. Mohammed Elibiary, an individual with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood has quietly risen through the ranks of our government – his most recent promotion was to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He know calls himself a ‘senior fellow’ at the Department of Homeland Security. Who is this man? And what are his motives? Frank explains in the clips below. More

RISE OF ISLAM: TN High School Students Take Field Trip to Mosque, Receive Koran

A Tennessee high school has decided to revise its field trip policy after a group of freshmen were taken to an Islamic mosque where they were given copies of the Koran and while a student who opted out of the trip was given a worksheet that alleged Muslims treated their conquered people better than the United States treated minorities.  The students were in an honors world studies class at Hendersonville High School and the field trips to the mosque as well as a Hindu temple were part of a three-week course on world religions. But some parents objected to the trips and wondered why the school would tour a mosque but not a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue. “If you can’t go to all five, why are you going to any?” asked parent Mike Conner. “We sent the principal an email and voiced our concerns. She sent back a reply and told us they could not afford to go to all five.” Daily Roll Call reported the students were taken to the Islamic Center of Nashville. Children were given punch and cookies at the mosque where they listened to readings from the Koran, Conner said. They were also given copies of the Islamic holy book – which some students took and others declined. During their visit to the Hindu temple, students engaged in meditation. “Our kids are being indoctrinated and this is being shoved in their face,” Conner told Fox News. “It tells me they are pushing other religions and they want Christianity to take a back seat. They want our children to be tolerant of everything except Christianity.” A Sumner County Schools spokesman declined to answer questions about specific religious activities the children may have engaged in, but he did send a statement acknowledging there was concern about the trip. “Our district has reviewed the practice and decided to eliminate field trips to religious venues from this class, as it does not provide equal representation to all the religions studied in the course unit,” the statement read. “This decision was made due to the fact that equal representation in regards to field trips for all religions studied in the course is not feasible.” More

BREAKING NEWS: UN warns of risk that Israel will be drawn into Syrian war

BREAKING NEWS: UN Mideast Envoy Robert Serry warned Tuesday that the clashes between Syria’s army and rebels on the Golan risked drawing Israel into its civil war. The AP quoted the envoy as having told the Security Council the fighting could “jeopardize the ceasefire” between Israel and Syria that has been in place since 1974, monitored by UN peacekeepers. During “heavy clashes” last Thursday between Syrian troops and the opposition, five artillery shells and one tank shell landed on the Israeli side of the truce line. He noted that the Israelis did not retaliate. DEBKA

PROPHECY WATCH: The rabbi, the lost ark and the future of Temple Mount

Palestinian Muslim men pray in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
In Jerusalem, rabbis are designing a new hi-tech temple. There’s only one problem: they want to build it on the holiest place in the city for Muslims. Rabbi Chaim Richman shows me into a darkened room, strokes his beard and pulls out his smartphone. He has a specially designed app that works the lights. The room illuminates. He taps the screen again, and a heavy curtain slides open. There, resplendent in brilliant gold – and rather smaller than I expected – lies the Ark of the Covenant. “This isn’t the real lost ark,” he says. “The real one is hidden about a kilometre from here, in underground chambers created during the time of Solomon.” I look at him askance. “It’s true,” he says. “Jews have an unbroken chain of recorded information, passed down from generation to generation, which indicates its exact location. There is a big fascination with finding the lost ark, but nobody asked a Jew. We have known where it is for thousands of years. It could be reached if we excavated Temple Mount, but that area is controlled by Muslims.” Welcome to the Temple Institute exhibition, in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. A plush, hi-tech gallery, spanning 600 sq ft, it hosts a collection of vestments and sacred vessels to be used by the Jewish high priest. This is not a museum, insists Rabbi Richman, 54, the international director of the organisation. Apart from the Ark of the Covenant, every artefact on display has been painstakingly created in accordance with Biblical instructions and is intended for actual service in a “third Jewish temple”, which will be built as soon as possible. More

DISTRESS OF NATIONS: Police clash with anti-fascist protesters in Greece

Violent clashes have erupted between Greek police forces and anti-fascist protesters following the murder of a leftist musician by a suspected neo-Nazi. On Wednesday, thousands of people took to the streets of Keratsini in western Athens, where the killing occurred, while similar protests were held in other cities.  The anti-fascist march turned violent when protesters shattered shop windows and attacked riot police with wooden sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails.  Police fired tear gas at groups of protesters in Athens, the northern city of Thessaloniki and in the western city of Patras, where the city center remained sealed off.  Pavlos Fyssas, a 34-year-old hip-hop singer and an anti-fascist activist died in a state hospital earlier in the day after being stabbed twice outside a cafe in Keratsini. A 45-year-old man, who admitted to the killing and an alleged member of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi group, was arrested at the scene.  More



Chicago passes New York as murder capital of U.S.

Violent crime dropped in the Northeast and the South (Graphic credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation)
The city of Chicago registered more homicides than any city in the nation in 2012, surpassing even New York — despite the fact that the Second City has only one third as many residents as the Big Apple. In new crime statistics released Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 500 murders in Chicago in 2012, up sharply from the 431 recorded in 2011. New York reported 419 murders last year, compared with 515 in 2011. But residents of Chicago and New York were much less likely to be victims of a homicide than residents of Flint, Mich. Sixty-three murders occurred in 2012 in Flint, a city of 101,632, meaning one in every 1,613 city residents were homicide victims. Detroit, which experienced 386 homicides in 2012, was almost as unsafe; that’s enough murders to account for one in every 1,832 residents. Altogether, violent crime rose by 0.7 percent across the nation, the FBI reported. That’s a modest rise after a decade in which violent crime declined precipitously; the 2012 estimated violent crime total was 12.9 percent below 2008 levels and 12.2 percent below 2003 levels. Violent crimes fell by 1.2 percent in the Northeast and 0.3 percent in the South, the data show, but violent crime was up 3.2 percent in the West and 1.5 percent in the Midwest. More

DAYS OF LOT: New LGBT Protection Law Criminalizing Believers?

More than 180 cities across the country have now passed LGBT laws that suppress the views of Christians. Dubbed “nondiscrimination” by LGBT activists, the ordinances provide new protection for sexual minorities while also severely curtailing religious liberty. So far, the laws have gone largely unnoticed. But a measure passed in San Antonio Sept. 5 has drawn national attention, both for its scope and for passing in this large, Hispanic-majority city traditionally known for its family values. The ordinance forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Although hundreds of believers across San Antonio attended a city council hearing to protest the ordinance; it passed easily with an 8-3 vote, backed by Mayor Julian Castro, a rising star in Democratic politics. The Sunday after the vote, CBN News visited churches across the city where believers expressed shock over the vote and fear about what it would mean. More

New University of Regina bathroom facilities help Muslim students prepare for prayer

The University of Regina is going to great lengths to help its Muslim students avoid doing the same when washing for on-campus prayer sessions. The university has installed “foot-baths” in a public washroom at its Riddell Centre, in order to allow Muslim students — many of whom pray numerous times a day, and wash themselves beforehand — to clean their feet in a way that isn’t awkward and difficult through a use of regular sinks. “I’ve seen them do it. It’s tough for them,” Nathan Sgrazzutti, president of the U of R Students Union, said on Tuesday of the troubles that many of the more than 700 practising Muslims at the campus had experienced when preparing for prayers. “We’re showing our ability to cater to their needs.” Two foot-baths, resembling large sinks with seats, are in a men’s washroom following their installation earlier this summer at what university spokesman Dale Johnson said was a total cost of about $35,000. “I haven’t been in the women’s washroom, but I’m under the understanding it’s in both,” Sgrazzutti said, lauding the U of R’s administration for its efforts to assist Muslim students from Regina and those who have come to the campus from other countries. “There was a bit of a push from our Muslim students society as well as the students union, and the university was very receptive.” An “official opening” for the foot-baths, said Johnson, will be held by Muslim students on Oct. 2. “It’s a really neat addition,” Sgrazzutti said of the new bathroom facilities, which some refer to as “foot-sinks.” “They’re very new. I still have people asking me what they are.” Club Metro

PROPHECY WATCH: Abbas to meet with Obama next week for continued “Peace Talks”

US President Barack Obama, left, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in 2008 (photo credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90/File)
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is set to meet US President Barack Obama next week ahead of the opening of the UN General Assembly in New York. According to Palestinian officials, the September 23 meeting between the two will focus on the US-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians which resumed in late July after more than three years of stalled talks, which fell through in 2010.  On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is scheduled to meet the US president at the end of this month, ahead of his scheduled address at the UN General Assembly, to discuss the Iranian nuclear program. The meeting is expected on September 30. “In a week and a half, I will go to the United Nations General Assembly, and before that I will meet with President Obama. I intend to focus on stopping Iranian nuclear program. Really stopping the nuclear program,” Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting Tuesday. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have been holding talks since July, largely in secret, following marathon efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry who had traveled to the region no less than six times to get the sides back to the negotiating table. In August, Israel released the first 26 of 104 Palestinian prisoners as a confidence-building gesture to Abbas ahead of the second round of negotiations which took place later that month. More

Israeli nuclear chief warns of Iranian ‘deception’

Shaul Chorev (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot)
The head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission accused Iran on Wednesday of “deception and concealment,” warning the international community that the Islamic Republic was looking to buy time for its nuclear program. Speaking at the annual meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Shaul Chorev said, “The picture that the Iranian representatives are portraying regarding openness and transparency of their nuclear program … stands in sharp contradiction with Iran’s actual actions and the facts on the ground.”  The issue was not whether Iran has “modified its diplomatic vocabulary … but whether it is addressing seriously and in a timely manner outstanding issues that have remained unresolved for too long,” he told representatives. The IAEA’s latest report on Iran said the country had prepared more than 1,000 advanced uranium enriching machines for start-up and installed a significant amount of additional centrifuges. More

Germany supplied ‘dual-use’ chemicals to Syria

This image made from a video posted on Wednesday shows a student wearing a gas mask and protective suit during a classroom session on how to respond to a chemical weapons attack in Aleppo, Syria (photo credit: AP)
Germany exported more than 100 metric tons (110 tons) of “dual-use” chemicals to Syria between 2002 and 2006, but officials insisted Wednesday there was no indication the substances had been used to make chemical weapons such as the poisonous sarin gas used in last month’s deadly attack outside Damascus.  The exports were authorized after officials were assured of “plausible civilian uses” for the chemicals, the Economy Ministry said in a written response to questions from left-wing lawmakers. Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was no indication they had been used for military purposes. “According to all the information available to me, they were used for civilian purposes,” Merkel told public television station ARD.  But she said officials were still checking whether further shipments took place after 2006 and before May 2011, when Germany imposed strict controls on exports to Syria. The chemicals, which were exported under governments headed by Merkel and her center-left predecessor Gerhard Schroeder, included 93 metric tons (102 tons) of hydrogen fluoride and 12 metric tons (13 tons) of ammonium hydrogen fluoride. More

Destroying chemical stockpile to cost $1 billion, says Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad gives an interview on Wednesday, in Damascus (photo credit: screenshot of Fox News)
Syrian President Bashar Assad said a United Nations report finding “clear and convincing evidence” that sarin nerve gas was used in Syria painted an “unrealistic” account, and he denied his government orchestrated the attack. In an interview with Fox News Channel conducted in the Syrian capital of Damascus and aired Wednesday, Assad said terrorists were to blame for the chemical attack, which the US says killed more than 1,400 people, including hundreds of children. He said evidence that terrorist groups have used sarin gas has been turned over to Russia and that Russia, through one of its satellites, has evidence that the rockets in the Aug. 21 attack were launched from another area. While the UN report did not lay blame, many experts interpreting the report said all indications were that the attack was conducted by Assad’s forces. US, Britain and France jumped on evidence in the report — especially the type of rockets, the composition of the sarin agent, and trajectory of the missiles — to declare that Assad’s government was responsible. More


“There’s nothing we can do” appears to be the message the Obama administration is sending to U.S. embassies around the world when they come under attack, according to testimony elicited by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla. Referring to the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Bengahzi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, she asked a State Department official, “In seven-plus hours there was nothing that we could do? So that’s the message that we’re sending to our embassies? When you’re in trouble, seven-plus hours, we’re in the 1930s. We can’t get to you?”  That stark observation was the result of her questioning of Patrick F. Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management at the State Department, during a House Foreign Affairs committee hearing. When the congresswoman asked why no help was sent to a U.S. Ambassador under attack, Kennedy said the nearest help was too far away. More




Don’t expect to see Christmas lights, Christmas trees, or other Christmas decorations in one part of Berlin, Germany, even on private property, after officials in the Kreuzberg district banned the  display of anything that celebrates the Christian holiday – because someone might be offended. “Why should religious festivals be celebrated in public?” asked Socialist Party Councilor Martin Becker, according to the German news site MMNews.de. The censorship was supported by the left-wing councilman as a response to demands by Muslims in the district that they be allowed to celebrate the end of Ramadan in the streets. Due to a fear of noise complaints, council officials decided that the best solution was to ban all religious festivals from being publicly celebrated in the district. The ban includes decorations on private property if they could be seen by the public, according to reports. And the only exception reportedly will be a location the government would designate for a Christmas tree. More

Janet Yellen: What A Horrifying Choice For Fed Chairman She Would Be

Are you ready for Janet Yellen?  Wall Street wants her, the mainstream media wants her and it appears that her confirmation would be a slam dunk.  She would be the first woman ever to chair the Federal Reserve, and her philosophy is that a little bit of inflation is actually good for an economy.  She was reportedly the architect for many of the unprecedented monetary decisions that Ben Bernanke made during his tenure, and that has many on Wall Street and in the media very excited.  Noting that we “already know that Yellen is on board with Bernanke’s easy money policies”, CNN recently even went so far as to publish a rabidly pro-Yellen article with this stunning headline: “Dear Mr. President: Name Yellen now!“  But after watching what a disaster Bernanke has been, do we really want more of the same?  It doesn’t really matter whether she is a woman, a man, a giant lizard or a robot, the question is whether or not she is going to continue to take us down the path to ruin that Bernanke has taken us.  As I have written about so many times, the Federal Reserve is at the very heart of our economic problems, and under Bernanke the Fed has created a mammoth financial bubble unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  If Yellen keeps us going down that road, financial disaster is inevitable. More



Starbucks asks U.S. customers to leave guns at home

Coffee packages are pictured on display at a Starbucks Coffee store in Pasadena, California July 25, 2013. REUTERS/Mario AnzuoniCoffee chain Starbucks Corp has asked U.S. customers to leave their guns at home after being dragged into an increasingly fractious debate over U.S. gun rights in the wake of multiple mass shootings. While many U.S. restaurant chains and retailers do not allow firearms on their properties,Starbucks‘ policy had been to default to local gun laws, including “open carry” regulations in many U.S. states that allow people to bring guns into stores. In August, this led gun-rights advocates to hold a national “Starbucks Appreciation Day” to thank the firm for its stance, pulling the company deeper into the fierce political fight. Locations for Starbucks Appreciation Day events included Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were shot dead in an elementary school in December. Starbucks closed that shop before the event was scheduled to begin. Chief Executive Howard Schultz said in an open letter to customers late Tuesday that Starbucks Appreciation Day events “disingenuously portray Starbucks as a champion of ‘open carry.’ To be clear: we do not want these events in our stores.” More

North Korea Underground Church Leads Worldwide 100 Days of Prayer

Starting next Monday, the North Korean underground church will lead Christians around the world in 100 days of worship in the common places. Daily, through Dec. 31, Christians are invited to follow the lead of their North Korean Christian brothers and sisters to do what led to their persecution in the first place: gathering together in small groups for daily public worship in the common places of life—their homes, schools, workplaces, parks, libraries, bus stops and more–using the historic four pillars liturgy of the North Korean underground church. Rev. Eric Foley, CEO of Seoul USA, says while Americans are pledging to join in the effort, their goal is not to evangelize others. “These will be outwardly modest and unremarkable gatherings,” he says. “There will be no megaphones, no shouting, no political messages, no recruitment, no voices of concern about the state of religious freedom in America. Neither will the liturgy be conducted in hushed whispers in private corners when no one else is watching.” Some American participants expect that like North Korean Christians, they may experience persecution as they publicly express their faith. Rev. Chuck Huckaby, of First Protestant Church, New Braunfel, Texas, says his congregation will join in despite the risks. More

Christian Leaders Meet With Pentagon on Religious Liberty Violations

Army soldiers praying
On Thursday, religious liberty leaders met with Pentagon officials to discuss the rapidly escalating incidents of religious liberty violations in the military under the Obama administration. On April 28, Breitbart News broke the story of Pentagon brass meeting with anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein to discuss religious liberty policies. Quoting Weinstein in his own printed words, this activist has a record of calling observant Christians “fundamentalist monsters” who seek impose “theocratic terror” on America and of saying that evangelizing (sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ) in the military is an act of “sedition and treason” against this country, making those who do it “enemies of the Constitution.” He says those who do so should be court-martialed (criminally prosecuted). As this story developed, the Obama-Hagel Pentagon defended its policy and changed its story several times as it was revealed these meetings with Weinstein had been going on for years. In the following months there were additional incidents, such as removing Christian patriotic artwork at a military base, censoring a Christian chaplain and a Christian service member reportedly being relieved of duty by his lesbian commander because he refused her order to say it is wrong not to support gay marriage. More

More than 100 deer found dead west of Missoula, Wildlife Officials Baffled

Wildlife officials are trying to find out why more than 100 whitetail deer have died along the Clark Fork River west of Missoula. “The deer may show no outward symptoms of disease,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Vickie Edwards. “People are seeing healthy looking deer fall over dead.” Fishing guides and landowners along the Clark Fork and fields near and downstream of Harpers Bridge started reporting the dead deer on Sunday. Dead deer have also been found in the Mill Creek area northeast of Frenchtown. By Tuesday, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks personnel had confirmed 103 dead deer, with more appearing sick or dying. Biologists have collected lung, spleen and blood samples from affected deer to research the cause. One possible cause is epizootic hemorrhagic disease, which has hammered deer populations in several eastern Montana regions. Biting midges or gnats transmit the disease, usually in late summer or early fall. The bugs typically die off soon after the first hard frost. “Hemorrhagic disease viruses are not contagious from one animal to another and are not transmissible to humans,” said Jennifer Ramsey, FWP wildlife veterinarian in Bozeman. “Transmission is only known to occur through the bite of the gnat.” The disease poses no threat to humans. Anyone who sees dead or sick deer in the Missoula area is asked to call FWP at 542-5515 with observations and locations. Missoulian

Giant Underground Blob of Magma Puzzles Scientists

Giant Underground Blob of Magma Puzzles Scientists
The Afar Rift in Ethiopia is marked by enormous gashes that signal the breakup of the African continent and the beginnings of a new ocean basin, scientists think. The fractures appear eerily similar to seafloor spreading centers, the volcanic ridges that mark the boundaries between two pieces of oceanic crust. Along the ridges, lava bubbles up and new crust is created, slowly widening the ocean basin. But a look deep beneath the Afar Rift reveals the birth announcements may be premature. “It’s not as close to fully formed seafloor spreading as we thought,” said Kathy Whaler, a geophysicist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Whaler and her colleagues have spotted 120 cubic miles (500 cubic kilometers) of magma sitting in the mantle under the Afar Rift. Hot liquids like magma like to rise, so the discovery is a conundrum.  ”We didn’t expect this, because magma wants to pop up like a cork in water; it’s too buoyant compared to the surrounding medium in the mantle,” Whaler told LiveScience’s OurAmazingPlanet. Models predict that at spreading ridges, magma should sit just under the rifts, in the crust. That’s what geoscientists see in the oceans, at places like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Juan de Fuca Ridge. But not only is the giant pool at Afar extremely deep, but it is also mostly below the sleeping Badi volcano, many miles west of the scene of a 2005 series of underground magma intrusions, Whaler said. More

Pastor of Church in Damascus: 40 Percent of Congregation Has Fled the Country

Damascus church
Pastor Edward from Damascus paints a sad picture of the situation in the Syrian capital. ”The situation is very grim,” he says. “There is deep sadness and much stress and anxiety.”  According to the pastor, approximately 40 percent of the members of his church have left the country since the civil war in Syria started 2 1/2 years ago. Imagine if 4 of every 10 members of your church left in such a short period—a major loss for every congregation. That is the reality churches in Syria now face, as the example from Damascus shows. People that have financial means and contacts abroad often leave the war-torn country. Pastor Edward knows that in his church, some members still are waiting for the opportunity to leave Syria. “They are still trying to find a place to go,” he says. However, all the people that left didn’t leave the church services empty. ”No, we see new people coming to church,” Edward says. “Many of the families that we visit and help with a monthly food supply come to our services now.” Although there is no fighting going on in the central area of Damascus, in several suburbs fighting is a daily reality. No one can escape the distant sound of explosions and shooting. ”It seems that there is no end in sight,” Edward says. “Christians are like all other people—concerned for their safety and the future of their children.”  More

Huge Sinkhole Opens Up Outside Colorado Springs Home

“A gentlemen knocked on my door today and said he wanted to inform me that my driveway was missing.” When a Colorado Springs homeowner went to look for herself Sunday night, she said she was stunned to find that her neighbor was indeed right–much of her driveway had been swallowed up. What was left was a gaping hole more than 25 feet deep. The driveway, located on the 2700 block of Flintridge, likely gave way after days of intense rainfall in much of the state. Though it took much of her driveway, the homeowner says her house was not damaged. ”I’m safe, my house was fine…it just happens to be right there, but no one was hurt,” she told 11 News. Road crews have worked through the night, using heavy equipment to help secure the sinkhole, and carving away loose dirt and asphalt. Equipment is now on its way from Denver, which crews will use to shore up the sides of the hole before filling it in. Repairs are expected to take up most of the day. While road crews work, the area has been blocked off to keep cars from driving right into the gaping hole. Some gas lines in the area also had to be shut off during the repair work. The Flintridge sinkhole wasn’t the only one to form in Colorado Springs Sunday; another one also formed in front of Martinez Elementary School at Vickers and Rangewood. That one was also reportedly caused by heavy flooding. 11KKTV

Obama: ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’

Addressing the U.N. General Assembly, President Obama calls for tolerance and speaks out against violence.
“The impulse towards intolerance and violence may initially be focused on the West, but over time it cannot be contained. The same impulses toward extremism are used to justify war between Sunni and Shia, between tribes and clans. It leads not to strength and prosperity but to chaos. In less than two years, we have seen largely peaceful protests bring more change to Muslim-majority countries than a decade of violence. And extremists understand this. Because they have nothing to offer to improve the lives of people, violence is their only way to stay relevant. They don’t build; they only destroy. […] The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. But to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied.” The Washington Post


Damascus hands Moscow proof that militants used Chemical Weapons

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov meets Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem in Damascus on September 17, 2013.
Syria has handed over to Russia evidence proving that foreign-backed militants were behind a recent chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official says. “This evidence must be analyzed,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, after receiving the evidence from Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem on Tuesday. On Monday, the United Nations issued a report by UN investigators which said sarin nerve agent was used in the Damascus suburbs attack, without indicating who launched the attack. Earlier on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the report on the August 21 chemical weapons attack, which allegedly killed hundreds of people, had produced no evidence that Syrian troops carried out the attack and that Russia believed the foreign-backed militants were behind it.  Lavrov stated that the UN report proved that chemical weapons had been used, but it failed to answer a number of questions Moscow had asked such as whether the weapons were produced in a factory or they were homemade. More

Franchise owners come to Washington to plead for ObamaCare relief

Franchise restaurant owners have come to Washington seeking a change to ObamaCare that they say could prevent them from having to cut their employees’ hours. The healthcare law requires large employers to provide insurance to employees who work at least 30 hours per week.  Franchise owners say the employer mandate threatens to erase their narrow profit margins and are telling lawmakers they need to overhaul the law before it’s too late. “Employees won’t have the hours they need, and they won’t get employer-sponsored healthcare, either,” said Steve Caldeira, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA).  “[Franchisees] are dealing with high commodity costs, high energy prices, higher taxes from the ‘fiscal-cliff’ deal, and now they are trying to work through ObamaCare,” he said.  More than 300 members of the franchise association are making the rounds on Capitol Hill to lobby for the ObamaCare changes. Monday’s visitors included IFA members from Mr. Rooter, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. Their top priority is a trio of bills that would increase the law’s definition of full-time employee to 40 hours per week. Members of the IFA have been instructed to ask lawmakers whether they will co-sponsor legislation “to give employers and employees relief from burdensome employer regulations?” More


World should pressure Israel to destroy its WMD, Syrian deputy FM says

PROPHECY WATCH:  Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad calls on the international community to put pressure on Israel to destroy its weapons of mass destruction, Press TV reports. Mekdad made the remarks during an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.  He added that Damascus will firmly respond to any Israeli aggression against Syria, but will not use chemical weapons against the regime in Tel Aviv.  Mekdad also said that Damascus welcomes a Russian initiative to place Syrian chemical weapons arsenal under international control, a move that has frustrated US efforts to launch a military offensive against the Arab country. The Syrian official also accused neighboring Turkey of fuelling tensions in the Middle East region in order to serve the interests of Israel and the United states.  The war rhetoric against Syria intensified after foreign-backed opposition forces accused the government of President Bashar al-Assad of launching a chemical attack on militant strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21. More



BREAKING NEWS: North Korea urges restart of nuclear talks ‘without preconditions’

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un (C) attends a parade of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and a mass rally in Pyongyang September 9, 2013 in celebration of the 65th anniversary of North Korea in this picture released by the North's official KCNA news agency on Monday.  (Reuters / KCNA)
BREAKING NEWS: North Korea’s chief nuclear envoy has called on six nations involved in the stalled talks on the country’s nuclear program to restart negotiations without any preconditions. “We are ready to enter the six-party talks without preconditions,” North Korea’s First Vice Foreign Minister, Kim Kye-gwam, said at a forum organized by China’s foreign ministry in Beijing, as quoted by Sotuh Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.  Kim claimed the “preconditions” set by the US and South Korea “are in violation of the spirit of the September 19 Joint Statement,” a reference to the agreement reached in 2005 under which Pyongyang pledged to drop its nuclear weapons program in exchange for a promise from the US that Americans would not attack or invade North Korea.  He was speaking at a one-day event organized by the Chinese government, which hopes to reignite the six-party channel. The forum, involving both Koreas, China, the US, Japan, and Russia, has been dormant since 2008. RT

Almost 50 million Americans now on food stamps as nation plunges into widespread poverty

As economic recovery continues to prove dismal if not illusory, American families are signing up for food stamps in record numbers, showing signs that poverty is increasing and the job market is far from recovering. According to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) numbers, households on food stamps increased by 45,900 in one month, hitting a staggering new high in June of 23.117 million households, with an additional 125,079 individuals signing up for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, a near-record 47.76 million people that is just below the December 2012 peak of 47.79 million. More than 80% of those families receiving food stamp benefits are at or below the poverty line, with more than 61% of households drastically below the poverty line, making less than $14,648 in a year per household of three. These numbers reflect a bigger trend that is all but abysmal in scope – that more than 22 million people have been added to the government dole since December 2007, at the onset of the economic crisis that has spiraled into near depression levels. According to Zero Hedge, more than 2.2 million jobs are needed to reach equilibrium with Fall 2008 levels of employment and cost of living affordability. More

Atheists’ world tour to push godless church

When British comedians Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones decided last winter they liked the atmosphere and fellowship of a church, but they did not believe in God, they started what apparently was, at the time, the first church for atheists.  They say it’s been so successful they now are launching a world tour to grow their godless church. According to a report in the Guardian, they will be starting their promo tour in Edinburgh Oct. 22, then traveling quickly through Glasgow, Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Leeds and Manchester. Into November. The schedule there takes them to Dublin on the first, followed by a quick trip over the Atlanta to New York, Harvard, Washington, Chicago, San Diego, Silicon Valley, then on to Vancouver, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.  According to a report from the U.K.-based Christian Institute, the effort faces long odds. Citing the appearance – and quick disappearance – of other similar groups, Nick Spencer of the religious think-tank Theos said, “The reason for that was because you need more than an absence to keep you together. You need a firm common purpose.” More


Will Israel be the World’s First ‘No Cash’ Society?

The government on Tuesday authorized establishment of a committee that will examine ways to eliminate cash from the Israeli economy – the better to prevent citizens from cheating on their taxes. The committee will be chaired by Harel Locker, director of the Prime Minister’s Office. Cash is easily passed from individual to individual, and transactions using cash can take place without the tax man’s supervision. Not so electronic transactions; with modern computers, banks can keep tabs on how much people deposit into their accounts and how much they withdraw, while credit card companies have an up to the second record of how much people spend.Members of the panel will include top staff from the Israel Police, the Tax Authority, the chairman of the Government Authority on Money Laundering and Terror, the Bank of Israel’s income and payments director, State Attorney’s office officials, and more. According to many of these officials, cash is bad – because it allows individuals to get out of their tax payment responsibilities. Today, an enterprising tax collector cannot easily compare income and outflow. While he may suspect that a person living beyond his reported means is cheating on his taxes, there is no way to know for sure, without solid evidence. In a cashless economy, all records will be electronic, and checking who makes what and how much they owe in taxes – and collecting it before it gets to their account – will be a much simpler matter, the theory goes. More






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