Kenya: 39 killed in mall massacre/bee apocalypse/ww3 watch and more signs of the end of the age!


At least 39 killed by Somali terrorists in Nairobi mall

Armed police at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013. Gunmen threw grenades and opened fire in an attack targeting non-Muslims at the upscale mall in Kenya's capital. (photo credit:AP Photo/Jonathan Kalan)
 — Kenya’s president said 39 people have been killed and more than 150 injured by armed terrorists who attacked an upscale, Israeli-owned mall in Nairobi on Saturday. President Uhuru Kenyatta said he lost “very close family members” in the attack carried out by “despicable perpetrators” of a cowardly act.  Kenyatta said that hundreds of people were safely evacuated from the mall. He said security forces were responding to the attack. He called it a delicate operation and said a top priority was to safeguard the lives of those still being held hostage. Al-Qaida-linked Somali militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack. Terrified shoppers huddled in back hallways and prayed the militant gunmen lobbing grenades and firing assault rifles inside Nairobi’s top mall Saturday would not find them. When the coast was thought to be clear, crying mothers clutching small children and blood-splattered men sprinted out of the four-story mall. More


Iraq attacks leave around 70 dead, dozens wounded

At least 69 people have been killed and scores of others injured in a day of violence throughout Iraq. In the deadliest of the attacks on Saturday, 57 people died after two bombings were carried out near a funeral tent in Shia-dominated Sadr City north of the capital Baghdad.  The attack, which took place at about 5:30 pm (1430 GMT), also injured about 120 others.  ”The perpetrators of this horrible crime are seeking to foment sectarian strife and instability,” said Iraqi parliament speaker Usama al-Nujayfi.  In the northern city of Baiji, five bombers wearing SWAT uniforms attacked a police base in the morning killing four cops while most of the other forces were away on mission.  Police managed to kill one of the bombers before he could detonate explosives inside the base. In the northern province of Nineveh, two prison guards, a soldier and one of the governor’s guards were killed by unknown gunmen, while two more soldiers died by a roadside bomb. More

Life on Earth has another good 1.75 billion years to go, study says

Earth1Earth could continue to host life for at least another 1.75 billion years, as long as nuclear holocaust, an errant asteroid or some other disaster doesn’t intervene, a new study calculates. But even without such dramatic doomsday scenarios, astronomical forces will eventually render the planet uninhabitable. Somewhere between 1.75 billion and 3.25 billion years from now, Earth will travel out of the solar system‘s habitable zone and into the “hot zone,” new research indicates. These zones are defined by water. In the habitable zone, a planet (whether in this solar system or an alien one) is just the right distance from its star to have liquid water. Closer to the sun, in the “hot zone,” the Earth’s oceans would evaporate. Of course, conditions for complex life — including humans — would become untenable before the planet entered the hot zone. More

Head of Goddess Aphrodite Statue Unearthed in Turkey

Head of Goddess Aphrodite Statue Unearthed in Turkey
A group of archaeologists has discovered a life-sized marble head of Aphrodite while uncovering an ancient pool-side mosaic in southern Turkey. Buried under soil for hundreds of years, the goddess of love and beauty has some chipping on her nose and face. Researchers think her presence could shed light on the extent of the Roman Empire’s wide cultural influence at the time of its peak. Archaeologists found the sculpture while working at a site called Antiochia ad Cragum (Antioch on the cliffs), on the Mediterranean coast. The researchers believe the region, which is dotted with hidden inlets and coves, would have been a haven for Cilician pirates — the same group who kidnapped Julius Caesar and held him for ransom around 75 B.C.  But the pirates’ reign ended when the Roman occupation of the area expanded. The city was officially established around the time of Emperor Nero and flourished during the height of the Roman Empire, researchers say.  More

Trucker Group Citing Government ‘Corruption’ Calls To ‘Shut Down America’ With 3-Day Strike

truckers shut down america
A new social media rallying call has truckers across America buzzing.  Citing government corruption as its main grievance, a Facebook group dubbed “Truckers to Shut Down America” is calling for a three-day general strike set to take place Oct. 11-13. The page has quickly amassed more than 53,000 Facebook “likes” since its launch on Sept. 15. Scores of truckers have declared their solidarity with the movement, posting messages like “Thank you, Patriot! Godspeed!” along with selfies taken in their trucks. While the page’s description does not list specific goals or terms of negotiation, the plans for the strike read thus: “Truck drivers will not haul freight! Workers will call in sick! Consumers will not buy or sell anything on this date! Stay home! Buy nothing!” In addition, a “Ride for the Constitution” event page calls truckers to gather in Washington, D.C., in an effort to “Restore the Constitution, Defund Obamacare, Lower Fuel Prices.” The group did not return requests for comments from The Huffington Post. This grassroots attempt to organize a truckers’ strike was dismissed by the American Trucking Associations (AMA), the largest trade organization for truckers. ”We’re not a sponsor or a supporter, and we certainly don’t condone it,” AMA spokesman Sean McNally told The Huffington Post. More

Chinese Hackers Target American Technology…

For almost two years, hackers based in Shanghai went after one foreign defense contractor after another, at least 20 in all. Their target, according to an American cybersecurity company that monitored the attacks, was the technology behind the United States’ clear lead in military drones.  “I believe this is the largest campaign we’ve seen that has been focused on drone technology,” said Darien Kindlund, manager of threat intelligence at the company, FireEye, based in California. “It seems to align pretty well with the focus of the Chinese government to build up their own drone technology capabilities.” The hacking operation, conducted by a group called “Comment Crew,” was one of the most recent signs of the ambitions of China’s drone development program. The government and military are striving to put China at the forefront of drone manufacturing, for their own use and for export, and have made an all-out push to gather domestic and international technology to support the program. More


Hong Kong Braces for Super Typhoon Usagi

Super Typhoon Usagi continued to make its way toward Hong Kong and China’s southern Guangdong province on Saturday, as it swept toward the South China Sea with strong winds and heavy rain battering parts of Taiwan and the Philippines.  Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. 0293.HK -0.13% and its Dragonair unit will halt operations in the city starting Sunday evening, the airline said, with plans “to gradually resume services on Monday when weather conditions permit.” Hong Kong Airlines and its Hong Kong Express Airways unit likewise canceled Sunday flights scheduled to take off after 6 p.m. Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co., which operates ferries between Hong Kong and mainland China, also announced service suspensions. The travel disruptions come during a particularly busy time in the region, with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan all on long weekends for the Mid-Autumn Festival, while South Korea marks the Chuseok holiday. China officially returns to work on Sunday, so many mainland visitors to Hong Kong will be returning home Saturday—ahead of most of the flight and ferry cancellations. More



Former Special Forces Commander: Now It’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for Christians

DAYS OF LOT:  Many commanders in the Department of Defense are violating the religious rights of service members, forcing them to be quiet about their moral opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage, for instance, and, in effect, imposing a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy on Christians, said Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin, the former commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command. In an interview, asked Gen. Boykin, now the executive vice president of the Family Research Council (FRC), “Given the violation of religious liberties that have been going on, do you think that, ironically, Christians are being forced into the closet? Being forced to basically Don’t Talk, Don’t Tell, if they’re a Christian?” (at 7:43 into audio clip) –More

DAYS OF LOT: California teen named nation’s first transgender homecoming queen

16-year-old Cassidy Campbell became the nation's first transgendered high school homecoming queen (Facebook)In what is being described as the first known event of its kind, a transgendered teen was named as her high school’s homecoming queen on Friday. “I am so proud to win this not just for me, but everyone out there,” 16-year-old Cassidy Campbell said after receiving her crown during the halftime of Marina High’s homecoming football game Friday night in Huntington Beach, CA. The Los Angeles Times published a slideshow of photos from the homecoming event, which you can view here. Cassidy rose to national prominence when it was reported that she was entering the contest. “Just to be true to themselves and to let people know around them and to not keep it bottled up inside,” Campbell said about what her win should mean for fellow members of the transgendered community. Local affiliate KTLA 5 first reported that Campbell had been selected by her classmates at Marina High on Friday to be this year’s homecoming queen. Marina High Principal Paul Marrow praised his students for Campbell’s victory, saying, “Were proud of the message from home of the Vikings has been one of equity, acceptance, tolerance and respect.” More

Homeland Security to Test Facial Recognition System…

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will test its crowd-scanning facial recognition system, known as the Biometric Optical Surveillance System, or BOSS, at a junior hockey game this weekend. With assistance from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, DHS will test its system at a Western Hockey League game in Washington state. The test will determine whether the system can distinguish the faces of 20 volunteers out of a crowd of nearly 6,000 hockey fans, to evaluate how successfully BOSS can locate a person of interest. BOSS technology consists of two cameras capable of taking stereoscopic images of a face and a back end remote matching system. Stereoscopic images are two images of the same object, taken at slightly different angles that create an illusion of three-dimensional depth from two-dimensional images. The cameras transfer the pair of images to the remote matching system by way of fiber optic or wireless technology. The system then processes and stores the two images into a 3-D signature, which is the mathematical representation of the stereo-pair images that the system uses for matching. More

Greece seized by new sense of foreboding as violence flares in streets

Athens protestsIt was not the scene that Greece‘s international stewards envisaged when they last visited the country at the epicentre of Europe‘s financial mess. When representatives of the “troika” of creditors arrived in June, book-keeping in Athens had been problem-free and monitors described their inspection tour as “almost boring”. The great Greek debt crisis, it seemed, had finally gone quiet. But when mission heads representing the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank fly into Athens on Sunday – for the start of a review upon which the future of Greece will hang – what they will find is a country teetering on the edge: its people divided as never before, its mood brittle, its streets the setting for running battles between anti-fascists and neo-Nazis. And unions girding for battle. After six years of recession, four years of austerity and the biggest financial rescue programme in global history, it is clear that Greeks have moved into another phase, beyond the fear, fatigue and fury engendered by record levels of poverty and unemployment. Along with the teargas – fired on Monday for the first time in more than a year outside the administrative reform ministry – there is a new sense of foreboding: a belief that they might never be “saved” and, worse still, could turn against each other. More

Why did Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis create a website called “Mohammed Salem”?

Yesterday, NBC News posted a story bylined by Kyle Eppler, Pete Williams, and Erin McClam, titled “Navy Yard gunman’s mother says she is heartbroken and sorry for families.” The following appears in the 21st paragraph: Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name “Mohammed Salem,” but they said he never did anything with it. They said they had found nothing else that might indicate any interest in violent jihad or even in Islam. Are we allowed to ask why this mass-murderer would’ve created a site called “Mohammed Salem”? Was he a fan of Emirati soccer player Mohammed Salem Saleh Al Saadi? Did he appreciate the work of Palestinian photojournalist Mohammed Salem, or the Dubai news anchor with the same name? Or perhaps one of the other Mohammed Salems out there in the world? That must be it. It couldn’t have anything to do with Alexis’ own religious beliefs, because by now everybody knows he was a Buddhist. So it’s safe to assume that this whole “shooting” was a false flag operation by teabaggers who hate Obama because he’s black. They framed yet another innocent African-American and killed him for no reason. The Daily Caller

Oregon Emergency Management conducting Drills to prepare for “Overdue” 9+ Mag Mega Quake

Warning: Experts have warned of a mega-quake and tsunami hitting Oregon. They say such a natural disaster is expected and will cause untold damage to the Northwest Pacific coast
Althea Rizzo, Oregon Emergency Management’s earthquake expert will be in Lake, Klamath, Jackson, Joseph, and Douglas Counties in September for a road show.  Rizzo will teach residents how to prepare for an earthquake.  Current scientific findings indicate a major 9.0 or higher Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake could strike Oregon at any time. Learn what steps you can take to keep your family safe.

BIRTH PANGS – Seismologists Puzzle Over Largest Deep Earthquake Ever Recorded

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake that struck deep beneath the Sea of Okhotsk on May 24, 2013, has left seismologists struggling to explain how it happened. At a depth of about 609 kilometers (378 miles), the intense pressure on the fault should inhibit the kind of rupture that took place.  ”It’s a mystery how these earthquakes happen. How can rock slide against rock so fast while squeezed by the pressure from 610 kilometers of overlying rock?” said Thorne Lay, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Lay is coauthor of a paper, published in the September 20 issue of Science, analyzing the seismic waves from the Sea of Okhotsk earthquake. First author Lingling Ye, a graduate student working with Lay at UC Santa Cruz, led the seismic analysis, which revealed that this was the largest deep earthquake ever recorded, with a seismic moment 30 percent larger than that of the next largest, a 1994 earthquake 637 kilometers beneath Bolivia. Deep earthquakes occur in the transition zone between the upper mantle and lower mantle, from 400 to 700 kilometers below the surface. They result from stress in a deep subducted slab where one plate of Earth’s crust dives beneath another plate. Such deep earthquakes usually don’t cause enough shaking on the surface to be hazardous, but scientifically they are of great interest. More

FREEDOM WATCH: California College Forbids Passing Out Constitutions … On Constitution Day

MODESTO, Calif.—In a stunning illustration of the attitude taken towards free speech by too many colleges across the United States, Modesto Junior College in California told a student that he could not pass out copies of the United States Constitution outside the student center on September 17, 2013—Constitution Day. Captured on video, college police and administrators demanded that Robert Van Tuinen stop passing out Constitution pamphlets and told him that he would only be allowed to pass them out in the college’s tiny free speech zone, and only after scheduling it several days or weeks ahead of time. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has written to Modesto, demanding that the college rescind this policy immediately. “The video of Modesto Junior College police and administrators stubbornly denying a public college student’s right to freely pass out pamphlets to fellow students—copies of the Constitution, no less!—should send a chill down the spine of every American,” said FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley. “Worse, FIRE’s research shows that Modesto Junior College is hardly alone in its fear of free speech. In fact, one in six of America’s 400 largest and most prestigious colleges have ‘free speech zones’ limiting where speech can take place. This video brings to life the deeply depressing reality of the climate for free speech on campus.” More



THE CUP OF TREMBLING: Putin says “Israel’s nuclear weapons Just make it a target”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Israel’s alleged nuclear weapons stockpile only serves to make the Jewish state “a target” and creates “foreign policy problems.” Putin’s comments, reported by AFP, came in response to questions from reporters on the US and Russia-brokered deal to put Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal under international supervision.  According to AFP, Putin said that Syria had developed chemical weapons “as an alternative to the nuclear weapons of Israel.” The Russian president claimed that “the technical advantage of Israel – we need to say this directly – is such that it doesn’t need nuclear weapons. Israel is already in a technical military sense several heads above the countries in the region.” Putin added that “nuclear weapons just make it a target. They just create foreign policy problems.” The chemical weapons deal with Syria has increased pressure on Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. More

What’s all the buzz about? Inside the mysterious mass disappearance of honeybees

Over the past seven years, a stunning one-third of the U.S. honeybee population has disappeared without a trace – a mystery that’s baffling beekeepers and scientists, and raising concerns about the impact on the American food supply. U.S. Department of Agriculture bee researcher Jeff Pettis, who is leading the government’s search for answers, said there’s a lot more at stake in the disappearance of honeybees than just honey. “If you walk into your grocery store, you might see about only one-third of the produce left in the produce aisle,” Pettis said, explaining what a world without bees would look like. “Apples and nuts and many of the fruits and vegetables would simply not be available if we didn’t have bees or something to pollinate.” In an interview with “Power Players” at the USDA’s bee research laboratory outside Washington, D.C., Pettis explained that in colony collapse disorder,” the scientific name for the sustained loss of honeybees in recent years, the worker bees leave their hives and never return. “We don’t find dead bodies,” Pettis said. “If they die from starvation, you’ll see dead bees in a colony. If they die from a direct pesticide kill, you’d see dead bees in a colony. … In colony collapse disorder we’re not finding the dead bodies.” More

Moody Bible Institute Lifts Ban on Alcohol and Tobacco for Employees

Paul Nyquist moody bible institute
In a reversal of a 127-year-old policy, the Moody Bible Institute has lifted the ban on alcohol and tobacco consumption by its faculty and staff, including those who work in its radio and publishing arms, an estimated 600 people in all. ”Moody’s leadership wants to require no more and no less of employees than what Scripture requires of believers,” Christine Gorz, vice president of Marketing and Communications at Moody Bible Institute, wrote in a statement to The Christian Post on Friday. “Employees of Moody are expected to adhere to all biblical absolutes, but for behaviors that Scripture does not expressly prohibit, Moody leaves these matters to the employee’s biblically-informed conscience,” she added.  Gorz emphasized the limits of the policy change. The new freedom “applies only to employees, not students, and employees are not permitted to partake of alcohol or tobacco while on the job or while in the presence of students,” the marketing vice president explained. According to a 2007 study, an overwhelming majority of Protestant pastors and lay people agree that Scripture indicates people should never get drunk, while only less than a third say it forbids drinking overall. Historically, this issue has divided American Christians, going back to the days of Prohibition. More


Threatened: Peter and Hazelmary Bull say they have suffered a campaign of abuse over their policy on gay couples
DAYS OF LOT:  Christian bed and breakfast owners who once famously refused service to a gay couple in the U.K. now claim that they’ve been forced to sell their hotel following a contentious legal battle andongoing harassment. Hazelmary and Peter Bull insist that they have been the victims of vandalism, death threats and website attacks since the 2008 incident. As a result, in addition to the impending loss of the Chymorvah Hotel in Marazion, Cornwall, England, the couple has also grappled with intense anger from their ideological opponents. Since denying a room to Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, a gay couple, they have been forced to pay for legal representation and to compensate Hall and Preddy, all-the-while attracting fewer guests as a result of their stance on homosexuality (the hotel only allows married adults to share a bed). “We were optimistic in the spring. Why wouldn’t we be with the summer ahead of us?,” Hazelmary told the Daily Mail. “We have had a better summer than we thought but nowhere near good enough to pay our way. We were not even half-full. We must have been the only place in west Cornwall that had rooms left.” More

Islamic Movement leaders warn of ‘Israeli plan to destroy al-Aksa Mosque’

Tens of thousands of Israeli-Arabs attended the “Al-Aksa is in Danger” rally in Umm al-Fahm on Friday, organized by the Islamic Movement’s northern branch. The festival came some two weeks after Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch, was arrested and subsequently ordered by the Jerusalem District Court to stay at least 30 kilometers away from the Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Salah had given an inflammatory speech, calling for violence against Jews at the Temple Mount.  The Islamic Movement, also known as the Islamic Movement in 48 Palestine, is a pro-Palestinian and anti- Zionist organization based in northern and southern Israel. Its origins can be traced back to the latter years of the British mandate. Friday marked the 18th annual “Al-Aksa is in Danger” festival. It was broadcast live on a number of television networks in the Arab world, including Al-Jazeera. The festival was held at Umm al-Fahm’s soccer stadium, located in the Wadi Ara region of Israel. More







1_09_2013 ~ Syria News (ENG) ~ Al-Nousra bandits killed, destroyed their equipment


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