Belgium: transgender Euthanised After Botched Sex Change Operation/Comet ISON: Meteorites Ohio and Indiana/Russian embassy attacked in Libya/China:40 dead from wasp attacks/ MARK OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGY and more signs of Jesus’ soon return


Belgian Woman Euthanized After Botched Sex Change Operation, Mother Says Good Riddance, She Was ‘So Ugly’ Anyway

Nathan Verhelst, Nancy
A Belgian woman who felt rejected by her family as a woman was legally euthanized on Monday after a botched sex change operation left her with “unbearable psychological suffering,” and her mother says she is happy she is gone because she was “so ugly” anyway. The woman born Nancy Verhelst, 44, according to The Telegraph, had tried to become Nathan after undergoing hormone therapy in 2009 followed by a mastectomy and the surgical construction of a penis in 2012. Unfortunately, “none of these operations worked as desired”. Due to the unbearable trauma that followed her disappointing quest for happiness, Verhelst opted to be euthanized by cancer specialist Wim Distelmans who euthanized congenitally deaf twins late last year who were afraid they were also going blind.More

DAYS OF LOT: Obama welcomes Pope Francis’ remarks on gays and abortion

President Barack Obama on Wednesday welcomed Pope Francis’ recent remarks that the Catholic Church must shake off an obsession with teachings on abortion, contraception and homosexuals, saying the pontiff was showing incredible humility. ”I tell you, I have been hugely impressed with the pope’s pronouncements,” Obama said in a CNBC interview. Obama has worked to expand gay rights as president and last year backed same-sex marriage. He also supports the use of contraception and a woman’s right to an abortion. Pope Francis told the Italian Jesuit Journal last month that the Church had “locked itself up in small things” by its obsession with abortion, contraception and homosexuality. Obama said the pope seemed to be someone who “lives out the teachings of Christ” and shows “incredible humility” toward the poor. ”That’s a quality I admire,” said Obama, who has yet to meet the new pope. Yahoo Health

DAYS OF LOT: ‘Reformation Project’ Recruits Volunteers Nationwide to Influence Churches to Embrace Homosexuality

A homosexual advocacy group is recruiting volunteers to influence churches nationwide to embrace homosexuality. The Reformation Project describes itself as “a Bible-based, Christian non-profit organization that seeks to reform church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity.” Based in Wichita, Kansas, the organization aims to “accelerate the acceptance of LGBT people in the Church.” Matthew Vines, 23, leads the effort, and organized a conference last month for 50 selected volunteers who will go into their churches and work to convince their congregations that homosexuality is not sinful. “The Bible is not anti-gay. It never addresses the issues of same-sex orientation or loving same-sex relationships, and the few verses that some cite to oppose those relationships have nothing to do with LGBT people,” Vines asserts on the Reformation Project website. “Careful, persistent arguments about those passages have the power to change every Christian church worldwide, no matter how conservative its theology.” More


President Obama already has declared June to be homosexual “Pride” month, but “gay” activists now are designating October “LGBT History Month.” The move has prompted a pro-family organization in California to issue a warning to parents across the United States about the possibility their children would be confronted with explicit pornography in their public schools this month.  Teachers, they explain, could introduce material that promotes homosexuality. The homosexual-rights group Equality Forum, which is promoting LGBT History Month, is profiling various homosexuals and lesbians for each day of the month, including some whose work can accurately be described as triple-X rated. Many schools plan to incorporate LGBT History Month into lessons. “It is deeply disturbing that the organizers of LGBT History Month think our kids should be celebrating homoerotic authors and porn producers,” stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute. “This should be a serious wake-up call for anyone who still thinks gay history in schools is a good idea.” More

Faith-Based Film ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ Opens as Top 3 Box Office Hit

'Alone Yet Not Alone'
Enthuse Entertainment’s riveting family-friendly drama Alone Yet Not Alone became the highest-grossing movie this weekend in terms of per-screen average (combining theater ticket sales with Seatzy ticket sales), reaching $13,396 per screen in its limited opening in Grand Rapids, Mich.; Franklin, Tenn.; San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, Texas; Knoxville, Tenn.; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; Atlanta, Ga.; and Colorado Springs, Colo.  This per-screen average dwarfed the screen average of most other wide release movies, including Enough Said (which garnered $9,238 per screen) and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2  (which took in $8,439 per screen), ranking Alone Yet Not Alone as one of the highest per-screen average for independently released faith-based films to date. While national box office reporting companies report a smaller number per screen officially (showing the film at No. 5 nationwide), the film’s ticket pre-sales campaign through Seatzy, an online ticketing reservation service, Christian radio stations and local Christian churches and ministries pushed sales way beyond theater chain expectations. More

8 dead in church bus crash on I-40 in Tennessee

Eight people died and 14 were injured Wednesday afternoon when a North Carolina church bus crashed into an SUV and a tractor-trailer after it blew a tire and crossed a median on Interstate 40 in eastern Tennessee, according to police and news outlets. The fatalities included six of the 18 bus passengers, the big-rig driver and one of the three people in the Chevrolet Tahoe, said Tennessee Department of Safety spokeswoman Dalya Qualls. Fourteen people were injured, with four airlifted to area hospitals and eight transported by ambulance. The crash occurred about 2 p.m. near the Interstate 81 split in Jefferson County, about 30 miles east of Knoxville, the Tennessee Highway Patrol said. More

3 Year Old brings 13 bags of pot to school

Girl, 3, brings 13 bags of pot to school
This was no Micky Mouse comedy act. A three-year-old girl brought 13 bags of marijuana to a Harlem school in a pink Minnie Mouse backpack Friday after she was set up by a family friend, law enforcement sources said. Kelly Mena, 24, slipped the reefer into the pink backpack and sent the tot to the Early Life school on West 147th St. near Eighth Avenue, law enforcement sources said. That’s when a teacher discovered the drugs around 1 p.m. when she got a whiff of the stinky bud emanating from the bag, the sources said. School officials called police and the tot’s parents to the school. Ironically, the little girl’s father, Francelot Graham, 27, is a relative of Ramarley Graham, who’s the 18 year-old man who was gunned down by police last year after he was found with a bag of marijuana. Graham came to pick her up and slipped out of the school before the police arrived, the sources said.  The parents later showed up at the 32 precinct station house to talk to investigators. Police soon discovered Mena,24, was responsible for the bud and was later arrested. Mena has been charged with criminal possession of marijuana and and criminal sale of marijuana, police said. New York Post

BREAKING NEWS: Commander of Iranian Cyber War Headquarters assassinated

The commander of Iran’s Cyber War Headquarters has been shot dead in a suspected assassination, British daily The Telegraph reported on Wednesday. Iran has previously accused Israel of carrying out several assassinations of scientists involved in Tehran’s nuclear program as well as the head of the country’s ballistic missiles program. The Telegraph quoted Alborz, a website affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, as saying that Mojtaba Ahmadi was last seen leaving his home on Saturday and was later found dead with two bullet wounds to the chest. ”I could see two bullet wounds on his body and the extent of his injuries indicated that he had been assassinated from a close range with a pistol,” the website quoted an eyewitness as saying. The report quoted local police as saying two motorcycle riders had been involved in the alleged assassination. More


They Seriously Just Nominated This Person for a Nobel Peace Prize?
Russian president and former KGB spook Vladimir Putin has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation of Peoples of the World, the group that put Putin’s name forward, made no mention in its nomination announcement of his track record of human rights abuses. The group also made no mention of the role Putin has played in selling arms to unstable and violent regimes (most notable to Syria’s Bashar Assad).  Instead, the group said Putin deserves the award because he “actively promotes settlement of all conflicts arising on the planet.” The announcement made no mention of Putin’s role in the Second Chechnya War, which lasted more than nine years. The announcement also neglects to mention his war with Georgia. It does, however, praise him for the role he played in talking U.S. President Barack Obama out of bombing Syria. More

BREAKING NEWS: Drone crash lands in Manhattan

BREAKING NEWS: A small helicopter drone flying high above buildings on the East side of Manhattan crash landed just feet away from a businessman during the Monday evening rush hour. Video he recovered from a memory card in the crash debris shows the drone twenty to thirty stories above the busy streets and crowded sidewalks near Grand Central Station. The businessman reached out to Eyewitness News saying he thinks the 3-pound drone could have seriously injured him had he taken a direct hit. He called police who took a look at the drone video, but did no further investigation because they said no law was broken. ABC

BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen attack Russia’s Libyan embassy in Tripoli

1305302_10151901259755407_441895480_n (1)BREAKING NEWS: The Russian embassy in Tripoli, Libya, has come under fire and there were attempts to get into Russia’s diplomatic compound, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “There has been an incident in Tripoli tonight, in which there was shelling and attempts to enter the territory of the Russian Embassy in this country,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich told RT. According to preliminary information, there are no reports of injuries among the staff. Nearly two years after Gaddafi was deposed and killed, Tripoli and other Libyan cities have been plagued by violence, lawlessness and factional infighting. The presence of militiamen remains more visible than actual state security forces in the capital, while vast portions of the oil-producing desert country remain completely out of the central government’s control. RT

Israel no longer certain Obama would ever use force against Iran

Tzachi Hanegbi (right) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Israel is no longer certain that the Obama administration would employ military force even as a last resort to thwart Iran attaining nuclear weapons, a senior colleague of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated for the first time. That new uncertainty was a relatively recent development, Tzachi Hanegbi, a Likud Knesset member and former cabinet minister, further indicated. The turning point was America’s response to the crisis over the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria’s Assad regime in late August. And it explained why Netanyahu, in his speech at the UN General Assembly, felt the imperative to warn the Iranians that Israel would act on its own if necessary.More

Obama calls for meeting with congressional leaders over shutdown

US President Barack Obama has called for a meeting with congressional leaders over the government shutdown that entered its second day. Obama on Wednesday invited Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to the White House for talks, a White House official told AP. The US president will call on the House to pass a clean spending bill to allow the government to reopen, according to the unnamed official. The US government began a partial shutdown on Tuesday after the Republican-led House of Representatives and the Democratic-led Senate did not agree on an emergency spending bill to fund the government. The two chambers have blamed each other for more than a week over President Obama’s healthcare law. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees face unpaid leave with no guarantee of back pay when the deadlock is over. On Tuesday, President Obama criticized Republicans for the shutdown and said Republicans should not be able to hold the entire economy “hostage.”  More

DAYS OF LOT: Aroused naked man wanders the streets asking women for their numbers…and often succeeds

'You can have my number if you'd like': Oddly enough, some of the prankster's targets warm up to him
: A growing number of spoof videos of men pretending to pick up women in bizarre ways have appeared on YouTube, including one where nude man wanders the streets with an erection asking for phone numbers. While some say the trend displays harassing behavior, others think it’s just good fun. As shocking as their behavior appears, these men have a surprising success rate.  By far the most forward of all these videos is Naked Guy Picking Up Girls. The title of the spoof says it all: a naked man who calls himself Freddie Fairhair approaches women on the street and asks for their number.  Not surprisingly, most of the women looks completely shocked. A helper stands by with a microphone to get the women’s reactions. Some immediately turn around and walk away, gasp, and one duo of girls yelps, ‘Holy s**t!’  More

Deadly Lake Waters Turn Birds to Stone

It may look like this bird was gripped by the icy hand of death, but scientists will explain that it was actually calcified in the caustic waters of Tanzania’s Lake Natron. Photographer Nick Brandt’s eerie black and white photos allow both interpretations. ”I unexpectedly found the creatures — all manner of birds and bats — washed up along the shoreline of Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania. No one knows for certain exactly how they die, but it appears that the extreme reflective nature of the lake’s surface confuses them, and like birds crashing into plate glass windows, they crash into the lake. ”The water has an extremely high soda and salt content, so high that it would strip the ink off my Kodak film boxes within a few seconds. The soda and salt causes the creatures to calcify, perfectly preserved, as they dry,” Brandt writes in his new photo/essay book, Across The Ravaged Land. To give these obviously lifeless creatures an air of reanimation, Brandt picked them up off the shoreline and perched them in pre-death poses. Discover

Strange Super-Earth Planet Has ‘Plasma’ Water Atmosphere

Strange Super-Earth Planet Has 'Plasma' Water Atmosphere
SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: A nearby alien planet six times the size of the Earth is covered with a water-rich atmosphere that includes a strange “plasma form” of water, scientists say. Astronomers have determined that the atmosphere of super-Earth Gliese 1214 b is likely water-rich. However, this exoplanet is no Earth twin. The high temperature and density of the planet give it an atmosphere that differs dramatically from Earth. ”As the temperature and pressure are so high, water is not in a usual form (vapor, liquid, or solid), but in an ionic or plasma form at the bottom the atmosphere — namely the interior — of Gliese 1214 b,” principle investigator Norio Narita of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan told by email. More


In and around the Glass City, effects of the government shutdown can be seen at our museums, monuments, and national parks. The gates are closed and locked, denying access completely to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. Transportation Safety Administration employees were still working at Toledo Express Airport on Monday, but when WNWO called the TSA to find out if they would be affected, there was a message that said the public relations representative did not have access to her voicemail or email due to the government shutdown. A letter from Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s (D-OH 9) office reads,”…only services deemed essential for the safety of human life and protection of property will be continued.” Yet, for a group of World War II veterans visiting the national memorial in Washington D.C., an all expense paid trip which is called an ”Honor Flight,” the shutdown was not stopping them from seeing the tribute that was inspired by them. More

Huge cluster of jellyfish forces one of the world’s largest nuclear reactors to shut down

Nuclear reaction: Oskarshamn, southeastern Sweden closed O3 the largest boiling-water reactor in the world, as a result of the jellyfish invasion
A large cluster of jellyfish has forced one of the world’s largest nuclear reactors to shut down after it caused a blockage in the pipes. Oskarshamn nuclear plant closed its third reactor for the second time in one weekend after a giant wave of jellyfish clogged the pipes that bring in cool water to the plant’s turbines. The plant in southeastern Sweden closed O3, which at 1,400 megawatts of output is the largest boiling-water reactor in the world.  This is not the first time operators at Oskarshamn have been forced to close reactors due to jellyfish, and marine biologists say could become more common across the globe. By Tuesday, the pipes had been cleaned of the jellyfish and engineers were preparing to restart the reactor, said Anders Osterberg, a spokesman for OKG, the plant operator.More

10,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska

This Sept. 27, 2013 image provided by NOAA Fisheries shows thousands of walruses hauling out on a remote barrier island in the Chukchi Sea near Point Lay, Alaska. An estimated 10,000 Pacific walrus have gone ashore on Alaska's northwest coast and are bunched along a beach near the village of Point Lay. The National Marine Fisheries Service says 1,500 to 4,000 walrus were counted Sept. 12 and numbers had swollen to 10,000 on Friday. (AP Photo/NOAA Fisheries, Stan Churches)
 (AP) — An estimated 10,000 walrus unable to find sea ice over shallow Arctic Ocean water have come ashore on Alaska’s northwest coast. Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Friday photographed walrus packed onto a beach on a barrier island near Point Lay, an Inupiat Eskimo village 300 miles southwest of Barrow and 700 miles northwest of Anchorage. The walrus have been coming to shore since mid-September. The large herd was spotted during NOAA’s annual arctic marine mammal aerial survey, an effort conducted with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the agency that conducts offshore lease sales. An estimated 2,000 to 4,000 walrus were photographed at the site Sept. 12. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency that manages walrus, immediately took steps to prevent a stampede among the animals packed shoulder to shoulder on the rocky coastline. The agency works with villages to keep people and airplanes a safe distance from herds. More

Hungary’s Deputy PM: We Turned Our Backs on Jews

Hungary must acknowledge its role during the Holocaust, the country’s deputy prime ministersaid on Tuesday, AFP reports. Speaking at a two-day conference on anti-Semitism in Budapest, Tibor Navracsics said the Hungarian state had “turned its back against its own citizens, and indeed took part in their elimination.” ”We have learned from the past, we know exactly what happenedhere, every Hungarian is duty bound to face this responsibility: 70 years ago it was Hungarians who killed Hungarians,” he added, according toAFP. Some 600,000 Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust, most of them deported to death camps in Poland and elsewhere in 1944. The local Jewish community in Hungary is still one of the biggest in Europe, however, at around 100,000. More


Is Katy Perrys New Single By the Grace of God a Return to Her Christian Roots?
Pop singer Katy Perry may have gained worldwide fame belting out “I Kissed a Girl,” but before the colored hair and skimpy costumes, she was once a Christian gospel singer with deep ties in the faith community. Perry — previously known as Katy Hudson, her real last name — may no longer be singing Bible-inspired tunes, but one of her new songs, “By the Grace of God,” suggests the nine-time Grammy Award nominee could be returning to her roots, or at least acknowledging them. “By the Grace of God,” off Perry’s new album “Prism,” is intensely personal and deals with love, loss and life’s many emotional struggles. Mainly, it sheds light on the singer’s divorce from actor and comedian ex-husband Russell Brand. More

New USDA rule allows hidden feces, pus, bacteria and bleach in conventional poultry

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently in the process of trying to ram through passage of a new “modernization” rule for conventional poultry production that would eliminate a large percentage of USDA inspectors and speed up the factory production process. And existing safeguards, as minimally effective as they currently are, would also be eroded, allowing for more hidden feces, pus, bacteria and chemical contaminants to persist in conventional chicken and turkey meat.Even though salmonella rates as detected in meat and poultry have been steadily dropping year after year in the U.S., roughly the same numbers of people seem to be getting infected with the pathogen annually. The primary reason for this statistical anomaly appears to be that the current testing methods authorized by the USDA for meat and poultry are wholly inadequate and outdated and actually cover up the presence of contaminants borne on factory farms and in processing plants. More

NASA Finds Ingredient for Plastic on Saturn’s Moon Titan

NASA Finds Ingredient for Plastic on Saturn's Moon Titan
For the first time, a chemical essential for the creation of plastic on Earth has been found in a far-off part of the solar system: Saturn’s largest Titan. The discovery, made by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft currently orbiting Saturn, found that the atmosphere of Titan contains propylene, a key ingredient of plastic containers, car bumpers and other everyday items on Earth. NASA scientists announced the discovery  with a video describing the propylene find on Titan. ”This chemical is all around us in everyday life, strung together in long chains to form a plastic called polypropylene,” Conor Nixon, a NASA planetary scientist and lead author of a paper detailing the new research in today’s (Sept. 30) issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters said in a statement. “That plastic container at the grocery store with the recycling code 5 on the bottom — that’s polypropylene.”  More

American Heartland At High Risk For Sizable Earthquakes

An earthquake zone that extends from Marked Tree, Arkansas to Paducah, Kentucky and as far south as Memphis, Tennessee has a higher earthquake risk than adjacent areas within the United States, according to new research from the US Geological Survey (USGS). Using sophisticated technology, USGS scientists have developed new high-resolution images of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), which allows them to map the area in more detail than ever before. These images allow for greater understanding of the weak rocks in this region, found at much greater depths in the Earth’s mantle compared to those in surrounding zones. The USGS-led research was published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Some of the largest earthquakes in the US have occurred in the NMSZ, including three earthquakes greater than magnitude 7 on the Richter scale that occurred in 1811 and 1812. Smaller temblors that have occurred in this region since those more powerful ones have been significant in their own right. “With the new high-resolution imagery, we can see in greater detail that the New Madrid Seismic Zone is mechanically weaker than surrounding areas and therefore concentrates movement and stress in a narrow area,” said USGS scientist Fred Pollitz, who is the lead author of this research. “The structure beneath this zone is unique when compared to adjacent areas in the central and eastern United States. A more in-depth understanding of such zones of weakness ultimately helps inform decisions such as the adoption of appropriate building codes to protect vulnerable communities, while also providing insight that could be applied to other regions across the world.” More

Credit card companies eye new global payment standard

Will the MasterPass be supplanted by a new standard?
MasterCard, Visa, and American Express have teamed up to create a new digital payment technology. The companies say that their proposed standard would increase the security of payments via Web sites and mobile products by using a digital “token.” Armed with a token, consumers wouldn’t need to input account numbers for purchases.  So far, the companies haven’t decided on a token standard, but they expect the industry to accept one before they move forward. From there, upon attempting to purchase a product on the Web or via mobile devices, a customer would be asked to provide his or her token. That token will then be used to process and clear the transaction in a similar way credit cards are used today. ”Tokens can be restricted in how they are used with a specific merchant, device, transaction, or category of transactions,” the companies said. More

Iran responds to Netanyahu: Don’t even think about attacking us

Khodadad Seifi, Iran's deputy UN ambassador, speaks to the General Assembly, October 1, 2013 (screen capture: UN webcast)
Iran on Tuesday warned Israel not to so much as “think about” attacking it, telling Israel not to “miscalculate” and stressing the Islamic Republic’s ability to defend itself. Khodadad Seifi, Iran’s deputy ambassador to the UN, utilized a right of reply to speak immediately after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the General Assembly. Netanyahu had said he wanted “to give diplomacy with Iran a chance to succeed,” but he cautioned that President Hasan Rouhani was trying to “fool” the world. And he said Israel would “never acquiesce to nuclear arms in the hands of a rogue regime that repeatedly promises to wipe us off the map… Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.” More

Church devises ‘Sunday school for adults’ to revive 10 Commandments and Lord’s Prayer

Charlton Heston and the Ten Commandments
They are the texts which, in generations past, every schoolboy and schoolgirl knew by heart.  But passages such as the Lord’s Prayer, the 10 Commandments or the Beatitudes are now so unfamiliar to a modern audience that the Church of England is introducing what is being likened to “Sunday school for adults” to revive their use. A new course, devised by a group of bishops and theologians, is to be offered in parishes across England in an attempt to “re-teach” the nation the basic tenets of Christianity amid fears they are increasingly being forgotten. They hope the “Pilgrim” course, which has the backing of the Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev Justin Welby, will be run in every parish in the country. Unlike traditional Sunday schools it can be held on any day of the week, in informal settings such as parishioners’ living rooms rather than a church. Church leaders hope to echo some of the success of the Alpha course, the basic introduction to Christianity devised by a west London parish, which has been taken by almost 23 million people around the world. More

One Wrong Move at Fukushima Could Unleash a Nuclear Disaster Equivalent to 85 Chernobyls

Japan Hiroshima and Fukushima
More than two years after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, the Fukushima power plant sits in ruins, leaking 300 tons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean every day. But that’s small potatoes compared to what might happen in November. In what could be humankind’s most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co). — the Japanese company that owns the Fukushima power plant — will attempt to remove approximately 1,300 fuel rods from the heavily damaged Reactor Unit 4. Why should you care? Because many experts feel that neither TEPCO nor Japan have the scientific, engineering or financial resources to handle the repair. And you know what happens if they screw up? Nuclear disaster. More

Penn. United Methodist Minister May Lose License for Officiating Son’s Same-Sex ‘Wedding’

DAYS OF LOT:  A United Methodist minister from Pennsylvania has been summoned to stand before the Eastern Pennsylvania Methodist Conference for officiating his son’s same-sex ‘wedding’ against the denomination’s prohibitions against it. Frank Schaeffer, 51, oversees Zion United Methodist Church of Iona in Lebanon. In 2007, he traveled to Massachusetts to officiate a ceremony between his son Tim and Tim’s homosexual partner. Massachusetts has permitted same-sex nuptials since 2004, but Pennsylvania defines marriage as being solely between a man and a woman. “The love for my son took over the fear of losing my job with the United Methodist Church,” Schaeffer told the Lebanon Daily News. “It was a tough decision in some sense, but I just knew I had to make it. I had to follow my heart.” Schaeffer states that when his son came to him to advise that he was struggling with homosexual temptations, he and his wife expressed their support. More

Harvest Crusade’s Invite to ‘Crossover’ Band Who Dressed Like Women Questioned

Questions are being raised over the decision by Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade to invite a band whose members dressed as women for Halloween to perform at their city-wide evangelistic event this past weekend. NEEDTOBREATHE is a multiple Dove Award-winning band from South Carolina, and is comprised of brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart, who grew up in the church as preacher’s kids. While initially overtly Christian, the group now considers themselves a crossover band, meaning that they sing for both the Church and the secular world, keeping their lyrics non-religious for the most part. Signed to Atlantic and Sparrow Records, NEEDTOBREATHE released their first album, Daylight, in 2006, to critical acclaim. Their song “Signature of Divine (Yahweh),” from their second album, The Heat, was nominated for “Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year” in 2008, and the following year, they took home the award for ”Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year” for “Washed by the Water,” a song about baptism. NEEDTOBREATHE’s third album, The Outsiders, released in 2009, featured a song entitled “Girl Named Tennessee,” a secular tune that speaks of falling in love with a girl on the dance floor. More

JUST PUT IT ON THE TAB – Postal Service defaults on $5.6 billion payment

postal service
The U.S. Postal Service has defaulted on a $5.6 billion payment for retiree health benefits that was due on Monday, just as the Postmaster General had warned it would. ”We have not made the required $5.6 billion Retiree Health Benefits prefunding payment due Sept. 30, 2013,” wrote USPS spokeswomen Patricia Licata in an email to CNNMoney. She added that the default has absolutely nothing to do with the federal government shutdown. “We have been saying for several months that we will be defaulting on this payment. This is the third time we have [done so],” Licata wrote.  Postmaster General Patrick Donahue told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs that the default was going to happen on Sept. 19. At the time, he said the Postal Service was “in the midst of a financial disaster” and that it is “burdened by an outdated and inflexible business model” that prevents it from making payments. More

NASA on shutdown: ‘Sort it out, humans’

As its sister probe Voyager 1 leaves our solar system, take a look at some of the images provided by Voyager 2. Here, Voyager 2 launches on August 20, 1977.
Leave it to NASA to give us some perspective — about 9.5 billion miles worth — on the unpopular shutdown of the U.S. government. ”Due to government shutdown, we will not be posting or responding from this account,” the crew responsible for the Voyager 2 space probe wrote late Monday on Twitter. “Farewell, humans. Sort it out yourselves.” The tweet may have tapped into many Americans’ exasperation with the impasse in Congress that has ground the government to a halt. As of midday Tuesday it had been retweeted more than 7,000 times. NASA, of course, is just one of many federal government agencies affected when the government shut down at midnight Tuesday because of Congress’ inability to pass a budget. More

JUST NUKE IT – Fast-food chain to grow ingredients near damaged Japanese nuclear plant

A leading Japanese fast-food chain looking to save money on ingredients is moving its farming operations to a place where many have moved out. Yoshinoya has announced that it will produce the ingredients for its beef bowls in Fukushima, home to a nuclear plant that has suffered a series of leaks after a devastating tsunami struck Japan in 2011. The chain’s owner, Yoshinoya Holdings, said it set up a joint venture with local farmers to grow rice, onions and cabbage 50 miles from the plant, reports. ”We believe this will lead to support for reconstruction,” the company said. Tens of thousands of people are still unable to return to their homes around the damaged nuclear plant. More

USGS Suspends most of it’s operations do to Govmnt Shutdown.

Due to a lapse in Federal funding, the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program has suspended most of its operations. While the USGS will continue to monitor and report on earthquake activity, the accuracy or timeliness of some earthquake information products, as well as the availability or functionality of some web pages, could be affected by our reduced level of operation. Source

EARTHQUAKE ALERT: A Strong Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake strikes the Owen Fracture Zone Region


U.S. banks already can take your money

Banks “too big to fail,” or TBTFs, already have authority in the United States to impose an unlimited Cyprus-style “bail-in” that confiscates the savings of depositors, stockholders and shareholders in lieu of a federal taxpayer bailout. The Cyprus-style bail-in for banks occurred last year when the Cypriot government decided to take all uninsured deposits above 100,000 euros to apply to recapitalizing the island’s failing banks. WND recently detailed the initial impact that such action caused depositors on that island country. More

Netanyahu: The Jews are Home – And We’re Not Leaving

Israel wants to make peace with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Arab world, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the United Nations during his address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. “Israel continues to seek an historic compromise with our Palestinian neighbors… We want peace based on security and mutual recognition,” he declared. Netanyahu laid out what he said are Israel’s needs: that any future Palestinian state be demilitarized, and that the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Israelis have been willing to make “painful concessions” for peace, but Palestinian Authority leaders have not, he accused.  PA leaders “must finally recognize the Jewish state, and Israel’s security needs must be met,” he reiterated. More

DAYS OF LOT: Nude Church In Virginia? Pastor And Congregants Naked As They Worship God

In a church in Ivor, Virginia, clothing is option for everyone from the pastor to the congregation. Members in this church worship in the nude taking the statement “Come as you are” very literal.  People who attend Whitetail Chapel don’t have to worry about finding something to wear on Sunday Services. Pastor Allen Parker defends that God doesn’t care if the believers wear clothes while they pray to Him. “If God made us that way why can that be wrong?” says the pastor, according to The Run Down. Members of the church also explain it has nothing to do with being sexual but being free from societal judgments. “There is no pressure to be anything other than who you are,” says one of the congregants. The Whitetail Chapel is part of the Whitetail Nudist Resort. The Christian Post



Pregnant 2 Yr Old Gives Birth – Xiao Feng

Solar Fallout from Sun Eruption Crashes Into

Earth,more will come Nasa Says

Gray whale dies bringing us a message with stomach full of plastic trash




Teen Hangs Himself By Accident: Prank Gone Bad – Jordan Morlan

Amazon Damage “Chevrons Dirty Hand” Campaign!! Oil Spill 18 Million Toxic Gallons!!

Signs of the Times September 2013

Obamacare Fines Seized From Bank Accounts & Lose Driver License???


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