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The Los Angeles Times, in its effort to support the unionizing of the fast-food industry, quotes a report by economists at UC Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that asserts more than half of families of fast food workers get financial aid totaling $7 billion yearly from the federal government.  The Times writes that the report was “distributed by a group that has been pushing for union representation and higher wages for fast food workers.” So which group was that? The Times does not say, and there is no link to the group or the report. According to the Times, the report explains that fast-food workers earn an average of $8.69 an hour, working fewer that 40 weekly hours so they can qualify for food stamps, Medicaid, and tax credits. The Times claims the report states that about $3.9 billion a year is spent on Medicaid as well as children’s healthcare for the workers and their families. But here is the kicker: the Times states that the report says public assistance programs “could be more effective if supplemented by measures that improve workers’ wages and benefits.” Michael Saltsman, research director at conservative think tank Employment Policies Institute, stated, “In its quest to unionize the fast food industry, the SEIU has demonstrated that it will leave no stone unturned–including using ‘research’ and arguments that would get a higher grade in creative writing than in a high school economics class.” His organization asserted that raising the minimum wage would have a harsh impact on fast food workers, as some of them would likely be replaced by automated services. Breitbart

The Great ShakeOut: Millions To Take Part In Global Earthquake Drill

 -Hoping to survive an earthquake, many Californians and people in earthquake prone regions around the world were gearing up for a major earthquake drill. More than 24 million people, including 9 ½ million in California, have signed up to duck under their desks at 10:17 a.m. local time Thursday, cover their heads and hold on to something sturdy.The exercise allows first responders to dust off their emergency response plans and transportation departments to practice slowing down trains in the event of real shaking.The Great ShakeOut was first held in California in 2008 and participation has since spread around the globe. This year, Japan, Canada, Italy and Guam planned to join the U.S. in the drill.”Everyone everywhere should know how to protect themselves during an earthquake,” lead organizer Mark Benthien said.Participation has exceeded last year’s level despite a government shutdown that prevented the Federal Emergency Management Agency from doing last-minute promotion of the drill on social media sites, Benthien said.Southern California has not experienced a devastating quake since the 1994 Northridge disaster that killed 60 people and injured more than 7,000.In recent weeks, parts of the world have been rattled by powerful quakes, including a magnitude-7.1 jolt that killed more than 100 people in the Philippines and damaged historic churches. More

House Stenographer Says Holy Spirit Moved Her to Shout, ‘God Will Not Be Mocked’

A stenographer from the House of Representatives was forcibly removed from the floor Wednesday evening during the vote to end the partial government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling after an odd outburst. Dianne Reidy, 48, made her way to the Speaker’s Chair while the vote was taking place, “ranting about God, Free Masons and the inability of the nation to serve two members,” The Washington Times reports. “Praise be to God,” she said. “He will not be mocked, He will not be mocked. Don’t touch me. He will not be mocked.” She was also heard saying in an audio recording: “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been, it would not have been. No. It would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Free Masons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise forever.” Reidy says the Holy Spirit made her to do it. “For the past 2 1/2 weeks the Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the middle of the night and preparing me (through my reluctance and doubt) to deliver a message in the House Chamber,” she told Fox News’ Chad Pergram in a statement. “That is what I did last night.” A woman tried calming Reidy as others alerted police. The presiding officer, Florida Rep. Illeana Ros-Lethinen, banged the gavel several times to restore order, but Reidy persisted. “You cannot serve two masters,” she shouted as she was removed from the floor. More


 (AP) — Authorities were assessing damage from almost 100 wildfires burning across Australia’s most populous state Friday that killed one man, razed an unknown number of homes and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate. Milder conditions were helping firefighters after Thursday’s unseasonably hot temperatures and strong winds fanned flames across the parched landscape and threatened towns surrounding Sydney. Rural Fire Service spokeswoman Natalie Sanders said the number of fires in New South Wales state had dropped from more than 100 overnight to 94, burning across 86,000 hectares (330 square miles). But 28 continued to burn out of control, she said. Rural Fire Service Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said interstate firefighters were on their way to help fight the blazes, including one burning near the town of Lithgow, west of the Blue Mountains, across a front 25 kilometers (16 miles) wide. More

VA Gubernatorial Candidate Slams Opponent in Ad Campaign for Remarks on God’s Judgment, Abortion

RICHMOND – The Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia is slamming his Republican opponent over past comments regarding the judgment of God and the sin of abortion. Terry McAuliffe will be releasing a series of advertisements to take a swipe at his challenger, Ken Cuccinelli, by highlighting various comments made by Cuccinelli that he deems to be radical. His latest advertisement is entitled “Future Holds,” and highlights a statement made last year in Ashburn at Cherish Life Ministries’ Christian Life Summit, where Cuccinelli spoke on the issue of abortion and the withholding of the wrath of God. “Really, given that God does judge nations, it’s amazing that abortion has run as far and foully as it has, without what I would consider to be a greater imposition of judgment on this country,” Cuccinelli tells the audience. “Who knows what the future holds?” More

Russia to test new missile

Russia will test launch a controversial missile over the next several weeks that U.S. officials say is raising new concerns about Moscow’s growing strategic nuclear arsenal and Russia’s potential violations of arms treaties. The RS-26 missile is expected to be deployed with multiple supersonic, maneuvering warheads designed to defeat U.S. missile defenses in Europe, U.S. officials told Inside the Ring. A House defense aide said the new missile appears to violate the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, based on recent tests and Russian statements that it is designed to thwart U.S. defenses. The treaty bans missiles with ranges of between 310 and 3,400 miles. “The Russians are advertising this as a system capable of defeating U.S. missile defenses in Europe,” the aide said. “At the same time, the State Department is accepting Russia’s claim that this is an ICBM and doesn’t violate INF. It can’t be both.” The Air Force National Space and Missile Intelligence Center reported recently that Russia’s June 6 test of an RS-26 was a test-firing of an intermediate-range missile disguised as an intercontinental ballistic missile.More


Democratic leaders in Colorado, sympathetic to Planned Parenthood officials and their financial desires, have unconstitutionally handed over some $14 million from state taxpayers to the abortion industry giant, according to a new lawsuit has that been filed. The case is being brought by officials with the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of a former state official against Planned Parenthood, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado Health Care Policy chief Susan Birth and Larry Wolk, executive director of the state Department of Public Health.  It alleges that in open defiance of a state constitutional prohibition on taxpayer funding of abortions – either “directly or indirectly” – Hickenlooper, a Democrat, and his predecessor, Bill Ritter, also a Democrat, handed over millions to Planned Parenthood. “Public officials should respect the law and the democratic process rather than ignore both to fill Planned Parenthood’s bank account,” said Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton. “Colorado voters already decided the issue when they amended the state constitution to prohibit tax-dollar subsidies to abortionists. State records clearly show that state officials have provided both federal and state taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood in clear violation of the state constitution.” More


Top military and congressional sources have denied reports that unauthorized transfers of America’s nuclear weapons have occurred and that the suspension of a Navy admiral and firing of a top Air Force general followed a fight inside government ranks about the alleged situation. Several publications have carried reports on the topic in recent days, including concerns expressed by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., over nuclear weapons in his state as well as the removal of several military officers.  There have also been stories about the reported transfers of nuclear weaponry. One example was Story leak, where author Anthony Gucciardi reported a “secret and unsigned nuclear weapons transfer” from Dyess Air Force base to South Carolina. He also reported that two of the nation’s top nuclear commanders were suspended and fired following the report. “What this means,” he wrote, “is that the nuke commanders were terminated behind the scenes in a move that was not meant to hit the public eye – especially not the fact that the second in command was fired on the same day of the leaked nuclear transfer. More importantly, shedding light on the secret transfer of nuclear weapons and the numerous red flags that prove its validity is key in stopping the psychopathic control freaks in government from going through with Graham’s ‘warnings’ of a nuclear explosion that would lead to a war with Syria.” More


The nation’s old debt ceiling – about $17 trillion – meant that at that point, the government’s authorization to borrow more money to make payments, spend on frivolities or just give away, expired. But totally absent from reporting Thursday – after Congress “raised” the debt ceiling through early next year – was a dollar amount.  The Wall Street Journal simply confirmed that the new law signed by President Obama overnight “permits the Treasury to borrow normally through Feb. 7, and preserves Treasury’s emergency flexibility to avoid default for a period of time after that date.” At a minimum, that means another $400 billion or $500 billion in debt for American taxpayers, as the nation has been spending roughly $3.6 or $3.7 trillion a year, and taking in only $2.5 trillion. But such numbers were nowhere to be found. The Chicago Tribune simply said Obama now has permission for “borrowing to continue through Feb. 7.” The New York Times confirmed Congress raised “the debt limit through Feb. 7.” Fox News called it “a virtually condition-free increase in the debt ceiling,” but also lacked a number. “The … bill will fund the government through Jan. 15, and raise the debt cap through Feb. 7.” More

‘Major cold air outbreak for most of the U.S. late next week’

I’ve been watching the 10-day GFS forecast for the U.S., and each run is reinforcing the previous one, with a major cold air outbreak for most of the U.S. late next week:  I’m reminded of when I started the graduate program in meteorology at UW-Madison in the fall of 1978. We were getting an unusual string of cold fronts which all the professors were claiming could not last. Eventually, warmer Pacific air would come in from the west…it always does. Except during winter ’78-’79…it didn’t. The cold air just kept coming. I’m not making a winter forecast here…just reminiscing. But I will say that I’ve been watching the model forecasts nearly every day for decades (since I’m co-developer of, and still a weather weenie at heart), and for many years the model forecast tendency has been to over-forecast these cold air outbreaks. The model would predict a cold front coming through our neck of the woods (N. Alabama) 5-7 days in advance…but the front would almost never make it, or it would not plunge as far south (or be as cold) as originally forecast. But this model error tendency seems to have changed in the last couple years, with that cold air not only making it, but reaching the Gulf coast and beyond. This has been a record cold summer in Alabama, and we had cool fronts pass through regularly all summer long. I don’t recall that ever happening in the 30 years we have lived here. The lawn stayed spring-green all summer, when usually we have to work to keep it alive. More

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Meets with abbas declares “I hope to sign a peace treaty with Israel with this pen.”


PA-President-Mahmoud-Abbas-meets-with-Pope-Francis copyDuring their first meeting in the Vatican, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday invited Pope Francis to visit the Holy Land. Francis welcomed Abbas and presented him with a gift in appreciation of his efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East, the PA’s official news agency Wafa reported.  After the private part of the meeting, the pope gave Abbas a pen, telling him, “surely, you have a lot of things you have to sign.” Abbas responded: “I hope to sign a peace treaty with Israel with this pen.” Abbas’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh; Ziad al-Bandak, PA adviser on Christian affairs; and Bethlehem Mayor Vera Baboun attended Abbas’s Thursday meeting with the pope. Francis, who was ordained in March of this year, has already said he would like to come to the Holy Land in response to a personal invitation from President Shimon Peres in April. But no date has been set for such a visit, even though reports surfaced that the pope would come in March of next year. A Vatican spokesman said that while the pontiff was eager to visit Jerusalem, no specific plans have been made. More

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: 410-meter asteroid ‘may collide’ with Earth in 2032

Reuters / NASA / JPL-Caltech / Handout
A potentially catastrophic asteroid has been discovered by astronomers, who say there’s a slim chance that the 410-meter-wide minor planet will crash into Earth in 2032, creating a blast 50 times greater than the biggest nuclear bomb. The asteroid, described as 2013 TV135, was found in the Camelopardalis (Giraffe) constellation by the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in southern Ukraine, the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomers Union said.  “On the night of October 12, I was watching the Giraffe constellation, it was an in-depth monitoring as part of the comet search program,” Gennady Borisov from the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory told Itar-Tass news agency. “This is when the asteroid… was discovered. The first observations show that it moves quickly and is relatively close.”  The discovery has been confirmed by astronomers in Italy, Spain, the UK and Russia. In Russia, it was seen with telescopes at the Master Observatory in the Siberian republic of Buryatia, the IAU Minor Planet Center said.  The asteroid has been added to the List of the Potentially Hazardous Asteroids, which includes celestial bodies with orbits closer than 7.5 million kilometers from the Earth’s orbit.  However, the threat posed by 2013 TV135 is minor, as it only has a one in 63,000 chance of colliding with our planet, according to available estimates. More

NY Shoppers held after possible human remains found in bag

New York 
– Two teen girls were detained Thursday at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan after possible human remains were found in one of their bags, an NYPD spokesman told CNN. The 17-year-old girls were reportedly acting suspiciously at the Herald Square store. Police were called once store employees detained them and made the discovery, said Sgt. Lee Jones. According to Jones, while initial reports indicate the remains are a fetus, the medical examiner’s office is investigating. One of the teens was taken to Bellevue Hospital to be evaluated, according to Jones, and the other is in police custody at a nearby precinct. Robin Hoffman, a spokeswoman for Limited Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret, said the company would have no comment because of the ongoing police investigation. CNN

San Francisco’s Union Square reopens after bomb scare

San Francisco police issued an “all-clear” notice Thursday after Union Square was evacuated, triggered by a report of a suspicious package. However, police later said there was “no merit to the suspicious device,” adding that streets around the 2.6-acre plaza were reopened. The package was first spotted at the intersection of Powell and Stockton streets around 11:50 a.m. PST, authorities said. Police had evacuated the square and told business workers in the area to shelter in place. An “all clear” was issued slightly more than an hour and a half later. The square was being set up for this weekend’s Nike Women’s Marathon. Fox News

YOUNG EARTH / OLD EARTH? 1.8-million-year-old skull shakes mankind’s family tree

early homo skull 5 Georgia.jpg
Some had protruding foreheads, others had short, squashed faces. Some had enormous jaw muscles and big teeth, while others had enormous heads to hold bigger brains.  They had one thing in common, however: They were family — our ancient family, that is, from around 2 million years ago. The world’s first completely preserved adult hominid skull from the early Pleistocene era looks surprisingly different from other skulls of the same era, yielding a remarkable insight: Man’s early ancestors appeared as physically diverse as humans do today, researchers said, and our family tree has perhaps fewer branches than today’s schoolbooks teach. “It’s a really extraordinary find,” said paleoanthropologist Marcia S. Ponce de Leon in a press conference Wednesday announcing the findings. “For the first time, we can see a population from the early Pleistocene. We only had individuals before. Now we can make comparisons and see the range of variation.” More

The Blueprints of the Seventh Empire – The Rise of the New World Order

new-world-order copyIn this message you will Discover how we are witnessing the Rise of the New World Order or what the Bible indicates as the “7th Empire” of Bible Prophecy. America will not always remain the “Superpower” and is already falling from her status of Power paving the Way for the Next Global Empire of Bible Prophecy that will last a “Short Space” followed by the Final Empire “The Kingdom of the Beast” ruled by the Antichrist! You will see how the the groundwork for this was established thousands of years ago and failed before it’s time but will succeed for a short period of time only to be destroyed the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Heaven.  This message will be available on CD or DVD Below:  



‘China’s Google’ begins accepting Bitcoin

China’s largest search engine Baidu – also known as the “Google of China” – has become the first service of its kind to accept the crypto-currency Bitcoin. Baidu said on Tuesday that its security division Jiasule began supporting the virtual currency on October 14.  “Jiasule, as the innovator of the internet, has become the first cloud services vendor to support bitcoin, giving us richer payment methods and experience,” the company said in a statement.  Jiasule is an anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service) and firewall security product that is aimed at protecting websites from malicious attacks that attempt to crash them by overloading the site. However, the adoption of Bitcoin is not across the entire company. Instead, it is only for the protection service, which can be compared to CloudFlare in the United States. Baidi is the fifth most visited website in the world, according to data from Alexa Traffic Rank – a subsidiary of The site has a market cap of over US$53 billion and is probably the largest one to accept the crypto-currency.  Following the Silk Road scandal – dubbed the “ of illegal drugs” – where the virtual online currency was used by website customers to buy and sell illicit goods and services, the currency has made an impressive stride towards going mainstream.  More

US budget deal postpones financial doomsday

President Obama and Congress have signed off on extending the debt ceiling through to February. The new legislation only temporarily solves the US budget dispute, begging the question if America will ever limit its borrowing. The extension deal will reopen the government after 16 days of partial shutdown and fund spending through January 15 while extending the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling through to February 7. The next major deadline is the December 13 target date for budget negotiations.  In three months’ time, US policymakers will again rehash the budget and the debt limit, which billionaire Warren Buffett called a “political weapon of mass destruction” in an interview with CNBC, saying it shouldn’t be used by politicians to settle budget disputes, as it brings real financial harm. Although US policymakers haven’t specified the new borrowing limit, the Bipartisan Policy Centre think tank estimated the debt limit should be raised by another $1.1 trillion to help Washington cover its obligations through to December 2014. More

World Health Organization warns Outdoor air pollution a leading cause of cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday classified outdoor air pollution as a leading cause of cancer in humans. ”The air we breathe has become polluted with a mixture of cancer-causing substances,” said Kurt Straif of the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). ”We now know that outdoor air pollution is not only a major risk to health in general, but also a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths.” The IARC said a panel of top experts had found “sufficient evidence” that exposure to outdoor air pollution caused lung cancer and raised the risk of bladder cancer. Although the composition of air pollution and levels of exposure can vary dramatically between locations, the agency said its conclusions applied to all regions of the globe.  Air pollution was already known to increase the risk of respiratory and heart diseases. The IARC said pollution exposure levels increased significantly in some parts of the world in recent years, notably in rapidly industrialising nations with large populations. The most recent data, from 2010, showed that 223,000 lung cancer deaths worldwide were the result of air pollution, the agency said. More

Chase Bank “Allegedly” Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers

UPDATE: Alex Jones: The fact that these letters were being sent out to Chase customers was confirmed at the time that we published, but in the last 24 hours we have confirmed that even large businesses doing international transactions have also received the same letters. I personally visited Chase Bank and inquired about setting up an account and asked if I could wire money out of the country or withdraw the amounts of cash listed in their letter. I was told no, and that I would have to “qualify” with them for a special type of international bank account and would have to deposit huge amounts of money and pay fees to be able to access those services. What this constitutes is a war on cash and a war on small business and individuals. Two years ago we saw a giant backlash against Bank of America when they announced customers would be charged for using their own money via their debit card. We have crossed the rubicon where now the currency has been so devalued that you will have to pay money to have your money in a bank or use a debit card. In saying that international wire transfers are too much of a risk, Chase Bank might as well be bankrupt because it is telling you there is no money to withdraw. More


Chinese agency downgrades US credit rating

A Chinese ratings agency downgraded its US sovereign credit rating Thursday despite Washington’s resolution of the debt ceiling deadlock, warning that fundamentals for a potential default remained “unchanged”. Dagong lowered its ratings for US local and foreign currency credit from A to A-, maintaining a negative outlook, the agency said in a statement. The announcement came after the US Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed a bill that extends the nation’s borrowing authority and ends a two-week government shutdown. ”The fundamental situation that the debt growth rate significantly outpaces that of fiscal income and gross domestic product remains unchanged,” Dagong said in the statement, adding Washington’s solvency was vulnerable as old debts were still repaid through raising new debts. ”Hence the government is still approaching the verge of default crisis, a situation that cannot be substantially alleviated in the foreseeable future,” it said. Dagong made headlines in August 2011 when it lowered its main rating for US sovereign debt after Congress passed an earlier bill to raise Washington’s debt ceiling. The agency, which is far less prominent than long-established Western competitors including Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s, has been working to further raise its profile. China’s official news agency Xinhua said Thursday in a bylined commentary that US politicians had held the rest of the world hostage in the crisis. But Beijing welcomed the agreement, saying it will contribute to global economic stability. France 24

More people in hospital after taking horrific flesh-eating drug Krokodil

NEW cases have emerged of Americans using the horrific flesh-eating drug Krokodil which turns addicts into “zombies”. Two sisters are being treated in a Chicago hospital for the devastating side effects of the toxic substance. The homemade drug, popular in Russia, is a mix of codeine with petrol, gasoline, paint thinners, industrial cleaning oil, and alcohol which is then filtered and boiled before being injected into a vein. Last month, published video of the shocking effects of Krokodil, showing the ulcerated skin and limbs of users. It is called Krokodil, the Russian word for crocodile, because of the scaly green lesions users develop around injection sites. At about $8 a hit, Krokodil is 10 times cheaper than heroin. It gives an intense high, transforming users into a “zombie-like” state, a doctor who treated addicts told the Huffington Post. Sisters Amber and Angie Neitzel, both heroin addicts from an outlying Chicago suburb, are among five who were treated in hospital after being sold Krokodil under the guise of heroin. About 18 months ago, wounds started appearing on Amber’s skin, reports WLS-TVMore

Netanyahu to meet Pope next week

‘s prime minister plans to meet with the pope on a trip to Italy next week. Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican next Wednesday. Israeli President Shimon Peres, who serves in a largely ceremonial position, met the head of the Catholic church in April.  Earlier this week, Israel’s Channel 2 reported that Pope Francis will visit Israel in March. A statement Wednesday from the prime minister’s office announcing the scheduled meeting said Netanyahu also will meet US Secretary of State John Kerry on the same trip. The two will discuss ongoing talks over Iran’s nuclear program and negotiations with the Palestinians. The Vatican and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1993. More

IRAN – “Israel source of threat to world security”

Zechariah 12:2-3 –  2 “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. 3 And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.
Iran has described nuclear-armed Israel as a menace to peace and security in the region and in the whole world, renewing calls for putting pressure on the Tel Aviv regime to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The Israeli regime, as the sole non-signatory to the NPT in the Middle East, is jeopardizing regional and international peace and security and should immediately join the treaty and put all its nuclear facilities under the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN Gholam-Hossein Dehqani on Wednesday The Iranian envoy, who was addressing the UN Disarmament and International Security Committee, added that the accession of the Israeli regime to the NPT could pave the way for the realization of a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, an idea which was proposed by Iran in 1974 and continues to enjoy strong international support. On October 1, Iran was elected as the rapporteur of the UN Committee on Disarmament and International Security (First Committee), which includes all 193 UN member states. The Committee is one of the six main committees of the General Assembly of the United Nations. More

DISTRESS OF NATIONS – 15 killed in a bomb blast in northern Iraq

At least 15 people have been killed in a car bomb attack in a village east of Iraq’s northern city of Mosul, police officials say. The bomb attack was carried out in a residential area of Al-Muwaffaqiyah, a village east of Mosul, on Thursday.  On October 15, nearly a dozen people lost their lives in a blast targeting a group of worshipers as they were leaving a mosque in the city of Kirkuk after prayers marking Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice).  Iraqi officials said around 20 people were also wounded in the bomb explosion. Iraq has been the scene of numerous bombings and shooting attacks over the past few months. Most of the attacks have targeted crowded places, such as mosques, markets, and cafes. According to Iraqi medical sources, the violence has taken its toll on the lives of more than 300 people since the beginning of October. On October 14, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the recent bombings in Iraq.  More

Obama signs bill to end partial shutdown, hike debt ceiling

After all the bickering and grandstanding, the billions lost and trust squandered, it was much ado about nothing The partial government shutdown’s finally over. The debt ceiling debacle has been averted. Obamacare remains virtually unscathed. The hardline House Republicans, whose opposition to the President’s signature healthcare law set this all in motion, got pretty much zip — except maybe their reputations marred. ”To say we as Republicans left a lot on the table would be one of the biggest understatements in American political history,”Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tweeted. But it’s all temporary — the cliched kicking of the can. In a few months, Congress will come back to fight the same battles. For now, though, thousands of furloughed federal workers will return to work Thursday, the U.S. can pay its bills, and an economic superpower can again boast a functioning government. Pundits will conduct a post-mortem of the bitter stalemate. And the public will look ahead to what’s next. More

UN chemical inspectors visit 11 Syrian sites, destroy six

The international chemical weapons experts of OPCW, working in Syrian since Oct. 1, reported Wednesday they had conducted inspections at 11 facilities, which were listed in the reports produced by Syria. They also noted that equipment was destroyed at 6 facilities and “a batch of ammunition with poisonous agents belonging to category 3 (defused ammunition) was destroyed.” Debka


DAYS OF LOT: Carol McCrory And Brenda Clark become first same-sex couple to have their marriage application accepted in the South.

After the Associated Press reported earlier today he would defy North Carolina’s gay marriage ban and begin accepting applications for same-sex unions, Buncombe County Register of Deeds Drew Reisinger has made good on his promise. Carol McCrory and Brenda Clark, a lesbian couple who have been together for 25 years and raised two children, became the first couple to have their marriage application accepted by Resigner earlier today. Additionally, the move brands McCrory and Clark as the first same-sex couple to have their marriage application accepted in the South. However, this does not mean that the pair has been issued a marriage license. ”Drew, we want to thank you for your courage and standing up and doing the right thing,” the couple told Reisinger in the above video. “One of the reasons that we’re here is to be a visible face for this movement — to show the people of North Carolina that we’re not very scary. We have confidence that, as Christians and as Americans, eventually everybody will do the right thing… We want the same validity for our family that we have together that other people enjoy — that’s all we want.” In order for Reisinger to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples submitting applications, he must seek legal counsel from State Attorney General Roy Cooper. On Monday, Cooper announced his support for marriage equality — but remained mum on whether or not he would continue to defend North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage. More


DAYS OF LOT: Portland Trailblazers Back Gay Marriage, Becoming First NBA Team To Do So

The Portland Trailblazers certainly lived up to their name last week — in a historic move, the athletes became the first NBA team to publicly take a stance on the battle for same-sex marriage rights. Specifically, the team aligned themselves with the Oregon United For Marriage initiative, a coalition attempting to get the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection initiative on the state’s ballot in the upcoming election, The Oregonian is reporting. Additionally, the move reportedly makes the Portland Trailblazers the first team of the “Big Four” branches of the sports world — basketball, baseball, football and hockey — to endorse marriage rights for same-sex couples. “The Portland Trail Blazers are in support of the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection ballot initiative,” the team said in a statement. “We do so as believers in individual choice as a fundamental right of all people.” The Portland Timbers and the Portland Thorns FC, the city’s men’s and women’s professional soccer teams respectively, also endorsed the ballot initiative for marriage equality in Oregon, according to the Portland Mercury. “Professional sports are a barometer of where the country is going,” Marriage Equality USA spokesman Stuart Gaffney told reporters. “For a long time professional sports teams have been silent on LGBT rights and that time is coming to a close as we see right now in Oregon.” Oregon became the 20th state this week to have a marriage equality lawsuit filed in an effort to challenge the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, instigated by attorneys Lake Perriguey and Lea Ann Easton. Naming Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum (among others) as defendants, the suit joins Oregon United for Marriage’s similar legal challenge to the same-sex marriage ban. Huff Post Gay Voices



LOON, Philippines
 – The earthquake that killed at least 156 people in the central Philippines also took its toll on the region’s historical and religious legacy by heavily damaging a dozen or more churches, some centuries old. As rescuers reached some of the hardest-hit areas and the death toll from Tuesday’s quake rose, images of the wrecked religious buildings resonated across a nation where 80 percent of the population is Roman Catholic. The bell tower toppled from Cebu city’s 16th-century Basilica of the Holy Child – a remnant of the Spanish colonial era and the country’s oldest church building – becoming a pile of rubble in the courtyard. Other churches on the neighboring island of Bohol, epicenter of the quake and a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, were also damaged, some beyond repair. More



TOKYO – A typhoon caused deadly mudslides that buried people and destroyed homes on a Japanese island Wednesday before sweeping up the Pacific coast, grounding hundreds of flights and disrupting Tokyo’s transportation during the morning rush. At least 17 deaths were reported and nearly 50 people were missing.  Hardest hit from Typhoon Wipha was Izu Oshima island, which is about 120 kilometers (75 miles) south of Tokyo. Rescuers found 16 bodies, most of them buried by mudslides, police and town officials said. Dozens of homes were destroyed, and about 45 people were missing. A woman from Tokyo died after falling into a river and being washed 10 kilometers (6 miles) downriver to Yokohama, police said. Two sixth-grade boys and another person were missing on Japan’s main island, Honshu, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said. More than 350 homes were damaged or destroyed, including 283 on Izu Oshima, it said. More


MYSTERY: Debt Went Unchanged for 150 Days…

Every business day since May 17, the U.S. Treasury has published a daily statement claiming that the federal debt subject to the limit set by Congress closed the day at $16,699,396,000,000—about $25 million below the legal limit. Monday, the Columbus Day holiday, according to the Daily Treasury Statement released today, marked the 150th straight day that the Treasury has said the debt subject to limit was stuck at $16,699,396,000,000. On May 17, the first day the debt closed the day at $16,699,396,000,000, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner stating that since the Treasury was about to hit the debt limit he would begin to use “extraordinary measures” to prevent it from doing so. These included, among other things, suspending investment of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund in U.S. Treasury securities, and redeeming securities already held by this fund. More


Iran trying to stir violence against Egypt and Israel

As world powers hold talks with Iran over its alleged development of nuclear weapons, Tehran and its Hezbollah proxy are attempting to stir violence against both Israel and the Egyptian military, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials. The officials tell WND that experts from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard are currently in the Egyptian Sinai to help train militants there to carry out attacks against the Egyptian military.  Egypt has been acting to find and destroy weapons smuggling tunnels between Gaza and the Sinai as well as clamp down on global jihad groups located in the Sinai. The officials said Guard experts are also working with Hamas inside the Gaza Strip to help organize members of the Islamic group’s so-called military wing to confront the Egyptian military. The officials said a scheduled visit to Tehran by Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal aims to further expand Hamas-Iran relations. Those ties deteriorated when Hamas largely failed to back Iranian ally Bashar al-Assad of Syria in his battle against the rebels targeting his regime. Meanwhile, Iran is attempting to recruit militants in the West Bank to carry out attacks against Israelis both within the West Bank and in central Israel, the informed Middle Eastern security officials said. More














Al Jazeera English
























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