AUSTRALIA: bush fires worsen/ISRAEL hit by two earthquakes/POPE Francis: The false prophet and more signs of JESUS’ return








Law enforcement officials are investigating a threat against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was vaulted into national prominence with his push to defund ObamaCare. A person identifying himself as Troy Gilmore Jr., posted on Twitter Friday morning: “Take down Ted Cruz, at his home” and listed Cruz’s home address in Houston. “What goes around comes around CRUZ!!” the person wrote. The author of the threat uses the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54 and identifies himself as having served in the U.S. Army and Navy. Sean Rushton, Cruz’s spokesman, said, “We’re aware of it and have alerted the proper authorities.” “I can’t comment further on security matters,” he said. At about 5:30 pm on Friday, @ArmyVet54 posted another apparent threat, urging that Cruz “needs tobe [sic] taught a street wise [sic] lesson”. The person posted Cruz’s home address several other times this month and repeatedly used threatening language. The apparent threats are not directed at any audience in particular because @ArmyVet54 does not have any Twitter followers. But a search of Cruz’s name on Twitter can find them. More



 (AP) — Tropical Storm Raymond steamed Sunday toward Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, an area devastated by rains and mudslides from tropical storm Manuel in September. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Raymond is expected to become a hurricane soon, but is expected to take a strong westward turn before it reaches the coast and heads out to sea. Raymond was located about 195 miles (310 kms) south of the beach resort of Zihuatanejo and had sustained winds of 50 mph (85 kph). It was moving northwest at about 7 mph (11 kph). Authorities in southern Guerrero state, where Manuel and Ingrid caused about 120 deaths from flooding and landslides, were more worried about the possibility of floods than the winds. More



 (AP) — A suicide bomber slammed his explosive-laden car Sunday night into a busy cafe in Iraq’s capital, part of a day of violence across the country that killed 45 people, authorities said. The bombing at the cafe in Baghdad’s primarily Shiite Amil neighborhood happened as it was full of customers. The cafe and a nearby juice shop is a favorite hang out in the neighborhood for young people, who filled the area at the time of the explosions. The blast killed 35 people and wounded 45, Iraqi officials said. Violence has been on the rise in Iraq following a deadly crackdown by security forces on a Sunni protest camp in the northern town of Hawijah in April. At least 385 have died in attacks in Iraq so far this month, according to an Associated Press count. In a village north of Baghdad, a car bomb targeted a police officer’s house, killing his father, brother and five nephews, officials said. Six others were wounded in the blast, which happened when the officer was not at home. More

Iran Must Fully Dismantle Nuke Program – NETANYAHU

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday that the result of the current negotiations between Western nations and the Iranian regime must be nothing less than “the full dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear program.” Netanyahu responded to a report last week in the New York Times that the Obama administration is considering a proposal to ease economic sanctions on Tehran by giving it access to billions of dollars in frozen funds, in exchange for limited Iranian concessions regarding its nuclear program. “I think the pressure has to be maintained on Iran, even increased on Iran, until it actually stops the nuclear program, that is, dismantles it,” Netanyahu said. He warned that “any partial deal could end up in dissolving the sanctions” since there are many countries around the world who are “just waiting for a signal to get rid of their sanctions regime” against Iran. Netanyahu compared the Iranian nuclear weapons problem to that of Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons, which is now beginning to be dismantled after Syria agreed to the process. More



This article contains mature, graphic content that may be offensive to some readers. Proceed with caution.

A public university reportedly hosted a workshop on Tuesday aimed at teaching students how to pleasure themselves using various sex toys. College news website Campus Reform uploaded a video to YouTube on Friday showing Jessica “VonDyke,” owner of a Washington D.C. sex shop, instructing University of Maryland students on campus about a number of explicit topics. “It’s also good for prostate play, you can put it in people’s butts,” VonDyke told students, holding what Campus Reform described as “a large sterling silver object.” “Items like this, which are actually kind of like art pieces, like you could totally leave this out on the coffee table when your mom comes over and she would never know,” she said. Watch the shock video, courtesy of Campus Reform (NOTE: The video contains mature content that may not be suitable for all viewers): More

Concerns as Israel Hit by Two Earthquakes in One Day

Israel experienced not one, but two earthquakes on Sunday, raising fears that a significant geological event was in the offing. Sunday’s quakes followed one that occurred early Saturday morning, which was preceded by one last Thursday night. The first quake was reported at 11:50 AM, measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of that quake was in the northern Kinneret, five kilometers north of Ginnosar. The second one, reported at 3:54 PM, also measured 3.6 on the Richter scale, and its epicenter was somewhat south of Ginnosar. There were no injuries or damage in either quake, but both were felt distinctly in communities around the Kinneret, including Tiberias, where police received a barrage of calls from beachgoers and residents. On Saturday, an earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter in the Kinneret, was reported as well. That followed an earthquake that was felt throughout northern Israel last Thursday night. The epicenter of that quake was also in the Kinneret. It reached 3.5 on the Richter scale, and was felt in communities surrounding the lake. Eight days ago, an earthquake was felt in southern and central Israel, measuring at 6.4 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter beneath the Mediterranean about 40 kilometers under the sea bed, 70 kilometers west of Crete. In Israel, reports of the tremor were received from citizens in central and southern Israel, including Raanana, Rehovot and Ashkelon. It was reportedly felt mostly on the top floors of tall buildings. No injuries or damage were reported in that quake either.More

NATO worries about Turkey’s links to China

Turkey has picked a Chinese company under sanction from the U.S. to co-produce a missile defense system that could result in the passing of Western alliance security codes to China, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.  Turkey, which is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, must have equipment that is compatible and secure to avoid espionage as a condition of belonging to the Western alliance.  So it is shopping for a defense system. However, Turkey claims the Chinese system was cheaper than either a U.S. or European system and officials don’t seem to care that the deal is causing a strain in the nation’s relationship with NATO and the United States. Ankara got a $3.44 billion low bid from the China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp., or CPMIEC, on a system that was bid by the U.S. and Europe at over $4 billion. Turkey already has the U.S. Patriot system which is a missile defense system. The U.S. offered Raytheon’s Patriot missiles in Turkey’s bid for an enhanced missile defense system. More



Girls at a Colorado high school are being forced to allow an older boy to use their bathrooms as the result of a policy of transgender accommodation, and the girls say they are being threatened with punishment if their complaints don’t stop. The debate is happening at Florence High School in Florence, Colo., located near Colorado Springs. Parents of several girls are seeking a legal remedy after their daughters were required to share bathrooms with a male who maintains his true gender identity is that of a woman. “First of all, it’s our position that a teenage boy’s presence into the bathroom for teenage girls is inherently harassing,” said Matthew McReynolds, staff attorney at the Pacific Justice Institute, who is representing the families of the girls involved. “It’s inherently violative of their privacy rights. It’s also intimidating when you have a boy like this, who is not a freshman, going in there with younger freshman girls. They feel violated. They feel intimidated, and that’s been expressed to us.” The girls further allege the boy has made sexually harassing comments in that setting. “Details continue to emerge on this in terms of what what kind of comments may have been made. We’ve heard some reports that he’s commented on what girls are wearing or their figure while in the bathroom. If you can imagine that scenario from the reference and framework of a teenage girl, I think that’s pretty harassing,” said McReynolds, who reiterated that a boy simply being in the girls’ restroom is ample harassment in itself. More


Citing the famous prophecies of Fatima, traditionalist Roman Catholic Bishop Bernard Fellay warned in an address in Kansas City that Pope Francis is precipitating the church’s decline and could be a herald that the world is entering the age of the Antichrist. Fellay, who leads a society that has no canonical status in the Roman Catholic Church, said the “modernist views” professed by the pontiff are at odds with traditional Catholic teaching “The situation in the Catholic Church is a real disaster and the present pope is making it 10,000 times worse,” Fellay charged Oct. 12 at the Angelus Press Conference in Kansas City. Fellay is superior general of the Society of St. Pius X, whose ministers, according to the Vatican, do not legitimately exercise ministry in the church. Fellay, in his address, drew heavily from the Third Secret of Fatima, which many Catholics believe was given by the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, to Lucia Santos, one of three poor children who claimed to experience a series of six apparitions of Mary in Fatima, Portugal, between May and October in 1917. More

Inmates Bullied Into Converting To Islam


Sky News has learned that increasing numbers of British inmates are being bullied into converting to Islam while in jail. The Prison Officers Association says it is symptomatic of the growing power and influence of Muslim gangs in prison. However, there are also concerns that some of those converts could be radicalised by more extremist elements in prison. Sky News spoke to one young woman who said her brother was being bullied by members of a Muslim gang, who were trying to force him into converting to Islam. The woman did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals against her brother, who is serving a sentence in excess of 10 years in a high security prison in England. She said: “He just looks like a broken man … he’s tearful on visits. I’m just really scared for him.” She also claimed the bullying had taken a more violent turn: “He’s been physically assaulted. He’s had black eyes.  ”In the showers, he got threatened with a knife. He’s not going to back down. He’s not going to convert for anyone.” She added: “He just spends his time in hiding in his cell. He’s got at least another five years to serve. I don’t know how much longer he can hold out.” More

Muslim Holy Days to Become New York City School Holidays


Both candidates for NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio, the Democratic candidate, and Joe Lhota, believe that Muslim holy days, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, should be school holidays. Eid al-Fitr is the end of the month of Ramadan, a month in which Muslims are required to fast from dawn to sunset and it’s on this day that the fasting ends. Eid al-Adha is a holiday which celebrates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son. It is estimated that 13% of all school children are Muslim and both candidates argue that their religious holidays should be respected and celebrated. de Blasio: “The origins of this nation people of many different faiths coming together.” Lhota: “We have a growing Muslim community in the city of New York, and their religion needs to be respected as all other religions are respected.” It is unlikely that Muslims will get equal treatment that Christians get. Back in 2010, NYC high schools gave a test to it’s students which included 9 questions on the spread of Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. The questions on Buddhism were neutral, while the questions on Christianity were nothing more that blatant attacks. However, the questions on Islam are positive and boosts Islam as far superior to Christianity. The test was written by John Esposito, a Georgetown professor and longtime Muslim apologist. He is famous for refusing to even read anything about Islamic violence. Here is a quote from him: More

Australian authorities fear worsening wildfires

In this photo provided by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service the remains of a structure are in a crumpled pile after a wildfire destroyed the building, at an unknown location in Australia, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013. Nearly a hundred wildfires are burning across Australia's New South Wales state, more than a dozen of which are out of control, as unseasonably hot temperatures and strong winds fanned flames across the parched landscape. (AP Photo/New South Wales Rural Fire Service,)
 (AP) — Firefighters battling some of the most destructive wildfires to ever strike Australia’s most populous state were bracing Sunday for worsening conditions, with higher temperatures and winds expected to intensify the danger in the coming days. In the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, one of the worst-hit regions in fire-ravaged New South Wales state, 193 homes have been destroyed and another 109 damaged by the fire storm that peaked Thursday, the Rural Fire Service said. The fires had destroyed a total of 208 homes and damaged another 122, the service said as assessment teams continued to update the tally in their search for survivors and victims. A Blue Mountains hospital was evacuated on Saturday because of the wildfire threat. The 24 patients were transported to a Sydney hospital where they are expected to stay until Wednesday at least, Health Department official Clair Ramsden said. With 68 fires still burning — 22 of them out of control — and dangerous weather conditions forecast through Thursday, authorities were expecting the worst. More

New 14-foot ‘sea serpent’ found in Southern Calif. Possible Mega Quake Coming?

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (AP) — For the second time in less than a week, a ‘sea serpent’ attracted gawkers on a Southern California beach. This time the rare, snakelike oarfish washed up Friday afternoon in Oceanside. U-T San Diego reported that it measured nearly 14 feet long and attracted a crowd of up to 75 people. Oceanside police contacted SeaWorld San Diego, The Scripps Research Institute and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Someone from NOAA retrieved the carcass, which was cut into sections for later study. While it’s unusual to find the deep-water fish near shore, on Sunday a snorkeler off Catalina Island found an 18-foot-long oarfish and dragged it onto the beach with the help of a dozen other people. According to the Catalina Island Marine Institute, oarfish can grow to more than 50 feet, making them the longest bony fish in the world. They are likely responsible for sea serpent legends throughout history. More

An Azeri scientist has linked the recent incident of California’s mass fish death to the earthquake in Japan. ”Animals, they feel everything. They run away from earthquakes however they can,” Gurban Jalal Etirmishli, the general director of the Azerbijan Science Academy’s Republican Center for Seismology, told Life News, a Russian tabloid. More than a million sardines washed up on California’s Redondo Beach last week. Scientists say they suffered from a lack of oxygen, but some reports have said they were found to have high toxin levels. ”During the first underground movements on March 8, toxic gases and even radiation could have oozed out, becoming a reason for the death of the fish,” Etirmishli said. “If, in the near future, a similar thing happens, it can be a sign of a coming earthquake.” Etirmishli offered absolutely no proof for his theory, but noted that more than 100 whales washed up on New Zealand’s shore days ahead of its deadly earthquake. His comments to the tabloid came after an Azeri scientist, Ikram Kerimov, published an open letter in local press putting forth the theory. ”Certain ranges of acoustic waves in the marine environment, caused by movements ahead of a big earthquake, are disastrous for marine animals, from which they die or throw themselves onshore,” Kerimov wrote. Global Post – ORIGINAL DATE POSTED WAS march 14, 2011

Netanyahu to meet Pope Francis and Kerry in Rome next week

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is set to travel to Rome next week and meet with both Pope Francis and US Secretary of State John Kerry, his office announced on Wednesday.

It will be Netanyahu’s first meeting with the pope since his ordination in March. continue

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Deadly Yellow fever mosquito detected in California



NWO and the United States: militarization of the police and upcoming martial law

NWO and the United States: declassified government secrets and scandals exposed


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