NANOBOTS: A war on your DNA/15 earthquakes, then Mount Etna Explodes Spewing Hot Lava/ 11 car bomb explosions across IRAQ/80mph Winds To Hit English South Coast In Coming Hours and more signs of JESUS’ soon return



Dick Cheney said Sunday that Republicans need to look to a new generation of leaders as the party deals with poor approval ratings following the government shutdown. The former vice president said Republicans have faced challenges before and it’s healthy for the party to work to rebuild. The GOP “got whipped” in the 2012 presidential campaign, when President Barack Obama won re-election over Mitt Romney, and the party needs to build its base of supporters and find “first-class” candidates and turn to a new generation of leaders, Cheney told ABC’s “This Week.” “It’s not the first time we have had to go down this road and it’s basically, I think, healthy for the party to be brought up short, say, OK, now it’s time to go to work,” Cheney said. He predicted that his daughter, Liz Cheney, would win her Senate primary challenge against Republican Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming next year. The former vice president said it was “simply not true” that he and Enzi were “fishing buddies,” and asserted that Enzi has received the vast majority of his campaign funds from Washington-based political action committees. More


Syria has filed details of its poison gas and nerve agent program and an initial plan to destroy it to the world’s chemical weapons watchdog, the organization said Sunday. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said in a statement that Syria completed its declaration as part of a strict and ambitious timeline that aims to eliminate the lethal stockpile by mid-2014. The group, based in The Hague, said Syria made the declaration Thursday. The announcement provides “the basis on which plans are devised for a systematic, total and verified destruction of declared chemical weapons and production facilities,” the group said. Such declarations made to the organization are confidential. No details of Syria’s program were released. More

UPDATE – U.S. Air Force Academy Makes ‘God’ Optional in Oath

The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado has decided to make the phrase ‘So help me God’ optional in its cadet oath after an organization that fights for the separation of church and state lodged a complaint with officials.  As previously reported, the situation began when the academy sent photographs of its new prep school to a local newspaper, which included a snapshot of a poster that contained the honor oath. “We will not lie, steal nor cheat, nor tolerate anyone among us who does,” the oath states. “Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and live honorably. So help me God.” A writer at the newspaper sent the photograph of the poster to Mikey Weinstein, the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who in turn filed a complaint with the Air Force Academy.  Weinstein says that mandating the phrase “So help me God” violates the United States Constitution. In a discussion Wednesday evening on FOX’s Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, Weinstein was asked why he would not support allowing an opt-out for some cadets. He asserted that the phrase needed to go altogether because it is unlawful. “Well, it’s like saying, ‘Why don’t you just opt out of not robbing a bank?’ Because robbing a bank violates the law,” he said. “[H]istorically, going back to 1789 when there was first a military oath, nobody had to have an oath. It didn’t happen until 1862.” While the poster was taken down in response, the academy’s Honor Review Committee also met to discuss Weinstein’s concerns about the oath itself. On Friday, it released a statement outlining that the committee has decided—as Kelly suggested on her broadcast—to make “So help me God” optional in the oath. More

Obama ‘knew and approved’ NSA spying on Chancellor Merkel

President Obama was aware of NSA spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel since 2010, German media have revealed. An NSA spokeswoman later denied the allegations. According to German Bild am Sonntag newspaper, which cited US intelligence sources, National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander briefed Obama on the bugging operation against Merkel in 2010.  “Obama did not halt the operation but rather let it continue,” an unnamed high-ranking NSA official told the newspaper. Moreover, the paper said, the US president later ordered the NSA to prepare a comprehensive dossier on Merkel.  That contradicts earlier reports that Obama personally assured Merkel he didn’t know – and that he would have stopped it if he had.  An NSA spokeswoman released a statement on Sunday after the Bild am Sonntag revelations came to light that: “Alexander did not discuss with President Obama in 2010 an alleged foreign intelligence operation involving German Chancellor Merkel,” adding that “news reports claiming otherwise are not true.”  The newspaper report added that the NSA was listening in to the chancellor’s both work phone provided by her political party, and supposedly her secure phone that she only received this summer. This, the paper said, is evidence that the operation continued until the “immediate past.”  NSA spy activity was reportedly conducted on the fourth floor of the US Embassy in central Berlin, just a stone’s throw from the German government’s headquarters. More

56 killed in day of carnage as 11 car bombs rip through Iraq

Ten car bombs ripped through the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 42 and wounding dozens more, officials said. A separate blast targeting soldiers in the northern city of Mosul reportedly killed 14 more, bringing Sunday’s death toll to 56. Nine of the blasts targeted predominantly Shiite Muslim districts over the course of half an hour, police said. The most violent of those blasts occurred in the town of Nahrawan, south of the capital, where two back-to-back car bombs exploded near a busy market, killing seven people and injured 15 others.  Attacks in the northern Shaab and southern Abu Dshir neighborhoods killed six people each. Other explosions hit the neighborhoods of Mashtal, Baladiyat and Ur in eastern Baghdad and the northern Sab al-Bor and Hurriyah districts. Six medical officials confirmed the casualty figures to AP. All spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to the press. More

29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding

Did you know that the number of Americans on welfare is higher than the number of Americans that have full-time jobs?  Did you know that 1.2 million public school students in the U.S. are currently homeless?  Anyone that uses the term “economic recovery” to describe what is happening in the United States today is being deeply insulting to the nearly 150 million Americans that are considered to be either “poor” or “low income” at this point.  Yes, things are great in New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, but almost everywhere else economic conditions continue to steadily get worse.  The gap between the wealthy and the poor is at a level that America has never seen before, and this is beginning to create a “Robin Hood mentality” that could cause a tremendous amount of social chaos in the years ahead.  Anger at the “haves” in America continues to rise at a very alarming pace, and the “have nots” are becoming increasingly desperate.  At some point all of this anger is going to boil over, and you won’t want to be anywhere around major population centers when that happens.  Despite unprecedented borrowing by the federal government in recent years, and despite unprecedented money printing by the Federal Reserve, poverty in the United States keeps getting worse with each passing year. The following are 29 incredible facts which prove that poverty in America is absolutely exploding… More


Militant Islamic terrorists for years have been employing IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, against U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now they’re turning increasingly to IID, or improvised incendiary devices, terror experts say in a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.  IIDs, which use flammable gas or liquids to explode in crowds and produce mass casualties, have been a favorite weapon of terrorists overseas, and experts say they also now are becoming a threat in the U.S. It is hard to detect and prevent such attacks. According to the Homeland Security Newswire and Global Terrorism Database, terrorists used IEDs in some 207 terrorist plots in the U.S. from 2001 to 2011. The most recent IED attack in the U.S. was the pressure-cooker attack during the April 15 Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 160. A pressure cooker also was used in the May 1, 2010, attempted vehicle bombing in New York City’s Times Square. While it basically fizzled and was detected soon thereafter, it contained propane, gasoline and fireworks. One of the best known IIDs is the Molotov cocktail, which consists of gasoline in a bottle with a piece of cloth as a timer and detonator. “Terrorists are using flammable liquids and gas as a substitute for explosives or as a perceived enhancement to homemade explosive charges if they cannot obtain high explosives because of restrictions on their sale, or where expertise in making HMEs is limited,” according to a report in the open intelligence Langley Intelligence Network Group, or Lignet. “One concern is that the raw materials can be purchased at hardware and camping stores.” More

Marc Grizzard, the pastor of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that he and his congregation plan to burn Bibles on Halloween.   Marc Grizzard, of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that the first King James translation of the Bible is the only true declaration of God’s word, and that all others are “satanic”. Pastor Grizzard and 14 other members of the church plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of Scripture on Halloween, 31 October. The New Revised Version Bible, the American Standard Version Bible, and even the New King James Version are all pronounced to be works of the Devil by Pastor Grizzard and his followers. Pastor Grizzard said: “I believe the King James version is God’s preserved, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God… for English-speaking people. “We are burning books that we believe to be Satanic.”  Marc Grizzard, of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that the first King James translation of the Bible is the only true declaration of God’s word, and that all others are “satanic”. Pastor Grizzard and 14 other members of the church plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of Scripture on Halloween, 31 October. The New Revised Version Bible, the American Standard Version Bible, and even the New King James Version are all pronounced to be works of the Devil by Pastor Grizzard and his followers. Pastor Grizzard said: “I believe the King James version is God’s preserved, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God… for English-speaking people. “We are burning books that we believe to be Satanic.” The Telegraph


UK braces for one of the Worst Storms in Years

LONDON (AP) — The worst storm in several years is forecast to hit the U.K. on Sunday, bringing heavy rain, hurricane-force gusts and the expectation of flooding and transport disruption. As winds picked up and Britain prepared for the storm — dubbed St. Jude and #Stormageddon on social networks — major sports events such as a regular NFL game in London between the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium kicked off regardless. Prime Minister David Cameron told government agencies to ensure that contingency plans are made for transportation, schools and power supplies during the storm, which could have gusts stronger than 80 mph (128 kph) — akin to those in hurricanes. Britain does not get hurricanes due to its geographic location. The storm is expected to move across the country and head out over the North Sea by Monday afternoon. Britain’s Met Office said it could cause widespread and severe disruption from falling trees, power cuts and flooding.  Martin Young, the Met Office’s chief forecaster, said that while the storm is “major” for the U.K., its winds are not expected to be as strong as those seen in the “Great Storm of 1987, which saw gusts of 115 mph (185 kph) and left 18 people dead. Ahead of Sunday’s storm, Heathrow Airport warned travelers to expect delays. Rail networks canceled many trains preemptively up through Monday morning, citing the high risk of trees and other debris expected to fall on train lines. More

Global Effort Needed to Defend Earth from Asteroids, Astronauts Tell UN

Members of the United Nations met with distinguished astronauts and cosmonauts this week in New York to begin implementing the first-ever international contingency plan for defending Earth against catastrophic asteroid strikes. Six of the space travelers involved in these U.N. discussions discussed the asteroid defense effort Friday (Oct. 25) in a news conference hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at the American Museum of Natural History. Their goal: to drive home the very-real threats posed by near-Earth objects (NEOs), or asteroids traveling within the radius of Earth’s orbit with the sun. You can see a video of the asteroid defense discussion here. Scientists estimate that there are roughly 1 million near-Earth asteroids that could potentially pose a threat to the planet, but only a small fraction of these have actually been detected by telescopes. There are about 100 times more asteroids lurking in space than have ever been located, said Edward Lu, a former NASA astronaut and co-founder of the non-profit B612 Foundation advocating asteroid defense strategies. “Our challenge is to find these asteroids first, before they find us,” Lu said. More

Cash-for-bitcoins: World’s first palm scan-activated bitcoin ATM to open in Canada

The world’s first bitcoin ATM will open in Vancouver, Canada, next week – dispensing Canadian dollars in exchange for the anonymous crypto-currency. But only if your palm scan matches the ATM’s records, that is. The machine will be set up near downtown Vancouver coffee house Waves, is one of five ATMs bought by Canadian firm Bitcoiniacs from Nevada-based producer Robocoin.  The machine will exchange bitcoins for Canadian dollars via Canada’s VirtEx exchange. The transactions themselves will be anonymous, the vendor says, but clients will have to identify themselves via a palm scanner first.

This is done to enforce Canadian anti-money laundering laws, due to which the ATM will only allow transactions of up to 3,000 Canadian dollars (around $2,700) per day per customer. The four other ATMs will be rolled out in Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Ottawa in December, the company says. “Basically, it just makes it easier for people to buy and sell bitcoins,” Mitchell Demeter, founder of Bitcoiniacs and co-owner of Robocoin, told CBC. Bitcoin is an internet-based currency designed to exist without any centralized regulatory authority. New Bitcoins are generated by spending computer processing time to conduct complex calculations, and the process is limited by a maximum of about 21 million bitcoins that can exist. More

A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue

As America’s road planners struggle to find the cash to mend a crumbling highway system, many are beginning to see a solution in a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car. The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding America’s major roads. The usually dull arena of highway planning has suddenly spawned intense debate and colorful alliances. Libertarians have joined environmental groups in lobbying to allow government to use the little boxes to keep track of the miles you drive, and possibly where you drive them — then use the information to draw up a tax bill. The tea party is aghast. The American Civil Liberties Union is deeply concerned, too, raising a variety of privacy issues. And while Congress can’t agree on whether to proceed, several states are not waiting. They are exploring how, over the next decade, they can move to a system in which drivers pay per mile of road they roll over. Thousands of motorists have already taken the black boxes, some of which have GPS monitoring, for a test drive. ”This really is a must for our nation. It is not a matter of something we might choose to do,” said Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of the Southern California Assn. of Governments, which is planning for the state to start tracking miles driven by every California motorist by 2025. “There is going to be a change in how we pay these taxes. The technology is there to do it.” More

Police militarization expo Urban Shield descends on Oakland

SWAT teams, military contractors and law enforcement from the world over are gathering this weekend in Oakland, CA for the annual event Urban Shield, a training and weapons expo made possible by the Department of Homeland Security and arms manufacturers. Urban Shield, coordinated by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, exists under the guise of fighting terrorism and “disaster preparedness” in heavily-populated areas. The event is partly a trade show for a myriad militarized tactical gear and weapons, but there are also training exercises and war-game competitions that teams from California to Guam to Qatar will take part in this weekend. The exercises include protest suppression techniques and SWAT-team-raid simulations.  Past participants in the simulations include the counter-terrorism Israeli Border Police Unit Yamam, which allegedly conducts extra-judicial assassinations of Palestinians, journalist Max Blumenthal has reported. In addition, Bahrain police units, which have devastated its country’s ongoing peaceful protests against the monarch in recent years, have participated in Urban Shield events. The event is ultimately overseen by a California-based private firm Cytel Inc. and is hosted by the Bay Area Urban Security Initiative (UASI), a law enforcement coalition representing Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and ten Bay Area Counties. According to East Bay Express, UASI receives its funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has given the Bay Area’s police forces millions of dollars since 2009 to fund the annual event and other projects. In 2012, DHS gave half a billion dollars to police departments in 31 metro regions across the US to“address the unique planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs of high-threat, high-density urban areas,” according to the DHS website. More


ROME — Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, has erupted, sending up a towering plume of ash visible in much of eastern Sicily. Etna’s eruptions aren’t infrequent, although the last major one occurred in 1992. Catania airport said the eruption Saturday forced the closure of nearby airspace before dawn, but authorities lifted the order in early morning. Several inhabited villages dot the mountain’s slopes, but evacuations weren’t necessary despite the lava flow. Huff Post










Al Jazeera English
















UK STORM UPDATE – 80mph Winds To Hit English South Coast In Coming Hours


MUST SEE! Corporations Admit Cellphones Damage Your Brain

NANOTECHNOLOGY 2013: Google Nanobots to Borg Humans




Israel strikes Hezbollah-bound missile shipment’



22 Failed U.S. Banks So Far This Year: List going back to 2000. 10/27/2013.



10/27/2013 Major “Black Knight” UFO Captured In Space Above Earth! – Alien Coverup – ISON




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