3 VISIBLE SUNS in CHINA/Comet ISON erratic behaviour/US and CANADA freaky storm:500 thousand homes damaged/ violent protests in FRANCE and more signs of Jesus soon return


Former House Majority Leader: God Has Called Me to Spark Spiritual, Constitutional Revival

 Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay announced this week that he believes that God has given him the mission to spark spiritual and constitutional revival in the United States of America. At an appearance this past Sunday at John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, he explained that he believes that an awakening is on the horizon, but that American pastors must not ignore their duty to be salt and light. “I’ve been spending a lot of my time trying to talk pastors and churches into getting involved in the fight,” he stated. “The way I see it, as you say it, Jesus died for our freedom. And Jesus destroyed Satan so that we could be free.” “And that is manifested in what is called the Constitution of the United States,” Delay continued. “God created this nation and God created the Constitution; it is written on biblical principles.” More

WARS N RUMORS OF WARS: US may have to use military force against Iran – Panetta

While the US has “implemented unprecedented sanctions and pressure on Iran, we may very well have to use military force to back up our policy,” Leon Panetta said on Thursday night. The former US defense secretary and CIA director made the remarks while addressing around 600 people at the Anti-Defamation League’s 100th annual meeting.  Panetta, who was receiving the ADL’s William and Naomi Gorowitz Institute Service Award, said the US needs to “maintain a healthy skepticism” when negotiating to suss out Iran’s true level of commitment to negotiations over its nuclear program. “It is the Supreme Leader [Ali Khamenei] who is key, and he is not likely to give up [uranium] enrichment,” Panetta warned. “We have to remain strong. We have to remain consistent.” Panetta reiterated the American line that the US has “no friend, no better ally in the world than Israel,” but he expressed concern over the “growing sense of isolationism in this country [the US]” over the last 10 years of fighting two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the shifting power dynamics among world leaders. More

Iran committed to “Death to America”

The Revolutionary Guards, the elite Iranian regime’s army, said Saturday they are committed to the slogan “Death to America,” chanted at official ceremonies, just days before the 34th anniversary of the storming of the American Embassy in Tehran. ”The slogan Death to America is the symbol of strength and determination of the Iranian nation against the dominance of the United States, which is an oppressive and untrustworthy nation,” said the Revolutionary Guards on their official website. In recent weeks, a debate was launched in Iran on the merits of continuing to chant “Death to America ” during official ceremonies, while some relaxation occurred in relations between Tehran and Washington since the election in June of moderate President Hassan Rohani.  More

Lava pool beneath Yellowstone supervolcano twice as big as previously thought

WYOMING – Yellowstone National park is the largest super-volcano on the continent and possibly the world. It’s an underground boiling cauldron of lava, but just how likely is it to erupt or do scientists have other concerns? “It’s been 640,000 since the last eruption,” says Jake Lowenstern, a scientist with the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. The lava pool beneath Yellowstone National Park is more than twice as big as scientists previously believed, that’s according to new research from the Geological Society of America. Scientists from the University of Utah say the lake of molten lava is nearly 50 miles long and 12 miles wide. Jake Lowenstern, a scientist with the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, says even a small eruption could cause a minor disaster. “It could cause damage to the rivers, some flooding, it’s going to put some ash into the air and the ash could certainly get out to the communities out here.” The park is known for the lava lake that fuels all the hot springs. Scientists don’t think the super-volcano will erupt, but the real risk to the region comes from earthquakes.
“There’s going to be more earthquakes, the ground is going to move more and molten rock can’t move up into this geyser system without causing explosions.” Researchers analyzed, get this, 4,500 earthquakes in and around Yellowstone from 1985 to 2013.  Scientists say the likelihood of a major quake greater than magnitude 7 is just over a tenth of a percent which is a thousand times more likely to happen then a super eruption. “We do have the Geyser system at Yellowstone can be unstable at time and it can hurl rocks and throw them out … We get earthquake swarms. We have the ground moving up and down at Yellowstone.” The last major earthquake in the area measured 7.3 and was in 1959. It was the most destructive earthquake ever recorded in the Rocky Mountains. “If you look at the time scale of Yellowstone, it has been active a couple million years, it has these things semi-regularly. There will be events again, but you might have to wait another 10,000 years before it happens.” Just in the last week, there have been 25 earthquakes in the park area according to geologists. The good news, the biggest one registered only 2.9.  Extinction Protocol

Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ Varyag and battle cruiser Pyotr Veliky arrive in Mediterranean

The flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, Varyag, and the country’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship, Pyotr Veliky, entered the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday. The crew of ‘aircraft carrier killer’ Varyag will carry out a number of tasks, some of which will be performed together with the joint group of Russian Navy ships and vessels stationed in the region, Roman Martov, press secretary for Russia’s Pacific Fleet, told Interfax news agency. Varyag is to assume the command of Russia’s Pacific Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, replacing missile cruiser Moskva, said Interfax’s military diplomatic source. He added that there are detachments of marine units employed on ships and vessels of the Pacific Fleet, while its air force wing boasts several Ka-27 helicopters that can conduct rescue and anti-piracy operations and kill submarines. More

6,000 NATO troops hold one of largest post-Cold War drills near Russia’s borders

Poland and the Baltic states are hosting the largest strategic war games the defense alliance has held in ten years. The NATO Response Force will practice defending the Baltics from an unidentified foreign invader. The ‘Steadfast Jazz’ exercise, launching on Saturday, gathers some 6,000 troops from all NATO members as well as non-member states – Finland, Sweden and Ukraine. Around half of them will participate in live exercise training, which will involve dozens of armor, aircraft and naval vehicles. The Other Half of the Personnel are headquarters staff, WHO Will Take Part in command and control drills.The Week-Long War Games are designed “to make sure That Our rapid-Reaction Force, the NATO Response Force (NRF), is Ready to defend any ally, Deploy Anywhere and Deal with any Threat, “ said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Eastern European members of NATO have Been seeking to Host large-scale alliance drills for years, and ‘Steadfast Jazz’ is the Largest since 2006. The scenario of the Games Involve an unidentified foreign invading Estonia Nation Territorial Dispute over A, and the alliance deploying ITS Force rapid-response to fend off the Aggressor. While the name of the invading Force is not Stated, geography and global Politics Leave Little Doubt . For several years there was a rising concern in the three Baltic states over a perceived threat from Russia, which, according to some alarmists, could move its troops and occupy the region, which used to be part of the Soviet Union, in a matter of days or even hours. The Big Drill is partially Meant to reassure the NATO members Weary That the alliance is to protect Them Ready. “Russia as A Country in the Last Five years has Been Increasing ITS assertiveness in the Baltic,” Latvian Defense Minister, Artis Pabriks, Told Reuters . “‘Steadfast Jazz’ is Important to us as These are the first exercises where We really Train to defend Our Territory.” The Latest peak of Concern in the Baltic Came in September DURING the Zapad Annual Joint Military exercise Held by Russia and Belarus. Prior to the Drill, some Media in the Baltics Claimed That They Were A Training for Potential invasion. Russia and NATO, Partners in some AREAS like Counter-Terrorism, have unresolved Their Disputes. Arguably the most painful is the alliance’s plan to deploy an American anti-ballistic missile system in Eastern Europe. Moscow sees the Plan as ITS A Threat to National Security, IT since May Undermine Russia’s Nuclear deterrence. Despite years of Effort to Find A compromise, Russia’s Concerns over the ABM shield have not Been Addressed. In the Latest Anti-missile Move, the US and Romania this Week have Begun revamping A Military base in the eastern European Country, Which Will Host some Elements of the system. Russia’s Latest Military Build-up Move is the Planned Deployment of Additional S- 300 air defense batteries in Belarus. Countries have the two Joint Integrated Strategic Defense air system Guarding Their borders. The tension, however the, is Far from the antagonism of the Cold War. NATO representatives attended the Zapad drill, while Russia sent its observers for the ‘Steadfast Jazz’ exercise. RT

Food Banks Brace For Run On Supplies

Food banks across the country, stretched thin in the aftermath of the recession, are bracing for more people coming through their doors in the wake of cuts to the federal food stamp program. Food stamp benefits to 47 million Americans were cut starting Friday as a temporary boost to the federal program comes to an end without new funding from a deadlocked Congress. Under the program, known formally as the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program, or SNAP, a family of four that gets $668 per month in benefits will find that amount cut by $36. ”It may not sound like a lot but to a person like me, it is,” says Annie Crisp, 30, a single mother of two girls in Lancaster, Ohio. “It’s not just a number.” She says she received a little less than $550 a month in food stamps and now will receive $497. Crisp, a babysitter who brings home about $830 a month, says the food stamps help her buy her family fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. More

SIGNS IN THE STARS – Promising Comet ISON Gives Perplexing Performance En Route to Sun

With just one month to go before its dramatic solar rendezvous, skirting to within a hairbreadth of the surface of the sun, Comet ISON continues to befuddle observers with its performance en route to the sun. Based on a compilation of Comet ISON observations from observers worldwide as of Oct. 24, the comet, once proclaimed as possibly the “Comet of the Century” was running approximately 1.3 magnitudes, or 3.3 times fainter, than the “official” brightness forecast issued by the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass. As the comet comes down thehome stretch of its long journeybefore finally grazing to within 730,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) of the sun, great uncertainty continues regarding whether or not it will remain disappointingly dim or whether it will end up evolving into a spectacularly bright object. Carl Hergenrother of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Tucson, Ariz., noted that part of the uncertainty is due to what wavelengths the comet is observed in: “Visual and CCD-V observations do show a comet that is brightening at a normal rate (perhaps even faster than normal for a dynamically new comet) while CCD-R observations show a comet that is barely brightening at all. CCD-R sees predominately dust in contrast with visual and CCD-V, which have large gas components. It seems that over the past month or so ISON’s gas production rate has increased as expected while its dust production rate has not,” Hergenrother said. “I don’t really know what this means but something has to give, either the dust production picks up or the gas production slows down.” [Photos of Comet ISON: A Potentially Great CometSpace.com



Milkyway supernova to be visible from Earth within 50 years

Rare ‘Hybrid’ Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013




Brazil and Germany are calling for the right to privacy amid a deepening row over US espionage


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