OBAMA: “I’m really good at killing people”/USA Soldiers Pregnant Wife Stabbed While On Live Chat/”DEATH TO AMERICA” chant at Iranian protests/Indonesia Mount Sinabung Volcano Spews Ash 23,000 Feet High and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


North Korea developing ‘electromagnetic pulse weapons’

South Korea’s spy agency said Monday that North Korea was using Russian technology to develop electromagnetic pulse weapons aimed at paralysing military electronic equipment south of the border. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) said in a report to parliament that the North had purchased Russian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weaponry to develop its own versions. EMP weapons are used to damage to electronic equipment. At higher energy levels, an EMP event can cause more widespread damage including to aircraft structures and other objects. The spy agency also said the North’s leader Kim Jong-Un sees cyberattacks as an all-purpose weapon along with nuclear weapons and missiles, according to lawmakers briefed by the NIS. The North is trying to hack into smartphones and lure South Koreans into becoming informants, it said. It has collected information on where South Korea stores chemical substances and oil reserves as well as details about subways, tunnels and train networks in major cities, it said. The spy agency also said North Korean spies were operating in China and Japan to distribute pro-Pyongyang propaganda. North Korea is believed to run an elite cyber warfare unit of 3,000 personnel. A South Korean lawmaker, citing government data, said last month that the North had staged thousands of cyberattacks against the South in recent years, causing financial losses of around $805 million. In addition to military institutions, the North’s recent high-profile cyberattacks have targeted commercial banks, government agencies, TV broadcasters and media websites. North Korea has denied any involvement in cyberattacks and accused Seoul of fabricating them to fan cross-border tension. Yahoo

Solar activity heads for lowest low in four centuries

The sun’s activity is in free fall, according to a leading space physicist. But don’t expect a little ice age. “Solar activity is declining very fast at the moment,” Mike Lockwood, professor of space environmental physics at Reading University, UK, told New Scientist. “We estimate faster than at any time in the last 9300 years.” Lockwood and his colleagues are reassessing the chances of this decline continuing over decades to become the first “grand solar minimum” for four centuries. During a grand minimum the normal 11-year solar cycle is suppressed and the sun has virtually no sunspots for several decades. This summer should have seen a peak in the number of sunspots, but it didn’t happen. Lockwood thinks there is now a 25 per cent chance of a repetition of the last grand minimum, the late 17th century Maunder Minimum, when there were no sunspots for 70 years. Two years ago, Lockwood put the chances of this happening at less than 10 per cent. More 

Turkey Scrambled Fighters to Intercept Russian Warplanes

MOSCOW, – Turkey scrambled four F-16 fighter jets on Sunday to intercept Russian Il-20 reconnaissance warplanes flying along the country’s Black Sea coast, news agency PzFeed reported. The Russian Defense Ministry declined to comment. The Turkish government has not released any information about the reported incident.Rianovosti

GOP Senators Backing Bill to Ban ‘Gender Identity,’ ‘Sexual Orientation’ Discrimination

DAYS OF LOT – Gay rights advocates from both parties are newly upbeat about the prospects for Senate passage of legislation that would bar employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The outlook for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act reflects the nation’s growing tolerance of homosexuality and the GOP’s political calculation as it looks for supporters beyond its core base of older voters. The first test vote is Monday. “I think society continues to evolve on the issue of gay rights,” said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a co-sponsor of the measure. “As more and more gay individuals are open about their sexual orientation, people come to realize that they are their neighbors, their family members, their friends, their co-workers. That’s made a big difference.” Opinion polls underscore Collins’ assessment. A Pew Research survey in June found that more Americans said homosexuality should be accepted rather than discouraged by society by a margin of 60 percent to 31 percent. Opinions were more evenly divided 10 years ago. More

DAYS OF LOT – Baylor University Students Propose Generalization of Conduct Code to Make Sexual Sins ‘Equal’

WACO – Students at Baylor University recently presented a proposal to re-word the school’s conduct code to make sexual sins more equal. The Baptist university’s current sexual misconduct policy specifically prohibits sexual activity outside of marriage and mandates that students and staff provide examples of purity. “In all disciplinary procedures, Baylor University will seek to be redemptive in the lives of the individuals involved and to witness to the high moral standards of the Christian faith,” it states. “Baylor will be guided by the understanding that human sexuality is a gift from the creator God and that the purposes of this gift include (1) the procreation of human life and (2) the uniting and strengthening of the marital bond in self-giving love.” “These purposes are to be achieved through heterosexual relationships within marriage,” the code continues. “Misuses of God’s gift will be understood to include, but not be limited to, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, incest, adultery, fornication and homosexual acts.” But some students at the university recently proposed to remove the term “homosexual acts” and replace it with “non-marital consensual deviate sexual intercourse” so as to make both homosexual and heterosexual fornication equal.Students also opined that they didn’t want to specifically “target” or “discriminate” against homosexuals, so they believed it would be best to declare that all sex outside of God’s plan for marriage is wrong. More

Obama just paying ‘lip service’ on Iran military option, says top MK

US leaders, up to and including President Barack Obama, are merely “paying lip service” when they talk of the military option against Iran, said Tzachi Hanegbi, a leading Likud Knesset member who is one of Prime Minister Benjamin Nentayahu’s closest confidants. When Netanyahu threatens the use of force if all else fails to stop Iran, said Hanegbi, “he’s not making empty threats.” By contrast, “When the speaker is [Secretary of State] Kerry or the White House spokesperson, or even the president and other people, you see that they’re just paying lip service.” The Americans are full of “good intentions,” they have military systems prepared and deployed for tackling the Iranian nuclear program, and it’s clear that Obama understands that the way Iran’s rogue nuclear program is handled will be central to his legacy, Hanegbi told The Times of Israel. Nonetheless, he said, that did not guarantee that the US would show the necessary decisiveness in negotiations with the Iranians. More

PROPHETIC ALERT: Obama wants major Israeli-Palestinian breakthrough in 2014

Says US eyeing final status agreement, will lean heavily on both sides to reach it; agreement to be based on Clinton parameters, 67 lines and land swaps.  The head of the left-wing Meretz party, Zahava Gal-On, said Monday that the Obama administration is determined to achieve a major diplomatic breakthrough next year in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, including arrangements for a final status agreement. ”There will be a new diplomatic program, based on the pre-1967 lines with agreed land swaps,” Gal-On said in a statement after meeting with Palestinian and American officials on Monday morning.  The statement said that the US has made a subtle but significant switch from a “third-party trying to bring the two sides together, to a role of direct involvement in the process.” Gal-On attributed the American’s preparedness for increased involvement to the general feeling of skepticism among the public on both sides regarding the talks. US Secretary of State John Kerry is touring the Middle East this week. He is set to arrive in Israel from Egypt on Tuesday evening, and is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the latest developments surrounding the peace talks. More

Why Is An Epidemic Of Thievery Sweeping America?

Desperate people do desperate things, and it appears that Americans are rapidly becoming a lot more desperate.  An epidemic of thievery is sweeping across America, and authorities are not quite sure what to make of it.  Down in Texas, cattle thieves can get up to $1,500 per head of cattle, and cattle rustling was up nearly 40 percent last year.  As you will read about below, cargo hijacking is becoming much more sophisticated, and it is being estimated that losses from cargo thefts will total about $216 million this year alone.  And for some reason, Tide laundry detergent has become a very hot commodity among common criminals all across America.  In fact, it is being reported that some grocery stores are “losing $10,000 to $15,000 a month” as a result of Tide thefts.  So why is all of this happening?  Well, as I have written about previously, crime is on the rise in the United States, and poverty is absolutely exploding.  In fact, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.2 percent of all Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program each month.  Over the past five years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people that cannot take care of themselves without help from the government.  Millions upon millions of Americans that have been forced into poverty are becoming increasingly angry, frustrated and desperate.  And what we are watching right now is only just the beginning – all of this is going to get a whole lot worse. More


Ben Breedlove inspired millions when he created unique videos that detailed his near-death experiences and what he said were heavenly encounters he had during life-threatening cardiac arrests and seizures. The 18-year-old suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that inevitably claimed his life on Christmas Day 2011. In particular, there were two videos that commanded a great deal of attention. Both clips were posted just days before the teen’s untimely death. Their contents were so stirring, in fact, that Glenn Beck once collectively called them “one of the most powerful God messages that I’ve ever seen.” Now, nearly two years later, the teen’s harrowing life story has been documented in, “When Will the Heaven Begin?: This Is Ben Breedlove’s Story,” a book written by his 21-year-old sister, Ally. This week, we had the chance to talk with Ally about Ben and her personal motivation for sharing his touching story with the world.  Before hypertrophic cardiomyopathy claimed his life, Ally said that her brother had four severe health crises during which he nearly died; three of these were cardiac arrests and one was a severe seizure. The first of these experiences occurred when Ben was a small child. “When he was four, he had a life threatening seizure that he almost didn’t make it out of,” Ally explained. “After he was revived he was on a stretcher and he said, ‘Mom look at that bright light’ and my mom said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’” And that’s when the heavenly experiences began. More


Leah Stanfield, 28, walks to a microphone across the room and reads the evening’s gospel message. She’s been attending services in this Fort Worth, Tex., location for a year, and occasionally leads worship. “I find the love, I find the support, I find the non-judgmental eyes when I come here,” she told NPR. “And I find friends that love God, love craft beer.” That’s right. Every Sunday evening, 30 to 40 gather with her at Zio Carlo brewpub to order pizza and pints of beer, fellowship, and share communion. Pastor Philip Heinze and his Calvary Lutheran Church told NPR that they sponsor Church-in-a-Pub, whose formal name is the Greek word Kyrie.  And this group isn’t alone. It appears a smattering of mainline churches, concerned with dwindling attendance and looking to break away from tradition, are using beer as a selling point. If some patrons at Zio Carlo become confused, bartender Les Bennett clears it up for them. “I tell ‘em, it’s a church service,” Bennett told NPR, “and they’re, like, ‘In a pub?’ And I’m, like, ‘Yeah.’ Some of ‘em stick around for trivia, some of ‘em take off, some of ‘em will hang out and have another pint or two.” Heinze put it bluntly: “I’m not interested, frankly, in making more church members. I’m interested in having people have significant relationships around Jesus. And if it turns out to be craft beer, fine.” In fact, the regional council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America named Church-in-a-pub a “Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community” in October, NPR said, adding that the idea is set to expand to other taverns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2014. More


DAYS OF LOT – Sexual Predator Harvey Milk Honored With US Postage Stamp

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Franklin evidently failed to envisage today’s postmodern left. For the conservative, there exists at least one other certainty, and it is this: The degree to which “progressives” attack you corresponds precisely to the degree with which you challenge any among their assorted, distorted and sordid sacred cows. What would you call a 33-year-old man who both had and axiomatically acted upon a deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys? (No, not Jerry Sandusky.) What would you call a man of whom, as regards sexual preference, his own friend and biographer confessed, “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems”? In a recent interview with OneNewsNow.com, I called this man “demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his [statutory] rape of teenage boys.” More

‘God’s Not Dead’ Movie Stars Big Names, Draws Social Media Attention

God’s Not Dead, a Pure Flix film based on a title track from the Newsboys, is drawing strong attention on Facebook. The trailer for the movie—about the existence of God and defending one’s faith—has garnered 4.95 million views, 948,696 likes and has been shared 623,731 times, according to LifeWay Films, which is working with churches on engaging with the movie. Starring actor and producer David A.R. White (Sarah’s Choice) as Reverend Dave, God’s Not Dead follows Josh Wheaton, played by Shane Harper (Good Luck Charlie), through his first semester of college. Josh’s faith is tested by his relationships and a run-in with a hardened philosophy professor. On the first day of class, Dr. Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo (HerculesSoul Surfer), demands that all of his students sign a declaration saying, “God is dead,” in order to receive a passing grade. Josh refuses, and in order to stay in the class, he accepts a challenge from his professor: Josh must defend his position that God is alive in a series of debates with Dr. Radisson. More


Anti- American Protesters swarm former US Embassy in Tehran, Largest in Years

TEHRAN, Iran — Tens of thousands of demonstrators packed the streets Monday outside the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran in the biggest anti-American rally in years, a show of support for hard-line opponents of President Hassan Rouhani’s historic outreach to Washington. Such protests occur every year outside the former embassy compound to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover following the Islamic Revolution. But the latest demonstration is the largest in years after calls by groups such as the powerful Revolutionary Guard for a major showing, including chants of “death to America” that some of Rouhani’s backers have urged halted. The crowds also send a message to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who cautiously has backed Rouhani’s overtures to the U.S. and efforts to end the impasse with the West over Tehran’s nuclear program. Opponents of thawing relations with the U.S. say they will not back down, opening the prospect of deeper internal rifts and tensions that could put pressure on Khamenei to reconsider his backing of Rouhani’s groundbreaking exchanges with the U.S. In September, Rouhani accepted from a call from U.S. President Barack Obama following the annual U.N. General Assembly in New York, where U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held talks with Iran’s foreign minister. Ties between the two countries were severed after the embassy siege, which began a hostage crisis with 52 people held for 444 days.More

Book Alleges Obama Told Aides About Drone Strikes: I’m ‘Really Good At Killing People’

A new book covering the 2012 presidential campaign uncovers a series of scathing remarks from political figures, but one alleged comment has stirred controversy around President Barack Obama and his administration’s use of targeted drone strikes. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s book “Double Down: Game Change 2012” notes President Obama commenting on drone strikes, reportedly telling his aides that he’s “really good at killing people.” The quote from the book was first reported in Peter Hamby’s review in the Washington Post. The White House had not officially commented on the alleged remarks, but senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer dismissed a series of reports from the book, including one that showed Obama campaign officials deciding whether to replace Vice President Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton. More

Bolton: Israel must make ‘fateful decision’ on Iran strike

WARS N RUMORS OF WARS – Israel does not have much time to make a “fateful decision” about whether to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said Sunday in a radio interview. “Israel, I think, now faces the fateful decision whether it will allow Iran to get nuclear weapons, thus constituting a true existential threat to Israel,” he said. “Or whether they will strike as the Israelis have done twice before against nuclear programs in the hands of hostile states,” Bolton told WABC Radio’s Aaron Klein.  “I don’t think Israel has much time,” Bolton continued. “Frankly, they should have done this years ago because we all know intelligence is imperfect and Iran may have a more developed capacity than we know about, perhaps in cooperation with North Korea.” Bolton spoke amid U.S. outreach to Iran and amid reports Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announced Saturday they are committed to the slogan, “Death to America.” The former U.N. ambassador reacted to a statement by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who said Thursday the while U.S. has “implemented unprecedented sanctions and pressure on Iran, we may very well have to use military force to back up our policy.” Bolton retorted: “If there is anybody left in Israel who thinks that the U.S. will use military force against Iran’s program, they really need to seriously re-examine their basic values. It isn’t going to happen under the Obama administration. I’ll just say it again. It isn’t going to happen.”WND
























Al Jazeera English


















Syrian Army Retakes Ancient Syriac Christian Town of Sadad from FSA and Nusra Terrorists




UK Terror Hunt For Al Shabaab Terrorist, or Inside Man? Tesco Go Minority Report & New Worlds





China Says it Can Strike Multiple U.S. Cities with Nuclear Warheads




Chief Gannon : We practiced the exact Scenario 3 weeks ago that happened today at LAX (Nov 01, 2013)




PressTV Videos

















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