TURTLE DIE OFF IN CENTRAL AMERICA/SOMALIA : Deadly CYCLONE/THIRD JEWISH TEMPLE PLANS/ISON CLOSER TO THE SUN/666 alert: Neck tatoo with voice recognition and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


FDA: Many common cooking spices may contain bug parts, rodent hairs

Hiding inside your pepper grinder and cumin shaker could be things like rodent hairs, bug parts and even salmonella, claims a new report recently put out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Entitled “Pathogens and Filth in Spices,” the report alleges that up to 12 percent of all U.S. spice imports may contain hidden insect filth, while up to 7 percent may contain bacterial contaminants, an obvious push by the agency to further legitimize irradiating cooking spices. According to CNN, the agency decided to launch an investigation into the contents of imported cooking spices as part of a general assessment of their safety risks. The agency itself says the endeavor was hatched in response to growing concerns about the effectiveness of current safety control measures for spices. But based on the findings of the report, spices are generally safe and pose a minimal risk to human health. Nevertheless, the FDA is convinced that spices may be dangerous, categorizing them as a “systemic challenge” due to the fact that they generally contain about twice as much “filth” as other kinds of imported food. And yet, based on 37 years’ worth of records looked at by the agency, there have only been 14 outbreaks ever in the entire world that have been linked to spices or seasonings, resulting in fewer than 2,000 human illnesses and 128 hospitalizations. More

Radioactive leak found in reactor at S. Carolina nuclear plant, one of largest in US

A reactor at one of the nation’s largest nuclear power plants has been taken offline due to a radioactive leak within a containment building. “Out of an abundance of caution,” service was temporarily removed from Unit 1 at the Oconee Nuclear Station in western South Carolina early Monday, according to ONS spokeswoman B.J. Gatten.  A robot was used to confirm the leak over the weekend after it was first suspected Friday night inside Unit 1’s containment facility, Gatten said. Less than one tenth of a gallon of radioactive material is leaking per minute, though it is not yet known how long the leak has existed, she said, according to WYFF. The leak remains solely inside the containment building, a steel-lined, airtight area with concrete walls several feet thick. No one works inside the containment building, Gatten said. The leak is subject to ongoing repairs and analysis, though there is no estimate for when it will go back online. Gatten claims the leak will not put any employees or the public in danger, nor will it affect service. The leak has been reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, she said. A Commission report said Unit 1 was running at full power Friday. More
Progressives are deeply committed to passing legislation that will give workers a “living wage.” And most of the country, too, is apparently onboard — including the president himself. Indeed, during his State of the Union Address this year, President Obama asserted, “Tonight, let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, and raise the federal minimum wage to $9.00 an hour.” There are few proposals in Congress, in other words, that earn overwhelming bipartisan support. This is one of them. But that does not necessarily mean this a good idea. If we continue to follow Dr. Sowell’s reasoning, we come to one inescapable conclusion: minimum wage laws raise unemployment, and disproportionately hurt young people. This is “compassion,” he asks rhetorically? Info Wars

Soros-linked Group Pushes Sex to Sell Obamacare

A cabal of wealthy and influential Democrats, under the cover a Colorado-based group called Progress Now, are attempting to push Obamacare on young Americans through a salacious propaganda campaign. “Got insurance?” an online ad posted on the Thanks Obamacare campaign website inquires. It then encourages young women to have sex and not worry about pregnancy because “health insurance [mandated by Obamacare] covers the pills.”  According to Planned Parenthood, under Obamacare private health insurance plans are offering birth control without co-pays or deductibles. Earlier this month, a U.S. appeals court ruled that the contraceptive provisions of Obamacare may violate religious freedom. The decision will likely end up before the Supreme Court. Progress Now, operated under cover of nonprofit status, is funded by the Democracy Alliance, a Soros-linked political group founded by Rob Stein, a former Clinton Treasury official. A Muckety relationship map links the Democracy Alliance to a number of big players in the Democrat party and the progressive political network, including Drummond Pike, Media Matters, Young Democrats of America and, as previously noted, George Soros. Info Wars

More than 1,800 dead and 580,000 Displaced in wake of Super Typhoon in the Philippines

Tacloban, Philippines (CNN) – Desperate pleas for food and water forced aid organizations and nations around the world to scramble Wednesday to deliver supplies four days after Typhoon Haiyan flattened areas of the Philippines, where bodies still litter the streets in one devastated province. Rain from a tropical depression grounded some relief flights, while blocked roads and poor conditions at some airports made delivering other aid a difficult proposition, increasing the misery of survivors and raising anxiety. ”I fear anarchy happening in Tacloban City,” said CNN iReporter Maelene Alcala, who was on vacation in Tacloban where the typhoon struck and was evacuated to Manila. “It’s like survival of the fittest.” Tacloban, the provincial capital of the island of Leyte, was ground zero for the typhoon that struck Friday, leaving the city in ruins and its population of more than 200,000 in desperate conditions. More

School District Refuses to Hang ‘In God We Trust’ Posters Due to ‘Separation of Church and State’

WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. – A school district in North Carolina has refused to accept donated posters that bear the motto ‘In God We Trust’ due to their concern that they would violate the separation of church and state. The local chapter of the American Legion had offered the patriotic posters to the Watauga County School District for free, but were informed that the district opted to pass. “We got an email from the school saying thank you, but on advice of their legal counsel they could not accept the posters because of separation of church and state,” Pastor Rick Cornejo told Christian blogger Todd Starnes. The posters bear an image of the American flag, and include a line that states, “The national motto of the United States, adopted by Congress, July 30, 1956.” More
Most of the more than 1,000 jihadists who have poured into Syria to fight alongside Al Qaeda carry passports from North America and Europe, raising the possibility that they could easily bring terror back to the west, according to a key lawmaker who receives regular briefings on the issue. The prospect is especially chilling given that Al Qaeda-linked fighters in Syria seem determined to use the embattled nation as a haven from which to launch future attacks beyond the region, according to Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., who chairs the House Intelligence Committee.  ”The number now exceeds 1,000 western jihadists who have shown up, so they’ll have passports, good passports, allows them to travel around Europe, maybe get to the United States,” Rogers told Fox News. “That’s concerning.” More


HArvest army


Warning – FukUshima BREACH – North Hemisphere – stay indoors



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