4,300 evacuated, as eruption at Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung volcano intensifies/Opium production at righest levels in Afghanistan/earthquakes/pestilences/sinkholes/ rumours of wars and more signs of JESUS’ soon return



Sinkhole in Florida swallows part of a house

A sinkhole swallowed part of a house in Florida on Thursday, the county sheriff’s office said. Deputies responded to the scene in Dunedin to find the hole behind the house had also swallowed a tree and a small boat. Hundreds of sinkholes form every year in Florida. In August, one gobbled up a condo building in the town of Clermont. CNN



Biggest children’s book publisher erases Israel from map

Arab textbooks are not the only ones erasing Israel from their maps. Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books, has also eliminated the Jewish state in a book. “Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt,” part of the popular Geronimo Stilton children’s series translated from Italian and published by Scholastic in 2012, tells the story of a group of investigative journalists involved in a treasure hunt in Egypt. The story commences with a map of modern Egypt and its neighboring countries. While Sudan, Libya and Saudi Arabia appear clearly on the map, the territory of Israel is completely covered by Jordan, painted red. A line indicating the Israeli border with the Sinai Peninsula does appear in the book. Adina Golombek, a Jerusalem resident who emigrated to Israel from Canada last year, said she was shocked to discover Israel’s absence while reading the book with her 7-year-old son. More

Russian lawmaker wants to outlaw U.S. dollar, calls it a Ponzi scheme

Predicting the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar, a Russian lawmaker submitted a bill to his country’s parliament Wednesday that would ban the use or possession of the American currency. Mikhail Degtyarev, the lawmaker who proposed the bill, compared the dollar to a Ponzi scheme. He warned that the government would have to bail out Russians holding the U.S. currency if it collapses. “If the U.S. national debt continues to grow, the collapse of the dollar system will take place in 2017,” said Mr. Degtyarev, a member of the nationalist Liberal Democrat Party who lost in Moscow’s recent mayoral election. “The countries that will suffer the most will be those that have failed to wean themselves off their dependence on the dollar in time. In light of this, the fact that confidence in the dollar is growing among Russian citizens is extremely dangerous.” The bill would partially revive a Soviet-era ban on the dollar. It would prohibit Russians from holding dollars in the country’s banks, and banks would be unable to carry out transactions in the dollar. More

Deflation fears stalk eurozone as Spain reports fall in prices

Spain became the latest European country to report sliding prices, underlining fears that with inflation already at 0.7% across the 17 country single currency area in October, sky-high unemployment and a prolonged economic malaise may be dragging the eurozone towards a Japanese-style deflationary slump. Madrid said prices in the crisis-hit country declined by 0.1% in the year to October, adding Spain to a list of countries – including Ireland, Greece and Cyprus – that are already mired in deflation. Europe’s policymakers insist the eurozone as a whole does not face a threat of falling prices. Jens Weidmann, the president of the Bundesbank, told an audience of German co-operative banks yesterday: “To say it very clearly: the European Central Bank council does not expect a deflation scenario.” But the very fact that Weidmann, who is known for his fierce anti-inflation stance, felt forced to make such a strenuous denial was revealing. While consumers in Britain are in the grip of a “cost of living crisis”, as they struggle to cope with rocketing bills, across the Channel in the eurozone it is the spectre of falling prices that is starting to loom large. More


DHS has a month to release ‘Internet kill switch’ plans

A federal court ruled on Tuesday that the Department of Homeland Security has 30 days to disclose its plans for an “Internet kill switch,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. In order to prevent terrorists from using cell phones to remotely detonate bombs, DHS developed secret protocols, called Standard Operating Procedure 303, to govern how the agency would direct the shutdown of wireless networks in the event of an emergency. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has been battling the agency since July 2012 to release the protocols — considered “Internet kill switch” — to the public. On Tuesday, the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia ordered DHS to disclose Standard Operating Procedure 303 to EPIC within 30 days, rejecting the agency’s argument that maintaining the secrecy of the protocols would protect national security. The court did, however, grant the agency a 30-day window to appeal the decision. The choice to shutdown wireless networks in an emergency is troubling to civil libertarians. More


Mafia has Pope in Crosshairs, As Prosecutor warns of significant threat

ROME — Pope Francis could be at risk from the ‘Ndrangheta organized crime organization, according to a leading anti-mob prosecutor who has himself been the target of threats from the mafia. Nicola Gratteri, 55, a state prosecutor in the southern Italian region of Calabria, where the ‘Ndrangheta is most active, said the pope’s effort to reform the church is making the ‘Ndrangheta “very nervous.” The organization is considered by experts in Italy to be the most dangerous, most unified and most difficult to penetrate mafia-type organization in the country. “I cannot say if the organization is in a position to do something like this, but they are dangerous and it is worth reflecting on,” Gratteri warned. “If the godfathers can find a way to stop him, they will seriously consider it.  “Those who have up until now profited from the influence and wealth drawn from the church are getting very nervous,” he added. “For many years, the mafia has laundered money and made investments with the complicity of the church. But now the pope is dismantling the poles of economic power in the Vatican, and that is dangerous.” Gratteri noted that in southern Italy organized crime figures have strong and high-profile relationships with local church leaders, who help give the crime figures legitimacy. More

Americans’ personal data shared with CIA, IRS and others in security probe

U.S. agencies collected and shared the personal information of thousands of Americans in an attempt to root out untrustworthy federal workers that ended up scrutinizing people who had no direct ties to the U.S. government and simply had purchased certain books. Federal officials gathered the information from the customer records of two men who were under criminal investigation for purportedly teaching people how to pass lie detector tests. The officials then distributed a list of 4,904 people – along with many of their Social Security numbers, addresses and professions – to nearly 30 federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, the CIA, the National Security Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. Although the polygraph-beating techniques are unproven, authorities hoped to find government employees or applicants who might have tried to use them to lie during the tests required for security clearances. Officials with multiple agencies confirmed that they’d checked the names in their databases and planned to retain the list in case any of those named take polygraphs for federal jobs or criminal investigations. More

WAR DRUMS – Hezbollah chief warns of ‘war’ if no Iran deal

Beirut – Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah warned in a rare public appearance Wednesday that failure to strike a deal with ally Iran over its nuclear programme would spell “war in the region. Nasrallah, who normally appears via video link for fear of assassination by arch enemy Israel, spoke in Hezbollah’s southern Beirut stronghold to mark the Shiite Muslim Ashura holiday. World powers failed to reach an agreement with Iran over the weekend to curb its controversial nuclear programme in exchange for some relief from crippling Western sanctions despite marathon high-profile talks in Geneva. The West and Israel have long suspected Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons capability alongside its civilian programme, allegations fiercely denied by Tehran. ”What is the alternative to a deal with Iran and the countries of the world,” he asked. “The alternative is war in the region.” And he pointed the finger at Israel, accusing it of being in league with Arab countries. More

DAYS OF LOT- Obama Praises Hawaii On Gay Marriage Passage

President Barack Obama praised Hawaii’s state legislature Tuesday for passing a bill allowing same-sex marriage in the Aloha State. ”I’ve always been proud to have been born in Hawaii, and today’s vote makes me even prouder,” Obama said in a statement released by the White House. With the state Senate’s passage of the marriage equality bill, Hawaii is poised to become the 15th state to legalize gay marriage. Illinois also passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage last week, but Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie (D) has indicated that he may sign his state’s legislation into law before Illinois’ measure is signed. Gay couples will be able to be wed in the islands starting December 2. Read the president’s full statement below: I want to congratulate the Hawaii State Legislature on passing legislation in support of marriage equality. With today’s vote, Hawaii joins a growing number of states that recognize that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be treated fairly and equally under the law. Whenever freedom and equality are affirmed, our country becomes stronger. By giving loving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry if they choose, Hawaii exemplifies the values we hold dear as a nation. I’ve always been proud to have been born in Hawaii, and today’s vote makes me even prouder. And Michelle and I extend our best wishes to all those in Hawaii whose families will now be now given the security and respect they deserve. Huff Post

‘We Will Fly the Islamic Flag Over the White House’

A video offering a rare look at the two Al Qaeda-linked rebel groups operating in Syria offers some of the most compelling evidence yet of the involvement of western citizens in the country’s ongoing civil war – and raises fears over the threat posed by these radicalized Muslims towards western countries “the day after” the conflict. Vice News has released footage of Westerners who have joined with Jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS) to fight for Islamic rule – not only over Syria, but over Western countries.  ”I say to the United States that your time will come,” says one of the men, who gives his age as 26, “and we will bleed you to death and, Inshallah [with the help of God], shall raise a flag in the White House.” Other fighters declared that new Caliphate will “pave the way to Al-Aqsa” through Syria, confirming fears in Israel that Islamist rebels plan to turn on the Jewish state in the event they succeed in overthrowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. One British national declares that the UK has decided to side with the “enemies” of the Syrian people – which he identifies as the US and Iran, leaving Sunni Muslims “no choice” but to fight in Syria, “Palestine”. And he warns that Britain is next.  The channel also notes that about 10% of Syrian rebels are foreign nationals – and that after the consolidation of rebel forces, that number will only continue to grow. More


Judge to Soldier: “Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society…”

A former soldier who conducted two tours of duty in Iraq gave a Tedx talk last month from prison where he described how the army taught him to harness an uncontrollable rage and how it ultimately led him to become, what one judge termed, a “threat to society.”  In an October video posted of a TEDx correctional facility talk, Army veteran Andrew “Sarge” Chambers gave a heartfelt account of his difficult transition to civilian life after the events of 9/11 convinced to march to war. Chambers, who is from Pickerington, Ohio, depicted one memory in which he awoke to a chaotic battle scene and gunfire, and remembered being astonished to hear someone laughing through it. “In the middle of all this chaos, I could hear somebody laughing and I thought to myself, ‘Who could be laughing at a time like this?’ and then I realized it was me laughing,” Chambers said. “I felt like I was finally losing control of that rage they taught me to harness.” More



Research shows patients in vegetative states could be aware and paying attention

New, detailed brain measuring research suggests that patients in a vegetative state may actually be fully aware and paying attention, even though they cannot move or speak. Scientists at the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit from the University of Cambridge brought forth their findings in the scientific journal NeuroImage: Clinical.  Using electroencephalography (EEG), the researchers covered the scalps of 21 vegetative patients with non-invasive brain-reading electrodes. The researchers also tested eight healthy participants to compare brain responses. Electroencephalography, which records the electrical activity along the scalp, measures voltage fluctuations deriving from ionic current flows within the brain’s neurons. In short, EEG records the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity over a brief period of time, usually 20-40 minutes. More

Kerry Presses Netanyahu to sign deal with Palestinians before 2016, Assures International Forces will Protect Israel

During his visit here last week, Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to come to an accommodation to create a Palestinian state, with particular emphasis on current talks focusing on the strategic Jordan Valley, according to informed Israeli and Palestinian diplomats. The diplomats told WND that Kerry rejected a proposal by Netanyahu for an interim deal, instead expressing the Obama administration’s goal of a final status agreement to create a state before 2016.  Netanyahu had proposed a five-year interim agreement in which Israel would give the Palestinian Authority sovereignty over one-third of what is known as Area C, territories in the West Bank currently under Israeli control, the diplomats said. Israel would still retain some security presence in those areas. Netanyahu’s proposal further called for an official PA presence in Jerusalem, the diplomats added. During the five-year period, the PA would be required to take steps to remove incitement from official educational and media material and fully dismantle the terrorist apparatus in the West Bank. The Netanyahu deal also called for the PA to lead a public campaign that would clarify that a final deal would be achieved with Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, meaning no so-called right of return, the diplomats told WND. More


Churches enlisted as ‘trusted partners’ to sell Obamacare

The Obama administration and a closely aligned partner are aggressively marketing Obamacare to American churches, many of them African-American denominations, as part of a multiimillion dollar campaign to persuade America’s uninsured to buy health insurance.  Enroll America, a Washington-based non-profit staffed in part by ex-Obama presidential campaign workers, is leading the enrollment campaign which saw just over 100,000 people “sign up” in October. Jessica Kendall, director of outreach for Enroll America, calls the task of signing up America’s uninsured the “largest enrollment effort that has ever been done in our history.” Her group is working with a broad coalition, including hospital associations, labor unions, advocacy groups and religious organizations, to persuade people to submit to Obamacare. Enroll America’s “Health Care from the Pulpit” initiative to churches kicked off Sunday, Oct. 27, with “over 50 events across the country to further engage the faith community in education about enrollment,” according to a press release. More



WikiLeaks published Wednesday the highly secret negotiated text for the controversial Intellectual Property Rights chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, treaty the Obama administration has been negotiating behind closed doors, without congressional input or approval. In February, WND first reported the Obama administration plans to ask Congress to grant fast-track authority to finalize the TPP treaty in an accelerated time frame. Congress would be limited to an up-or-down vote that would prevent it from modifying the treaty by amendment. WikiLeaks reported the TPP is the “largest-ever economic treaty,” encompassing 12 participating nations representing more than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, or GDP. Current TPP negotiation member states include the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei. The WikiLeaks document release was timed ahead of the decisive TPP chief negotiators’ summit planned for Salt Lake City Nov. 19-23. President Obama has announced his intention to sign the TPP treaty agreement by the end of December. The TPP is the frontrunner to the equally secret Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TIPP, between the United States and the European Union. More


American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Denied Medication

Family members of an American pastor imprisoned in Iran are reporting that they were turned away this week when they attempted to bring blankets and medication to to the prison. As previously reported, Pastor Saeed Abedini of Idaho, a former Muslim, left Iran in 2005 and moved to the United States with his wife and children to find religious freedom. Last fall, he traveled back to Iran to build an orphanage and visit his parents—and was about to return to the states—when he was taken into custody. According to reports, he was arrested for allegedly threatening the national security of Iran, and for attempting to turn youth in the nation away from Islam and toward Christianity. Abedini was then sentenced to eight years in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison, where he has spent the past year. He has struggled with internal injuries following alleged beatings behind bars, and has asked Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to set him free. Earlier this month, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which has been fighting for Abedini’s freedom, reported that the pastor had been transported to a facility that poses an even greater threat to his

Yet ANOTHER School Shooting leaves 3 Injured in Pittsburg


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -Several suspects have been taken in for questioning in connection with a shooting that left three students injured near Brashear High School Wednesday afternoon. According to police, the shooting happened on Crane Avenue around 3 p.m. According to school officials, a shooter came out of the woods near the school, shot three students and then retreated into the woods. More



Apparently for some U.S. citizens it’s true—you can’t go home again! The Treasury Department published the names of 560 Americans who renounced their citizenship or are long-term residents who gave back their green cards during the third quarter of 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported. According to tax lawyer Andrew Mitchel who tracks the data, these expatriations reached a record high of 2,369 for the year. The prior highest number of published expatriates was in 2011, said Mitchel. How’s this for a parting gift? Taxpayers who renounce their citizenship or turn in their green card can be subject to an exit tax. People who renounced last year might have avoided higher taxes on income and estates—including those on long-term capital gains—which took effect in 2013. More

Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System

Did you know that the Obama administration is negotiating a super secret “trade agreement” that is so sensitive that he isn’t even allowing members of Congress to see it?  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being called the “NAFTA of the Pacific” and “NAFTA on steroids”, but the truth is that it is so much more than just a trade agreement.  This treaty has 29 chapters, but only 5 of them have to do with trade.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, health care, the trading of derivatives, copyright issues, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more.  It will also merge the United States far more deeply into the emerging one world economic system.  Initially, twelve nations will be a party to this treaty including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.  Together, those nations represent approximately 40 percent of global GDP.  It is hoped that additional nations such as the Philippines, Thailand and Colombia will join the treaty later on. More

HALBROOK: What made the Nazi Holocaust possible? Gun control

This week marks the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, or the Night of the Broken Glass, the Nazi pogrom against Germany’s Jews on Nov. 9-10, 1938. Historians have documented most everything about it except what made it so easy to attack the defenseless Jews without fear of resistance. Their guns were registered and thus easily confiscated. To illustrate, turn the clock back further and focus on just one victim, a renowned German athlete. Alfred Flatow won first place in gymnastics at the 1896 Olympics. In 1932, he dutifully registered three handguns, as required by a decree of the liberal Weimar Republic. The decree also provided that in times of unrest, the guns could be confiscated. The government gullibly neglected to consider that only law-abiding citizens would register, while political extremists and criminals would not. However, it did warn that the gun-registration records must be carefully stored so they would not fall into the hands of extremists. The ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power just a year later, in 1933. The Nazis immediately used the firearms-registration records to identify, disarm and attack “enemies of the state,” a euphemism for Social Democrats and other political opponents of all types. Police conducted search-and-seizure operations for guns and “subversive” literature in Jewish communities and working-class neighborhoods. More

FREEDOM WATCH – Intelligence agency seeks facial recognition upgrade

The U.S. intelligence community is pushing a leap forward in facial recognition software that will enable it to determine better the identity of people through a variety of photographs, video and other images. Called Janus, the program run by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA), “seeks to improve face recognition performance using representations developed from real-world video and images instead of from calibrated and constrained collections. During daily activities, people laugh, smile, frown, yawn and morph their faces into a broad variety of expressions. For each face, these expressions are formed from unique skeletal and musculature features that are similar through one’s lifetime. Janus representations will exploit the full morphological dynamics of the face to enable better matching and faster retrieval.” Documents released by IARPA over the weekend show that the Janus program will start in April 2014 and run for four years. During that time, the agency hopes to “radically expand the range of conditions under which automated face recognition can establish identity.” More

Vatican to display remains of St. Peter to public for first time

His soul may be waiting at the gates of Heaven, but the bones of St. Peter will be on display for the first time ever later this month at the basilica that bears his name, according to the Vatican. The beloved saint’s remains, discovered during excavations of the necropolis under St. Peter’s Basilica in the 1940s, have stayed below ground and out of public view since their discovery – and since Pope Paul VI vouched for their authenticity in the 1960s. But top Vatican official Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who is  president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization, made the announcement in Monday’s L’ Osservatore Romano, part of News.va, the official Vatican network. Catholic making a pilgrimage to St. Peter’s tomb to mark the end of the Year of Faith will enjoy “the exposition … of the relics traditionally recognized as those of the apostle who gave his life for the Lord on this spot,” wrote Fisichella. More


RUMORS OF WAR – Netanyahu and Whitehouse warn Geneva deal with Iran could lead to war

The currently discussed deal between six world powers and Iran could lead to war, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday, intensifying his campaign against a possible interim agreement on Tehran’s rogue nuclear program. “There are not just two possibilities on the Iranian issue: A bad deal — or war. This is incorrect. There is a third possibility — and that is continuing the pressure of sanctions,” Netanyahu said in the Knesset. “I would even say that a bad deal is liable to lead to the second, undesired, result.”  On Tuesday, the White House also warned of the dangers of war with Iran — should Congress vote for new sanctions on Iran. Over the weekend in Geneva, the US, Russia, France, China, Britain and Germany — the so-called P5+1 — came close to signing an interim agreement with Iran that would offer limited sanctions relief in exchange for halting uranium enrichment to 20 percent purity, while enrichment to the level of 3.5% would continue. US officials say the currently discussed deal would be an interim agreement only, intended to suspend Iran’s march toward nuclear weapons capability for six months while a permanent arrangement is negotiated. More



New Iran sanctions will lead to war, White House warns The Obama administration Tuesday stepped up lobbying against congressional action for new sanctions on Iran, with the White House warning such a move would lead to war. “The American people justifiably and understandably prefer a peaceful solution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and this agreement, if it’s achieved, has the potential to do that,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. “The alternative is military action. Earlier in the day State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said John Kerry would use a closed door briefing with the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday to warn that passing new sanctions would be a “mistake.” More

PEER PRESSURE -Israel makes settlement U-turn in face of Iran deal

Jerusalem – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to scrap plans for a “record” 20,000 West Bank settler homes was driven by Israel’s bid to scupper an Iranian nuclear deal, observers said Wednesday. Netanyahu publicly forced Housing Minister Uri Ariel, who had approved the plans, to back down after drawing US condemnation for a settlement project the Palestinians warned would end a fragile peace process. Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said Wednesday that all settlement plans should be “coordinated” with the premier, in cautionary remarks directed at Ariel, who himself lives in a settlement and is a member of Jewish Home, the far-right religious party in the ruling coalition. More


Desperate Arabs propose united front with Israel

Concerned over U.S outreach to Iran, the Kingdom of Jordan has proposed the creation of an organization consisting of senior intelligence officials in the region, including Israel, to coordinate efforts to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear weapon. Informed Middle Eastern security officials told WND the proposed intelligence network is actually the initiative of Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudis have asked Jordan,

WARS N RUMORS OF WARS- U.S. threatened with ‘heaviest damage in history’

In a pointed message to Washington, the second in just days, an Iranian general has warned of great destruction being delivered to the United States. “The Americans’ catch-phrase ‘the military option is on the table’ (over the nuclear issue) is a bluff,” said Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces.  “They are aware of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s capabilities. The slightest military mistake against Iran will make the Americans witness the heaviest damage in their history in their own eyes,” the semi-official Fars News Agency reported Monday. On Saturday the general said, “America’s interests and all of Israel are within the range of the Islamic Republic and there is not the slightest doubt among Iran’s armed forces to confront the American government and the Zionists (Israel).” Jazayeri said Israel is pulling the strings of Washington and “the American government is one of the most hated and evil governments in the world.” Meanwhile, Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan told reporters on Monday that the regime’s armed forces are ready to confront any threats by the enemy and that America cannot afford a military confrontation with Iran. More




Military spills beans on Obama’s  true goal with purge

The extraordinarily large number of senior military officials being relieved of duty during the Obama administration – nine generals and flag officers this year alone and close to 200 senior officers over the last five years – is part of the creation of a “compliant officer class,” according to a U.S. Army intelligence official.  Since WND’s ongoing coverage of what some top generals are openly calling a “purge” of senior military officers who run afoul of Obama or his agenda, some military personnel have been speaking out. According to a veteran Army intelligence official who spoke to WND on condition of anonymity, there is within the armed forces a major concern that a “compliant officer class” is being created by the Obama administration. So much so, he said, that it’s becoming harder and harder to find “senior officers with a pair of balls in there [the military] now that would say no to anything.” “Maybe at the rank of major or below, and possibly there are some in SOF (Special Operations Forces), but to make colonel and higher is all politics,” he said. To underscore this concern, the official said almost no public concern was expressed by officers to the recent repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy or the decision to allow women into front-line combat. More



SMOKE N MIRRORS – Americans’ Participation in Labor Force Hits 35-Year Low

The percentage of American civilians 16 or older who have a job or are actively seeking one dropped to a 35-year low in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In September, the labor force participation rate was 63.2 percent, but in October it dropped to 62.8 percent—the lowest it has been since February 1978, when Jimmy Carter was president. The labor force, according to BLS, is that part of the civilian noninstitutional population that either has a job or has actively sought one in the last four weeks. The civilian noninstitutional population consists of people 16 or older, who are not on active-duty in the military or in an institution. More



Another U.S. city mulls bankruptcy due to soaring wages and pensions

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, California – A resort town in California warned on Tuesday that it will run out of money by March due to burdensome salary and pension costs and could join other U.S. cities that have recently filed for bankruptcy protection. A bankruptcy filing by Desert Hot Springs, a city of 26,000 about 110 miles east of Los Angeles, would make it the third California city along with San Bernardino and Stockton to seek court protection from creditors. San Bernardino and Detroit – the biggest U.S. city to seek Chapter 9 protection – are likely to set precedent on whether retirees or Wall Street bondholders suffer the most when a city goes broke. The problems in Desert Hot Springs came to light last week when a new finance director reviewed the city’s records and discovered a $3 million shortfall in its budget of $13.5 million. Amy Aguer, the interim director of finance, did not have details on how the shortfall occurred but said it was the result of higher-than-expected pension and salary costs, especially in the police department, and overly optimistic estimates of revenue. More

Massive sinkhole threatens South Side Chicago homes

A Chicago sinkhole has opened up on the city’s South Side, causing city officials to warn nearby residents that the sinkhole may be growing dangerously close to their homes. ABC News reported Monday that the sinkhole swallowed up part of the street at 124th Street and Wentworth, and that the hole was initially caused by an underground water main break that flushed out a pocket under the street and caused flooding in a handful of basements near the rupture. Crews worked to repair the water break, and area residents were told they can once again use water, but were cautioned that it may be a few days until the repair crew can rule out any further danger and begin patching the street. ”Depending on what’s underneath it, we’re hoping by the end of the week we should have the street repaired,” said Deputy Commissioner Bill Bresnahan of the Chicago Water Department on Monday. “We will have water on to these people before we leave here, hopefully by the end of the day.” More


Rare Tropical Cyclone Hits Somalia

A slow-moving tropical storm pounded the Somalia coast this weekend, a rare hit for the war-torn country that killed more than 100 people and devastated coastal communities. The unnamed tropical storm made landfall on Sunday (Nov. 10) north of Eyl in the Puntland state, a semiautonomous region that typically receives less than 10 inches (25 centimeters) of rain every year. The storm, designated Tropical Cyclone 03A, was forecast to dump a year’s worth of rain on Puntland this week and hit the shore with winds of 46 mph (74 km/h). Weak storms such as Cyclone 3A can wreak havoc along the arid African coast because they trigger flash floods, said Amato Evan, an atmospheric scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. “Even a very weak storm can cause huge damage and loss of life in this area,” Evan told LiveScience. “In an area that doesn’t receive a lot of rainfall in general, a storm that moves very, very slowly and dumps a lot of rain in one place for a long time can be particularly deadly.” The Puntland government said preliminary information indicates that homes, buildings, boats and entire villages have been destroyed and more than 100,000 livestock lost, endangering the livelihoods of tens of thousands of local people. More



DHS investigators to use DNA testing to identify suspects and family relationships

The Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) unit of DHS is gathering information from prospective vendors who could perform deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests on samples collected from various individuals to help the agency identify family relationships, criminal suspects and more. HSI issued a Request for Information (RFI) on November 8 that asks potential contractors to describe their technical capabilities in no more than 20 pages and to submit their responses by December 11. “Homeland Security Investigations is comprised of Special Agents and support staff who need a better, more accurate and cost-effective way to identify individuals when fingerprints are not available or when a claim of family relationship needs to be proven,” says the RFI. “This need is also needed during criminal investigations where evidence is found and DNA is needed from the evidence.” The RFI also asks about the security procedures that the would-be contractor has executed in the past. “Describe your chain of custody for storing DNA and other evidence used in criminal investigations,” instructs the RFI. More

Supreme Court refuses to hear Oklahoma case about pre-abortion ultrasound

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to revive Oklahoma’s strict ultrasound law for women seeking abortions. The justices said Tuesday they will let stand a state Supreme Court ruling that struck down the 2010 law passed by the Oklahoma Legislature. The measure required women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound exam and then have the image placed in front of them while the provider described the fetus. More

DAYS OF LOT -Hawaii Senate passes gay marriage bill

BREAKING NEWS -The state Senate passed a bill Tuesday legalizing gay marriage, putting Hawaii a signature away from becoming a same-sex wedding destination. Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who called lawmakers to a special session for the bill and has vocally supported gay marriage, has said he would sign the measure. It will allow thousands of gay couples living in Hawaii and even more tourists to marry in the state starting Dec. 2. Senators passed the bill 19-4 with two lawmakers excused. Cheers erupted inside and outside the gallery when the vote was taken, with a smattering of boos. Senate President Donna Mercado Kim, who voted against the bill, banged her gavel and told members of the public to quiet down. More than half the chamber’s lawmakers spoke in support of the bill, with many urging the public to come together to heal divisions within the community. “This is nothing more than the expansion of aloha in Hawaii,” said Sen. J. Kalani English, a Democrat from Maui. An estimate from a University of Hawaii researcher says the law will boost tourism by $217 million over the next three years, as Hawaii becomes an outlet for couples in other states, bringing ceremonies, receptions and honeymoons to the islands. The study’s author has said Hawaii would benefit from pent-up demand for gay weddings, with couples spending $166 million over those three years on ceremonies and honeymoons. More


Atheists interrupt prayer vigil on Supreme Court steps

Atheists interrupted a planned prayer vigil on the steps of the Supreme Court during the Town of Greece v. Galloway case last week, as they argued prayer has no place in public service. The Christian Defense Coalition and Faith and Action sponsored the event in defense of religious freedom, but they were quickly shouted down by secularists protesting prayer on government-owned property, CNS News’ Katie Yoderfirst reported. Protesters held signs that read, “Hi Mom, I’m an atheist” and “Keep your theocracy off my democracy,” and they shouted things like “God does not exist!” at the CDC’s Rev. Patrick Mahoney as he kneeled in prayer for the Supreme Court justices. “The court opens with prayer,” he said. “The building across the street, the United States Capitol, opens in prayer. Our position is simple. Everyone should be allowed to express their faith values and views free from government interference or harassment.” More

8 killed storming rice warehouse in typhoon-ravaged region of Philippines

Manila, PHILIPPINES – Struggle for survival has killed eight people in Tacloban in Philippines today. A huge crowd stormed into a rice warehouse in the city and as a result, a wall collapsed, killing 8 people instantly. There is a shortage of food, safe drinking water, clothes and everything necessary in the Haiyan-devastated Philippines. Police and security agencies guard malls, shops, warehouses and camps to stop angry people from attacking them. There are also reports of armed gangs looting the shops and malls. The crowd took away almost 1 Lakh bags of rice, each bag weighing 50 kgs, authorities reported. According to United nations data, more than 10,000 people have died in the typhoon. Haiyan was described as one of the most powerful storms ever in the world. UN says it has a huge amount of job to be done in Philippines and Vietnam where the wind caused maximum destructions. “We have not been able to get into the remote communities,” UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said in Manila. More than 11 million people are said to be affected by the storm.  “Even in Tacloban, because of the debris and the difficulties with logistics and so on, we have not been able to get in the level of supply that we would want to. We are going to do as much as we can to bring in more,” she said.
Another storm brings rain: Tropical Depression Zoraida, as named by the Philippine weather agency PAGASA, brought locally heavy rain to parts of the southern and central Philippines. Davao City, the largest city on the main southern island of Mindanao, reported 82 mm (3.2 inches) of rain in the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m. Philippine time Tuesday. The Philippines are 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time. Davao is one of the largest cities in the Philippines, with over 1.4 million people in the city and 2.2 million people in its metropolitan area. Weather reports from the hardest-hit areas of the central Philippines are limited as most of the infrastructure was wiped out by Super Typhoon Haiyan. –Extinction Protocol

Radioactive leak found in reactor at S. Carolina nuclear plant, one of largest in US

A reactor at one of the nation’s largest nuclear power plants has been taken offline due to a radioactive leak within a containment building. “Out of an abundance of caution,” service was temporarily removed from Unit 1 at the Oconee Nuclear Station in western South Carolina early Monday, according to ONS spokeswoman B.J. Gatten.  A robot was used to confirm the leak over the weekend after it was first suspected Friday night inside Unit 1’s containment facility, Gatten said. Less than one tenth of a gallon of radioactive material is leaking per minute, though it is not yet known how long the leak has existed, she said, according to WYFF. The leak remains solely inside the containment building, a steel-lined, airtight area with concrete walls several feet thick. No one works inside the containment building, Gatten said. The leak is subject to ongoing repairs and analysis, though there is no estimate for when it will go back online. Gatten claims the leak will not put any employees or the public in danger, nor will it affect service. The leak has been reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, she said. A Commission report said Unit 1 was running at full power Friday. More

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Raising the Minimum Wage

Progressives are deeply committed to passing legislation that will give workers a “living wage.” And most of the country, too, is apparently onboard — including the president himself. Indeed, during his State of the Union Address this year, President Obama asserted, “Tonight, let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, and raise the federal minimum wage to $9.00 an hour.” There are few proposals in Congress, in other words, that earn overwhelming bipartisan support. This is one of them. But that does not necessarily mean this a good idea. If we continue to follow Dr. Sowell’s reasoning, we come to one inescapable conclusion: minimum wage laws raise unemployment, and disproportionately hurt young people. This is “compassion,” he asks rhetorically? Info Wars

Soros-linked Group Pushes Sex to Sell Obamacare

A cabal of wealthy and influential Democrats, under the cover a Colorado-based group called Progress Now, are attempting to push Obamacare on young Americans through a salacious propaganda campaign. “Got insurance?” an online ad posted on the Thanks Obamacare campaign website inquires. It then encourages young women to have sex and not worry about pregnancy because “health insurance [mandated by Obamacare] covers the pills.”  According to Planned Parenthood, under Obamacare private health insurance plans are offering birth control without co-pays or deductibles. Earlier this month, a U.S. appeals court ruled that the contraceptive provisions of Obamacare may violate religious freedom. The decision will likely end up before the Supreme Court. Progress Now, operated under cover of nonprofit status, is funded by the Democracy Alliance, a Soros-linked political group founded by Rob Stein, a former Clinton Treasury official. A Muckety relationship map links the Democracy Alliance to a number of big players in the Democrat party and the progressive political network, including Drummond Pike, Media Matters, Young Democrats of America and, as previously noted, George Soros. Info Wars

More than 1,800 dead and 580,000 Displaced in wake of Super Typhoon in the Philippines

Tacloban, Philippines (CNN) – Desperate pleas for food and water forced aid organizations and nations around the world to scramble Wednesday to deliver supplies four days after Typhoon Haiyan flattened areas of the Philippines, where bodies still litter the streets in one devastated province. Rain from a tropical depression grounded some relief flights, while blocked roads and poor conditions at some airports made delivering other aid a difficult proposition, increasing the misery of survivors and raising anxiety. ”I fear anarchy happening in Tacloban City,” said CNN iReporter Maelene Alcala, who was on vacation in Tacloban where the typhoon struck and was evacuated to Manila. “It’s like survival of the fittest.” Tacloban, the provincial capital of the island of Leyte, was ground zero for the typhoon that struck Friday, leaving the city in ruins and its population of more than 200,000 in desperate conditions. More



School District Refuses to Hang ‘In God We Trust’ Posters Due to ‘Separation of Church and State’

WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. – A school district in North Carolina has refused to accept donated posters that bear the motto ‘In God We Trust’ due to their concern that they would violate the separation of church and state. The local chapter of the American Legion had offered the patriotic posters to the Watauga County School District for free, but were informed that the district opted to pass. “We got an email from the school saying thank you, but on advice of their legal counsel they could not accept the posters because of separation of church and state,” Pastor Rick Cornejo told Christian blogger Todd Starnes. The posters bear an image of the American flag, and include a line that states, “The national motto of the United States, adopted by Congress, July 30, 1956.” More

Western-raised jihadists pouring into Syria could threaten US in future

Most of the more than 1,000 jihadists who have poured into Syria to fight alongside Al Qaeda carry passports from North America and Europe, raising the possibility that they could easily bring terror back to the west, according to a key lawmaker who receives regular briefings on the issue. The prospect is especially chilling given that Al Qaeda-linked fighters in Syria seem determined to use the embattled nation as a haven from which to launch future attacks beyond the region, according to Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., who chairs the House Intelligence Committee.  ”The number now exceeds 1,000 western jihadists who have shown up, so they’ll have passports, good passports, allows them to travel around Europe, maybe get to the United States,” Rogers told Fox News. “That’s concerning.” More

Germany warns US facilities could be targeted in wake of NSA leaks

Officials in Germany have cautioned authorities to prepare for possible attacks against United States facilities overseas as revelations continue to emerge about America’s secretive National Security Agency. As leaked classified documents continue to disclose the covert operations of the NSA, a domestic intelligence warning obtained by Germany’s Der Spiegel suggests the revelations made possible by former contractor Edward Snowden’s leaked files are inspiring potentially violent protests. Der Spiegel, an outlet which has worked closely with Snowden and some of the leaked documents since earlier this year, announced on Monday that it had received a domestic intelligence memo from Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution – the contents of which cautioned officials that “an emotional response from certain segments of the population cannot be ruled out.” According to the magazine, the government office said that a “potential threat” had emerged following the information disclosed by the NSA leaks, adding that “security measures aimed at protecting US facilities in Germany should be increased.” More

Palin Warns America: Kicking God Out of Society Will Lead To Ruin…

In a sit-down interview with The Brody File, Sarah Palin says those who are offended by religious displays during Christmas season are really offended be Jesus himself. Palin says the real battle is with those who want to remove God out of the public square completely. “This war on Christmas is really the tip of the spear when it comes to a greater battle that’s brewing and that battle that’s brewing is those who would want to take God out of our society, out of our culture which will lead to ruin as history has proven, Palin tells The Brody File. “Any country, any government society that has kicked God out of the public square completely, it leads to ruin.  Why would we go down that path when we know what would happen?” More

More Than One Million Californians Have Insurance Cancelled.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— Health insurer Anthem Blue Cross of California has agreed to a two-month extension of about 104,000 individual policies after failing to give the required 90-day cancellation notice, state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced Tuesday. The policies had been set to expire on Dec. 31 but will be extended until Feb. 28 for those who choose to re-enroll. Notices informing customers of the extension will be sent out this week,  Anthem said. Jones said the company notified the Department of Insurance that it failed to give enough notice because of a computer glitch and voluntarily offered to extend the policies. Anthem spokesman Darrel Ng said a subset of individual customers was “inadvertently omitted from the original mailing” notifying them that their policies were being terminated. He declined to say how many Anthem customers were being notified their policies were ending. More

DAYS OF LOT – Hawaii set to be the 15th State to Legalize “Same Sex” Marriage

The state Senate, as expected, overwhelmingly approved a marriage equity bill today, sending the measure to Gov. Neil Abercrombie who has vowed to sign it and make Hawaii the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. An invitation-only bill-signing ceremony is set for 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Hawaii Convention Center’s Liliu Theater. The event will be streamed live at http://governor.hawaii.com and broadcast on ‘Olelo’s channel 55.  Today’s 19-4 vote, while historic, was a somewhat anti-climatic end to the legislative special session that began Oct. 28 and included more than 55 hours of public testimony, followed by two day-long sessions in the House where lawmakers approved the bill late Friday night in a 30-19 vote. ”I look forward to signing this significant piece of legislation, which provides marriage equity and fully recognizes and protects religious freedoms,” Abercrombie said in a statement after the Senate vote. President Barack Obama issued a statement soon after the vote, saying, “I want to congratulate the Hawaii State Legislature on passing legislation in support of marriage equality.” ”I’ve always been proud to have been born in Hawaii, and today’s vote makes me even prouder. And Michelle and I extend our best wishes to all those in Hawaii whose families will now be given the security and respect they deserve,” he said. More than half the state Senate lawmakers spoke in support of the bill today, with many urging the public to come together to heal divisions within the community. More

Artist’s Controversial Painting Shows Darth Vader holding Jesus at 9/11

A Denver-based artist’s controversial painting depicting the “Star Wars” character Darth Vader, Jesus Christ, and New York City’s Twin Towers has begun selling copies on eBay. The painting is entitled “The Prophets” and was created by 23-year-old Denver artist Cedric Chambers last November. The artwork shows a large Darth Vader figure carrying Jesus from the smoldering ruins of the formerly-known Twin Towers in New York City that were destroyed in the 2001 terrorist attack, also remembered as 9/11. The painting was sold last year for $800, and copies of the painting have been selling recently on the website eBay. Although the painting holds the possibility of offending multiple groups of people, including Christians, Chambers told The Huffington Post that those who are most offended by his controversial work are New Yorkers, who feel it is insensitive to couple images of the 2001 terrorist attack with a pop culture icon like Darth Vader. ”The main criticism has been from New Yorkers,” Chambers told The Huffington Post. The young artist went on to claim that most people are not offended by the work of art: “For the most part people love it, especially older people — those between 35 and 45. They see it as a conversation piece.” Chambers writes on his website that “the relationship between Jesus, and Darth Vader is a messianic one. Both are prophets with similar aspects; virgin births, self-sacrifice, magical powers.The world trade centers are a result of religious fervor; and the interpretations of the Prophet Muhammed. Prophetic cultural reactions. Synthesized, historico interpretations of Christ, represented at vastly different periods of time. To me this piece represents the battle between good and evil, in a way that accepts that they are the same.” More

4,300 evacuated, as eruption at Indonesia’s Mt.

INDONESIA – As many as 4,300 residents in five villages in Karo regency, North Sumatra, were evacuated following increasing threats of volcanic ash, pyroclastic flows and molten lava, caused by Mount Sinabung’s strong eruptions on Monday. The recent evacuation was carried out on Monday when a joint team comprising personnel from the police, the Indonesian Military (TNI), and the local administration evacuated 2,500 residents in Gurukinayan village. Karo regency administration spokesman Jhonson Tarigan said residents in Gurukinayan were evacuated because the village, located around 4 kilometers from the volcano, was already covered in volcanic ash. Jhonson added that the government refused to risk allowing residents to remain in their homes as volcanic ash emitted by the volcano had reached the village. “Mount Sinabung again erupted strongly [on Monday] and discharged volcanic ash, pyroclastic flows and molten lava. The eruption threatened residents living in Gurukinayan, so we have evacuated them,” Jhonson told The Jakarta Post. He said the volcano erupted twice on Monday morning, the first at 6:14 a.m. and the second at 7 a.m. He added the first eruption was more powerful, spewing volcanic ash as high as 4,000 meters, followed by pyroclastic clouds and molten lava that flowed down the slopes of the mountain between 500 and 1,000 meters from the crater. Jhonson said during the first eruption, volcanic ash reached Gurukinayan village and caused panic among residents. The village, he added, was not included in the danger zone as it is located beyond the 3-kilometer radius.
Jhonson said residents from five villages had been evacuated following the first eruption two weeks ago. Four of the five villages are located within the 3-kilometer radius. They are Simacem, Bekerah, Suka Meriah and Mardinding, while Gurukinayan is located outside the 3-kilometer danger zone. “We have evacuated 4,300 people from the five villages,” said Jhonson, adding the evacuees were accommodated in a number of shelters in Kabanjahe, Tiga Nderket, Paung and Namanteran districts. Disaster Response commander Lt. Col. Meyer Putong, who is also Tanah Karo Military Command chief, said the evacuees’ were in good condition. He added they were not allowed to return home until conditions improved. “Mount Sinabung erupts almost every day, so conditions aren’t safe for evacuees to return home,” Putong said, adding the emergency response status was still imposed. The Karo regency administration has declared an emergency response period following the increasing frequency of Mount Sinabung’s eruptions since Nov. 5. The imposition of the emergency response period has forced evacuees, who are mainly farmers, to suffer losses. Their farms can no longer be tilled as they are covered by thick ash. North Sumatra Agriculture Office head M. Roem said farmers suffered losses of more than Rp 4 billion (US$345,930) due to the eruptions. Extinction Protocol

Researchers use smartphone camera to figure out PINs

Researchers have found a way to figure out what personal identification number, or PIN, someone is typing into their smartphone by using the device’s built-in cameras and microphones to secretly record them. Smartphones are handling an increasing amount of sensitive financial information, with banking and payment apps and other features that turn phones into full-featured mobile wallets. That makes mobile devices a ripe target for cybercriminals. In a paper published Thursday, security researchers at the University of Cambridge detailed how they exploited the smartphone’s camera and microphone to detect PINs and gave some suggestions for making this type of hack more difficult. This type of malware doesn’t exist in the wild just yet. The PIN Skimmer program was created by Cambridge’s Ross Anderson and Laurent Simon. The idea is to identify potential security holes before they can be exploited by criminals. In tests, the PIN Skimmer had a 30% success rate detecting four-digit PINs after monitoring a few attempts, and that number went up after it grabbed information over five tries. More

Google Has Designed A Throat Tattoo That Is Also A Lie Detector

Google has filed a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that connects to a mobile device, and can be used as a lie detector. The tattoo isn’t permanent — it’s applied to a sticky substance on the skin. The intent of the device is to allow someone to wear a communications device on their throat, keeping a mobile phone or similar device in their pocket. The tattoo communicates with the device, transmitting conversation. Such a device might make things easier for someone who wants to transmit a conversation but cannot use their hands. Google’s application suggests it might be used by security personnel, perhaps working undercover in noisy environments like sports stadiums or at political demonstrations: More

Time is running out to save Typhoon Survivors in the Philippines

The hundreds of thousands of typhoon victims in the Philippines need help and they need it now, the U.S. Marine Corps general in charge of the U.S. military relief effort says. Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Paul Kennedy told CNN he needs immediate dispatch of U.S. Navy amphibious ships that carry equipment that can make potable water and the variety of helicopters, small boats, trucks and other supplies needed in the relief effort. ”They are the Swiss army knife of the U.S. military,” Kennedy said of the amphibious ships, speaking to CNN in a telephone interview from the Philippines. Kennedy says he believes his request will be approved by the Pentagon in the coming hours. As many as four warships could be headed to the Philippines. That includes three that are home-ported in the Pacific, which are now under orders to to prepare to deploy in the next

Doomsday Preppers on the Rise as Anxiety of Uncertainty Increases

More and more Americans are spending money to get ready for an uncertain future — gathering food, water, tools, and skills to help them weather anything from a hurricane to a pandemic. Contrary to images of deluded or gun-obsessed “lone wolves,” many preppers are average consumers reacting to concrete worries, and their way of thinking is spreading, fueling an emerging lifestyle trend. That lifestyle is generating demand for a broad spectrum of products offering survival — or even comfort — when large-scale systems go down. An array of preparedness expos and conferences have cropped up around the country to serve this emerging and fast-changing market. To get a closer look, I visited Life Changes, Be Ready!, or LCBR, a new expo that held its second event on the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd, in Lakeland, Fla. LCBR gave an immediate sense of one big way that the preparedness crowd isn’t marginal at all – economically. The show floor was packed with a dizzying array of small businesses and products that defied stereotypical “prepper” classification — not just ammunition and crossbows and camping gear, but also seed banks, beehives, financial planning, and acupressure. More

BETTER OR WORSE? Record high 91.5 million people not included in labor force

A record high 91,541,000 Americans did not participate in the labor force this October. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 932,000 people dropped out of the labor force last month, from at total of 90,609,000 in September to 91,541,000 in October. The BLS defines a person “[n]ot in the labor force” as age 16 and older who are not employed and not considered to be unemployed as they have not looked for work in the four weeks prior to the survey. The labor force participation rate — or all employed and unemployed people — in accordance with the decline, also hit a record low at 62.8 percent. When President Obama took office in January 2009, the labor force participation rate was 65.7 percent. From January 2009 to October 2013, more than 11 million people have dropped out of the labor force — from 80,507,000 to October’s 91,541,000. More



Anger erupts over Israeli mayor who says there are no gays in his town

Revelation 11:8 – And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodomand Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.
Moshe Abutbul, the ultra-Orthodox mayor of Beit Shemesh, says no gays live in his town and homosexuality should be a police matter, amid debate in Israel over a proposal to allow same-sex unions.  Israel’s gay community has filed a criminal complaint against an ultra-Orthodox mayor after he said there were no homosexuals in his town and that homosexuality should be dealt with by the health ministry or the police. Moshe Abutbul, the Haredi mayor of Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, made the inflammatory remarks during an interview on nationwide television. ”We have none of those things [gays] here. Thank God, this city is holy and pure,” he told Israel’s Channel 10. Asked how his town handles the gay community, he replied: “There’s the Health Ministry, let them handle it. The Health Ministry, the police.” Mr Abutbul, a member of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, made his comments in a programme segment that featured an interview with a gay man living in Beit Shemesh, a town of 75,000 that has become a flashpoint for tensions between conservative religious and secular residents. The remarks triggered a complaint from the Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered [LGBT] in Israel, which accused the mayor of incitement in a letter to Gideon Saar, the country’s interior minister. More


Huge Sea Monster Washes Up On Shore! What Is That! Must Watch!



















harvest army






















Gay Men Have SEX With Straight Men – “Orgasm Wars” TV Show












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