Dear subscribers and new readers. This ministry is to advise the watchman, the new curious in Christ and the already in love with the saviour about world news that match bible prophesy. WE seem to be living in what Jesus calls: Signs of the end of the age, which are the signs to be observed before JESUS CHRIST returns for his children!

Thank you for coming back and getting informed about the world. OUR beloved earth and many  brothers and sisters are  suffering. We must spare at least  a thought and daily prayers for all of our brothers and sisters worldwide. Our eyes must be fixed in world news, and our hearts set in Christ. Remember though that regardless of the circumstances : NEVER FEAR, because love never fails and in LOVE there is no fear. The father loves you, and already has given you eternal life. We followers of JESUS may die once, but never twice! For the meek, humble and faithful will inherit the earth!

I will be travelling for a few days and WORLD NEWS matching BIBLICAL prophesy FROM the 20th of november to 22th of NOVEMBER will be posted on the 23rd of November! ( sorry, no internet where I’m going)

God Bless and return on november 23rd for world news matching bible prophesy- Till then I pray that all of you have a blessed rest of week, that your faith in Christ grows and that you may find courage to speak about JESUS Christ, and last but not least that you are  strong to live accordingly to our father’s will!


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