Comet ISON survives (Perihelion) its trip around the sun/Dead Monk is alive/China sends jets into air zone as Japan and South Korea defy it/ 35 volcanoes erupt across the globe and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


China Scrambles Fighter Jets In Islands Row

China sent several fighter jets and an early warning aircraft into its new air defence zone over the East China Sea on Thursday, state news agency Xinhua said, raising the stakes in a standoff with the United States, Japan and South Korea. Japan and South Korea also flew military aircraft through the zone on Thursday while Washington sent two unarmed B-52 bombers into the airspace earlier this week in a sign of support for its ally Japan. None of those aircraft informed Beijing. China last week announced that foreign aircraft passing through its new air defence zone – including passenger planes – would have to identify themselves to Chinese authorities. The zone includes the skies over islands at the heart of a territorial dispute between Japan and China. The Chinese patrol mission was “a defensive measure and in line with international common practices”, Xinhua cited air force spokesman Shen Jinke as saying. The aircraft, including Russian-designed Su-30 fighter jets, conducted routine patrols and monitored targets in the zone, Shen said. “China’s air force is on high alert and will take measures to deal with diverse air threats to firmly protect the security of the country’s airspace,” he said. However, Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said it was “incorrect” to suggest China would shoot down aircraft which entered the zone without first identifying themselves. He did not elaborate. More


A Mormon bishop was so stirred by his own lack of compassion for the poor that he decided to craft a secret social experiment — one that very literally allowed him to see through the lens of a homeless man in desperate need of both resources and love. David Musselman, a bishop for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, disguised himself as a homeless stranger before heading to his church on Nov. 24 — an experiment that inevitably served as an educational experience for everyone involved. “I thought about some ways I could somehow convey the importance of not being critical … and sometimes the best way to do that is through experiences that go beyond just a talk in church,”Musselman told Deseret News. “And so I just laid awake many nights just thinking about what I could do, and then this kinda popped into my brain.” But going into a church congregation that you’ve known and interacted with for quite some time isn’t easy if you’re hoping to look like an entirely different person. So Musselman contacted Tara Starling, a make-up artist in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she agreed to help transform his appearance. More
For the first time ever, the H6N1 bird flu has turned up in a human being, a 20-year-old Taiwanese woman who was hospitalized earlier this year after she developed a high fever, cough and shortness of breath. According to the Associated Press (AP), the woman somehow came down with the virus, which had previously been isolated to birds, even though she had not come into contact with any live fowl. The woman, whose name has not been publicly released, worked in a deli and nowhere near live birds, which has left investigators with more questions than answers as to how she developed the disease. After symptoms began to emerge, the woman underwent tests that came back positive for H6N1. However, some of her close friends and family members who came down with similar symptoms not long after tested negative for the virus. Details of the woman’s story were published in a recent release of the journal Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Researchers from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control explain how the abnormalities of the event illustrate the “unpredictability of influenza viruses in human populations.” The findings also suggest the imminent importance of conducting further research into how this and other bird flu viruses are suddenly able to pass to humans, they say. ”The question again is what would it take for these viruses to evolve into a pandemic strain?” asks Marion Koopmans, a virologist at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands, in an accompanying commentary on the report. More

30,000 more people freed from water fluoridation after Australian town rejects poison

An outstanding ban on artificial water fluoridation has been upheld in the Australian coastal town of Byron Bay, located in New South Wales, following a heated encounter among local residents, scientists, dentists and city officials. The Fluoride Action Network reports that the Byron Shire Council ultimately ended up voting five-to-three to uphold the fluoride ban, relying on modern science which shows that fluoridation is both harmful and ineffective. A group of fluoride-truth activists showed up to the recent meeting, which threatened to undo the ban, and made their voices heard about the outdated practice. Reports indicate that a large crowd, which included many local residents, showed up waving large signs and banners that said things like “We, the people of the Byron Bay Shire, strongly object to having our water poisoned with FLUORIDE!!!” Others brought letters signed by local doctors opposing the practice and delivered them directly to city officials. ”If Health NSW are truly concerned about dental health and not just fluoride, then they should support us in other ways to achieve better outcomes,” stated Byron Mayor Simon Richardson, who received resounding applause for his defense of health freedom. On the opposing end, in support of fluoridation, were the usual suspects, including government health officials and those with a vested interest in poisoning the water supply with fluoride. Many of these individuals offered the same tired arguments about poor children with bad teeth allegedly needing all those fluoride chemicals in the water to protect against cavities, while at the same time ignoring the scientifically proven dangers of fluoride.More

Palestinian official says peace talks already failed

A senior Palestinian official said Friday that peace negotiations with Israel have already failed, and that the prospect of freeing Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails is all that’s keeping the talks alive. Fatah Central Committee Member Nabil Shaath, a close advisor of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, told Maariv that “we are committed to negotiations for a nine-month period and are waiting until all 104 prisoners are released.” Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails in four waves as precondition to the talks, which began in late July. Over the past five months, Israel has released two waves of 26 prisoners apiece to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The 21 men released to Ramallah last month were met with fanfare and celebration by thousands of Palestinians and Abbas. According to Shaath, if it weren’t for the release of prisoners, which has been conducted in stages over the course of the negotiations, the Palestinians would have already terminated the talks and sought statehood recognition with UN bodies. He added that “the UN declaration of us as an observer state [in 2012] was in essence declaration of a Palestinian state in the 1967 lines.More

EPA preparing to unleash a deluge of new regulations

Happy holidays from the Obama administration. Federal agencies are currently working on rolling out hundreds of environmental regulations, including major regulations that would limit emissions from power plants and expand the agency’s authority to bodies of water on private property. On Tuesday, the White House released its regulatory agenda for the fall of 2013. It lists hundreds of pending energy and environmental regulations being crafting by executive branch agencies, including 134 regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency alone. The EPA is currently crafting 134 major and minor regulations, according to the White House’s regulatory agenda. Seventy-six of the EPA’s pending regulations originate from the agency’s air and radiation office, including carbon-dioxide-emission limits on power plants. Carbon-dioxide limits are a key part of President Barack Obama’s climate agenda. The EPA is set to set emissions limits that would effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants unless they use carbon capture and sequestration technology. Next year, the agency will move to limit emissions from existing power plants — which could put more older coal plants out of commission. More


Obama Claims He’s Among Most Accomplished Presidents Ever

In spite of a record number of Americans receiving food stamps, a 7.3 percent unemployment rate, and an embarrassing launch of his signature healthcare program, President Barack Obama says his administration has been the most productive in history. At a private Democratic fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Calif., Obama touted himself and Democratic leaders for surpassing the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who respectively ended slavery and led the country through the Great Depression and World War II. “We have accomplished as much, if not more, than any time in our history, saving an economy from a Great Depression; revitalizing an auto industry that is producing better cars and has come roaring back like nobody believed; doubling our exports; drastically reducing our dependence on foreign oil; doubling fuel-efficiency standards; doubling our production of clean energy; reducing the pace of our carbon emissions; ending the war in Iraq; about to end the war in Afghanistan; re-centering our fight against terrorism in a way that respects our values and our ideals; expanding access to college for children all across this country; ending ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’; making sure that we are vindicating the notion that everybody should have a fair shot regardless of their sexual orientation, as well as their race and their gender; pushing for equal pay for women; reinstituting research for stem cells,” Obama gushed, in a text of the remarks, released by the White House. He went on to pat the administration on the back for constructing “the toughest set of sanctions ever” against Iran. He briefly mentioned Obamacare, remarking that he’s “as proud as I’ve ever been by the work we did to make sure that in this country, if you get sick you don’t go bankrupt and that you can get the healthcare that you need,” adding that “it’s actually starting to work pretty well.” More


California water woes hit hard in driest year on record

SACRAMENTO, California – To nurture his acres of pistachio trees, Tom Coleman has long relied on water from California’s mountain-ringed reservoirs, fed by Sierra streams and water pumped from the massive Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. But the driest year on record has left the reservoirs so depleted – and the delta so fragile – that state water officials say they may be able to provide just 5 percent of the water he and others were expecting for next year. Other sources of water, including resources from a federal project that also pumps from the delta, are also drying up, prompting cities to dip into reserves and forcing farmers to scramble. ”It’s scary, because you don’t know how you’re going to come up with the balance of your water,” Coleman said. Last week, he agreed to pay $160,000 for water from other sources – about three times the amount he usually spends. The water districts that supply Coleman and farmers like him in the state’s San Joaquin Valley were told last week that barring an unexpectedly wet winter, the state would be able to provide 5 percent of the water that districts had contracted to buy for next year. A federal project that also controls water in the state has not yet said how much will be available in 2014, but its allocations are also expected to be low. More

DEVELOPING: ‘Improvised explosive device’ found outside base in Japan

Tachikawa, Japan (CNN) – U.S. and Japanese authorities were investigating two small explosions Thursday outside an American air base near Tokyo, officials said. Investigators found two metal tubes and a simple timing device, which U.S. authorities described as an “improvised launch device,” near the Yokota Air Base. ”We can confirm there was an improvised launch device outside Yokota over the evening,” according to a statement released by the base. ”… We take matters of security at our installation very seriously and we are assisting the Japanese National Police in their investigation into the matter.” No injuries were reported, and U.S. investigators combed the base for most of the night and into the early morning hours searching for possible impact points, said Capt. Ray Geoffroy, an Air Force spokesman. Residents outside the base reported hearing two small, cannon-type bangs at about 11 p.m. local time, the Tachikawa Police Department said. Daisy Gonzaga, who was staying near the base, said she heard two explosions. At first, she said she thought they were fireworks being set off as part of a Thanksgiving Day celebration inside the base. Gonzaga said when she did not see the fireworks, she thought it might be something a little more serious. CNN


BREAKING NEWS: Emerging ‘dust tail’ catches scientists’ eyes. Did ISON Survive after all?

Something emerged from the sun after Comet ISON made its closest approach today. Is it the ISON? NASA scientists, professional and amateur astronomers are analyzing images from NASA satellites to learn more about comet’s fate. ”We haven’t seen any definite nucleus yet,” said Padma Yanamandra-Fisher with the Space Science Institute and NASA’s Comet ISON Observing Campaign. Members of the group’s Facebook page spotted what may be the remnants of ISON in satellite images soon after experts at NASA’s Google Hangout on ISON said it looked like the comet had broken up and melted into the sun. Comet watchers will have to wait until ISON, or what’s left of it, are a bit further from the sun to get more information. ”What we see here is the dust tail emerging first, pointing away from the sun,” Yanamandra-Fisher said. But it is not clear if the comet’s core, or nucleus, is intact, or if it’s just a bunch of dust. Observers were hoping that ISON would survive its Thanksgiving Day close encounter with the sun and emerge to put on a big sky show in December. A fleet of spacecraft watched ISON plunge toward the sun, including NASA’s STEREO satellite, the European Space Agency/NASA SOHO spacecraft and the Solar Dynamics Observatory.
Comets are giant snowballs of frozen gases, rock and dust that can be several miles in diameter. When they get near the sun, they warm up and spew some of the gas and dirt, creating tails that can stretch for thousands of miles. Most comets are in the outer part of our solar system. When they get close enough for us to see, scientists study them for clues about how our solar system formed. Astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok discovered ISON in September 2012 using a telescope near Kislovodsk, Russia, that is part of the International Scientific Optical Network. ISON — officially named C/2012 S1 — was 585 million miles away at the time. Its amazing journey through the solar system had been chronicled by amateur astronomers and by space telescopes. CNN

Ex-U.N. inspector: Deal leaves Iran 2 months from bomb

The deal between Iran and Western powers leaves Tehran just two months away from enriching enough uranium to assemble one nuclear weapon, according to an analysis by Olli Heinonen, the former International Atomic Energy Agency inspector. Heinonen was the IAEA’s deputy director-general for safeguards until 2010.  In an email to WND, he explained that the deal that requires Iran to cap its uranium enrichment at 5 percent instead of its current 20 percent constantly would leave the country two months away from the technical ability to build a nuke. Wrote Heinonen: “Let us look at the current the facts on the ground. With Iran’s inventory of 20% enriched uranium, it would take about 2 weeks using 6000 IR-1 centrifuges, operating in tandem cascades, to produce enough weapons grade material for one nuclear device. If Iran uses 3-5 % enriched uranium as feed material at all its currently installed 18,000 IR-1 centrifuges at Natanz and Fordow, the same result would be achieved in two months. “The current agreement retains Iran’s fleet of more than 18000 IR-1 centrifuges. Operational restrictions are placed that allow 10000 centrifuges to continue to enrich at up to 5% at any given point of time. These measures, together with a cessation of 20% enriched uranium production and conversion of the 20%-level stockpiles to oxides, extend the current breakout times to about two months.” More

Son of Late Former President Ronald Reagan: I’m ‘Not Afraid of Burning in Hell’

MADISON, Wis. – The son of late former president Ronald Reagan has recorded a radio advertisement in promotion of a prominent atheist activist organization, in which he states that he is “not afraid of burning in Hell.” Ron Reagan says that he stopped attending church at twelve years old and has long been regarded as an atheist. Recently, he recorded a radio advertisement for the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which has been airing this month on the Randi Rhodes Show. “I’m Ron Reagan, an unabashed atheist, and I’m alarmed by the intrusions of religion into our secular government,” he states. “That’s why I’m asking you to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation—the nation’s largest and most effective organization of atheists and agnostics, working to keep state and church separate.” “Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell,” Reagan concludes in the advertisement.  Reagan had been awarded the “Emperor Has No Clothes” award by FFRF in 2009, and is stated to be an honorary director of the organization. “I imagine some of you have really dark nights of the soul, a lot of theological study. You really went to the mat with this kind of stuff. I feel like an interloper or something,” he stated during his acceptance speech. “At age 8 or whatever, I went: ‘Ah, this isn’t making any sense to me—forget it,’ and didn’t really give it all that much more thought, frankly.” He then proceeded to explain that he grew up in religious family and attended a Presbyterian church for a time, but announced to his father as a child that he did not wish to go anymore. More

‘Support Planned Parenthood’ Plates Proposed After State Assembly Approves ‘Choose Life’ Plates

MADISON, Wisc. – A Democratic representative in Wisconsin has proposed the creation of ‘Support Planned Parenthood’ plates just two weeks after the state Assembly approved the sale of ‘Choose Life’ plates. Representative Chris Taylor is a former public policy director at Planned Parenthood, and introduced a bill allowing for the creation of the plates on Monday. “It is still important for Democrats to say what we stand for,” she told The Capital Times. “This is a plate to support life-saving health care for women through the oldest and most trusted family planning institution in the state. That’s why I proposed it.” Taylor says that $25 from the sale of the plates would go toward cervical and breast screenings, and family planning services such as birth control. Reports state that none of the funds would go directly to abortion services. Just two weeks ago, Republican Representative Andre Jacque proposed a bill sanctioning the sale of “Choose Life” plates in the state, $25 of which would be distributed to pro-life pregnancy centers in Wisconsin. The measure cleared the Assembly 54-38, and will move to the other Houses in the state legislature for a vote—likely next year. More

Day of Reckoning: Comet ISON disappears in close pass around the Sun

A comet’s 5.5-million-year journey to the inner solar system apparently ended during a suicidal trip around the sun, leaving no trace of its once-bright tail or even remnants of rock and dust, scientists said on Thursday. The comet, known as ISON, was discovered last year when it was still far beyond Jupiter, raising the prospect of a spectacular naked-eye object by the time it graced Earth’s skies in December. Comet ISON passed just 730,000 miles (1.2 million km) from the surface of the sun at 1:37 p.m. EST/1837 GMT on Thursday. Astronomers used a fleet of solar telescopes to look for the comet after its slingshot around the sun, but to no avail. “I’m not seeing anything that emerged from the behind the solar disk. That could be the nail in the coffin,” astrophysicist Karl Battams, with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, said during a live broadcast on NASA TV. “It’s sad that it seemed to have ended this way, but we’re going to learn more about this comet,” he added. At closest approach, the comet was moving faster than 217 miles per second(350 km per second) through the sun’s atmosphere. At that distance, it reached temperatures of 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit(2,760 degrees Celsius) – hot enough to vaporize not just ices in the comet’s body, but dust and rock as well.
If the comet or any large fragments survived the close encounter with the sun, they would be visible to the naked eye in Earth’s skies in a week or two. The comet was discovered last year by two amateur astronomers using Russia’s International Scientific Optical Network, or ISON. Comets are believed to be frozen remains left over from the formation of the solar system some 4.5 billion years ago. The family of comets that ISON belongs to resides in the Oort Cloud, located about 10,000 times farther away from the sun than Earth, halfway to the next star. Occasionally, an Oort Cloud comet is gravitationally nudged out of the cloud by a passing star and into a flight path that millions of years later brings it into the inner solar system. Computer models show ISON was a first-time visitor. “I hope we see another one soon,” said Dean Pesnell, project scientist for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.Extinction Protocol

Boy with cancer loses coverage after Obamacare launch

Hunter Alford is the happy kid next door with a big grin who idolizes country music star Blake Shelton. His parents call him a “wild, fun loving, zombie-killing boy who loves the military and police.” He is normal in every way, except this 7-year-old already plays guitar and keyboards and has his heart set on learning to fiddle. Something else sets Hunter apart. He was born with a rare form of cancer and lost his health insurance just after Obamacare went into effect. Americans were told the health-care law was designed to help children just like Hunter, born with a deadly pre-existing condition and little means to pay for expensive treatments. The Affordable Care Act was not supposed to take away the insurance these most-vulnerable children already had and leave them utterly defenseless against a life-threatening disease. Answers are hard to come by, but it looks like that’s what the president’s signature achievement has done in the small town of Gainesville, Texas. More



Obamacare has provided rich fodder for jokes, even if they are a little grim, because of its failed website, cancellation notices and huge premium spikes. One used-car dealer in Denver, Colo., even boasted, “At least our website works.”  So it’s no surprise websites such as would appear with the promise, “If you like your gun, you can keep it, period.” And “If you like your gun, no one is going to ban it, period. Unless … ” The parody is the brainstorm of the Second Amendment Foundation. “With a track record like Barack Obama has on health care, we don’t want the president getting involved in gun care or firearms safety,” the organization says. SAF’s aim to “bring attention to a serious concern within the firearms community.” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb has paraphrased the president’s own words about his so-called Affordable Health Care Act, “which have proven to be to false,” to underscore the mistrust firearms owners have toward the administration.  “You have nothing to fear from Obama Gun Care. You may register all your guns at,” readers are advised. “No one can hack into the site, with the exception of NSA, FBI, ATF and of course, Attorney General Eric Holder.” The message may be tongue-in-cheek, but the site offers visitors a chance to sign a petition and support the group, which has more than 20 legal actions in process to protect Second Amendment rights. More


China sends jets into air zone as Japan and South Korea defy it

China sent fighter jets and an early warning aircraft into its newly declared air defence zone, state media said Friday, as Japan and South Korea stated they had defied the zone with military overflights. The Chinese planes had conducted normal air patrols on Thursday as “a defensive measure and in line with international common practices,” said Shen Jinke, spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, according to state news agency Xinhua. Shen said China’s air force would remain on high alert and take measures to protect the security of the country’s airspace, Xinhua reported. Japan and South Korea said Thursday they had defied the air defence identification zone (ADIZ) declared by Beijing last weekend, showing a united front after US B-52 bombers did the same. Chinese authorities are coming under domestic pressure to toughen their response to incursions into the zone that includes disputed islands claimed by China, which knows them as the Diaoyus, but controlled by Japan, which calls them the Senkakus. More

Two moderate earthquakes strike along dangerous fault under Sea of Marmara

TURKEY – The Sea of Marmara was shaken by two moderate earthquakes on Wednesday morning. According to a statement made by the Prime Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD), an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.7 struck Marmara Ereglisi, near the city of Tekirdag at 6:21 a.m. and the same region was soon after hit by another quake with a magnitude of 4.1. The statement added that earthquakes are observed 24/7 in the region and that the epicenter of Wednesday morning’s quake was 20 kilometers off of Marmara’s Ereğlisi coast. There have not been any casualties reported in the quakes. “In 1999, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake along the North Anatolian fault killed some 30,000 people in western Turkey. There is some evidence that another segment closer to the densely populated city of Istanbul could be next to rupture, which could create worse devastation. In 2010, a team of Turkish, American and French scientists were on a Turkish research ship in the Sea of Marmara to image the faults and its overlying sediments to better assess the risk. The historic pattern suggests that the next quake should strike just south of Istanbul, beneath the Sea of Marmara. Here, the North Anatolian fault splinters into multiple fault strands, which created the depression that houses the present-day sea.” EP

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Sungrazing Comet ISON is still alive

Every indication is that Comet ISON is still intact as it makes its closest approach to the sun, experts taking part in a NASA Google Hangout said Thursday. Hopes are high that ISON will survive its Thanksgiving Day close encounter with the sun — skimming 730,000 miles above its surface — and emerge to put on a big sky show. It might even become visible to the naked eye, meaning everyone would be able see it, not just those with good telescopes. The glare of the sun has blocked most ground-based observations, but NASA has a fleet of spacecraft watching as ISON plunges toward the sun. Two space telescopes recorded images of the comet after it started acting like it was falling apart. NASA’s STEREO satellite and later the European Space Agency/NASA SOHO spacecraft both spotted ISON. The images indicate that ISON is on course and “is seen to brighten … a reasonably bright tail might develop as the comet reappears,” said Padma Yanamandra-Fisher with NASA’s Comet ISON Observing Campaign.  Despite the optimistic update, members of the observing team say they still can’t be sure the nucleus is intact or that ISON will survive its closest approach to the sun — what’s known as perihelion. Bottom line, experts don’t know if ISON will survive and won’t know until it either vaporizes or emerges from the sun’s glare.
“I am cautiously optimistic that the comet will survive perihelion (going out on a limb here),” Yanamandra-Fisher said. Thursday’s observations by yet another satellite, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, may give us the answer, she said. Comets are giant snowballs of frozen gases, rock and dust that can be several miles in diameter. When they get near the sun, they warm up and spew some of the gas and dirt, creating tails that can stretch for thousands of miles. Most comets are in the outer part of our solar system. When they get close enough for us to see, scientists study them for clues about how our solar system formed. More


A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Iran

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook southern Iran Thursday evening, centered about 39 miles northeast of the Persian Gulf city of Bandar Bushehr, the U.S. Geological Survey said Thursday. The quake, at a depth of 10 miles, struck at 5:21 p.m. local time. There were no immediate reports of damage. The city is in Bushehr province, which is the site of a nuclear power plant that went online in 2011. The damage that earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.0 to 5.9 can produce varies. Near the epicenter, quakes on the middle to upper part of that range could leave negligible damage in buildings of good design and construction, but considerable damage in poorly built or badly designed buildings, the USGS says. CNN


Dead Buddhist Monk Is Alive

Moscow, Russia – “Exhumation of the body of Hambo Lama Itigelov took place September 10 th, 2002 on the territory of cemetery near the city of Ulan Ude (Russian Federation). He died and was buried in 1927 and the exhumation was performed in presence of relatives, officials, and specialists” – See more 








Comet ISON survives (Perihelion) its trip around the sun



The ‘Underwater Waterfall’One Of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth





Protesters in Thailand seek military support



Brazil cracks down on Black Bloc protesters




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