At least 3 killed, more than 2,000 displaced in Brazil floods/ISLAND GROWS 3.7 TIMES in 2 WKS shock Geologists /Sunken Atlantis Pyramid’ Discovered off Azores Coast and more signs of JESUS’ soon return



At least 3 killed, more than 2,000 displaced in Brazil floods

SAO PAULO, Brazil — At least three people were killed and more than 2,000 displaced when heavy rainfall caused flooding this week in the coastal state of Rio de Janeiro, officials said Thursday.

The downpour began Wednesday and continued overnight, dumping more rain in 10 hours in parts of the state than was expected for the entire month of December.

Local media were full of photographs of streets turned into rivers, commuters seeking refuge on top of buses and reports of looting as residents of the Baixada Flumeninse region fled their homes.




Federal Reserve begins tapering massive bond-buying program                     

The Federal Reserve will reduce its $85bn a month in bond purchases by $10bn starting in January  The US Federal Reserve last night announced plans to start weaning America off quantitative easing (QE), in a move which signals the central bank’s confidence in the stability of the US economy. The central bank said that it will …

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Russia will draft a plan in the coming year to deploy rail-mounted nuclear missiles as a potential response to the United States’ Prompt Global Strike program, the commander of its Strategic Missile Force said on Wednesday. “A Defense Ministry report has been submitted to the president and the order has been given to develop a preliminary …

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Police say a U.S. Postal Service worker was making deliveries when robbers held him at gunpoint and stole several packages from his mail truck. The incident happened around 7:20 p.m. Tuesday in the 1100 block of Georgina Drive, near I-94 and Harris Drive in Ypsilanti Township. The postal worker told police he was walking back to his mail truck …

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Target warns that 40 Million Credit / Debit Card Accts may have been breached           

Target says that about 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been affected by a data breach that occurred just as the holiday shopping season shifted into high gear. The chain said that customers who made purchases using their cards at its U.S. stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 may have been exposed. The …

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Neighbors Demand Removal of Family’s ‘Tacky’ Christmas Decorations, Saying ‘Not Everybody Is Christian’                     

A family in Newton, Mass., received an anonymous letter, reportedly from their neighbors, calling their home’s Christmas decorations “tacky and kitschy” and demanding that they take the decorations indoors because “not everybody in the neighborhood is Christian.” Kelly Hunter and her family have been putting up a vibrant and elaborate Christmas display on the outside of …

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Chinese Moon Display Contains Image of Europe Being Nuked           

A display to promote China’s Jade Rabbit Moon rover includes a background photograph of a mushroom cloud over Europe, a startling detail which some have interpreted as an indication that Beijing’s space program is a cover for the militarization of space.  The image, which was used as a backdrop at an exhibit for China’s recently …

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France is slowly but surely moving towards assisted suicide           

France is slowly but surely moving towards an “assisted suicide” law, including provision for “exceptional euthanasia,” with the publication Monday of a report by a public panel of 18 “representative” citizens. On the strength of the panel’s recommendations, left-wing daily Libération expects the socialist government to present a draft text by next summer, although widespread grassroots opposition earlier …

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Texas Court Rules Warrants Can be Obtained on ‘Predictions of Future Crimes’           

A ruling by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals last week opens the door for Texas law enforcement to obtain search warrants “based on predictions of the commission of future crimes,” an appeals judge has stated. Members of the Special Reaction Team with the 178th Military Police Detachment, 89th Military Police Brigade, raid a house in …


California doctors revolt against Obamacare; 70 percent say they will boycott           

Thanks to Obamacare, now – finally – “every American will have access to quality medical care,” which, of course, is their “right.” Only – that’s wrong. On both counts. First, there is no inherent “right to health care,” either in the Constitution or state laws, just as there is no inherent “right” to any other privately delivered …

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BEIRUT, Lebanon – A Lebanese Sunni Salafist who is a self-proclaimed spokesman for al-Qaida until he was kicked out of Great Britain a few years ago says al-Qaida will use Syria to expand into other Arab countries and into Africa. “Once the ISIS or Nusra Front begin to establish an Islamic emirate in Syria, they will …

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FBI is global stakeholder in cryptocurrency, currently owns largest bitcoin wallet           

When the FBI shut down the Silk Road, an internet black market, in October it also seized the accused owner’s assets and inadvertently became one of the wealthiest bitcoin operators in the world. When the FBI shut down the notorious online marketplace it made international headlines and began a worldwide discussion about how stable the …

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Palestinians ready to extend talks with Israel           

The Palestinians are ready to extend current peace talks with Israel beyond an April deadline if a detailed framework agreement is in place by then, the chief Palestinian negotiator said Wednesday. The comments by Saeb Erekat marked the first time Palestinian negotiators endorsed the U.S. idea of seeking a preliminary rather than a final deal by …

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The membership of the American Studies Association endorsed its national council’s call for a boycott of Israeli universities. Two-thirds of the 1,252 members who voted approved the boycott, according to an ASA announcement Monday, a day after the deadline for voting.  At the time of the vote, there were 3,853 eligible voters, meaning one-third of the …

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A high school teacher is accusing the Portland, Ore. public school system of firing him because of his anti-abortion views. Bill Diss, formerly a math educator at Benson High School, was placed on administrative leave in March. This week, the school board voted 6-1 to dismiss him, The Oregonian reported. Diss, a Roman Catholic, first found himself in …

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A&E has reportedly placed “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson on indefinite hiatus from the show after he made a number of brutally honest comments about homosexuality in an interview with GQ. “We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series …

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The Taper Is On – 8 Ways That This Is Going To Affect You And Your Family           

The unelected central planners at the Federal Reserve have decided that the time has come to slightly taper the amount of quantitative easing that it has been doing.  On Wednesday, the Fed announced that monthly purchases of U.S. Treasury bonds will be reduced from $45 billion to $40 billion, and monthly purchases of mortgage-backed securities …

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End of the lead bullet? Regulations, bans force switch to ‘green’ ammo           

When the last bullet-producing lead smelter closes its doors on Dec. 31, it will mark  a major victory for those who say lead-based ammunition pollutes the environment, but others warn ‘green’ bullets will cost more, drive up copper prices and do little to help conservation The bid to ban lead bullets, seen by some as harmful …

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Are Facebook and Google buying cable networks to stop governments spying on them?                    

Step aside Virgin, BT and Sky, we could soon be able to buy our internet from websites including Google and Facebook.  The online giants have been gradually buying up miles of unused fibre optic cables in a bid to expand their networks and control how much traffic they can send.  Reports in the Wall Street …

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Duck Dynasty Star under fire for Anti-Gay Remarks           

WEST MONROE, La. — One “Duck Dynasty” star called homosexuality illogical. Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the A&E reality show and founder of Duck Commander, made the comments in a recent interview with GQ. “It seems like, to me, a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just …

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Health official urges caution as more H7N9 cases reported in China           

People traveling to China should take health precautions as 10 more H7N9 avian flu cases have been reported there since October, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center said Tuesday. Center spokesman Chou Jih-haw said the 10 cases included three in Guangdong province, five in Zhejiang province and two in Hong Kong. There have been 142 confirmed cases …

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Mysterious illness that kills 50 percent of people it infects found in Texas           

Montgomery County health officials report that four of eight people have died from complications stemming from a mysterious flu-like illness. KHOU Ch. 11 reports that the patients — ranging in age from 41 to 68 — recently checked into area hospitals with symptoms similar to flu or pneumonia. Tests for influenza, however, have all returned negative results. Sources say that two surviving …

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ALERT: Saudi ready to act alone on Iran, Syria: ambassador           

The West’s policies on Iran and Syria are a “dangerous gamble” and Saudi Arabia is prepared to act on its own to safeguard security in the region, a top Saudi diplomat said. ”We believe that many of the West’s policies on both Iran and Syria risk the stability and security of the Middle East,” the Saudi …

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Sunken Atlantis Pyramid’ Discovered off Azores Coast



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