[ In the LAST DAYS] People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power ( 2 timothy 3)


Floods in Gaza Strip exacerbate humanitarian crisis


Gaza strip flood
Palestinian civil defense volunteers helping people travel across floodwaters in Gaza City on Dec. 14 following heavy rainstorms.
Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images

Last weekend, torrential rains over the course of two days brought 6 feet of water into the Gaza Strip, transforming its northern region, especially, into a smelly, sewage-filled mess. On Dec. 20, almost a week later, thousands remained displaced, and the cleanup effort is slow going.

Ground floors in hundreds of apartment buildings across miles of city blocks remain damaged by the flood. The heavy, icy rains, amounting to about 85 percent of annual rainfall, also drowned large swaths of northern Gaza’s fertile areas, destroying or degrading rich farmland and the greenhouses on which families rely for subsistence. In the hardest-hit areas, citizens used makeshift boats — some navigating the sewage using gondola-like oars — to rescue families from rooftops and transport them to overcrowded shelters in adjoining neighborhoods.


Was an Angel caught on film at Promise Keepers event?

The Bible teaches, and Christians believe, that angels are present on earth, to protect people and join in worship of God, and the faithful know it although they may not be able to document it using some scientific test, mathematical formula or photograph. Until now. A digital image captured during a time of praise and worship at …

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PASADENA, CA,  – It’s the West Coast equivalent of New York’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade held each New Year’s Day in the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena. The parade, featuring giant festive floats colored not with paint, but with millions of fresh-cut flowers, usually draws a huge crowd: …

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Phil Robertson disrespected gay employees at A&E … and THAT’S why he was sacked from “Duck Dynasty” … sources connected with the network tell TMZ. We’re told A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc felt she could not in good conscience ask gay employees to kill themselves for a show when he disrespected them by calling them sinners. Our sources …

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Cracker Barrel tries to explain pulling ‘Duck Dynasty’ off shelves as calls for boycott begin

While Walmart is busy selling out of “Duck Dynasty” themed merchandise,Cracker Barrel is pulling some of its Robertson goods off the shelves . ABC affiliate WJLA  reported the following official statement from the company Friday evening and investigated local store activities in Manassas, Va. “We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores. We removed selected products which we were …

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A lawsuit against a California college over its decision to enforce a “free speech zone” and prohibit a student from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution appears to be on track for a settlement that would revise the school’s policy.  According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a stipulation has been reached …

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Obama plan uses Hollywood to lure Iran toward peace  Hollywood. The responsibility of producing a California-centered news and entertainment program “appealing to Farsi-speaking youth in Iran” soon will be fall into the hands of a contractor working on behalf of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, or BBG, according to planning documents that WND discovered via …

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Arkansas Tornadoes Injure Multiple People, Damage About Two Dozen Homes

HUGHES, Ark. (AP) — Two apparent tornadoes touched down in Arkansas on Saturday, injuring at least five people and damaging about two dozen homes. St. Francis County Sheriff’s dispatcher Leslie White said a suspected tornado damaged three homes and injured three people late Saturday afternoon near Hughes, a town of roughly 1,400 residents about 35 miles …

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DAYS OF LOT – Gay Group Calls For Re-Education of Phil Robertson

For the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty over his comments regarding homosexuality isn’t enough – now they are calling for Robertson to be re-educated. GLAAD was instrumental in forcing A&E’s hand in the decision to discriminate against Robertson for expressing his First Amendment right. GLAAD met with …

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French company implants first artificial heart

A French company has implanted its first artificial heart, which can beat for up to five years. Carmat says the operation went smoothly and that the patient was awake and talking. Previous attempts to create a full, artificial heart have run into problems during human testing. The implant operation was performed on Wednesday at the Georges Pompidou European …

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Russia’s lawmakers have passed a bill authorizing prosecutors to issue emergency orders without a court ruling that block websites promoting rioting, racial hatred or extremism. Critics fear the law may infringe constitutional rights. Under the bill, which has passed its third and final reading in the State Duma, a special agency can be set up within …

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The weekend before Christmas, Mother Nature is gifting — or, rather, clobbering — the United States with a little bit of everything. Ice storms, snow, flooding, thunderstorms, tornadoes and record-setting warmth are all in store, and with this maddening mix comes a massive headache for more than 94 million expected holiday travelers. Unless you’re on the …

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Gunfire hit three U.S. military aircraft trying to evacuate American citizens in a remote region of South Sudan that on Saturday became a battle ground between the country’s military and renegade troops, officials said. Four U.S. service members were wounded in the attack in the same region where gunfire downed a U.N. helicopter the day …

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SHOCKING! Food Banks ‘Will Help One Million In 2014’ 

Rising acts of random city violence put medics on edge

Veteran paramedic Norm Spalding gives his crews advice before they head out on a weekend night shift. ”Remember to duck and weave, duck and weave.”

Inspector Spalding has been with the ambulance service for 37 years but says the increased severity of violence on Sydney’s streets means he prepares his paramedics as if they were soldiers.

”[There is] no question that, in my mind, there is definitely an increase in the violence, but it’s more the nature of it,” Inspector Spalding said. continue


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