Russia warns of dropping US dollar as reserve currency if US imposes sanctions/ China warns its military is prepared for anything/Scientists can now control flies’ brains with lasers and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Entire Families Coming to Christ in Saudi Arabia

We’re hearing of women and whole families coming to Christ, which is significant. Normally we would know of individual men but, as the culture places such importance on the family unit, this is a major step forward. One girl is writing hymns and posting them on the Internet. That was where she learned of Christ and has “met” workers, although she has yet to meet other Christians face to face. Two of her sisters also believe in Christ. A Bahraini across the country is gifted in playing local Arabic instruments. He puts her hymns to music and posts them on YouTube. MORE

While America is “Downsizing” it’s Military, China says 2014 military budget to rise 12.2 percent

 China will increase military spending by 12.2 percent this year to 808.23 billion yuan ($131.57 billion), the government said on Wednesday, partly to beef up coastal and air defences and to develop more high-tech weapons. The government announced its spending plan for the 2.3 million-strong People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at the opening of parliament’s annual meeting. The increase builds on a nearly unbroken run of double-digit hikes in the defence budget for the past two decades. ”We will comprehensively enhance the revolutionary nature of the Chinese armed forces, further modernise them and upgrade their performance, and continue to raise their deterrence and combat capabilities in the information age,” Premier Li Keqiang told the largely rubber-stamp legislature. MORE

US President Barack Obama committed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau he would push Palestinians to match any Israeli concessions as he seeks to negotiate a framework for peace talks. A senior Obama administration official told AFP that the issue of US-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace talks was the dominant topic in the White House meeting between Obama and Netanyahu on Monday.  Despite frank statements on Middle East diplomacy before the meeting from both leaders, the talks were not as contentious as some previous encounters between the two men, the official told AFP Tuesday. The talks took place as Obama seeks to bridge gaps between Israelis and Palestinians in a bid to prolong the US-led peace effort led by his Secretary of State John Kerry. MORE

A shocking poll released Tuesday shows overwhelming majorities of people in Virginia, New York and New Jersey support a national gun registry. The survey released Tuesday was done jointly by Roanoke College in Virginia, Rutgers-Eagleton in New Jersey and Siena College in New York. It shows that 68 percent of New York voters and a whopping 74 percent of New Jersey voters are in favor of establishing a national gun registry.  Even in the southern state of Virginia — which has gone blue in recent years — 63 percent want the federal government to track all guns. NRA Spokesman Andrew Arulanandam pointed out that the poll appears skewed. “Given the exceptionally high numbers of support for President Obama and Hillary Clinton in this poll, it isn’t surprising that there would be high numbers of support for draconian gun control proposals,” he told me. MORE

NIAGARA FALLS FREEZES. Millions of gallons of cascading water is frozen

For the second time in what has been a frigid winter in the Northeastern United States, Niagara falls has come to an icy halt as the six million cubic feet of water that typically flow over the falls every minute has frozen over. The flow of water over the falls typically can withstand icy temperatures like those that have frozen much of the country this winter, but Monday’s high of 9 degrees Fahrenheit brought Niagara Falls to a standstill – and photographers were there to snap some stunning images of the frozen waterfall.  In January, another record-breaking cold front managed to freeze the mighty falls in a ‘polar vortex’ that turned the cascading water to ice – and affected about 240 million people in the U.S. and southern Canada. No thaw is expected anytime soon, as temperatures at the western New York tourist attraction will dip below 0 degrees Fahrenheit Monday night through Tuesday morning. MORE

Russia said it had successfully test-fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) on Tuesday, with tensions high over its seizure of control in the Crimea and its threat to send more forces to its neighbor Ukraine. The Strategic Rocket Forces launched an RS-12M Topol missile from the southerly Astrakhan region and the dummy warhead hit its target at a proving ground in Kazakhstan, Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Yegorov told state-run news agency RIA. The launch site, Kapustin Yar, is near the Volga River about 450 km (280 miles) east of the Ukrainian border. Kazakhstan, a Russian ally in a post-Soviet security grouping, is further to the east. MORE

The White House is expected to allow health insurance plans not meeting the standards set by the Affordable Care Act to continue to be sold, another major Obamacare delay that would get around plan cancellation notices having to be sent before the midterm elections, The Hill newspaper reported. Reportedly set to be announced as early as this week, the administration would allow insurers to continue selling insurance plans that don’t meet the law’s standards until at least the end of President Barack Obama’s term in office, and possibly beyond that. There was no indication that Obama would seek congressional authorization, so this would be another unilateral executive action. MORE

Obamacare Architect: ‘Be Prepared to Kiss Your Insurance Company Good-Bye Forever’

Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects behind Obamacare, is now claiming that “insurance companies as we know them are about to die.” Critics of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law have long alleged that one of the real goals of the law was to put private insurance companies out of business. “The good news is you won’t have insurance companies to kick around much longer. The system is changing,” Emanuel writes in an op-ed on New Republic. “As a result, insurance companies as they are now will be going away. Indeed, they are already evolving. For the next few years insurance companies will both continue to provide services to employers and, increasingly, compete against each other in the health insurance exchanges.” MORE

Growing Government Is a Bigger Threat to Christians Than Atheists

A leading libertarian media outlet is making the argument that it’s growing government, not atheists, that represents a bigger threat to Christians.  “The growing state, after all—not the atheist—is religion’s biggest rival,” wrote Reason’s David Harsanyi. “And intentionally or not, government is crowding out parts of community life that have traditionally been taken care of by civil society. It’s draining resources once used by communities to implement services and take care of their own. And even more destructive, perhaps, is that government is becoming a source of moral authority for so many.” The piece defended a speech by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to the American Principles Project, where he said, “Libertarian and liberty doesn’t mean libertine.” Harsanyi referenced critics who claimed libertarianism and Christianity are not compatible, before dismissing these notions. MORE


Coming Asteroid will Pass between moon and Earth on March 5th

An Apollo class asteroid is expected to whizz between the Earth and the moon on March 5. The 98-foot-wide space rock is expected to come within 218,000 miles of earth (0.9 lunar distances), creating quite the site for stargazers. The asteroid, named 2014 DX110, is expected to make its closest approach at 21:07 GMT on Wednesday at a blistering speed of 14.85 km/s (32,076 mph). Although the space rock poses no threat to earth, it highlights the earth’s susceptibility to near-Earth asteroids. For amateur astronomers interested in watching the flyby as it happens, the virtual telescope project will offer live coverage via Slooh, which allows viewers to peer through a telescope via the web. MORE

U.S Navy cuts F-35 order nearly in half

As the United States prepares plans to downsize its military, the Navy is set to order fewer Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jets than previously expected over the next five years. Citing an unnamed defense official, Reuters reported that beginning in the 2015 fiscal year, the Navy will request the purchase of 36 F-35C fighter jets, which are designed to land on aircraft carriers. That’s nearly half as many as the 69 originally projected. The Air Force, meanwhile, is postponing its own request for four F-35A jets for one year. Beginning in 2016, however, it remains on track to move forward with its purchases as planned, an arrangement that will see the Air Force purchase about 238 jets total. The Marine Corps stands out as the sole player committed to its original plan, still expected to request 69 F-35B jets over five years. These are scheduled to be combat ready and in use by mid-2015. MORE

America will defend Ukraine against Russia!

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that he is not planning to annex Crimea, even though he calls last week’s overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych an illegal “coup.” Yes, Russian troops are in Crimea, but no shots have been fired and they’re only there to protect the residents, he said. And the massing of Russian troops? Merely exercises planned months ago that are now over, Putin said. You can watch his statement, with English translation, here. The Russian leader had plenty of criticism for the new leaders of Ukraine, and the West, and the crisis in Ukraine appears far from over. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev today with promises of aid. MORE


Washington DC sets 141-year record low.

The seemingly endless winter dumped a half a foot snow on the ground in parts of the South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, and many areas Tuesday morning saw something even more unusual in March: a blast of arctic air that sent temperatures plummeting into the single digits. Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport broke a 141-year-old record low temperature, reaching 4 degrees. The National Weather Service said the low reached early Tuesday broke a 5-degree record set on the day in 1873. It was also a record low for the month of March. Dulles International Airport – also outside Washington – tied a 1993 record for the month at -1 degree. MORE



FACEBOOK Wants to Build 11,000 Drones to ‘Bring Internet to Africa’.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope — it’s a Facebook drone. The social media site reportedly wants to use drones to bring Internet connection to the two thirds of the world that still lack connectivity, starting with parts of Africa. The initiative is part of the project, which Facebook backs. To do so, Facebook could have bought some individual drones. Instead, overachievers that they are, they bought a drone company. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is shelling out $60 million to acquire Titan Aerospace, a company that makes “atmospheric satellites” — basically, solar-powered drones capable of staying in the sky for up to five years. Facebook is specifically interested in building 11,000 of Titan Aerospace’s “Solara 60″ aircraft, TechCrunch reported. The company’s site indicates the Solara aircraft have a bunch of communications abilities, which we expect will be useful for Facebook’s mission. MORE


DAYS OF LOT- Majority Of Pennsylvania Voters Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana and Gay Marriage

A growing majority of Pennsylvania voters support the legalization of medical marijuana and same-sex marriage but remain closely divided on the legalization of recreational pot, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. A statewide survey of 1,405 registered voters found that 85 percent of Pennsylvanians support the medical use of marijuana, a 3 percentage point increase from a similar poll conducted in May last year by Franklin & Marshall College. Respondents were not as united on the legalization of recreational marijuana, however, with only 48 percent of voters approving the legalization of “small amounts of marijuana for personal use” and 49 percent opposing it. Support for recreational marijuana legalization was highest among Democrats at 58 percent, followed by independents at 44 percent. Sixty-six percent of Republicans and 39 percent of Democrats opposed it. MORE


Research Reveals Human/Chimp Genetic Disparities, Undermines Evolutionary Theory

Creation scientists say new genetic findings challenge the evolutionary model and show that humans and chimps did not evolve from a common ancestor. Scientists from MIT and the University of Massachusetts Medical School recently published a report in the journal Genome Research entitled “Evolutionary dynamics and tissue specificity of human long noncoding RNAs in six mammals.” The article compares human long intergenic noncoding RNAs (lincRNAs) with lincRNAs of several mammals—including chimps and rhesus monkeys. According to experts, lincRNAs are critically important to cells’ existence and serve many different roles. Not only are lincRNAs found within cells’ nuclei and cytoplasm, but they also assist communication between cells. “LincRNAs play diverse regulatory roles in human development and disease,” the authors of the Genome Research article wrote, “but little is known about their evolutionary history and constraint.” MORE

Putin attends large Baltic Sea snap exercise

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered and attended a large tactical exercise Monday of the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet coast guard troops in the Kaliningrad region. More than 3,500 servicemen of mechanized infantry regiments and a naval infantry brigade are taking part in the drills. Officials in Lithuania and Poland said the exercises poses a direct threat to their country on top of the intervention of Russian troops in Ukraine. DEBKAfile’s military sources: Stationed in Kaliningrad are Russian K720 9 nuclear-tipped Iskander missiles (NATO codenamed SS-26 Stone). These missiles point at the US advanced radar posted in central and southern Europe, a reference to one of Putin’s conditions for continuing negotiations on Ukraine. DEBKA

DAYS OF LOT – Disney Insists on Homosexual Scout Leaders

I know this headline sounds like a tasteless joke or like something out of a bad dream, but it’s not. As reported on, “The Walt Disney Company has given notice to the Boy Scouts of America that it will pull all funding to the group starting in 2015 because of a BSA membership policy that bans gay leaders.” That’s right. The creators of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Goofy and Pluto and the makers of classic children’s films like Bambi and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will stop funding the Boy Scouts of America until the BSA allows openly homosexual scout leaders. Has the Disney Company lost its mind – or its moral bearings? It was only a few months ago that the BSA, caving in to financial pressure and public criticism, changed its longstanding policy of refusing openly homosexual scout members. MORE


Radio Shack to close 1,100 stores

After reporting dismal fourth-quarter earnings, Radio Shack said Tuesday that it would close about 1,100 poorly performing stores, roughly 20% of the electronic retailer’s locations. The store closings will leave about 4,000 locations in the U.S. The company has been struggling to revamp its stores for the past year. Total net sales and operating revenues were $935.4 million in the fourth quarter, vs. $1,171.4 million last year, a 20% decline. Comparable store sales were down 19%, which the company blames on poor performance in its mobile phone business. Radio Shack stock (ticker: RSH) was down more than 20% in premarket trading. MORE

The ‘First Ever’ Marijuana Commercial To Air On Major Television Stations

A company called Marijuana Doctors, which connects medical marijuana patients with doctors who can prescribe the drug, claims that it is airing what it claims is the “first ever marijuana commercial on a ‘Major Network.’” The ad, which “draws a parallel between a ‘shady’ street dealer attempting to push ‘unsafe’ sushi to unsuspecting buyers, and medical marijuana patients being forced to obtain their medication in a similar fashion,” airs in New Jersey on several national networks — including A&E, Fox, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network and the History Channel. MORE


Christian alternative to ObamaCare growing fast as deadline nears

With just weeks left to sign up for insurance on, a growing number of people are opting to enroll in a Christian alternative to traditional health insurance.  Nationwide networks of fellow believers help share each other’s major medical bills through what’s known as health care sharing ministries.  ”It works just like insurance. I have an insurance card. I show it just like anyone else would. I have a deductible. I have a monthly premium that I pay,” explained Eileen Wade, who joined the health care sharing ministry, Medi-Share, in 2011.  The nation’s three largest ministries boast more than 242,000 members, spanning all 50 states, who agree to live so-called biblical lifestyles — meaning regular church attendance; no drugs, tobacco, or sex outside of marriage; and limited alcohol consumption. MORE

DAYS OF NOAH – Biotech is Creating GMO Human Babies: What could possibly go wrong?

With the human race slowly being killed off by GMO food, environmental poisons, petroleum, plastics, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, radiation, and weaponized warfare, the powers that be are working on new strain of stronger ‘humans’ to carry on our existence. Forget designer babies with specific gene preferences determined by parents, we’re talking about the utter transformation by a technocracy of the human genome. MORE

Russia warns of dropping US dollar as reserve currency if US imposes sanctions

A Kremlin aide was quoted on Tuesday as saying that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off any loans to US banks. Mr Sergei Glazyev, who is often used by the authorities to stake out a hardline stance but does not make policy, was cited by RIA news agency as saying Moscow could recommend that all holders of US treasuries sell them if Washington freezes the US accounts of Russian businesses and individuals. MORE

Kerry heads to Ukraine as West ponders sanctions

Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday will be reinforcing Washington’s support for the new government in Kiev, as the US and its top allies grapple with whether to slap Moscow with sanctions for its military takeover of Ukraine’s strategic Crimea region. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday will be reinforcing Washington’s support for the new government in Kiev, as the US and its top allies grapple with whether to slap Moscow with sanctions for its military takeover of Ukraine’s strategic Crimea region.MORE


Putin: Russia reserves right to use ‘all means’ to protect the citizens of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday Russia reserved the right to use all options in Ukraine to protect compatriots living in “terror” but that Moscow would use force only as a last resort. Breaking his silence on events in Ukraine since the removal of Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovich, Putin skirted questions about Russian servicemen taking control of the Crimea region, saying armed men who seized buildings were local forces. MORE


Facebook Considering Banning Gun Related Pages

Gun control is losing steam. After doing their best to use the tragedy in Newtown to limit the constitutional rights of American citizens when it comes to owning and using guns, the millions of dollars and countless hours of campaigning led to exactly nothing happening on the national level and very little on the state level. Even those changes that did squeak through are being fought tooth and nail in the judicial system, and gun control advocates are quickly losing ground there as well. The reason is obvious: gun owners are well organized, engaged, and motivated. So naturally the next step for gun control advocates is to pressure Facebook into banning gun related pages — which they’re doing. MORE

Massive storm ( TITAN ) wallops Washington while Netanyahu meets with Obama over “Dividing” Jerusalem

2dcdddab3718117b32e013481befdbdb46920492Another huge winter storm walloped Washington and surrounding areas on Monday, shutting schools and the federal government, snarling air traffic and blanketing roads in snow. In the capital, in a region that bore the brunt of the fierce system of freezing rain, sleet and blowing snow, cars and pedestrians were few and far between during the normally bustling lunch hour. Morning commutes were calm and windswept. As a precaution, federal government employees were told to stay home and schools in the city and surrounding counties gave their students yet another snow day off. MORE


At White House, Israel’s Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly told Barack Obama on Monday that he would never compromise on Israel’s security even as the U.S. president sought to reassure him on Iran nuclear diplomacy and pressure him on Middle East peace talks. In a White House meeting overshadowed by the Ukraine crisis, the two leaders avoided any direct clash during a brief press appearance but were unable to paper over differences on a pair of sensitive diplomatic drives that have stoked tensions between them. Obama assured Netanyahu of his “absolute commitment” to preventing Iran from developing atomic weapons, despite the Israeli leader’s deep skepticism over U.S.-led efforts to reach a final international deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear program. MORE


China says military will respond to provocations

China’s military is prepared to respond to all threats to the country’s sovereignty, a government spokeswoman said Tuesday, ahead of the expected announcement of another big bump in defense spending. Legislative spokeswoman Fu Ying said China supports resolving disputes through negotiations and its 2.3 million-member People’s Liberation Army — the world’s largest — is for defensive purposes only. However, Fu warned other nations not to test China’s resolve. ”But if some countries wish to provoke or wish to damage … regional peace and the regional order, then we must make a response, and an effective response at that,” Fu told a wide-ranging news conference on the eve of the legislature’s annual session. MORE


Russian military forces continued massing within six miles of Ukraine’s eastern border regions as tensions increased over Moscow’s so far bloodless attempt to take control of the country by force under the pretext of protecting ethnic Russians. In Kiev, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebiynis said the massing of Russian forces near Ukraine’s eastern border appeared to be preparation for a military invasion, Ukraine’s Unian news agency reported. Border troops reported Russian forces massing near borders in the Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions. MORE

Japan Plans Special Force for Island Defense

Japan plans to establish a 3,000-troop unit specializing in amphibious operations “as swiftly as possible,” the defense minister said, publicly outlining details of the new unit for the first time as tensions with China continue over disputed islands. Japan has undertaken an ambitious project to create a force similar to the U.S. Marine Corps, and Japanese Self-Defense Force Troops have been receiving increasingly frequent training from their U.S. counterparts in the past few years. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea fires seven additional short-range projectiles

North Korea fired seven short-range projectiles from its east coast Tuesday using a multiple rocket launcher, Seoul’s defense ministry said, the latest in a series of provocations by the communist country as the U.S. and South Korea entered the second week of joint military drills. The North fired off three short-range projectiles using a 240 mm multiple rocket launchers at around 6 a.m from Wonsan on its southeastern coast, the ministry said. They flew about 55 kilometers in the northeast direction. It launched four more beginning at 4:17 p.m. using a longer-range rocket launcher from the same region, with the range of about 155 km, it said. YONHAP NEWS AGENCY

DAYS OF LOT – Gay veterans want to march ‘openly’ in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade

A gay rights advocacy group said Monday it is pushing for gay people to be allowed to march “openly and honestly” in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade this month, but an agreement has not been reached with parade organizers. It appeared Saturday as if Boston Mayor Martin Walsh had brokered a deal between MassEquality and parade organizers to allow gay military veterans to march under the group’s banner, but the deal was not finalized even after both sides met Sunday. The issue is whether and how members of the group can identify themselves in the parade. “LGBT people need to be able to identify themselves as LGBT people. It’s as simple as that,” MassEquality executive director Kara Coredini said Monday. “There are a lot of ways that can be done, and that is a conversation we’re having now with organizers.”MORE

Global Internet governance proposals threaten sovereignty, freedom of information

The evolution of the Internet has not only changed the world of commerce; it’s revolutionized the diplomatic sphere and helped democratize the foreign policy process. Up until the end of the 20th century the United States relied heavily on human intelligence to learn the truth about what was happening inside countries that had closed themselves off to the rest of the world. The Internet’s penetration of even the most authoritarian of nations has created a window through which the U.S. and the other democratic nations that make up the first world can see for themselves what is going on. It is through the Internet that America has been able to follow the story unfolding inside Iran, and it is the Internet through which the western powers were able to confirm that the Assad regime in Syria both had chemical weapons and had used them against opponents of the government. There was no need to wait for a group if inspectors working on behalf of a global body to confirm the allegations. With the web the world could see with its own eyes just what had occurred. MORE

An archaeologist says he discovered nine tiny scrolls with biblical text from the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were unearthed, according to news reports. The newfound scrolls, which date back to about 2,000 years ago, were hidden inside three leather tefillin cases, also known as phylacteries, traditionally carried by observant Jewish men, Italian news agency Ansa Mediterranean reported. These cases were first pulled out of the caves in the 1950s, but their contents apparently were not examined until now. MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Boy, 12, raped seven-year-old sister after watching porn on Xbox

 A 12-year-old schoolboy who raped his seven-year-old sister after he watched hardcore porn on the internet has walked free from court. Social workers will now work with the youngster to return him to the family home in the coming months. Blackburn Youth Court heard the boy had viewed pornography in the company of his friends before he gained ”a desire to try it out”. He committed a number of sexual offences against his sister between March and May last year but the matters did not come to light until last autumn. The boy, now aged 13, pleaded guilty to one count of rape, two counts of indecent assault and one count of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. MORE

Last week, Spanish activists presented a petition to the Belgian monarch, asking him to not to sign the bill that extends the right of euthanasia to minors. The petition had been signed by 210,000 people from various countries. The authors of the bill argue that it deals exclusively with very rare cases when a panel of psychiatrists rules that a patient is sane and capable of making decisions. Any such case requires the written consent of a child’s parents. MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Uganda church warns of Anglican split over gay law

“The issue here is respect for our views on homosexuality, same sex marriage as a country and church. If they are not willing to listen to us. We shall consider being on our own,” Uganda’s top Anglican, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, told AFP. “Homosexual practice is incompatible with scripture, and no one in the leadership of the church can say legitimise same sex unions or homosexuality,” he said, urging the “governing bodies of the Church of England to not take the path advocated by the West”. “If they do we shall have no choice but to be on our own,” he said. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni last week signed a bill into law which holds that “repeat homosexuals” should be jailed for life, outlaws the promotion of homosexuality and requires people to report on homosexuals. MORE

Russian troops poised for invasion of eastern Ukraine, despite denials

Large contingents of Russian troops reportedly massed at the crossing between the Crimean peninsula and eastern Ukraine Monday, in preparation for a possible attack. The Russian army already has approval from its parliament to operate in Ukraine, and the Russian media have been reporting for days about Ukrainian “provocations” and assaults on Russian civilians that necessitate a Russian response Preparations for the invasion come against the backdrop of numerous confrontations inside Crimea between Russian soldiers – operating in the guise of the “Crimean Self-Defense Forces” – and Ukrainian soldiers stationed in the peninsula who have remained loyal to the government in Kiev. MORE

President Obama has been busy condemning Russia for its advance on its troubled neighbor, Ukraine.  A statement from the White House press office said President Obama “expressed his deep concern over Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is a breach of international law, including Russia’s obligations under the U.N. Charter, and of its 1997 military basing agreement with Ukraine, and which is inconsistent with the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and the Helsinki Final Act.” “The United States condemns Russia’s military intervention into Ukrainian territory,” Obama said. Earlier, the president warned that any “violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing.” “The United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine,” he said. MORE

President Obama warned Russia on Monday of possible U.S. sanctions over its military land grab in Ukraine, but Moscow brushed aside international threats, tightening its stranglehold on Crimea and calling audaciously for a national unity government in Kiev. In Washington, Mr. Obama said the world is “largely united” against Russia’s military action and he is considering economic and diplomatic steps that would gradually isolate Russia. He criticized the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin for being “on the wrong side of history.” MORE

Scientists can now control flies’ brains with lasers

A laser beam can alter a fly’s behavior and make it mate with just about anything — even a ball of wax, according to scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The researchers have developed an experiment which involves shining an infrared laser directly at the head of a fly whose brain has been altered using heat-activated proteins. This alteration allows the laser, dubbed the “Fly Mind-Altering Device” (FlyMAD), to activate specific neurons involved in mating. MORE


Kerry: US will not allow the West Bank to become Gaza

A day after his boss launched a verbal attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s settlement policy, US Secretary of State John Kerry offered a more moderate tone on the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks during his address to the AIPAC Policy Conference Monday evening. In a speech that never once mentioned the settlements that US President Barack Obama criticized during an interview on the eve of his meeting with Netanyahu, Kerry instead assured attendees that “we will never let the West Bank turn into another Gaza.” MORE

Pentagon Suspends Military Engagements With Russia

defense-largeThe Pentagon says it is suspending exercises and other activities with the Russian military, in light of Moscow’s military involvement in Ukraine. A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, said Monday evening that the U.S. military has “put on hold” all military-to-military engagements, including bilateral meetings, port visits and planning conferences. Kirby said the Pentagon values the relationship it has developed with the Russian military in the last few years, to reduce the risk of military miscalculation. He said the U.S. calls on Russian forces in the Crimea region of Ukraine to return to their bases. ABC NEWS


Effects Of The Ukraine Crisis: Oil And Gas Prices Soar


Strange NASA File? Arctic polar anomaly mentioned.


100 feet Asteroid 2014 DX110 to zip between Earth and moon Wednesday


Potential impact of Western sanctions on Russia

Fragile truce broken in Syria refugee camp

The Beast : Serpent Tongue Kerry’s New World Order Speech of the Beast in Kiev (Mar 04, 2014)




Psalm 83 : Obama warns Netanyahu that Israel will become isolated if peace talks fail (Mar 03, 2014)



Oil surges to five-month highs on Ukraine tension


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