POPE FRANCIS CONFESSES TO STEALING/Hepatitis B vaccine kills eight babies in China/Russian soldiers storm Ukrainian military base in Crimea/Dalai Lama Opens U.S. Senate with ‘Prayer’ to ‘Buddha and All Other gods’/Calififornia could be in for Century-Long “MegaDrought” and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Russia Prepares Law to Prosecute Journalists as Terrorists

The Russian newspaper Izvestia reports the Russian Duma is drafting amendments to the criminal code that will allow the Putin government to prosecute journalists as terrorists. The law will establish administrative and criminal liability for media executives who “allow publication of false anti-Russian information, provide information and support to extremist anti-Russian separatist forces, including the reflection of events beyond the borders of Russia,” a reference to events in Ukraine and Crimea. Izvestia, the former newspaper of record in the Soviet Union, reports the amendments were drafted after journalists “admitted incorrect historical analogies and interpretation of events in Russia and the Ukraine coup.” MORE

NY Town Takes Man to Court Over Refusal to Remove Pro-Second Amendment Sign

A town in western New York state is pursuing charges against a man for refusing to remove a pro-Second Amendment sign from his property, an order the man and his lawyer are calling unconstitutional. It all started last October when Hamburg resident Scott Zwierucha began displaying a sign on his fence showing support for his county’s sheriff, who stood up to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and said he would not enforce unconstitutional gun laws or ammo restrictions. “Sheriff Howard- Fighting for Your Rights,” read Zwierucha’s first sign, commending Sheriff Timothy B. Howard for displaying remarkable spine in the face of fierce political pressure. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off gas supplies

Vladimir Putin has mocked diplomatic efforts to end the Ukraine crisis as Russia threatened to disrupt European gas supplies by cutting off sales to Kiev over its unpaid debts. The Russian president said through his official spokesman that, despite deep disagreements with the West, he did not want a confrontation over Ukraine to spiral into a “new cold war”. Nevertheless Dmitry Peskov ridiculed Western demands for direct talks between the Kremlin and the new Kiev government, claiming that the loss of credibility involved “puts a smile on our face”. The remarks were broadcast during the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, where the Ukrainian athlete carrying her national flag was given a loud cheer. MORE

Israeli Air Force fighter jets were scrambled four times Friday morning towards Syrian aircrafts that closely approached the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights.  Syrian opposition sources reported Friday morning that the Syrian Air Force raided the village of Ghadir al Bustan, which is located in the vicinity of the cease-fire line in the southern Golan Heights. The Syrian jets, reportedly, used explosive barrels during the airstrike. The IAF jets, which were launched from the Ramat David Air Force Base, were rushed towards the Syrian aircrafts armed with air-to-air missiles. At a certain point, the Syrian jets were within a 2-3 kilometers distance of the Israeli border. The events all ended without any unusual occurrences, and the high level of alert along the Syrian border is maintained. MORE


A new report by the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at National Right to Life warns that one of the Obamacare provisions that ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Americans would discover if Congress passed the bill is that some seniors will not be allowed to spend as much as they wish on their health care. The extreme position was revealed in a special report by the NRLC titled “The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States,” which analyzes four fundamental policy areas of Obamacare. It finds several ways that the federal health care law “will drastically limit access to life-saving medical treatment under the law.” “These four areas include: the ‘excess benefit’ tax coming into effect in 2018, the current exclusion of adequate health insurance plans from the exchanges, present limits on senior citizens’ ability to use their own money for health insurance, and federal limits on the care doctors give their patients to be implemented as soon as 2016.” Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, said that “for pro-life Americans concerned about the impact on innocent life – both born and unborn – the policies of Obamacare couldn’t be worse.” MORE

Russian troops on Friday stormed a Ukranian military base 5 kilometers from the Ukranian city Sevastopol, located on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean peninsula. No shots have been fired. The two sides were reportedly in the middle of negotiating the Ukraninian soldiers’ terms of surrender, when the pro-Russian Crimean militia started assaulting the journalists who were reporting from the area. At least one journalist required medical treatment. According to early reports, members of a pro-Russia militia used a truck to break though the gate of the base. The truck got stuck at the gate, and Russia soldiers climbed over it. Some 70 Ukrainian troops were said to still be holding out in the bunkers. The militia troops who broke through the perimeter demanded the Ukrainian soldiers surrender. MORE

FIRST TIME IN HISTORY – Dalai Lama Opens U.S. Senate with ‘Prayer’ to ‘Buddha and All Other gods’

For the first time ever, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism opened the United States Senate with ‘prayer’ on Thursday, wishing for world peace and ‘good fortune’ for America’s lawmakers. After being introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and escorted by Senator Mazi Hirono (D-HI), the Dalai Lama characterized himself as only being “a simple Buddhist monk.” “So pray to Buddha and all other gods,” he said, before speaking in Tibetan and then repeating his “prayer” in English. “With our thoughts, we make our world,” the Dalai Lama stated, robed in gold and red. “Our mind is central and precedes our deeds. Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will follow you like a shadow that never leaves.” Senators bowed their heads and visitors watched from the balcony. “May there be joy in the world, with bountiful harvest and spiritual wealth,” the Dalai Lama continued. “May every good fortune come to be. And may all our wishes be fulfilled.” MORE


Steve Hill: Get Out of the Boat

It happened in Spain while holding a street crusade. For 10 days, we had been faithfully witnessing on the streets with a team of more than 100 young people. We had handed out more than 25,000 pieces of literature. Our drama team performed several times a day. They were awesome and incredible, yet no one responded to the gospel. Not one single person got saved in 10 days! I had been on a total fast during that whole time. I was going for souls with all my heart. I was going after Spain. I was believing God for a breakthrough in one of the most difficult nations in the world to preach the gospel. I was one frustrated person. In all my years of ministry, I had never been in a place where we labored so hard but saw absolutely no fruit. It was as if Jesus was on another planet and left me alone in Spain. Do you think Jesus knew what was going on? Of course He did. He knew everything. He knew what I was facing. He could have come down in power the first day. I’ve seen Him do that before in crusades. But He didn’t.MORE

DEVELOPING: Deposed Ukrainian President reportedly Hospitalized after Heart Attack, Grave Condition

Deposed president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is in a Moscow hospital after suffering a suspected heart attack, it was reported in Russia today. His condition was said to be ‘grave’, Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, known as MK, has claimed, citing unofficial sources. Austrian authorities meanwhile have said SWAT teams boarded a plane carrying Ukraine’s new Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk after receiving a threat that a terrorist attack was planned. MORE


Abbas: I will not recognize Israel as Jewish state

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinians will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state at a meeting with students in Ramallah, Israel Radio reported on Friday. There is “no way” that he will agree to recognition, Abbas was quoted as saying by Palestinian news agency WAFA.  Netanyahu most recently repeated his request for recognition during his speech at AIPAC’s 2014 Policy Conference on Tuesday. “Recognize it. No excuses. No delays. It’s time,” he told the audience. Abbas also reiterated his position on Friday that the capital of a future Palestinian state will be east Jerusalem in its entirety, rather than just a portion. He added that if negotiations fail, he will encourage popular resistance as a pathway to peace, according to Israel Radio. MORE

Saudi Arabia designates Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group

Saudi Arabia has formally designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, official Saudi television reported citing a statement by the Interior Ministry. The kingdom has also designated Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, whose fighters are battling Syrian President Bashar Assad, as terrorist organizations. The decree was earlier reported on Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television.MORE


Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) are circulating a letter among their Senate colleagues that calls on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order extending workplace nondiscrimination protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. ”We are writing to urge you to fulfill the promise in your State of the Union address to make this a ‘year of action’ and build upon the momentum of 2013 by signing an executive order banning federal contractors from engaging in employment discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans. As you have said before, ‘now is the time to end this kind of discrimination, not enable it,’” reads the letter, which was provided to The Huffington Post. According to Merkley’s office, the effort is bicameral; the LGBT equality caucus is recruiting co-signers in the House of Representatives. MORE

An expert witness in Michigan’s gay marriage trial said he believed homosexuals would go to hell if they don’t repent. Canadian economist Douglas Allen made the claim during his testimony Thursday. He was Michigan’s last witness in a federal trial challenging the constitutionality of the state’s ban on gay marriage. Attorney Ken Mogill, who is representing the lesbian couple challenging the ban, was questioning Allen when his views arose, according to the Detroit Free Press. “Is it accurate that you believe the consequence of engaging in homosexual acts is a separation from God and eternal damnation. In other words, they’re going to hell?” Mogill asked. MORE

Massive Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discovery In China – Includes Skin And Feathers!

A fossil bed in China that is being called “Jurassic Park” has yielded perhaps the greatest dinosaur soft tissue discovery of all time.  According to media reports, “nearly-complete skeletons” have been discovered that even include skin and feathers.  But of course if these dinosaurs are really “160 million years old”, that should be absolutely impossible.  Needless to say, this shocking discovery is once again going to have paleontologists scrambling to find a way to prop up the popular myths that they have been promoting.  What they have been telling us simply does not fit the facts.  The truth is that this latest find is even more evidence that dinosaurs are far, far younger than we have traditionally been taught. MORE


A 2-year-old in Ottawa, Canada was suspended for three days Wednesday after accidentally bringing a cheese sandwich to her daycare. INFO WARS


“Russia Has Reportedly Halted All Exports To The US Of Russian Made Ammunition”

In recent months ammunition has slowly begun appearing on store shelves at major retailers in the United States. But after nearly two years of shortages that had ammunition manufacturers running their factories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because of consumer demand and massive government purchases, it appears that another supply pipeline may have been cut.  If you don’t already have it then prepare to go without or pay double the price or more in coming days and weeks: In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and fears of new control control legislation from the Obama administration, extreme shortages of ammunition have been sustained over the past 12-24 months, as panicked Americans have raided the shelves of Cabelas and gun-shows across the country buying literally every round they can get their hands on. MORE

Under new Oregon law, parents must consult doctor or watch propaganda before exempting children from vaccination

Parents who want to enter their children in Oregon schools without vaccinating them will now need to sit through a lecture from a family doctor or watch a promotional video before they can be granted an exemption, according to a law taking effect on March 1. Regardless of the severity or prevalence of the disease in question, or whether the parents choose to vaccinate on an alternative schedule, this will be a requirement for parents seeking any vaccine exemption. The law is an effort to bring down the numbers of children who enter Oregon public schools without being “fully vaccinated,” defined as following the complete Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations. According to CDC data, 6.4 percent of Oregon kindergartners (3,010 children) entered the 2012-2013 school year with a religious or philosophical vaccine exemption, in comparison with the national rate of 1.8 percent. This makes Oregon’s vaccine exemption rate the highest in the nation. MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Boston schools to replace free condoms after backlash over wrappers

Boston Public Schools are replacing free condoms offered at their high schools after wrappers on the contraceptives caused some concern. Parents raised questions about what they describe as sexually suggestive messages and images on the wrappers. One reportedly said, “one lucky lady,” while another said “tasty one.” Nurse, former Boston School Committee Member and parent Helen Dajer said, “Anything that says ‘hump’ and ‘bite’ and ‘big cannon’, I found tremendously offensive to me as a mother.” And Dajer’s not alone. The offensive condoms left Boston Public Schools looking for answers. Spokesman Lee McGuire is glad parents like Dajer spoke up telling FOX 25, “We absolutely agree with them and the parents are right and we’re glad they came to us.” MORE


Hepatitis B vaccine kills eight babies in China; drug manufacturer says ‘coincidence’

Babies are dying all over China after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine, and health authorities are claiming that it is all just one big coincidence. As reported by The New York Times (NYT) and relayed by VacTruth.com, at least eight newborn babies in China have died within 48 hours after receiving the controversial vaccine, which China’s largest drug company continues to insist is perfectly safe despite its obvious dangers. The real cause of these “unexpected” deaths, claim the talking heads, must be some underlying health condition that just so happened to manifest itself at the exact same time that the babies were jabbed for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that they have no way of contracting anyway. Never mind that almost all of the babies who died were perfectly healthy before getting the shot — just get your children vaccinated and be quiet! MORE

Kerry makes unannounced stop in Jordan to talk peace

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Jordan on Friday for talks with King Abdullah II on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, a US spokeswoman travelling with him said.  The short stop in the Red Sea port of Aqaba, where he was to meet the king, had not been previously announced. Kerry, who arrived from Rome from where he also brought back his Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh, will discuss the Middle East peace process with the monarch, spokesperson Marie Harf said. “We are arriving in Aqaba, Jordan, with Foreign Minister Judeh today to see King Abdullah to talk about the peace process,” Harf said. MORE

Jewish Groups Express Concern for Anti-Semitism at California State Schools

Several Jewish organizations have written a letter to top California education officials to express concern regarding anti-Semitism at California state schools. The AMCHA Initiative, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, StandWithUs and the Zionist Organization of America noted their concerns on the “safety and well-being of Jewish students on California State University campuses,” in light of an event being hosted by the San Francisco State University (SFSU) College of Ethnic Studies on Thursday. The event, titled “Report and Discussion From Members of the North American-Based Academic and Labor Delegation to Palestine 2014,” features a seven-person delegation consisting of SFSU professors Rabab Abdulhadi and Joanne Barker, along with five other academics and activists who are “leading advocates for the academic boycott of Israel.” MORE

WAR DRUMS: Pentagon confirms report Russia poised for large-scale air defense drill

Russia has reportedly begun large-scale air defense drills as tensions with the West continue escalating over the fate of Crimea. Roughly 3,500 troops and more than 1,000 units of military hardware will be hosted for about a month in Kapustin Yar, some 280 miles east of the Ukrainian border. The exercise by Russia’s Western Military District, according to a report from RIA Novosti, will culminate with live-firing drills and deployment of air defense systems. “It is for the first time that all air defense units from the district, including coastal defenses of the Northern Fleet, have gathered in one place,” district spokesman Col. Oleg Kochetkov said, adding that the drills were part of regular training cycles. “It is the largest-ever exercise held by air defense units of the Western Military District.” MORE

Jon Numbers show increase in Labor Force for February

The job market picked up more than expected in February, led by strong hiring in professional and business services. The U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs last month, an improvement from January and ahead of economists’ expectations. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7%, from 6.6% the prior month as more Americans joined the labor force. Both numbers were reported by the Department of Labor on Friday morning.  Prior to December, the economy had been adding an average of 205,000 jobs each month. Economists are hoping job growth will return to that level in the spring. The professional and business services industries, which include accountants, lawyers and architects for example, added 79,000 jobs last month. CNN MONEY

UPDATE: Pregnant woman spoke of demons before driving into ocean, police say

Volusia County authorities said the pregnant mother who drove a van with her three children into the ocean off Daytona Beach spoke of “demons” before the incident. Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said Thursday that the woman, identified as 32-year-old Ebony Wilkerson, of South Carolina, was still in the hospital undergoing a mental evaluation and had not yet been questioned by police. Wilkerson was being evaluated under the Baker Act, a law that allows authorities to involuntarily take people into custody if they seem to be a threat to themselves. On Wednesday, Johnson said Daytona Beach police spoke to Wilkerson hours before the incident after a family member contacted them out of concern that Wilkerson was talking about “demons.” “I tried to take her to the hospital yesterday and she signed herself out today,” Willkerson’s sister said in the 911 call. “She is doing a little bit better, but she is still not all here. But she is trying to drive and I’m trying to stop her and she has her kids and I took her keys.” MORE

DAYS OF LOT – San Francisco gay rights advocate sentenced for child porn

Veteran gay rights advocate and former San Francisco Human Rights Commission staff member Larry Brinkin was sentenced to one year in county jail Wednesday for possessing child pornography. As part of a plea agreement, Brinkin, 67, will serve six months of his sentence in county jail and six months in home detention, the district attorney’s office said. He will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Brinkin, who worked as a senior contract compliance officer with the rights commission until his 2010 retirement, was arrested in June 2012 after e-mail attachments were found on his AOL subscriber’s account that contained images of toddlers engaged in sex acts with men. MORE

Researchers are warning that Malaria is ‘Spreading to new Altitudes’

Warmer temperatures are causing malaria to spread to higher altitudes, a study suggests. Researchers have found that people living in the highlands of Africa and South America are at an increased risk of catching the mosquito-borne disease during hotter years. They believe that temperature rises in the future could result in millions of additional cases in some areas. The research is published in the journal Science. Prof Mercedes Pascual, from the University of Michigan in the US, who carried out the research, said: “The impact in terms of increasing the risk of exposure to disease is very large.” MORE

A UFO enthusiast has claimed that a mountain in southern Taiwan may be inhabited by aliens after a number of sightings in the area, while an unusual giant face can also be seen etched into the side of the mountain. On his blog UFO Sighting Daily, Scott C Waring said that he saw the face first hand after driving with his wife and son along Provincial Highway 1 near Fangshan in southern Taiwan. His wife, Jennifer Chen, had previously told him of the unusual rock formation and they stopped to survey the area. Waring took photos using his wife’s smartphone, later uploading several of the images along with videos said to be of aliens sighted near the region on his blog. MORE

400-mile stretch of Texas now without an abortion clinic

AUSTIN, Texas – The last abortion clinic in the vast, impoverished Rio Grande Valley closed Thursday, along with the sole remaining clinic in the 400-mile stretch between Houston and the Louisiana border, posing a tall obstacle to women seeking to end pregnancies across a wide swath of the nation’s second-largest state. The closures in McAllen and Beaumont bring to 19 the number of clinics that have shut down since Texas lawmakers adopted tough new abortion restrictions last summer. Twenty-four clinics remain to serve a population of 26 million women, and more closures could happen after additional restrictions take effect later this year. MORE

NRA executive slams media as dishonest and liars

National Rifle Association executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre took on the media and Washington politicians in a fiery address at the Conservative Political Action Committee Thursday afternoon. “Rather than expose government dishonesty and scandal like they used to, the media elite white-wash it all. Move on they tell us, there is nothing to see here, don’t worry about it, move on. One of America’s greatest threats is a national news media that fails to provide a level playing field for the truth.” He lamented that the news media has turned into a ratings game that is more entertainment and sensationalism than informative journalism. MORE



Fukushima radiation will reach California and Hawaii

According to a scientific model developed by Vincent Rossi, a post-doctoral research associate at the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems in Spain, traces of Fukushima’s radiation will reach Alaska and coastal Canada first. This will happen because of the trajectory of the powerful Kuroshio Current that flows from Japan across the Pacific. The plume will continue to circulate down the coast of North America and back towards Hawaii. The concentration of contaminants is expected to be well below limits set by the US EPA for cesium-137 in drinking water (7,400 Bq/m3) or even the highest level recorded in the Baltic Sea after Chernobyl (1,000 Bq/m3). ”The reason why we see such low levels of radiation in these samples is because the plume is not here yet. But it’s coming. And we’ll actually be able to see its arrival,” says Ken Buesseler, marine chemist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). MORE

Calififornia could be in for Century-Long “MegaDrought”

view-climate-droughtGovernment forecasters predicted Thursday that the weather system known as El Nino could return this year. It could bring much-needed rain to the West. Ninety-five percent of California is in drought, and some scientists are now warning of a megadrought. Scientist Lynn Ingram uses sediment cores inside tubes to study the history of drought in the West. ”We’ve taken this record back about 3,000 years,” Ingram says. That record shows California is in one of its driest periods since 1580. While a three-to-five-year drought is often thought of as being a long drought, Ingram says history shows they can be much longer. ”If we go back several thousand years, we’ve seen that droughts can last over a decade, and in some cases, they can last over a century,” she says. MORE


Cars swallowed by North Idaho sinkhole

HAYDEN LAKE, Idaho — Several people were injured early Thursday after driving their cars into a gaping hole on a washed-out road in North Idaho. It happened around 3 a.m. on Rimrock Road at York Court, near Hayden Lake. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office found two people had driven their cars into the large gap in the road that spanned about 10 ft. across and 8 ft. deep. Clifton C. McMahon, 24, was headed southbound on the road when he drove into the gap, according to sheriff’s deputies.  Melissa Ehrmantraut, 31, and passenger Anthony Moreno, 47, then slammed into the hole as they travelled northbound on the road.  All three were transported to Kootenai Health and Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries. MORE

Bright meteor flies over New Mexico, Rattles Homes

Some lucky New Mexico stargazers spotted a bright fireball in the sky just after midnight on Thursday.
Initial reports of the meteor sighting were posted on the blog, Lunar Meteorite Hunters. A KOB Eyewitness News 4 viewer submitted video captured on the All Sky Camera located near San Francisco and Wyoming in Albuquerque. In less than five seconds, the fireball lights up the sky and disappears.
Sandia National Laboratories confirmed this meteor is considered a “fireball” since it burned brighter than Venus in the sky. MORE


Mysterious Blast Lights Up Sky Over Eastern Siberia

An explosion of unclear origin illuminated the sky over eastern Siberia on Thursday morning, leaving frightened locals to speculate about an asteroid or malfunctioning rocketry, media reports said. The blast, for which no official explanation has been offered, was witnessed by the population of the Kyrgydai village in Russia’s Yakutia region, the Vesti14.ru news website said. Two extremely grainy videos from surveillance cameras documenting the alleged blast – or at least a bright flash in the sky – are available on YouTube. MORE


UPDATE: Singapore police probe ‘unnatural’ death of American CEO of bitcoin trader

Police are investigating the death of the 28-year-old American boss of a Bitcoin exchange found dead at the base of a Singapore apartment block. They say Autumn Radtke’s death – the latest misfortune linked with the troubled virtual currency – appears “unnatural”. Police in the city state do not expect foul play. The term “unnatural death” is used to refer to suspected suicides and other deaths not due to natural causes like an illness. Radtke, chief executive of Singapore-based First Meta, was found dead on February 26. A local technology website initially reported that she may have committed suicide, but later updated its report to say it was “unclear” how she died. MORE

Russia wants IMF to move ahead on reforms without U.S.

Russian officials are pushing for the International Monetary Fund to move ahead with planned reforms without the United States, which could mean the loss of the U.S. veto over major decisions at the global lender, sources said. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov brought up the idea at a meeting of top finance officials from the Group of 20 nations in Sydney late last month, two G20 sources told Reuters this week. The failure of the U.S. Congress to approve IMF funding has held up reforms agreed in 2010 that would double the Fund’s resources and give more say to emerging markets like China. The United States is the only country that holds a controlling share of IMF votes, meaning its approval is necessary for any major decision to go forward. MORE


BREAKING NEWS: Russian soldiers training in Canada given 24 hours to leave country

Nine Russian soldiers who were participating in military exercises in Canada have been expelled from the country, as Ottawa continues to denounce Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, CTV News has learned. A government source confirmed that the soldiers were informed Thursday afternoon that they had 24 hours to leave Canada. Six of the soldiers were in Saint-Jean, Que., where they were leaning English and French. Another two soldiers were participating in a training program at CFB Gagetown, and the ninth soldier was teaching Canadian soldiers Russian in Gatineau, Que. MORE


DEVELOPING: Possible New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site

Just two days day after the Obama administration proposed to cut millions of dollars in funding to clean up the infamous Hanford nuclear site in Washington state, the Energy Department said Thursday that one of the location’s oldest storage tanks may have sprung another leak. The Energy Department’s contractor overseeing operations at Hanford — which houses millions of gallons of radioactive waste and is considered one of the most contaminated sites in the United States and possibly on Earth — notified its Office of River Protection of the possible leak Wednesday, the Energy Department confirmed Thursday.MORE

George Soros: A Threat to Evangelical Christian Support for Israel?

For well over a century, Christian Zionists have been steadfast in their support for a Jewish homeland. Emerging from this movement, evangelical Christians have served as the foundation of Christian Zionism due to a number of theological, moral and political reasons. At the same time, there is a growing movement of mainline Protestants who are critical of Israel. With the support of anti-Israel Palestinian groups and nongovernmental organizations funded by liberal philanthropists like George Soros, some are seeking to sway evangelicals away from support for Israel. Can Israel and the Jewish community take evangelical support for granted, or will evangelicals follow the path of mainline Protestant groups in their growing criticism of the Jewish state? MORE

Turkey’s embattled prime minister warned on Thursday that his government could ban websites such as YouTube and Facebook after a raft of online leaks added momentum to a spiraling corruption scandal, reported AFP. ”There are new steps we will take in that sphere after March 30… including a ban (on YouTube, Facebook),” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as having told private ATV television in an interview. Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has come under mounting pressure since last week, when audio recordings were leaked in which Erdogan and his son allegedly discuss how to hide vast sums of money. MORE

Susan Rice to Visit Israel in May

A month after she blasted Israel for criticizing Secretary of State John Kerry, the White House announced Wednesday that U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice will travel to Israel in May. AFP reported that Rice will head an American delegation for wide-ranging bilateral talks. The announcement came two days after President Barack Obama met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House. ”President Obama has asked National Security Adviser Susan Rice to travel to Israel in May to lead the U.S. delegation to the U.S.-Israel Consultative Group,” a White House statement quoted by AFP said. MORE

Obama And Putin Are Trapped In A Macho Game Of “Chicken” And The Whole World Could Pay The Price

The U.S. government and the Russian government have both been forced into positions where neither one of them can afford to back down.  If Barack Obama backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being “weak” and for having been beaten by Vladimir Putin once again.  If Putin backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being “weak” and for abandoning the Russians that live in Crimea.  In essence, Obama and Putin find themselves trapped in a macho game of “chicken” and critics on both sides stand ready to pounce on the one who backs down.  But this is not just an innocent game of “chicken” from a fifties movie.  This is the real deal, and if nobody backs down the entire world will pay the price. MORE

Atheists Continue Battle Against Steel Cross Display Inside 9/11 Museum

Atheist activists are continuing their battle against the inclusion of a steel-shaped cross in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, giving a legal complaint against the Christian symbol another shot in front of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday. American Atheists, an activist group committed to church-state separatism, has long fought the presence of the symbol, which was formed by steel beams and discovered at the World Trade Center site in the wake of the terror attack. David Silverman, the organization’s president, has argued in the past that the cross was included in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum for religious purposes and that it should not be displayed. Now, his case — American Atheists, Inc., et al. v. Port Authority of New York et al. — will, once again, be considered. MORE

Egypt ban could push Hamas into new fight with Israel

An Egyptian court ban on Hamas activities could push the increasingly isolated Palestinian Islamist movement into another battle with Israel, analysts say. The latest move marked a further deterioration in ties between Egypt and Hamas, which has close links to the Muslim Brotherhood of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and is now the target of a sweeping crackdown by the military-installed government. Since Morsi’s overthrow, the Egyptian authorities have destroyed hundreds of tunnels along the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip which had been used to bring in fuel and construction materials, as well as weapons and ammunition. MORE

Stunning NASA Image Catches A Volcanic Explosion On Jupiter’s Moon

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zipped past Jupiter and caught this image of Io, the planet’s third-largest moon, as a volcano was erupting on the surface. The plume emanating from the Tvashtar volcano is 200 miles high. The image was created by NASA’s Visualization Explorer and we saw it tweeted by Katie Mack (@astrokatie). Here’s NASA’s description of the image: Locked in a perpetual tug of war between the imposing gravity of Jupiter and the smaller, consistent pulls of its neighboring moons, Io’s distorted orbit causes it to flex as it swoops around the gas giant. The stretching causes friction and intense heat in Io’s interior, sparking massive eruptions across its surface. MORE

Bus-Size Asteroid Gives Earth Super-Close Shave Today, Second in 2 Days

Asteroid 2014 EC has zipped by Earth during its super-close flyby on Thursday (March 6). It was actually the third close flyby of an asteroid inside the orbit of the moon in the last two days, according to NASA. See our full story: Small Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave, 3rd in 2 Days For the second day in a row, a space rock is going to zip close by Earth within the orbit of the moon, and you can watch the encounter live online. The 33-foot-wide (10 meters) near-Earth asteroid 2014 EC will come within 38,000 miles (62,000 kilometers) of Earth’s surface at 4:30 p.m. ET (2130 GMT) Thursday (March 6), NASA officials said. That’s just 16 percent of the distance between our planet and the moon, which is about 239,000 miles (385,000 km) on average. You can see a video of asteroid 2014 EC’s orbit arount the sun here.MORE


GOOGLE Glass app knows what emotion you’re feeling.

After raising a $6 million series B round, facial recognition company Emotient will open a private beta for a Google Glass app that detects users emotions in real time. Venture-capital firm Handbag led the financing, which closed in December but was announced Thursday, bringing the total amount raised to $8 million. Emotient’s technology works by detecting subtle pattern changes in a person’s face. The software, which can be used to measure emotion in individuals and crowds, can tell if a person is feeling positive or negative overall and zero in on more specific emotions, such as joy, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust, and contempt.  MORE

Great Lakes’ ice cover could lead to flooding, chillier spring

Like a boxer who knocked his rival to the mat and who then gets down on his knees to keep pummeling the poor guy, the wicked winter of 2014 may not be done with us yet. Federal officials Wednesday marveled at the size of the ice sheet that as of this week covered 91 percent of the Great Lakes. That ice cover could produce problems long into the spring. A fast melt could produce ice jams in rivers and streams that in turn cause flooding, said George A. Leshkevich, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. MORE









Malaysia opposition chief convicted of sodomy


BREAKING NEWS : Russian Troops Storm Air Force Base In Sevastopol, Ukraine, in Crimean region



Cuba To Start A Dialogue With EU To Restore Ties

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