“Apocalyptic” 100 Year Flood Hits Christchurch New Zealand/MALAYSIAN airplane crashed with 239 people in it/Sides Being Drawn! Saudi Arabia and Qatar Declare War on Iraq!/Venezuela accused of using brutal force and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Radical group ‘aims to convert’ UK schools to strict Islam

Birmingham City Council is investigating allegations that a group of radical Muslims is trying to oust head teachers and secretly turn schools into Muslim academies based on Salafi Islam principles, British media reported. A letter passed to Birmingham City Council outlines a plan dubbed ‘Operation Trojan Horse,’ aimed at taking over at least four schools in areas of the city with large Muslim populations In the plan, hardline parents were to rebel against head teachers; they would claim the schools were corrupting their children “with sex education, teaching them about homosexuals, making their children pray Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports,” the Guardian reported. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Stolen Passports Prompt Terror Concerns in Missing Jet

US. officials told NBC News on Saturday that they are investigating terrorism concerns after revelations that two people apparently boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner with stolen passports. The officials said that they had found no clear link to terrorism. There are other criminal reasons, for example drug smuggling, that stolen passports might be used to board a plane. Two names on the passenger manifest of the plane, Malaysia Flight 370, matched passports reported stolen in Thailand, one from an Italian man and the other from an Austrian man, according to foreign governments and NBC News sources. The news, hours after the jet disappeared over the South China Sea with 239 people on board, significantly changed how U.S. officials looked at the disaster. The officials said they were checking into passenger manifests and going back through intelligence. MORE

WAR DRUMS: Hostilities flare in Crimea, U.S. steps up pressure on Russia

Hostilities intensified in Crimea on Saturday as Ukrainian officials accused pro-Russian forces of armed aggression and President Barack Obama rounded up world leaders to demand Russia “de-escalate the situation.” Obama called British, French and Italian leaders and hosted a conference call with the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the White House said. ”All of the leaders agreed on the need for Russia to pull its military forces back to their bases, allow for the deployment of international observers and human rights monitors to the Crimean peninsula, and agree quickly on the formation of a contact group that could lead to direct dialogue between Ukraine and Russia to de-escalate the situation and restore Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” a White House statement said.
They also rejected a proposed referendum in Crimea on whether it should rejoin Russia “as a violation of Ukraine’s constitution,” the White House said. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Russia may halt (START) strategic weapons inspections, revert to Cold War tactics

Russia ratcheted up international tensions over Ukraine by a big notch Saturday, March 8, the day after mobilizing air and coastal defenses for a large-scale month-long drill to prevent the disruption of the May 16 Crimean referendum. The defense ministry in Moscow announced: “Russia is considering halting foreign inspections of its strategic weapons arsenal, including nuclear-capable missiles, in response to “threats” from the United States and NATO over the Ukraine crisis. Lines of tanks were seen Saturday heading from Russian bases towards Crimea. A high-ranking defense ministry official in Moscow, who was not named, released this statement to all Russian news agencies: “The unfounded threats towards Russia from the United States and NATO over its policy on Ukraine are seen by us as an unfriendly gesture that allows the declaration of force majeure circumstances.” By this statement, Moscow announces that due to “force majeure circumstances” it no longer feels bound by its commitment to international inspections under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with the United States and the Vienna Document between Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) member states. MORE

Kerry urges US envoys to make ‘climate change’ priority…

US Secretary of State John Kerry has called on American ambassadors around the world to make the fight against climate change a top priority ahead of new UN talks next year. In his first department-wide policy guidance statement since taking office a year ago, he told his 70,000 staff: “The environment has been one of the central causes of my life.” ”Protecting our environment and meeting the challenge of global climate change is a critical mission for me as our country’s top diplomat,” Kerry said in the letter issued on Friday to all 275 US embassies and across the State Department. ”It’s also a critical mission for all of you: our brave men and women on the frontlines of direct diplomacy,” he added in the document seen by AFP. MORE

This HD Video From Space Is Going To Change The World

This imagery is from the world’s first commercially available, daily HD video satellite system. The footage, from Skybox Imaging’s SkySat-1 micro-satellite, is as mesmerizing as the implications are powerful. In a blog post this week, John Clark of SkyBox wrote: Businesses can, for the first time, monitor a network of globally distributed assets with full-motion snapshots without needing to deploy an aircraft or field team. The movement captured in these short video windows, up to 90 seconds in length, yields unique insights that improve operational decisions. The U.S. company’s vision is to “leverage timely satellite data to provide insight into daily global activity.” MORE


Police Handcuff and Arrest Pastors in Front of Terrified Church Congregants, But…

When three Ohio pastors were taken from their pulpits and arrested by local authorities for “defending the faith” over the weekend, parishioners were confused, concerned — and terrified. Then, viral video of the “arrests” led to public anger. But there was one major problem: the scenarios were staged. The preachers featured in the video — all from the Akron, Ohio, area — had reportedly asked local officers to help them put together a video to help advertise a drama they will soon perform at the Akron Civic Center titled “Defending the Faith,” the Associated Press reported.MORE


A federal judge in Maryland has ruled that a county can’t force pro-life pregnancy centers that offer advice, diapers and other help to moms-to-be to post a sign advising women to go to another clinic for help. The push for the mandatory signs came from the county, which adopted the demands of pro-abortion interests such as the National Abortion Rights Action League as its own. But as U.S. District Judge Deborah Chase now found, there simply was no evidence that such signs were needed. “Even assuming … that [pro-life] centers are presenting themselves as medical providers and thus pregnant women are accepting their misinformation as sound medical advice, the county must still demonstrate the next supposition on the logical chain: that these practices are having the effect of harming the health of pregnant women,” the judge wrote Friday in banning the county from imposing its signage requirement. MORE

App controlled stun gun drone zaps with 80,000 volt dart.

A Texas firm has revealed a personal security drone with a stun gun capable of unleashing 80,000 volts. The firm showed off the drone in a series of shocking demonstrations bringing a volunteer to the ground. It says the drone uses a smart app to track intruders, and once it had received the go ahead from a human operator, it fires taser darts and unleashes 80,000 volts.  The Drone was created by web firm Chaotic Moon studios, which has previously created a pizza ordering table and a series of hit apps for clients. Called Cupid which stands for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, the security product was revealed today at the SXSW Festival in Austin as a concept for the future of security. Although the drone is a concept, the firm said it worked with a specially designed app. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Iranian arms vessel captured by IDF docks in Eilat

Israel Navy ships brought a commercial vessel found to be carrying powerful Iranian rockets to Eilat port on Saturday evening. The IDF will now launch a close inspection of the ship and study the weapons on board, which were destined for the Gaza Strip. Three days after being raided by the navy in the Red Sea, some 150 kilometers from Port Sudan and 1500 kilometers from Israeli shores, the Klos-C ship docked at Eilat port on Saturday. It was accompanied by two missile ships, the INS Hetz and INS Hanit, and naval commandos from the elite Flotilla 13 Unit. The Klos-C had sailed under a Panamanian flag, but it pulled into Eilat with the Israeli and Israel Navy flags flying from its masts instead. The IDF will carefully unload crates containing dozens of Syrian-produced M-302 rockets, and search the vessel for any additional weapons. MORE

Average Wage Growth Slowest in 5 years

Friday’s report from the Labor Department that the economy added 175,000 jobs in February was better than economists expected. After two very weak reports in December and January, expectations had been lowered for job creation in the month. While the overall number of jobs added was good news, details in the report give caution for future job growth. For the month, average weekly wages grew at their slowest pace in 5 years, suggesting no real future growth in the economy. Average weekly earnings for production and non-supervisory employees actually fell in the month to $682.65 from just over $683 in January. For all employees, average weekly earnings inched up about 60 cents to $831.40. Those earnings are up just 1.3% since last February, the slowest annual growth since the recovery began in 2009. MORE

Economist Warns of Collapse Risk: “Will Not Allow Life to Continue As We Know It”

Earlier this week we noted that an invasion of the Ukraine by Vladimir Putin would likely lead to a complete destruction of U.S. stock markets. It’s not so much the invasion force itself, but rather, the economic maneuvers that would come with it should Russia take this course of action. Well known economist and founder of the Shadow Stats web site John Williams seems to agree. If Russia were to begin unloading US Dollars it would almost instantly lead to a collapse of not only our financial markets, but our entire way of life. And while Russia alone may not have the economic power to single-handedly crush the U.S. economy, if their trading partners and allies like China got into the mix, coupled with front-running investors who may suspect the move is about to happen, it could well be a blood bath on a global scale. MORE


DAYS OF LOT – CPAC Chairs: We Totally Include Gay People And Women

The Conservative Political Action Conference has no problems with gay rights groups or women, according to Al Cardenas, chair of the group that hosts the annual gathering. In recent years, gay rights groups have complained about being shut out of CPAC. Media also have pointed out that only three of the featured speakers at this year’s conference were women. Cardenas, chair of conference sponsor American Conservative Union, on Friday denied both charges. On the subject of gay rights, he told reporters that reports of friction between CPAC and gay conservative leaders were false. MORE

US State Department: Recognition of ‘Jewish state’ not a precondition to peace talks

The US State Department affirmed on Friday that the US recognizes Israel as a “Jewish state” but that this is not a precondition in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The statement was in response to questions regarding the department’s position on comments made by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the Palestinian Authority must recognize Israel as a Jewish state, something that its chairman, President Mahmoud Abbas, said that he was unwilling to do. Prime Minister Netanyahu made his position clear at AIPAC’s annual convention on Tuesday where he publicly posed the demand to Abbas saying, “Abbas must recognize the Jewish state,” and “in doing so, you’d be telling the Palestinians that, while we have a territorial dispute, the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own is beyond dispute.” MORE

Expecting the worst: Families await news of missing Malaysian airliner

Nobody knows exactly what happened to a Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared Saturday, but families of the 239 people on board are waiting and expecting the worst. Air traffic controllers lost track of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 not long after it left Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, on its way to Beijing. More than half the passengers were Chinese nationals. ”We have no idea where this aircraft is right now,” Malaysia Airlines Vice President of Operations Control Fuad Sharuji said on CNN’s “AC360.” There’s even confusion about where the plane might have gone down. Vietnamese and Chinese state media, both citing Vietnam’s military, reported the plane crashed off the southern coast of Vietnam. MORE

Netanyahu says peace deal would leave some settlements in Palestine

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday raised the possibility that some Jewish settlements would remain under Palestinian sovereignty if the two sides struck a peace deal. ”It is clear that some of the settlements will not be part of a (peace) deal,” Netanyahu, wrapping up a visit to the United States, told Israeli television. ”I will not abandon anyone. I will not leave any Israeli unprotected,” he added when asked if some West Bank areas with settlements would form part of a future Palestinian state. The prime minister reiterated that peace with the Palestinians hinged on their recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and ruled out concessions on annexed east Jerusalem where the Palestinians want to set up their future capital. MORE

China declared a “red line” on North Korea on Saturday, saying that China will not permit chaos or war on the Korean peninsula, and that peace can only come through denuclearization. China is North Korea’s most important diplomatic and economic supporter, though Beijing’s patience with Pyongyang has been severely tested following three nuclear tests and numerous bouts of saber rattling, including missile launches. ”The Korean peninsula is right on China’s doorstep. We have a red line, that is, we will not allow war or instability on the Korean peninsula,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters on the sidelines of China’s annual largely rubber-stamp parliament.MORE

Cyber Snake plagues Ukraine networks

An aggressive cyber weapon called Snake has infected dozens of Ukrainian computer networks including government systems in one of the most sophisticated attacks of recent years. Also known as Ouroboros, after the serpent of Greek mythology that swallowed its own tail, experts say it is comparable in its complexity with Stuxnet, the malware that was found to have disrupted Iran’s uranium enrichment programme in 2010. The cyber weapon has been deployed most aggressively since the start of last year ahead of protests that climaxed two weeks ago with the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich’s government. Ouroboros gives its operators unfettered access to networks for surveillance purposes. But it can also act as a highly advanced “digital beachhead” that could destroy computer networks with wide-ranging repercussions for the public. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

A passenger flight carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is missing and would likely have run out of fuel, Malaysia Airlines said Saturday. ”At the moment we have no idea where this aircraft is right now,” Malaysia Airlines Vice President of Operations Control Fuad Sharuji said on CNN’s “AC360.” Subang Air Traffic Control lost contact with Flight MH370 at about 2:40 a.m. local time (1:40 p.m. ET Friday), Sharuji said. ”We tried to call this aircraft through various means,” he said. The Boeing 777-200 departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12:41 a.m. and was expected to land in Beijing at 6:30 a.m., a 2,300-mile (3,700 kilometer) trip. It was carrying 227 passengers, two of them infants, and 12 crew members, the airline said. MORE

harvest army






Libya threatens North Korean tanker over seized oil

Denmark worst in EU for violence on women

Japan attempts to revive nuclear ghost town

Venezuela accused of using brutal force



Canadian Oil Shipped, But Not Food Bumper Crops: Government Imposes Fines



Russia May Suspend Nuclear Arms Inspections With US: START Treaty



Russian Troops Fired Warning Shots At Convoy of 40 International Observers In Crimea


ALERT: Did North Korea Shoot Down Malaysian Airline Aircraft?



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