Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade Claims Resposibility for Flight 370, But Give No Details!/U.N. ‘behind plan for overseers for all kids’/Libya Allegedly Fired Missile That Blasted North Korean Oil Tanker!/DHS Building A Domestic Military Force- 13,000 MRAPS to Roll Out Across America!/Christians ordered to teach Wiccan, pagan rites and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Christians ordered to teach Wiccan, pagan rites

A dispute over whether government can require Catholic schools to teach Wiccan and pagan rites as equal to the Ten Commandments and the resurrection of Jesus is heading to Canada’s highest court.  “Faith-based educational institutions should be free to live and operate according to the faith they teach and espouse,” said Gerald Chipeur, Q.C., of the Canadian firm Miller Thompson LLP. “If the government can force Loyola High School to violate its faith, then the government can do the same to others,” said Chipeur, a  lawyer affiliated with the Alliance Defending Freedom. The battle is over a government program adopted in Quebec in 2008 called “Ethics and Religious Culture” that is mandatory for all public and private schools. It presents all religions, from Christianity to Wiccan, “as equally valid” and requires schools to teach the beliefs in that fashion. MORE

US General Warns America Must Take Out Iran

The interim agreement between Iran and Western powers last November is a “farce,” according to Lieutenant General (ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin. The former senior military official warned that the US has only one option left — to take out Iran’s nuclear program militarily. Boykin ended his successful 36 year career in the US military, highlighted by 13 years in the Delta Force and other special ops units, as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush from 2002 to 2007. Under the current interim agreement, which is criticized as giving Iran a free pass to continue its nuclear program, Boykin argues the US must either accept a nuclear Iran, or else lead a military effort to “take it out.” MORE



The issue of same-sex marriage and gay families marching through American institutions is also marching through the Republican Party, at least among the youngest numbers of Republicans A new poll from the Pew Research Center reports that only 39% of Republicans overall support same-sex marriage; however, the youngest generation, the so-called Millennials aged 18-29, support same-sex marriage by 61%. The Millennials are the only GOP cohort to show majority support for same-sex marriage. Their older siblings in Generation X (30-49) support it by only 43%. Their baby boom parents (50-64) support it by even less at 30%, and their Silent Generation grandparents (65+) show only 22% support for the issue. All this leaves open the possibility that Republican opposition to same-sex marriage may fade with time. MORE

Following above-normal warmth early this week, temperatures will plummet dramatically across the I-95 corridor of the Northeast on Wednesday night. Such drastic temperature drops will set the stage for a rapid freeze-up on roadways and promote conditions conducive for pothole development and even water main breaks. Temperatures will plummet by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 24 hours along the I-95 corridor from New York City and Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. Following Wednesday, highs in the upper 50s in New York City, upper 60s in Philadelphia and low 70s in Washington, D.C., lows will drop into the 20s in these major cities on Wednesday night. MORE

Are Robots About to Take Our Jobs?

Robots have been eliciting some strong feelings lately, an irony that is surely lost on them. Economists warn that the amazing technological strides made in recent years—everything from smartphones, to automatons that can work safely on shop floors alongside humans, to driverless cars—could soon put large swaths of the workforce out of a job. ”We are at an inflection point,” MIT researchers Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee assert in their new book,The Second Machine Age. ”The key building blocks are already in place for digital technologies to be as important and transformational to society and the economy as the steam engine,” the authors say. The technological strides of the past few decades have contributed to the nation’s rising income inequality, they argue, because only a small group of people tends to benefit income-wise from inventing the next iPhone or tax-preparation software. And Brynjolfsson and McAfee believe the biggest labor-market effects have yet to be felt. A separate 2013 study by Oxford University researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne might give a taste of what’s to come; Frey and Osborne say that nearly half of American jobs are at “high risk” of being taken over by robots in the next decade or two. Economists take this idea seriously, and it has a number of policy implications, particularly when it comes to higher education. MORE

Parents are warned phone addiction could damage bond with their child

Parents are constantly being told to restrict the amount of time their children spend using phones and other gadgets – but their own technology habits could be equally as damaging. Researchers from Boston Medical Centre studied a total of 55 caregivers, predominantly parents, while they ate in a fast food restaurant with their children. They found that one in three parents used their phones almost continuously during the meals – and previous research has found a lack of eye contact and interaction with children can reduce the bond with that child. MORE

‘The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived’ Is A Charming Children’s Fairytale With A Gay Twist

o-THE-BRAVEST-KNIGHT-570DAYS OF LOT -The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived has all the staples of an ordinary fairytale — a brave hero, a wily villain, a roaring dragon and a dreamy setting — but this story ends with a gay twist. The fairytale, written by Daniel Errico and illustrated by Mo Qovaizi, tells of Cedric, a precocious little boy who lives on a pumpkin farm and grows up to become a knight. After conquering a fire-breathing dragon and saving the prince and princess, he is honored by the king and queen. But when the princess wants his hand in marriage, Cedric reveals he is in love with the prince. MORE

Obama NSA Nominee Defends Mass Surveillance Of Americans

The president’s “reforms” of the NSA continue apace, as his pick to become the new head of the agency today defended mass spying on Americans, saying it is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. Responding to questions from Senators, Vice Admiral Michael Rogers stated that it is imperative that the NSA have access to vast amounts of metadata, in order that the government can keep Americans safe. Rogers argued that section 215 of the Patriot Act should remain intact and the spooks should not be hindered from using it to justify mass surveillance. “The telephone metadata program under Section 215 was designed to map the communications of terrorists so we can see who they may be in contact with as quickly as possible,” Rogers said. MORE

DEVELOPING: BOEING warned of computer takeover of 777.

These special conditions are issued for the Boeing Model 777-200, -300, and -300ER series airplanes. These airplanes, as modified by the Boeing Company, will have novel or unusual design features associated with the architecture and connectivity of the passenger service computer network systems to the airplane critical systems and data networks. This onboard network system will be composed of a network file server, a network extension device, and additional interfaces configured by customer option. The applicable airworthiness regulations do not contain adequate or appropriate safety standards for this design feature. These special conditions contain the additional safety standards that the Administrator considers necessary to establish a level of safety equivalent to that established by the existing airworthiness standards. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Did China Capture Malaysian Flight for Valuable Cargo?

The Latest info coming out now is the missing Malaysian Airliner was last detected hundreds of Miles off Course and near a tiny island in the Straits of Malacca. Cell phones are still ringing with no answer and more information is coming out including that 20 Passengers, 12 From Malaysia and 8 From China all worked for a company called Freescale Semiconductor. Was this plane carrying precious cargo fr advanced weapons technology that another Nation desired?

“Homeland Security” Snipers Terrorize Confused Residents During Raid.

Department of Homeland Security snipers trained their weapons on frightened residents during a raid on a nearby apartment in East Williamsburg, with neighbors complaining of how they were “utterly confused and frankly terrorized” during the incident. The combined federal/NYPD drugs bust started in the early hours of Sunday morning when a low flying helicopter startled East Williamsburg and Bushwick residents, before streets were blocked off, preventing people from going home. “Witnesses spotted a big Department of Homeland Security truck as well as DHS agents toting machine guns as they raided 221 Devoe Street,” reports the Gothamist. While the raid unfolded, DHS snipers aimed their guns at residents in nearby buildings, causing panic and confusion. “I literally had a flashlight-gun pointed at me from a sniper on top of the black armored truck the first time I opened our window to see what was going on,” said one neighbor. MORE

Russian Paratroopers Hold Massive Drills as Crimea Vote Nears

An airborne division based in central Russia began large-scale exercises Tuesday against the backdrop of an ongoing political and security crisis in Ukraine. The Defense Ministry said units of the 98th Guards Airborne Division, based in Ivanovo, a city east of Moscow, were put on high alert and moved to unspecified locations to “check readiness” in simulated combat conditions. Four thousand troops, 36 military transport aircraft and an unspecified number of combat vehicles are taking part in the exercises, which will run until March 14. The drills will include a massive simultaneous paradrop involving 3,500 servicemen, the ministry said. MORE

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade’ claims responsibility for flight MH370

A group that calls itself the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade has claimed responsibility for crashing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which remains missing after losing contact with ground control at 1:20am on Saturday en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The previously unheard-of group sent a PDF statement to various journalists in China on March 9, saying, “You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as payback.” The group asserts two motives for the alleged terrorist attack. The first is to retaliate against the Malaysian government for “cruel persecution,” though no further details were provided. The second is to respond to the Chinese government for its persecution of the Uyghur ethnic minority, which has been blamed by Beijing for a slate of terror attacks in the last few years. The most recent incidents include several organized assaults on police stations in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, a jeep crash in Beijing’s crowded Tiananmen Square, and a mass stabbing in the Yunnan capital of Kunming this month that left at least 33 people dead. MORE


Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 begins to demand supernatural explanations

As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to absolutely baffle investigators, explanations for what might have happened to the flight have entered the realm of the supernatural. Astonishingly, the Washington Post is now reporting that smartphones of some passengers who boarded the flight are still active and connected to the ‘net even though the plane they were on has vanished. As WashPost reports: One of the most eerie rumors came after a few relatives said they were able to call the cellphones of their loved ones or find them on a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ that indicated that their phones were still somehow online. A migrant worker in the room said that several other workers from his company were on the plane, including his brother-in-law. Among them, the QQ accounts of three still showed that they were online, he said Sunday afternoon. Adding to the mystery, other relatives in the room said that when they dialed some passengers’ numbers, they seemed to get ringing tones on the other side even though the calls were not picked up. MORE

Interpol ‘inclined to conclude’ Malaysia Airlines disappearance “Not Terrorism”

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 does not appear to be related to terrorism, the head of the international police organization Interpol said Tuesday. ”The more information we get, the more we’re inclined to conclude that it was not a terrorist incident” Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said at a news conference in Lyon, France. Among the evidence pointing in that direction, he said: news from Malaysian authorities that one of two people said to be traveling on stolen passports, an Iranian, was trying to travel to his mother in Germany. Further, there’s no evidence to suggest either was connected to any terrorist organizations, according to Malaysian investigators. The two passengers in question entered Malaysia using valid Iranian passports, Noble said at a news conference. But they used stolen Austrian and Italian passports to board the missing Malaysian plane, he said. MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Honey Maid’s Take on Wholesome Families Includes Gay Couple

A nearly 90-year-old graham cracker brand is defining “wholesome” with a new campaign featuring interracial and gay couples, a tattooed punk rock musician and a single father.  Honey Maid, which is owned by Mondelez International, debuted the campaign today on TV shows including ABC’s “The View.” The ads are the latest example of mainstream marketers attempting to infuse more diversity into their advertising, as Ad Age outlined today in a story about the new faces of advertising. The Honey Maid ads show what the brand describes as “real-life stories,” including Jason and Tim, a couple raising two sons. Agencies on the campaign include Droga5, New York, for creative and digital; Mediavest for media buying; and Weber Shandwick for PR. MORE

Malaysia military tracked missing plane to west coast

Malaysia’s military believes a jetliner missing for almost four days turned and flew hundreds of kilometers to the west after it last made contact with civilian air traffic control off the country’s east coast, a senior officer told Reuters on Tuesday. In one of the most baffling mysteries in recent aviation history, a massive search operation for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER has so far found no trace of the aircraft or the 239 passengers and crew. Malaysian authorities have previously said flight MH370 disappeared about an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur for the Chinese capital Beijing. MORE

Are Missing Flight Passengers’ smartphones still ACTIVE?

MalaysiaSearch_graphicFor three days, relatives awaiting word on the vanished Malaysia Airlines jet have endured a cruel roller coaster of emotions. First came the shock. Then, with each development that has emerged, they have careened between hope and despair. But by Monday, the predominant emotion was anger.  Gathered at a hotel in northeast Beijing, many still resented Malaysia Airlines for having sent no one to explain anything during the first 15 hours after the plane’s disappearance. They blamed the Chinese government for not even meeting with them until Monday, three days into the crisis. More than 100 of them signed a petition demanding answers and government assistance. Representatives selected from the families brought their protests to the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing. MORE

Flooding swells Montana rivers, washes out roads

A new storm brought more snow to areas of Montana where hundreds of people have been left cut off by swollen rivers and impassable waterlogged roads. Authorities warned that the new precipitation Monday night and Tuesday could make the flooding worse. The snow was expected to move Tuesday into neighboring Wyoming where members of the National Guard were helping to protect two towns threatened by high water. The National Weather Service said 1 to 6 inches of snow could fall in the flooded areas of Montana and Wyoming before Tuesday night. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock declared a flood emergency late Monday after forecasters put 30 of the state’s 56 counties under some type of high water warning. MORE

Disney bets big on visitor-tracking technology

Jason McInerney and his wife, Melissa, recently tapped their lunch orders onto a touchscreen at the entrance to the Be Our Guest restaurant at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort and were told to take any open seat. Moments later a food server appeared at their table with their croque-monsieur and carved turkey sandwiches. Asks McInerney, a once-a-year visitor to Disney theme parks: “How did they know where we were sitting?” The answer was on the electronic bands the couple wore on their wrists. That’s the magic of the MyMagic+, Walt Disney’s (DIS -0.29%) $1 billion experiment in crowd control, data collection, and wearable technology that could change the way people play — and spend — at the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” If the system works, it could be copied not only by other theme parks but also by museums, zoos, airports and malls. “It’s a complete game changer,” says Douglas Quinby, vice president for research at PhoCusWright, a travel consulting firm. MORE


The LED Lights at Newark Airport Are Watching You

The National Security Agency (NSA) spying on our every movement has been much in the news lately, and now I can report that LED light fixtures are emerging on the list of potentially snooping, networked things. Specifically, the New York Times reports that the clean, bright light of newly installed LED fixtures illuminating Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport, in New Jersey, are part of a new wireless network that’s watching visitors. The 171 LED fixtures are apparently the backbone of a system that feeds data into software that can spot long lines, read license plates, identify suspicious activity and alert the appropriate staff. What do you know about LED lights? The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. MORE

Oil and Natural Gas as Weapon of War

With Russia’s invasion of Crimea, the threat is greater than Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, the real danger to the world is that oil and natural gas are once again being used as a weapon of war. This isn’t the first time. When Russia cut off natural gas supplies in 2009 to Ukraine and six other countries in the middle of winter, millions were left in the cold until they paid Russia’s ransom in the form of higher prices. It was a stark example how vulnerable Europe had become to Russia’s control over energy resources. I said at the time it should be a wake-up call to an America confronting its own foreign oil dependence issue and the national security and economic threats that come with it. MORE

EU aims for deal on tackling failing banks this week

European Union governments and parliamentarians will try to reach a compromise this week on how to wind down failing banks, in marathon talks intended to settle who decides to close banks and who picks up the bill. A deal in the negotiations, set to span three days, would be the final step in a European banking union that would mean one supervisor for all euro zone banks, one set of rules to close or restructure those in trouble and one common pot of money to pay for it. The banking union, and the thorough clean-up of banks’ books that will accompany it, is meant to restore banks’ confidence in one another and boost lending to other businesses and households. New lending has been throttled by banks’ efforts to raise capital and reduce the bad loans that proliferated in the recession triggered by the global financial crisis and deepened by the euro zone’s own sovereign debt crisis. MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Pope says Catholic Church should not dismiss gay marriage

Pope Francis says the issue of gay marriage should be studied and not dismissed out-of-hand, a senior Roman Catholic cardinal has revealed. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the outspoken archbishop of New York, said Pope Francis had told him: “Rather than quickly condemn them, let’s just ask the questions as to why that has appealed to certain people.” Archbishop Dolan stressed that the Pope had not shifted the Catholic Church’s position on same-sex unions. “It wasn’t as if he came out and approved them,” he told the NBC television network in the US. But the Pope wanted senior Church leaders to “look into” the issue and to scrutinise the reasons why many countries have legalised same-sex marriages. MORE

Radiation Fears Force Fukushima’s Children Inside

March 11 marks the third anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. In Koriyama, a short drive from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the city recommended children up to two years old not spend more than 15 minutes outside each day. Those aged 3 to 5 should limit their outdoor time to 30 minutes or less. In the above photo, Nao Watanabe, 2, plays in a ball pit at an indoor playground which was built for children and parents who refrain from playing outside because of concerns about nuclear radiation. The limits were lifted last year, but many kindergartens and nursery schools continue to obey them even now in line with the wishes of worried parents. MORE

WAR DRUMS: I’m prepared to hit City to punish Putin, says David Cameron

Sanctions will be imposed on Russia within days unless it loosens its grip on the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, David Cameron announced today. The City of London and the defence industry could suffer as a result Britain has learnt from history that it must “stand up to aggression” and cannot stand by “when nations are trampled over”, the Prime Minister said. Britain, the EU and the US are drawing up a list of Russian officials who will see their off-shore bank accounts frozen and banned from travelling to the West unless it steps back from annexing the Crimean peninsula. Defence co-operation is also under review, with a presumption that arms contracts will be scrapped. Mr Cameron, speaking after talks in Hanover with German President Angela Merkel, said he would “ratchet up the pressure” on Vladimir Putin if he attempts to “legitimise” a Russian-backed referendum on Crimea leaving Ukraine on Sunday. MORE

Possible epicenter of frost quake and ‘mystery boom’ found in northwest schoolyard

The epicenter of what’s now believed to be a ‘frost quake’, has been located in northwest Calgary. A group of researchers was able to pinpoint the location with help from an amateur seismologist who recorded the quake’s seismic signature on his home-built basement machine. On Saturday, a group led by Dr David Eaton, descended on Captain Nichola Goddard School in Panorama Hills, scouring the frozen ground for signs of prior movement. It didn’t take long before they found a jagged tear in the earth several meters long,  at least 50 cm deep and possibly up to a meter deep. The hunt for physical evidence of the suspected frost quake came after dozens of reports to 9-1-1 and to the CTV Calgary newsroom about a loud “boom” heard and felt across northwest Calgary last Tuesday.  Some witnesses said it felt like a small earthquake, others described it as an explosion. A University of Calgary seismic monitoring station, which could have shed light on the mysterious sound, was offline at the time of the boom. That’s when attention turned to Jeff Zambory, who reached out to CTV to say his basement seismograph captured the data the University’s instruments did not.  He was put in touch with Dr Eaton, who used Zambory’s data to zero in on the possible location. MORE

Netanyahu warns that Iran could hide”Suitcase Nukes” in the future!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Monday, March 10, that because the world chooses to slide over Iran’s concealed nuclear program, the next Klos C ship may not carry missiles but “nuclear suitcases.” They would not only reach an Israeli port, he said, but any port in the world. He spoke at Israel’s naval base in Eilat at the presentation of the 60 missiles, 181 mortar shells and hundreds of bullets unloaded from the Klos C that was apprehended by Israeli commandos on the Red Sea opposite Sudan last week. Present too were defense minister Moshe Ya’alan, chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and top generals. Netanyahu did not elaborate on his reference to nuclear suitcases. DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources link it to a shipment of 6-10 “nuclear suitcases” that were part of an illegal  Ukraine delivery to Iran in 2003 or 2004 of half a dozen nuclear-capable X-55 cruise missiles (NATO codenamed AS-15) whose 2000-km range covers every part of Israel.  MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Ukraine Warns the World it may have to arm itself with Nuclear Weapons!

Ukraine may have to arm itself with nuclear weapons if the United States and other world powers refuse to enforce a security pact that obligates them to reverse the Moscow-backed takeover of Crimea, a member of the Ukraine parliament told USA TODAY. The United States, Great Britain and Russia agreed in a pact “to assure Ukraine’s territorial integrity” in return for Ukraine giving up a nuclear arsenal it inherited from the Soviet Union after declaring independence in 1991, said Pavlo Rizanenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament. ”We gave up nuclear weapons because of this agreement,” said Rizanenko, a member of the Udar Party headed by Vitali Klitschko, a candidate for president. “Now there’s a strong sentiment in Ukraine that we made a big mistake.” His statements come as Russia raised the possibility it may send its troops beyond the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea into the eastern half of Ukraine.MORE

Relatives of Malaysian Airline Passenger makes Live phone call with no answer

The family of a passenger on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight successfully rang his mobile phone – but nobody answered. This video shows the moment relatives of a Chinese man among the 239 people feared dead after the passenger jet mysteriously disappeared rang his phone live on state television. The call connected, but then rang out. Chinese media reports that a number of families have been able to ring mobile phones of their missing loved ones but no one answers. The development raises even more questions about what has happened to flight MH370. MORE

Evolutionist Claims Space Molecules from Meteorites Led to Life on Earth

According to an evolutionary paleontologist, the earliest life formed when meteorites brought space molecules to earth four billion years ago. Sankar Chatterjee is a paleontologist at Texas Tech University  who studies the origin of life on earth. In a video released last week by Texas Tech University, Chatterjee explains some of his recent findings on life’s origin and evolution. “The origin of life—this must be one of the oldest quests for scientists and philosophers,” Chatterjee states in the video. Chatterjee then explains that amino acids, sugar molecules, and phosphate are all basic building blocks of life, and that these molecules’ origins on earth have long puzzled scientists. However, he suggests, ancient meteorites may hold the key to the genesis of these important molecules. MORE

First-Ever ‘Combination Birth Center’ Offers Birthing Services and Abortions in the Same Building

A New York pregnancy center has become the first facility in the U.S. to offer both birthing services and abortions in the same building. The Birthing Center of Buffalo is a new health facility that opened its doors last month. According to reports, the center is the first of its kind, offering both birthing services and abortion procedures. “We are so proud to offer a full spectrum of reproductive services,” the birthing center staff shared in a November Facebook post. “Not to toot our own horn, but within the next few weeks we will become the first combination birth center and abortion clinic in the country!” The Birthing Center of Buffalo is operated by Buffalo Womenservices—a pro-abortion agency which regularly condemns pro-life measures and organized a “40 days of prayer to keep abortion safe and legal” campaign last year. The facility now offers first and second trimester abortions up to 22 weeks gestation. MORE

Mother claimed voices told her to drown her son

A Las Vegas mother who is accused of drowning her 3-year-old son during the weekend claimed voices told her to do it, according to police. According to Las Vegas Metro police, the child’s mother, 30-year-old Christine Allen, called 911 about 6:15 p.m. Saturday and said her child drowned in her apartment near the intersection of Vegas and Buffalo drives. Officers arrived at the scene to find Noah Allen face down in the water in a bathtub. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to an arrest report released Monday, Christine Allen refused the 911 dispatcher’s instructions to start life-saving measures on Noah, saying it was too late. MORE


A federal appeals court is being asked to reverse a lower court decision that banned the American Freedom Defense Initiative from featuring in a bus ad the faces of men already identified by the U.S. government as suspected terrorists.  “This case is a classic articulation of political correctness as a form of tyranny, which violates our fundamental right to freedom [of] speech guaranteed by the First Amendment,” said Robert Muise, co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center, which is working on the AFDI case. “Simply put, the government’s position is inconsistent with reality – namely, Shariah-adherent jihadists pose a significant threat to our national security.” MORE

A fast-spreading virus that can kill 80 percent of piglets that contract it is rapidly spreading across Missouri hog farms, wiping out entire nurseries in some cases. Porcine epidemic diarrhea has killed 4 million to 5 million pigs nationwide, or about 4 percent of the pigs that would go to market later this year, The Joplin Globe reported. ”We had our first initial case in December in northern Missouri,” said Marcia Shannon, a swine nutrition specialist with the University of Missouri-Columbia. “Since then, there has been an explosion of it, especially in the first two weeks of February. I would consider it widespread now, especially north of Interstate 70.” About 3,000 farms in Missouri have pigs, she said, and any size farm is susceptible. Ron Plain, livestock. MORE

An Arkansas middle school teacher is under fire after she accidentally showed a personal sex image to her class last week. An x-rated photo of the unnamed female teacher somehow became mixed in with classwork through the teacher’s iCloud account. While the teacher even personally called parents to apologize and sent out an apology for the embarrassing mixup, she’s now been disciplined by the Little Rock school board.  And parents like Nicholas Tolerson, whose son was in the class and exposed to the material, say that may not be enough. ’My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom,’ Tolerson told KARK. MORE

U.N. ‘behind plan for overseers for all kids’

The Scottish government’s decision to appoint an overseer for every child is influenced by the United Nations, contends a director with America’s Home School Legal Defense Association, the premiere organization of its kind in the world. “This law shows the natural progression for a country that has ratified the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and attempts to live up to its treaty provisions,” said Michael Donnelly, HSLDA’s director of international relations.  Families and homeschoolers in Scotland have described the Children and Young People Bill as “anti-family” and “illegal,” and the Christian Institute, a Christian rights organization in the United Kingdom, plans to challenge it in court. HSLDA has been exposing the pitfalls of the U.N. treaty, which has not been adopted by the United States. MORE


The news was not so mouth-watering for pizza fans Monday, as the Sbarro pizza chain filed for bankruptcy court protection.  The move comes less than three weeks after it was forced to close more than 40 percent of its restaurants across the United States. Sbarro is best known for locations in malls, airports, train stations and highway rest stops. It’s actually the second bankruptcy filing in less than three years by Sbarro, whose previous action was in April 2011. Sbarro, based in Melville, N.Y., issued a statement Monday indicating the bankruptcy filing is a pre-packaged plan, which means it has already agreed on a reorganization plan with creditors that hold 98 percent of the company’s debt. That should allow it to quickly shed an estimated $140 million in debt, and emerge from bankruptcy as a healthier company. MORE

New ozone-depleting gases found in atmosphere

Worried scientists said Sunday they had found four new ozone-destroying gases in the atmosphere, most likely put there by humans in the last 50-odd years despite a ban on these dangerous compounds. It is the first time since the 1990s that new substances damaging to Earth’s stratospheric shield have been found, and others may be out there, they said. “Our research has shown four gases that were not around in the atmosphere at all until the 1960s, which suggests they are man-made,” the team from Europe and Australia wrote in the journal Nature Geoscience. They analyzed unpolluted air samples collected in Tasmania between 1978 and 2012, and from deep, compacted snow in Greenland. “The identification of these four new gases is very worrying as they will contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer,” added a statement from the team.MORE

Yellowstone volcano 2.5 times larger than previously thought

The supervolcano beneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park is 2.5 times larger than previously believed according to a study from the University of Utah. The supervolcano is part of what is known as a caldera, an underground volcano forming a shape like a cauldron. More accurate details about the caldera were discovered by measuring the seismic waves of the underground magma which is anywhere from 3 to 9 miles beneath the surface of the earth. The length of the caldera is 88.5 km (~50 miles) with a width of 29 km (~18 miles). The lead author of the study, Jamie Farrell, claims the quantity of lava in the supervolcano is enough to give rise to what would be among the top three eruptions over the past 2.1 million years. Sulfur entering the upper atmosphere would turn to sulfur dioxide, circle the globe and drop temperatures. Worldwide famine would likely ensue. MORE


We Are In FAR Worse Shape Than We Were Just Prior To The Last Great Financial Crisis

None of the problems that caused the last financial crisis have been fixed.  In fact, they have all gotten worse.  The total amount of debt in the world has grown by more than 40 percent since 2007, the too big to fail banks have gotten 37 percent larger, and the colossal derivatives bubble has spiraled so far out of control that the only thing left to do is to watch the spectacular crash landing that is inevitably coming.  Unfortunately, most people do not know the information that I am about to share with you in this article.  Most people just assume that the politicians and the central banks have fixed the issues that caused the last great financial crisis.  But the truth is that we are in far worse shape than we were back then.  When this financial bubble finally bursts, the devastation that we will witness is likely to be absolutely catastrophic. MORE

Real-time flight trackers seek missing Malaysian Air flight 370, find only holes

Several online flight-tracking services can locate airplanes in real-time, using GPS navigation data transmitted from the aircraft themselves. But in the case of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared from radar screens more than 48 hours ago, a hole in coverage maps means even these sites lack answers. “We lost tracking for it pretty early on,” a spokesman for FlightAware told Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, a Boeing 777 with 239 people on board, departed Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on March 8 at 12:43 a.m. local time en route to Beijing, China, according to FlightAware, which published a minute-by-minute tracking log of the flight. The plane was at 35,000 feet at 1:01 a.m. Saturday morning. MORE

Mystery fake-passport holders on flight MH370 were Iranian

The two men travelling on stolen passports on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared on Saturday have been identified as Iranian nationals. A BBC Persian report quotes an Iranian friend of one of the men, who said he hosted the pair in Kuala Lumpur after they arrived from Tehran in the days preceding their flight to Beijing. The friend, who knew one of the men from his school days in Iran, said the men had bought the fake passports because they wanted to migrate to Europe.
The pair were travelling on passports belonging to Christian Kozel, an 30-year-old Austrian, and Luigi Maraldi, a 37-year-old Italian. MORE

Passenger jet passed through trajectory of N. Korean rocket, South Korea says

A Chinese passenger jet with more than 200 people on board flew through the trajectory of a North Korean rocket that had been fired minutes earlier, the South Korean government said. Download WHAS11 News app: iPhone | Android North Korea fired the rocket Tuesday at 4:17 p.m. without giving any navigational warning, Kim Min-Seok, a spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry, said Wednesday. Seven minutes later, a China Southern Airlines plane carrying 220 passengers from Japan’s Narita airport to Shenyang in China passed through the rocket’s trajectory, he said. ”It was a very dangerous situation,” Kim said during a news briefing. “North Korea’s provocative actions violate the international navigation laws and pose a great threat to the safety of civilians.” South Korea has informed Chinese authorities about what happened, the Defense Ministry said. MORE


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