8-Year Old Girl Found Chained to the Floor and Starving in California Home!/Spain protests EU-imposed austerity/Russian troops enter Crimea airbase and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Brilliant Fireball Over Canada Sparks Meteorite Hunt

Scientists are rushing to the site of a possible meteorite impact in Canada’s southwestern Ontario after a bright fireball lit up the skies over that region Tuesday night (March 18). The basketball-sized fireball was spotted at 10:24 p.m. local time in seven all-sky cameras operated by Western University’s Southern Ontario Meteor Network, according to meteor scientist Peter Brown of Canada’s Western University in London, Ont. Two other camera systems in Ohio and Pennsylvania operated jointly with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office also spotted the fireball, he added. This video of the March 18 fireball shows all nine camera views of the meteor flare-up. Western University scientists suspect the fireball exploded up about 47 miles (75 kilometers) above Port Dover, Ont., and moved west until breaking up around 20 miles (32 km) between Aylmer and St. Thomas, about two hours west of Toronto. [5 Amazing Fireball Videos] ”In this fall, meteorites may be found in a small hole produced by their dropping into soil,” university officials advised. “Meteorites are not dangerous, but any recovered meteorites should be placed in a clean plastic bag or container and be handled as little as possible to preserve their scientific information.” MORE

Unspeakable Horror Revealed by Melting Snow In Detroit Park

A man walking through a Detroit park was horrified after the melting snow revealed dozens of dead, frozen dogs curled into fetal positions and covered with scars and lacerations. Nicole Litzelman, a Detroit Animal Welfare Group board member, said at least 28 large dogs — mostly pit bulls and Mastiff mixes — were discovered as the snow began to thaw. “Because of the heavy snowfall in the month of January, a lot of these deceased bodies were discarded there because it was easier to cover them up,” she told WWJ. “Also, it was an unusually cold month where a lot of dogs froze outside or were left to starve to death.” “This is just a small tip of the iceberg,” she continued. “Right now, since the snow is melting, I’m sure we’re going to find quite a few more bodies in the park.” MORE

A New Killer Virus in China?

In June 2012, three men removing slag from a derelict copper mine in southwestern China fell ill with severe pneumonia and died. Six months later, researchers went spelunking in the mine—an artificial cave hewn from a hillside—in search of pathogens. After taking anal swabs from bats, rats, and musk shrews living in the cave, the team has discovered what it says is a new virus that may have felled the workers. The presumed pathogen resembles a genus of viruses known as henipaviruses, two of which are deadly: Hendra virus, discovered 20 years ago in Australia when it started killing horses—since then, four people who came in contact with infected horses have died—and Nipah virus, the cause of periodic outbreaks in people in Southeast Asia since 1998. The third confirmed henipavirus, Cedar virus, was first reported in Australia in 2012; it does not appear to infect humans. For all three species, the animals that harbor the virus in the wild—the natural reservoir—appear to be fruit-eating bats called flying foxes.MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Kenya’s parliament passes bill allowing polygamy

Kenya’s parliament has passed a bill allowing men to marry as many women as they want, prompting furious female MPs to storm out, reports say. The bill, which amended existing marriage legislation, was passed late on Thursday to formalise customary law about marrying more than one person. The proposed bill had initially given a wife the right to veto the husband’s choice, but male members of parliament overcame party divisions to push through a text that dropped this clause. ”When you marry an African woman, she must know the second one is on the way, and a third wife … this is Africa,” MP Junet Mohammed told the house, according to Nairobi’s Capital FM. As in many parts of Africa, polygamy is common among traditional communities in Kenya, as well as among the country’s Muslim community, which accounts for up to a fifth of the population. ”Any time a man comes home with a woman, that would be assumed to be a second or third wife,” said Samuel Chepkong’a, chairman of the justice and legal affairs committee, the Daily Nation newspaper reported. MORE

DAYS OF LOT – Karen Adell Scot, California Teacher, Comes Out As Transgender

A California teacher, who previously presented as a man, will return to school after spring break as a woman. The Fresno Bee is reporting that the Yosemite High School teacher, formally known as Gary Sconce, will be known to students and staff as Karen Adell Scot after April 22. ”When you aren’t who you really are, it’s like being smothered,” Scot, 56, told KFSN-TV. “It’s like being rolled in a wave, if you’ve ever been rolled in a wave in the ocean where you can’t find your way up, you don’t know which direction you’ve been turned.” Scot, who says she came out to her family as transgender in April 2013 and has been teaching science and multimedia at Yosemite High School for 24 years, then added, “I was born transgender. My earliest memories were that even though my body was a little boy body, which I really didn’t understand, I was a girl. I knew I was a girl.” Scot told her colleagues of personal struggles involved in her decision to come out as transgender in a letter this week, according to the Bee. MORE

Professors ‘Bully’ Student Group on Facebook for Creationism Event

When Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow asked professors at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., to participate in a Creationism debate modeled after the Ken Ham-Bill Nye event last month, the professors not only refused, but allegedly mocked the idea on social media. A student reported that a professor even threatened the group via email for reporting what the students saw as “bullying.”  Warning his colleague Bryan Bibb against appearing in the debate, Religion professor Roger Sneed commented on Facebook: “They’re seeking you to give legitimacy to a completely [expletive laden rant redacted] load of foolishness.” English professor Margaret Oakes advised him similarly, and said, “Don’t dignify the stupidity by acknowledging it.” Lauren Cooley, a CSBT advisor, told The Christian Post on Thursday that as soon as the professors heard the group’s plans to invite Answers in Genesis lecturer Terry Mortenson, they attacked his ideas and the students’ desire to invite him to campus for a debate. ”The comments on Facebook were definitely bullying,” Cooley said. “It’s really inappropriate and unprofessional. … We want to expose the fact that we’re being ridiculed.” Cooley told CP that roughly five professors were involved in the alleged bullying on social media, but she only named three – Bibb, Sneed and Oakes. MORE

As aircraft and ships continued to search for debris which might be that of the missing flight MH370 on Friday a Malaysian woman on a flight across the Indian Ocean claimed to have seen an aircraft in the water near the Andaman Islands on the day the jet disappeared. The Kuala Lumpur wife was so convinced about what she saw at 2.30pm on March 8, several hours after MH370 vanished, that she filed an official report with police that very day – a full five days before the search for the plane was expanded to the area around the Andaman Islands. News of her apparent sighting came as a blank was drawn after two days of searching in the Indian Ocean for two objects deemed by experts as possibly being from the missing plane.  Her account will be seen by many as having credibility as the islands lie within the northern corridor officials speculated that the plane might have travelled along after radar contact was lost. However, Mrs Dalelah said she had received scorn about her account, including from a pilot who said the aircraft she was on would have been too high for her to have seen anything on the ocean below. But mother of 10 Mrs Latife Dalelah, 53, insisted she saw a silver object in the shape of an aircraft on the water as she was flying from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur. It was about an hour after her aircraft had flown past the southern Indian city of Chennai. MORE


Michigan’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, a federal judge said Friday, striking down a law that was widely embraced by voters a decade ago in the latest in a series of similar decisions across the country.  But unlike cases in other states, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman did not suspend his decision while the Michigan attorney general pursues an appeal. Washtenaw County, which includes Ann Arbor, said it would start issuing licenses Saturday for four hours unless a higher court intervenes. Other counties plan to follow suit on Monday. Friedman released his 31-page ruling exactly two weeks after a rare trial that mostly focused on the impact of same-sex parenting on children. The challenge was brought by two Detroit-area nurses originally seeking to overturn Michigan’s ban on joint adoptions by gay couples. The judge noted that supporters of same-sex marriage believe the Michigan ban was at least partly the result of animosity toward gays and lesbians. MORE

5 Years Later, Boko Haram Still Allowed to Openly Murder Christians

For five years, bombs and bullets from Nigeria’s Islamist group Boko Haram have ripped through churches and their members, raising concerns over the security of Christians in majority Muslim regions of the country. But as similar attacks ignite violent reprisals by pro-Christian militias in the Central African Republic, Christian leaders in Nigeria continue to insist on a path of dialogue and nonviolence. The clerics have also pressed President Goodluck Jonathan to use the state security services against the militants. These Christian leaders want Jonathan to negotiate with Boko Haram leadership and end the campaign of terror. Recently, militants have slaughtered both Christians and Muslims in the states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe. “We are living in perpetual fear and tension here in Maiduguri,” said the Rev. John Bakeni, secretary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri in Borno. MORE

Why This ‘Drunk Jesus’ T-Shirt Should Make You Mad at the Devil


It’s clear that antichrist spirits are growing bolder. Look no further than the endless stream of battles in the culture wars. Christian or not, Moral America is pushing back the onslaught of gay marriage and abortion even while our government seems to be working overtime to squash religious liberties. I wrote some weeks ago about a pro-choice campaign where our Lord and Savior referred to Himself as “Jesus F-ing Christ.” Now Urban Outfitters seems to think it’s groovy to print T-shirts showing an inebriated Emmanuel. That’s right, the clothing retailer is proudly displaying a new design called “The Drunk Jesus.” It debuted just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The T-shirt, which is green with white lettering that says “Jesus, I’m Drunk” and dons an image of Christ holding a mug of sudsy bear, sells for $24. The ploy takes merchandising the gospel to a whole new level. On its website, Urban Outfitters uses this marketing line: “Throw some back with the holy man himself in this epic tee!” MORE


DAYS OF LOT – Federal judge imposes first same-sex ‘marriage’ in one of Mexico’s most conservative states

Last Tuesday, two women became the first homosexual couple to get “married” in the city of León, in Guanajuanto, one of Mexico’s most conservative states and in which same-sex “marriage” is illegal. The “marriage” followed a lawsuit filed by the two lesbians when they were denied a marriage license in September last year.  After suing the state in federal court they were granted an injunction forcing the state to “marry” them. The lawsuit was based on the Mexican Constitution’s first article, which prohibits discrimination for “sexual orientation.”  However, in addition to being illegal in Guanajuato, article 156 of the Federal Civil Code lists “incurable impotence” as an impediment to contract legal marriage in the country, a provision that would seemingly invalidate same-sex “marriages” as well. In an interview with local media before the event, Judge Rito Padilla, who presided at the “marriage,” said the federal judge “forced us to celebrate this ceremony.” Padilla had personally refused to “marry” the lesbians last year.MORE


UK Woman Forced to Abort 2 Baby Girls

A British mother says she had two abortions because her husband did not want girls, in a case described as “harrowing.” Speaking to The Independent newspaper anonymously, “Samira”—whose parents are Pakistani—said she has had two sex-selective abortions in the U.K., once at an NHS clinic and once privately. She said she hid the real reason for her abortions on both occasions, and—as she is pregnant again—is worried she may be forced to have another abortion. Both Samira’s pregnancies were unplanned, but the second time, in particular, she was “really, really happy” that her unborn child was a girl.  However, her husband did not share her joy, and the couple arranged an abortion. “On the day of the termination I went into the clinic crying. I was crying and crying and could not stop,” she said. “The nurse saw I was upset but she said, ‘Just put these tablets inside you.’ They weren’t concerned that this person looked upset. “I was crying but I was trying to be careful because what if they didn’t go ahead with the abortion and then my husband would blame me.” MORE

Obama executive order raises fears administration can seize personal property

Earlier this month, Barack Obama signed a new executive order that would let the government “block” the personal property of anyone the administration believes may have been complicit in undermining the democratic process in Ukraine. On Thursday, an article at Infowars says the order is so broadly written that the administration could use it to seize the personal property of Americans and warns that it sets a dangerous precedent. ”I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, find that the actions and policies of persons — including persons who have asserted governmental authority in the Crimean region without the authorization of the Government of Ukraine — that undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets, constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat,” the executive order says. MORE

Chorus of Israeli voices renews calls for Iran strike

A rising chorus of Israeli voices is again raising the possibility of carrying out a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities in what appears to be an attempt to draw renewed attention to Tehran’s atomic program — and Israel’s unhappiness with international negotiations with the Iranians. In recent days, a series of newspaper reports and comments by top defense officials have signaled that the military option remains very much on the table. While Israeli officials say Israel never shelved the possibility of attacking, the heightened rhetoric marks a departure from Israel’s subdued approach since six world powers opened negotiations with Iran last November. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been an outspoken critic of the international efforts to negotiate a deal with Iran. He has spent years warning the world against the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran and fears a final deal will leave much of Iran’s nuclear capabilities intact. MORE

Spain protests EU-imposed austerity

Many in Mongolia’s capital go without basics

Russian troops enter Crimea airbase


Los Alamos Lab Will Use Texas To Temporarily Store Radioactive Waste, Etc Info



Lawmakers Vow Ban On Police Sex With Prostitutes. All Part Of The Job?



North Korea fires 30 short range rockets March 22, 2014

Italy: Veneto Residents Support Leaving Italy In Unofficial Referendum






57 Greenpeace Activists Arrested In French Nuclear Plant Break-In



Meningitis Death At Philadelphia College Same Strain As Last Year’s Princeton Outbreak



Israel Steps Up Talk Of Threat Of Force On Iran March 21, 2014



Satellite Images Could Help Discover What Happened to MH370




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