OBAMA meets POPE Francis/Air France plane diverted by Russia for “military exercise”/Astronomers may have discovered an enormous new planet at the edge of the solar system and more signs of JESUS’ soon return



Media Buries Bombshell Admission of Turkish Government Planning False Flag Attack

Turkish government officials were caught red-handed in a leaked audio tape planning a false flag terror attack as a pretext to invade Syria, but the mainstream media completely buried the key aspect of the story and made it all about Prime Minister Erdogan blocking YouTube. More
UN condemns Crimea vote as IMF and US back loans

The UN General Assembly has approved a resolution describing the Moscow-backed referendum that led to Russia’s annexation of Crimea as illegal. It comes after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to a loan deal with Ukraine worth $14-18bn. The US Congress also passed legislation on Thursday backing a $1bn loan guarantee for Ukraine. Tensions are high between Russia and the West after pro-Russian troops annexed Ukraine’s southern peninsula. The West has widely condemned the move, with US President Barack Obama warning on Wednesday of “deeper” EU and US sanctions against Russia if it carried out further incursions in Ukraine. More

The Air Force took the extraordinary step Thursday of firing nine mid level nuclear commanders and announcing it will discipline dozens of junior officers at a nuclear missile base, responding firmly to an exam-cheating scandal that spanned a far longer period than originally reported. A 10th commander, the senior officer at the base, resigned and will retire from the Air Force. Air Force officials called the discipline unprecedented in the history of America’s intercontinental ballistic missile force. The Associated Press last year revealed a series of security and other problems in the ICBM force, including a failed safety and security inspection at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont., where the cheating occurred. More


Air France plane diverted by Russia for “military exercise”
An Air France plane is seen on the tarmac at Nice International airport in NiceAir France says a plane carrying 495 passengers and 22 crew was diverted on its way from Shanghai to Paris after Russia announced at short notice that part of its airspace was closed for a military exercise. The company said flight AF111 was forced to land in Hamburg, Germany, early Wednesday to refuel because the plane had too little fuel on board to complete the flight following its detour. Hamburg Airport confirmed that the plane landed shortly after 6 a.m. (0500 GMT) and was able to take off for Paris again after an hour and a half. It wasn’t immediately clear if Russia’s military exercise was linked to the increased troop activity on its western border with Ukraine. Meanwhile, the World Bank warned Wednesday that Russia’s economy could contract this year if the country is hit with more serious sanctions following its annexation of Crimea. The organization said in its annual report that it expects the Russian economy to grow 1.1 percent this year if the fall-out from the Crimean crisis is short-lived, but warned of a 1.8 percent fall if Russia is hit with more serious sanctions than those already specified. More


DAYS OF LOT- Parents fired up over bathroom incident at TUSD school
Can a transgender student use whichever bathroom they want to? Tucson Unified School District officials said yes, the district’s discrimation policy was revised this week to add the word “gender” into it. TUSD officials said, as per policy, students could use whichever bathroom they felt they identified with, in terms of a gender. Many parents at Anna Henry Elementary school on the east side were fired up after a recent incident that they said made their children uncomfortable. Susan Wright said her 10-year old son was using the urinal when a student he identified as a female walked in on him. Concerned parent Danya Ayers said she knew of another incident where a boy was very uncomfortable after a child he knew as a girl removed her underpants in front of him. ”My son won’t even let me go in the bathroom with him, he won’t let a female teacher go in with him, this did not make him comfortable,” said Wright. TUSD officials held a meeting at Anna Henry Elementary to discuss transgender student issues. The district spent over $1,000 to hire national experts to discuss what being a transgender meant. The experts would also train staff members and act as consultants. More
China waging ‘Three Warfares’ against United States in Asia, Pentagon says

China is waging political warfare against the United States as part of a strategy to drive the U.S. military out of Asia and control seas near its coasts, according to a Pentagon-sponsored study. A defense contractor report produced for the Office of Net Assessment, the Pentagon’s think tank on future warfare, describes in detail China’s “Three Warfares” as psychological, media, and legal operations. They represent an asymmetric “military technology” that is a surrogate for conflict involving nuclear and conventional weapons. The unclassified 566-page report warns that the U.S. government and the military lack effective tools for countering the non-kinetic warfare methods, and notes that U.S. military academies do not teach future military leaders about the Chinese use of unconventional warfare. It urges greater efforts to understand the threat and adopt steps to counter it. More

Severe Weather Threat Thursday Through Saturday

After an extended slumber, the threat of severe thunderstorms has returned as we close out this week. Damaging wind gusts and hail are the primary severe threats each day, but some tornadoes are possible as well. More

Michigan Governor Refuses to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed in State
michigan-gay-marriage-same-sex-marriageMichigan’s governor has refused to recognize the gay marriage licenses issued after a judge declared the state’s ban on same-sex unions unconstitutional. Gov. Rick Snyder stated that the approximately 300 gay marriages performed last weekend after the decision but before the stay on the decision will not be legally recognized. Snyder made the announcement Wednesday after an appeals court put a stay on the implementation of the recent ruling by federal Judge Bernard Friedman of Detroit. ”Snyder’s announcement Wednesday closes the door to certain benefits granted to Michigan married couples,” reported the Associated Press. ”Snyder says the marriages were legal at the time but the stay means the ban now is back in effect … It will take months for the appeals court to affirm or reject Friedman’s opinion.” In 2004, several states including Michigan passed constitutional bans on same-sex marriage by popular referendum. More


Hospitals Plot the End of Insurance Companies.
The problems with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act may be masking another major change in the way health care is delivered to U.S. consumers, experts believe. At The Atlantic’s Health Care Forum in Washington on Thursday, health care and business professionals said that there’s an increasing trend in the industry toward cutting insurance companies out of the process entirely, as large, regional hospital systems move into the insurance business. Dr. Kenneth L. Davis, CEO and president of Mount Sinai Health System, the largest health care provider in the state of New York, said that starting next year, Mt. Sinai will begin offering its own Medicare Advantage plan. It will look for other opportunities to bring premium payments directly into the hospital system, rather than filtering them through insurance companies. More
STUDY: Anti-Anxiety Drugs Tied to Higher Mortality.
For more than seven years, researchers followed 34,727 people who filled prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications like Valium and Xanax, or sleep aids like Ambien, Sonata and Lunesta, comparing them with 69,418 controls who did not. After adjusting for a wide variety of factors, the researchers found that people who took the drugs had more than double the risk of death. The study appears online in BMJ. The researchers tried to account for the use of other prescribed drugs, age, smoking, alcohol use, socioeconomic status, and other health and behavioral characteristics. Most important, the investigators also controlled for sleep disorders, anxiety disorders and other psychiatric illnesses, all of which are risk factors for mortality. The lead author, Dr. Scott Weich, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Warwick, said that while he and his colleagues were careful to account for as many potential risks as possible, they were not able to control for the severity of the illnesses suffered by the study participants. Still, he said, the research “adds to an accumulating body of evidence that these drugs are dangerous.” He added: “I prescribe these drugs, and they are difficult to come off. The less time you spend on them the better.” The New York Times
Willie Robertson on Dad’s Stance on Homosexuality

Willie Robertson, one of the stars of the hit TV series “Duck Dynasty,” refused to water down his faith when pressed by CNN to defend his father’s past remarks on homosexuality and the Bible. “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson sparked controversy when he described homosexuality as immoral and sinful in an interview with GQ. He paraphrased 1 Corinthians to help explain his beliefs. In an interview that aired Wednesday on “New Day,” Robertson, accompanied by his wife, Korie, said GQ asked very specific questions to get the answer they wanted all along. “(Phil) made Christmas very interesting for us,” Robertson joked about his dad. He went on to say that his father “just said what he thought, what was on his heart.” More
Astronomers may have discovered an enormous new planet at the edge of the solar system

After discovering a new icy dwarf planet past Pluto, two astronomers are reporting in the journal Nature that a larger planet might be concealed in the outer limits of the solar system. National Geographic reports that the newly discovered dwarf planet, named 2012 VP113 (nicknamed “Biden”) and located more than 800,000 million miles away from the sun, has an orbit that seems to be affected by another, mystery planet predicted to be two to 10 times heavier than Earth. That same mystery planet also possibly stretched out the orbit of Sedna, an object the size of a dwarf planet discovered 10 years ago. “To all intents and purposes, in the current architecture of the solar system, Sedna and 2012 VP113 should not be there,” astronomer Megan Schwamb of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica said in a commentary in Nature. “This suggests that Sedna and 2012 VP113 are the tip of the iceberg.” More
ALERT: Poland Calls Up Army Reserves: “The World Stands On the Brink of Conflict”
Though not much is being said about the the Ukraine in U.S. mainstream news circles, the tension in Europe is being stretched to a near breaking point. A few weeks ago the country of Estonia warned that their sources indicated that the Russian Army was are preparing an invasion of the Western-supported Ukrainian government. The President of the country’s provisional government has since deployed at leas 40,000 troops to its Eastern front as a countermeasure should Vladimir Putin’s 80,000 strong military cross its border. In Poland, which sits in a region that has been party to just about every European engagement in modern history, leaders are concerned with the possibility that a Russia/Ukraine conflict would spill over to its country. According to a report from The Week Polish military reservists are being called up by the thousands, presumably to prepare for the possibility of not just spillover, but all out military confrontation with Russia. More

Is College A Waste Of Time And Money?
Are you thinking of going to college? If so, please consider that decision very carefully. You probably have lots of people telling you that an “education” is the key to your future and that you will never be able to get a “good job” unless you go to college. And it is true that those that go to college do earn more on average than those that do not. However, there is also a downside. At most U.S. colleges, the quality of the education that you will receive is a joke, the goal of most colleges is to extract as much money from you and your parents as they possibly can, and there is a very good chance that there will not be a “good job” waiting for you once you graduate. And unless you have someone that is willing to pay your tuition bills, you will probably be facing a lifetime of crippling student loan debt payments once you get out into the real world. So is college a waste of time and money? In the end, it really pays to listen to both sides of the debate. More

MH370′s black box may have wiped out crucial moments of doomed flight
The crucial moments of doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may never be discovered experts have warned as the ‘black box’ which records details of the flight may have over written key data. As the search for wreckage of MH370 was bolstered on Wednesday by the detection of 122 “credible” floating objects in the Indian Ocean experts said the back box anyway may be “impossible” to find. A United States black box detector being towed to the area is due to arrive on April 5, 28 days after the crash and just two days before the data recorder’s pinger is due to run out of battery life. David Barry, an aviation specialist at Cranfield University, said the pings may continue for an extra ten days but the signal will weaken. He said the effort to find the box could take years. “Given the remoteness of the site and the depth of the water and the weather down there, the black box will be almost impossible to find,” he told The Telegraph. “It will then be a case of digging through the wreckage field, possibly for a couple of years.” More

Syrian Civil War Spreads to Israel and Turkey
When the Syrian uprising turned into a civil war in 2011, most of the trouble stayed inside Syria’s borders, but that’s changing. This week armored personnel carriers rushed to Beirut, Lebanon, to prevent fighting between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al Assad. It’s a sign the war has spread well beyond Syria’s borders. Another sign: at an election rally last Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan praised the Turkish air force for shooting down a Syrian plane after it violated Turkey’s air space. “If you violate our border, our slap will be hard. Therefore, I congratulate firstly our chief of general staff, and our pilots,” Erdogan said. Also last week, Israeli warplanes struck Syrian military posts in the Golan Heights after a roadside bombing wounded four Israeli soldiers. It was some of the worst fighting on Israel’s border with Syria in decades. Israel doesn’t want a war with Syria, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has tried to steer clear of the fight between Assad and his opposition. But the conflict is expanding anyway. “I think we can already consider now that the Israeli-Syria border is back, is a conflict border once again,” Middle East expert Jonathan Spyer, with the Gloria Institute, said. More

Russia to create national payment system to rival Visa, Mastercard
Russia is considering launching its own payment system in response Visa and Mastercard’s recent blocking of the bank card operations of several US-sanctioned Russian banks. Russian officials are debating whether to base it on Sberbank’s PRO100 or to cooperate with the Chinese UniPAY. It should be noted that these sanctions were essentially that proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Back in 1998, when the Russian economy was in dire straits, it didn’t take long for both Visa and Mastercard to block all transactions carried out on cards issued by Russian banks. Both companies also stubbornly refused repeated requests by the Russian authorities to create a processing center in Russia, so that their bank card transactions could be processed locally. The proposal to create an alternative to the capricious Western credit powerhouses has now been debated by the Russian government for several years and these financial sanctions might just have provided the right incentive to make that dream come true. More



World Vision reverses decision on hiring Christians in same-sex marriages
International poverty ministry World Vision is reversing its decision just two days after announcing it would allow people in same-sex marriages to become missionaries. “The board acknowledged it made a mistake and chose to revert to our longstanding policy requiring sexual abstinence for all single employees and faithfulness within the Biblical covenant of marriage between one man and one woman,” the group said in a statement. “We are brokenhearted over the pain and confusion we have caused many of our friends, who saw this decision as a reversal of our strong commitment to Biblical authority.” More


Jim Rickards: China Is Importing Gold Secretly Using Military Channels

The Inteligencia Financiera Global blog (Global Financial Intelligence Blog) is honored to present an exclusive interview with economy world expert Jim Rickards. Jim is the author of the bestseller“Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis” and the forthcoming, “The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System”. He is a portfolio manager at West Shore Group and a partner in Tangent Capital Partners, a merchant bank based in New York. He is an advisor on capital markets to the U.S. intelligence community and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Thanks for accepting this interview.

Jim, as you know, China is now the world’s largest consumer of gold. While the WGC states that its “record” demand in 2013 was only 1,065.8 tonnes, the China Gold Association estimates “gold consumption” was 1,176 tonnes. On the other hand, several pundits like Koos Jansen say that the real China gold demand was much more than 2,000 tonnes last year. Who should we believe?
– There are many estimates of official and non-official accumulation of gold in China. The truth is that no one knows the exact number because China is non-transparent about the total amount of gold coming into the country and its own mining output, and it is not-transparent about how much of that gold goes for personal acquisition and now much to government reserves. So, all analysts, myself included, are working with imperfect or incomplete information. We do know that some gold comes into China using military channels and is not reported to any authority. As a result, even the best estimates may be too low. The best guide is to assume China has some target in mind, probably 5,000 tonnes or higher, and will continue to accumulate through diverse channels until that target is reached. My estimate is that China will announce it has over 5,000 tonnes of gold in early 2015. It probably has at least 3,000 tonnes today. More
‘Russia is the enemy of the Western global financial system’
The US President said that we’re not facing a new Cold War yet. He has also called on Russia to be deeply isolated – how do these points come together, how do they even work side by side?
Lawrence Freeman: First of all you should not believe what President Obama says. We are in a very dangerous situation that could escalate to a world war. The decisions that President Obama’s made are not his own. He is a effectively a tool of Wall Street and the British financial system, and they have declared war on Russia and President Putin because of the leadership role that Russia plays in the whole Eurasian continent, which is moving in a different direction.
The financial system of the Western countries is in a full state of collapse and that is what is driving this President and the Europeans to this escalating war against Russia and also China. So I wouldn’t believe President Obama because he actually is not that intelligent, and not his own person.
RT: When condemning Russia’s reunification with Crimea, Obama said that all comparisons with Kosovo are irrelevant. He said: “We did not annex Iraq’s territory. We did not grab its resources for our own gain. Instead we ended our war and left Iraq to its people in a fully sovereign Iraqi state that can make decisions about its own future.” It sounds like he is saying he knew his actions there were more understandable than Russia’s actions in Crimea – because Washington never annexed Iraq. What do you make of those parallels?
LF: Again, we know what the real truth of the matter is. The US government, President Obama, using people from the Cheney administration – of Cheney and Bush – organized a coup in Kiev. Victoria Nuland, who used to work for Cheney, has been organizing, she said, for several years to overthrow the government. We worked with well-known neo-nazis and right wing fascists to illegally overthrow the government in late February. And this was done to try and provoke President Putin in Russia into a response. More
Mind-boggling views of beastly ocean storm offshore eastern New England, Canada
Call it a beast, a monster, a meteorological bomb, or a behemoth. The extreme storm offshore eastern New England and slamming the Canadian Maritimes is all of those things. WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue estimates the storm’s (integrated kinetic) energy is four times that of superstorm Sandy, based on its enormity and power. As predicted, the storm literally exploded overnight, its pressure crashing from the levels of a pedestrian mid-latitude storm (1002 millibars) to a category 3 hurricane (around 964 millibars). And its pressure is still falling. The storm has absolutely raked extreme eastern Massachusetts, with hurricane force wind gusts up to 82 mph logged in Nantucket (the strongest since at least the March 1993 Superstorm and Hurricane Bob in 1991) and up to 10 inches of snow. More

The Ebola virus that has killed at least 59 people of the 80 who initially contracted it in Guinea now threatens all of West Africa, as health officials in Liberia try to determine if recent deaths there are connected. Six cases have been reported of which five have already died, including a child, Liberian Health Minister Walter Gwenigale said in a statement, according to Agence France-Presse. There was a suspicion that Ebola had migrated to Canada, with one victim hospitalized this week with a fever and bleeding, but health officials said tests for Ebola were negative. The World Health Organization said the case may be severe malaria. The World Health Organization reports the Ebola virus that causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever, or VHF, can produce outbreaks with a fatality rate of up to 90 percent. The WHO has documented the Ebola virus is transmitted from wild animals to humans, with the capability of spreading through the human population. Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are considered to be the natural host of the Ebola virus, and, most alarming, there is no effective medical treatment or preventative vaccine for either animals or human beings. Many Americans first heard about Ebola – including its terrifying symptoms, virulence and communicability – in author Richard Preston’s 1995 No. 1 New York Times bestseller, “The Hot Zone.” The BBC reported Tuesday that Guinea has now banned the sale and consumption of bats to prevent the spread of the disease, according to Rene Lamah, Guinea’s health minister. Lamah explained to the BBC that people who eat the bats often boil them into a spicy pepper soup sold in village stores where people gather to drink alcohol. Other ways of preparing bats to eat include drying them over a fire. More

Lawmaker defends his praise for 9/11 mosque
Despite rebuke from counter-terrorism officials and the media, a former Obama appointee turned politician has doubled down on his controversial praise for the so-called 9/11 mosque outside the Washington suburbs, calling it “an important member of the Northern Virginia community.” Virginia State Del. Alfonso H. Lopez, D-Arlington, earlier this month sponsored a resolution “commending” the notorious Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center “as an expression of the General Assembly’s admiration” for the center. The resolution, which passed the full Virginia state legislature by voice vote March 7, was met with harsh criticism from terrorism experts as well as Fox News, which called it a “slap in the face of 9/11 victims.” “What the Virginia State House has done is blatant acquiescence to America’s sworn enemies,” said terror expert Walid Shoebat. “It is treasonous, it is traitorous, it is criminal, and any state legislator who voted for it has violated the most important oaths of office.” More

Obama-signing copyConsumer protections and the use of domestic law in the U.S. may drastically change as President Obama forges ahead with two secretive international deals that impact major aspects of the economy, privacy and beyond. Wednesday, Obama defended a proposed mega free-trade zone between the world’s two largest economies, the United States and the European Union. “I have fought my entire political career, and as president, to strengthen consumer protections. I have no intention of signing legislation that would weaken those protections,” Obama said during a visit to the EU headquarters in Brussels. Obama was responding to criticism of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, which the U.S. has been negotiated with the EU since last July. Besides creating the world’s biggest free-trade zone, the TTIP will also bring about closer cooperation between EU and U.S. regulatory bodies while more closely integrating the two economies. More

Fox News Poll: Country weaker under Obama, not tough enough on Russia

By a widening margin, more voters think the United States is weaker since Barack Obama became president. And the highest number in a decade feels the country is less safe than it was before 9/11, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. The poll also finds most voters think President Obama has not been tough enough on Russia, although a majority still says the U.S. should stay out of the situation in Ukraine. Some 52 percent of voters think the country is weaker and less powerful today than it was six years ago. That’s three times the 17 percent who say the country is stronger and more powerful. About 3 in 10 think it is unchanged (29 percent). Last year, 48 percent said weaker, 24 percent stronger and 27 percent unchanged (Feb. 2013). The number of Democrats saying the country is stronger now has dropped 11 percentage points: it’s 32 percent today, down from 43 percent in 2013. Twenty-two percent of Democrats say the country is weaker and 44 percent say it is the same. More

California saves salmon from drought via trucks
California started giving a ride to millions of young Chinook salmon this week after the state’s record-breaking drought left rivers too dry for them to migrate on their own. Over the next two months, state and federal officials plan to truck up to 30 million fish from five hatcheries in the Central Valley to rivers and streams near the Pacific Ocean, an effort intended to save the state’s fishing industry in coming years. The salmon are a big part of California’s $1.5-billion commercial and recreational fishing industry, according to the Nature Conservancy. The salmon smolts — juvenile fish just a few inches long — should be mature enough to harvest starting around 2016. “It is a Herculean effort to avoid disaster in three years,” said Andrew Hughan, spokesman for the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. “By disaster, I mean a collapse of the fishery industry; no commercial fishing and no recreational fishing.” Hughan said the state regularly gives a lift to millions of salmon every year. This week, however, the federal Fish and Wildlife Service also joined in and began trucking about 12 million salmon from the Coleman National Fish Hatchery in Northern California to a spot on the lower Sacramento River near Rio Vista. The salmon begin their journey in climate-controlled tanker trucks filled with river water that can hold about 130,000 fish in all, cutting their typical migration by up to 300 miles. They are then acclimated to the new water for a few days in net pens before they are released into the outgoing tide. It will take about 275 truckloads to transport the millions of fish at Coleman and four other state hatcheries, Hughan said. The total cost will clock in around $800,000. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has moved salmon over land from Coleman a few times in years past, but the severe drought prompted the agency to make plans to truck all the fish this year, said spokesman Steve Martarano. Martarano said the agency had no plans to repeat an operation of this scale next year. “It just depends on if the drought continues,” he said. California suffered its driest year on record in 2013, prompting Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a drought emergency in the state. Even storms earlier this month, which brought the Los Angeles region to about half its normal rainfall for the season, did little to alleviate drought conditions. Hughan said the trucking effort will help save an estimated 3,000 jobs in California businesses that benefit from the fishing industry, including workers at hotels and gas stations. “If we didn’t do it, there would be no fish,” he said. Los Angeles Times


First-of-its-kind medical marijuana law signed in Utah

The Republican governor of Utah has signed a bill that will allow children suffering from severe epileptic seizures to be legally prescribed a marijuana extract for medicinal purposes. Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill on Tuesday this week after it successfully passed the predominately Republican state legislature in Utah. Twenty states already have medical marijuana laws in place, and Washington and Colorado recently became the first to approve recreational pot for adults. But in what is perhaps the most glaring example yet of an increasingly evident change in attitude occurring in America with regards to weed, one of the most conservative states in the country has adopted a first-of-its-kind legislation as of this week’s signing: Utah voters have for decades favored Republican Party candidates during presidential elections, and 80 percent of the state legislature is composed of members of the Mormon Church, which is known for advocating against illegal drug use. Last year, Utah led the nation in convictions for drug possession on public lands, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.
“Charlee’s Law” will go into effect on July 1 and only allows certain patients with severe epilepsy to be prescribed a marijuana extract that is low in the high-inducing chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, but full of cannabidiol , or CBD — a chemical that many say is unmatched when it comes to conquering seizures but stops short of getting users stoned. ”Cannabis oils show promise of offering some relief to Utahans suffering from seizures and epilepsy and we should do all we can to help them,” Gov. Herbert said last week. “My concern has been that the products are produced properly and that we have the adequate protections in place. Ultimately, I am satisfied the bill provides for that and I decided to sign it.” Only neurologists can write the prescriptions, and the Utah Department of Health is expected to create a process that will let families apply for a waiver to use the oil. According to the Tribune, there will also be a $400 hemp extract fee for those that register for waivers.
Herbert was flanked by around 50 parents and children at the state Capitol during Tuesday’s signing, the Associated Press reported. According to local network KUTV, around 55 families across Utah are either currently or will soon be on a waiting list for patients who want to purchase CBD-heavy oil from Colorado known as Charlotte’s Web. Under the new law, the extract must contain at least 15 percent CBD and less than 0.3 percent of THC.
“We’ve got hundreds of families that have moved from around the US to Colorado to make sure their kids have the opportunity to use this extract,” Utah Representative Gage Froerer, a Republican sponsor of the legislation, told the network. Under federal law, marijuana legally grown in Colorado for sale there can’t cross state lines. Excluding that state and Washington, non-medicinal marijuana is still considered a Schedule I narcotic everywhere else in the country, though federal officials have indicated they won’t pursue small-time drug cases in jurisdictions where local laws have been passed decriminalizing weed. The group Hope 4 Children With Epilepsy (H4CE) says that their waiting list for a CBD oil produced by Realm of Caring Foundation in Colorado Springs, CO currently has around 3,500 patients on it. The AP says that figure is likely closer to 2,000, but that number will likely soon increase regardless if the governor of Alabama signs a bill approved by lawmakers there that would also legalize CBD-heavy oils for seizure patients. “Charlee’s Law” is named in honor of Charlee Nelson, a 6-year-old West Jordan, UT girl who died earlier this month. She was one of the dozens on the waitlist for cannabis oil at the time of her death. RT
Franklin Graham: Some Administration Officials Are ‘Anti-Christ’
Some of the people working in the Obama administration and in the White House are trying to “completely secularize our military” and are “hostile to Christians,” to the point that they “are anti-Christ in what they say and in what they do,” said Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of world-renowned preacher Rev. Billy Graham. Franklin Graham made his comments during a Mar. 24 interview with Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, which published an updated report on religious persecution in the U.S. armed forces this month. During the interview on Washington Watch Weekly, Perkins asked Graham, “I would have to believe you’re also tracking, in fact I know you’re tracking because you were a part of it – when you were scheduled to speak at the Pentagon a few years ago they disinvited you – are you concerned about this intense religious hostility that we see manifesting in our nation’s military?” Graham said, ““No question. And my son just got back from his seventh [military] tour this weekend. So, I love the military. There has been huge pressure on the chaplains in our military – and our chaplains have been a wonderful thing for the military. But there is a move to get rid of the chaplains in our country, and to completely secularize our military. Actually, they are hostile to Christians.

“A lot of this is coming from this administration and is being pushed by people within the White House,” said Graham. “And when I say White House, I’m not saying the president, because I’m not sure how much of this he’s aware of. But it’s people that work for him that have power, that are sitting in offices, and they are hostile to Christ.” “They are anti-Christ in what they say and in what they do,” said Graham. “And they are pushing this agenda into the military. It’s scary.” Earlier in the interview, Perkins had briefly discussed religious liberty in the military and spoke of moral decline in America. He had also asked Graham, “what will it take for America to come back to our moral principles?” Graham said, “This is a good question. When you look at scripture, when Israel turned their backs on God – and that’s what we as a nation have done and are doing – there was usually some type of calamity. There was a famine, there was a persecution from their neighbors, nations would come in and overrun them and destroy them.”
He continued, “And it’s, kind of, when they were beaten down to the ground, that they would turn their hearts toward God once again. And they would cry unto the Lord, and He would hear them and He would deliver them. And I don’t know what’s going to have to happen in this country, but my prayer is that America will wake up before that [persecution] happens.” Franklin Graham is president and CEO of the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse. He also oversees the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, started by his father Billy Graham, who is 95 years old and perhaps the most well-known Christian evangelist of the last 50 years. Franklin Graham, 61, is married, has five children, and lives in Boone, North Carolina. In addition to his Christian ministry work, he also often speaks on cultural and political issues. He has been a strong critic of radical Islam. In their updated report, A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military, the Family Research Council says there has been “a growing hostility to religion within the armed services in the last decade. Unfortunately, pressures to impose a secular, anti-religious culture on our nation’s military services have intensified during the Obama administration. This pressure exists across the armed services, bit it has become extremely acute in the United States Air Force. The Air Force has had the great misfortune to be targeted by anti-Christian activists.” CNSNews.com


Tornado Touchdown Reported California’s Sacramento Valley On Wednesday Evening

A well formed supercell hit the Sacramento Valley areas just southwest of Chico, in Northern California, on Wednesday evening. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued here at TheWeatherSpace.com covered the event. A line of supercells formed from the Central to Northern California valleys on Wednesday afternoon and evening. This line went along Interstate 5. As of this write-up two tornado warnings went out for these cells, one of which just north of Sacramento produced a tornado. Radar images revealed the red and green, outbound and inbound winds closely packed together, at one point around 90 mph wind speeds for the rotation near the surface. The storms also produced hail over 1″ in diameter. TheWeatherSpace.com did in fact have a Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued. When the first cell formed, a watch had to go out for more to develop as the dynamics today were in fact severe enough. This same storm system will hit the Eastern Great Plains tomorrow (Thursday), producing a severe weather outbreak. Theweatherspace.com

First Asteroid Ring System Observed Between Orbits Of Saturn & Uranus

Astronomers have discovered rings around an asteroid-like body whose orbit is between those of Saturn and Uranus. At just 250 kilometres across, Chariklo is the smallest body so far found to have rings. Previously, only the giant planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — have been seen sporting them. Published online today in Nature, the finding indicates that rings may be a more common feature than previously thought. The discovery was an accident and a surprise, says lead author Felipe Braga-Ribas, an astronomer at the National Observatory in Rio de Janeiro. Rings are interesting celestial features, as they are often a first step in the formation of planets and moons. But matter would typically struggle to stay stable around a body with only a tiny gravitational pull. “We thought that maybe having rings was linked with the mass of the object.

So finding them on a small object was very unexpected,” he says. Chariklo belongs to a class of objects called Centaurs, which traverse the outer Solar System in unstable orbits and can share characteristics with both asteroids and comets. Because they are small, dark and far away, studying them is a challenge, Braga-Ribas says. His team discovered the rings while observing the way in that the asteroid blocked out light from a distant star as it passed between the star and Earth on 3 June 2013. The researchers found a dip in brightness, as expected, when the asteroid traversed the star. But they also detected two much smaller dips, both before Chariklo passed in front of the star, and after. Piecing together results from telescopes at seven sites across South America, the team deduced that the blips were caused by two distinct, narrow rings that were respectively 7 and 3 kilometres wide. The same technique was used to discover the rings around Uranus in 1977. More

China official urges calm as depositors again line up outside rural banks.
Rural banks in China’s eastern city of Yancheng stacked piles of cash in plain view behind teller windows to calm depositors queuing at bank branches for a third straight day on Wednesday following rumors that they had run out of cash. According to residents of Sheyang county, which includes Yancheng, panic began on Monday with a rumor that a branch of one local bank turned down a customer’s request for a 200,000 yuan withdrawal. Banks declined to comment and Reuters was unable to verify the rumor. The affected institutions are tiny compared with the scale of China’s financial sector, and the rush for cash appears to be an isolated incident so far. Rumors also found especially fertile ground there after a failure of less-regulated three rural credit co-operatives last January. Yet the news caught nationwide attention, reflecting growing public anxiety as regulators signal greater tolerance for credit defaults. Miao Dongmei, who runs a baby supply store opposite the branch of the Jiangsu Sheyang Rural Commercial Bank first targeted by depositors said she kept money at the bank, but did not join the stampede. However, she said she had seen other customers carrying baskets full of cash out of the bank branch, while armored cars kept pulling up to deliver fresh loads of currency. Sheyang bank employees told Reuters that some branches had been open 24 hours over the past two days. A visit to one branch showed tellers had stacked bricks of yuan notes immediately behind the glass, piled above head level, and assembled cash piles the size and height of a double bed in the back to show there was enough to go around. More











Taliban attack foreign guest house in Kabul, one child killed



Ebola virus reaches Guinea’s capital Conakry



US mudslide experts warned of disaster risk



New objects spotted in MH370 search





















Is Israel and Egypt Working Together? Four wounded as Israeli navy opens fire on Gaza fishing






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