Switzerland RIVER TURNS BLOOD Baffle SCIENTISTS /Israeli Leader Pushes for Jewish State Legislation/USA floods and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Israeli Leader Pushes for Jewish State Legislation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that he plans to promote legislation that will enshrine the country’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The issue of Israel’s status as a Jewish state figured prominently in the peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians that recently broke down. Netanyahu demands that Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland to prove they are willing to coexist peacefully with such a state.Speaking at the Tel Aviv site where Israel’s Declaration of Independence was signed, Netanyahu said legislation was necessary. More


NATO’s second-in-command says Russia is now an enemy, not a partner

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow now says that the allied group has been compelled to treat Russia “as more of an enemy than a partner,” according to an Associated Press report published Thursday. The 61-year-old former United States ambassador to Russia reportedly told journalists this week that Moscow’s role in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine has forced NATO to reconsider the alliance’s opinion on Russia, and that additional troops may soon be mobilized to the region as tensions worsen. More


Netanyahu: Young generation ‘slaves’ to gadgets…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is having trouble adjusting to this generation’s obsession with picture taking and photo sharing.  During a photo shoot prior to an interview session with the foreign press last week, the prime minister waxed nostalgic, lamenting in a Louis C.K.-esque manner over the failure to live in the moment among today’s selfie-crazed society. “What do you get out of all these pictures?” Netanyahu can be seen asking an unseen cameraman in a video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. More

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and Family Talk Radio, a harsh critic of President Obama and an opponent in court, on Thursday described him as the “abortion president” during an address at the National Day of Prayer. Dobson, whose organization recently won a court fight against Obama over a mandate in Obamacare that would have required his ministry to pay for abortion pills, has not been shy about challenging the president on his abortion agenda. At one point during the fight over the imposition of the abortion mandate, he said to the president: “Come and get me. I will not yield to your wicked regulations.” The fact that Obama is more supportive of abortion than any other chief executive in the U.S. was touted by none other than Planned Parenthood. More


WAR DRUMS – Pro-Russian protesters storm prosecutor’s office in Ukraine’s Donetsk

Pro-Russian protesters stormed the prosecutor’s office in the separatist-held city of Donetsk on Thursday, lobbing stones and smashing windows after accusing the office of working for the Western-backed government in Kiev. Donetsk, a city of about 1 million people in Ukraine’s industrial east, is at the center of an armed uprising across the steel and coal belt by mainly Russian-speakers threatening to secede from Ukraine. The violence, in a city already largely under the control of separatists, underscored the shifting security situation and suspicions in the region.More

Freak “S” Shaped Storm Unleashes “Biblical Flooding”

“S” shaped Storm unleashes “Biblical” Rains to Alabama and Florida according to the Washington Post. In this Update you will discover the Hebrew meaning of the Letter “S” and why this is extremely interesting and needs to be paid attention to.

Prehistoric North Sea ‘Atlantis’ hit by 5m tsunami

A prehistoric “Atlantis” in the North Sea may have been abandoned after being hit by a 5m tsunami 8,200 years ago. The wave was generated by a catastrophic subsea landslide off the coast of Norway. Analysis suggests the tsunami over-ran Doggerland, a low-lying landmass that has since vanished beneath the waves. “It was abandoned by Mesolithic tribes about 8,000 years ago, which is when the Storegga slide happened,” said Dr Jon Hill from Imperial College London.

Dr Jon HillImperial College London The wave could have wiped out the last people to occupy this island. The research has been submitted to the journal Ocean Modelling and is being presented at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna this week. More
The Defense Intelligence Agency’s top two officials said Wednesday they will retire by early fall, a shakeup that Pentagon officials said had been in the works for months. The DIA director, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and the agency’s deputy director, David Shedd, announced their plans in a joint statement to the agency’s workforce. “We are proud of the legacy of sustained superb performance of the thousands of men and women we have served alongside throughout these many years,” they said. More


Has New York’s traffic light system been Hacked?

A security expert claims to have uncovered a major flaw in the traffic system in in major cities around the world including London and New York. Cesar Cerrudo, an Argentinian security researcher with IoActive, says he can control traffic lights and even reroute traffic. He discovered is was possible to control the sensors embedded into the road and used by control systems to monitor traffic.  He was able to take control of the sensors –Sensys Networks VDS240 wireless vehicle detection systems– which are installed in 40 U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, as well as in nine other countries. The system is comprised of magnetic sensors embedded in roadways that wirelessly collect data. More

Fed tapers another $10 billion

Despite a backdrop of slowing first-quarter economic activity, the Federal Reserve voted Wednesday to continue reducing its monthly stimulus program. In a move that met market expectations, the U.S. central bank cut back its bond purchases to $45 billion a month, which is $40 billion less than the original total in a program that has swelled the Fed balance sheet to more than $4.3 trillion. The decision came as recent signs showed that first-quarter growth was even weaker than expected. The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that gross domestic product increased just 0.1 percent, a full percentage point below expectations. More

A rare and extreme weather pattern has produced obscene and devastating amounts of rainfall from Mobile, Alabama to Pensacola, Florida.  Up to 2 feet of rain fell in the last 24 hours in isolated locations in this region. Pensacola and Mobile both officially received over 11 inches of rain, the third highest daily totals dating back over 130 years, according to Capital_Climate on Twitter. More

Mount St. Helens magma re-pressurizing

First things first: There are no signs of an impending volcanic eruption on Mount St. Helens.  But scientists with the Cascades Volcano Observatory said the volcano remains active and is showing “long-term uplift” and earthquake activity. Ever since the sudden reawakening of Mount St. Helens in 2004, scientists have been monitoring the subtle inflation of the ground surface and the minor quake activity. From 2004 to 2008, more than 35,000 Olympic swimming pools worth of lava erupted onto the crater floor. That period of eruption, however, didn’t produce much in the way of explosive events. Now, USGS experts said they’re seeing volcanic behavior reminiscent to what happened after the 1980 to 1986 phase of eruptions. More

Southern California wildfire forces evacuations

– A wind-driven brush fire burning out of control in a drought-parched Southern California wildland on Wednesday forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the northern part of suburban Rancho Cucamonga, officials said. The wildfire, which sent smoke billowing down the foothills toward large suburban houses, comes amid hot weather and fierce Santa Ana winds blowing in the region that had already prompted the National Weather Service to issue a wildfire-related “red flag” warning for much of the area. More

Russia Starts Combat Helicopter Training Flights on Baltic Border

A newly formed Russian army helicopter brigade has begun training flights in the northwest of the country near the borders with the Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia, a spokesman for the Western Military District said Wednesday. “Helicopters of the army aviation brigade of the Western Military District, based in the Pskov region, have begun regular training flights in the skies over northwestern Russia,” Col. Oleg Kochetkov said. More

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Cops No Longer Need Warrants to Search Vehicles

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has ruled police officers in the Commonwealth are no longer required to obtain a warrant prior to searching a vehicle, a decision that essentially overturns the protections enumerated in the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and in Pennsylvania’s own state constitution. More

Bill Clinton: Israel offered Temple Mount to Palestinians in 2000

Former US president Bill Clinton said Wednesday that the Palestinians were offered the Temple Mount at the Camp David Summit in 2000, but the agreement fell through over a sliver of land near the Western Wall. In an address at Virginia’s Georgetown University, where he has agreed to deliver a series of lectures, Clinton spoke on a variety of domestic issues, while also touching on the foreign policy challenges his administration had encountered — chiefly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the 2000 summit he brokered between then-prime minister Ehud Barak and the late Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat. More


The phenomenon of mysterious lights appearing in the night sky has returned to the U.S., specifically the Cincinnati, Ohio, area this past weekend, puzzling witnesses who recorded the event. John Maisel shot videos Saturday night at 9:45 p.m. as he and 20 others from two neighboring families witnessed red and white lights floating over their homes in Greenhills, Ohio, a town 20 miles north of Cincinnati. More


A 27-year-old American woman is making headlines for trying to sell something unusual online. The woman, who said her name is Elizabeth Raine, is offering her virginity up to the highest bidder. Raine claims to be a med school student and said she already holds two Bachelor’s degrees. According to her website, www.elizabeth-raine.com, the top bid is $550,000. In an interview posted Monday, Raine told The Huffington Post that said she initially wanted to keep her identity hidden. ”I didn’t like the anonymity. People mistake it for shame,” she said. Raine said she has been planning on selling her virginity for a year. More



CSX train carrying oil derails in Virginia in fiery blast

A CSX Corp train carrying crude oil derailed and burst into flames in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia on Wednesday, spilling oil into the James River and forcing hundreds to evacuate. CSX said 15 cars on a train traveling from Chicago to Virginia derailed at 2:30 p.m. EDT. Fire erupted on three cars, the company said. Photos and video from the scene showed high flames and a plume of black smoke. It was the second oil-train accident this year for CSX. About two hours after the derailment, CSX said the fire had been extinguished. City officials said there were no injuries, but 300-350 people were evacuated from the area. Around 6:00 p.m., residents were allowed to return to their homes. More

Street collapses in Baltimore, washing away cars

A street in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore collapsed Wednesday, washing away cars and flooding CSX railroad tracks that run below street level. Ian Brennan, a spokesman for the Baltimore Fire Department, said no injuries were reported.  One lane of the East 26th Street between North Charles and North St. Paul streets collapsed about 4 p.m. and slid down an embankment leading to the tracks below. The cause of the collapse was unclear, but it came on a day that the region was experiencing heavy rain storms. Several streets were closed late Wednesday afternoon. St. Paul and Charles are major thoroughfares that are generally crowded during both the morning and evening commutes. The neighborhood is largely residential row houses. Traffic was reported to be snarled in the area of the collapse and downtown. More


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Canadian warship to join NATO flotilla off Ukraine coast



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