Scientists Create 1st Living Organism From Artificial DNA/Germany alarmed over violent neo-Nazi groups/ US warship arrives in Georgia amid Ukraine crisis and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


WAR DRUMS – US warship arrives in Georgia amid Ukraine crisis

A US warship arrived on Thursday in Georgia’s port of Batumi, the US embassy said, sending a message of support to NATO allies amid the spiralling crisis in neighbouring Ukraine. The USS Taylor’s “presence in Georgia reaffirms the United States’ commitment to strengthening ties with NATO allies and partners like Georgia, while working toward mutual goals of promoting peace and stability in the region,” the embassy said in a statement. The US 6th Fleet frigate arrived in Georgia for three days of exercises with the country’s coastguard in the Black Sea after completing joint live-fire exercises and an anti-submarine warfare scenario along with Romanian ships. More



Ukraine has deployed 15,000 troops on its border with Russia, while NATO continues beefing up its forces in Eastern Europe, Russian Defense Ministry stated as the military alliance and Pentagon accuse Moscow of keeping armed forces close to Ukraine. ”The 15,000-strong grouping of Ukrainian forces has been deployed in the border areas. Military conscription has resumed [in Ukraine],” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said in a statement on Thursday. “At the same time NATO amasses its grouping of forces in Eastern Europe,” he stressed, adding that such actions are not contributing to the efforts to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine. Antonov said Russia has pulled all its forces from its borders with its crisis-torn neighbor. He echoed President Vladimir Putin’s statement on Wednesday, when the Russian President assured OSCE Chairperson-in-Office and Swiss President Didier Burkhalter that Russian troops were relocated to ranges where they conduct regular drills. More


DAYS OF LOT – 15 Year Old Girl Raped in Maryland School Hallway

 — After Parkside High School dismissed for the day on Tuesday, a student said it was shocking to hear there’d been a rape there the day before in a school hallway. “How could that go on where a teacher doesn’t know?” the student, junior Kelsie Dukes, wondered aloud. It was a question on many minds as news emerged of the Monday morning sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. Even Wicomico County Superintendent of Schools John Fredericksen described the case as “gut-wrenching.” There are roughly 7,500 females in the school system’s population. More

Missouri Elementary School Boy Will Now Be A Girl Proudly Announces Principal

A boy at Robinson Elementary School in Raytown, Mo. will now officially be recognized as a girl by teachers and administrators. The student, Adam, will now go by the name Jasmine, reports local ABC affiliate KMBC. Also, over at The Advocate, there is outrage that a letter sent to parents about the transgender elementary schooler’s new name may be a violation of federal law. Local FOX affiliate WDAF obtained a copy of the May 2 letter from the principal, Elizabeth Arbisi. “Dear Robinson Parent or Guardian,” it reads, “In the interest of creating a positive and safe learning environment at Robinson, I want to share information with you about a schoolmate of your child’s.” The letter explains that “a birth-assigned gender male student who has been known as Adam at Robinson has returned to school as a female with the new, preferred name of Jasmine.” More

Ukrainian Jews form defense force to combat anti-Semitic attacks.

Ukrainian Jews with combat skills formed a rapid intervention force to stop anti-Semitic attacks. The force, which was set up in recent weeks, currently is made up of eight men who served in the Ukrainian or Israeli armies or have martial arts skills, the team’s founder, Tzvi Arieli, told JTA Thursday. The defenders are armed with baseball bats that an American donor whose family hails from Kiev sent the team, he added. “We are trying to raise funds for bullet-proof vests which would greatly increase safety if the situation escalates,” said Arieli, a Latvia-born former soldier of a special forces unit in the Israel Defense Forces who lives in Ukraine. More

Russian aircraft carrier sails into English Channel.

A Russian aircraft carrier task group has sailed into the English Channel under escort by a Royal Navy warship. HMS Dragon met the Russian warships in the south western approaches to the Channel on Wednesday and is shadowing them as they are expected to head into the North Sea and back to Russia. The heavy carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is accompanied by the nuclear-powered Kirov class cruiser Peter the Great and several support ships after a five-month mission to the Mediterranean. Naval sources said it was not unusual for Russian warships to pass through the channel and the Kuznetsov was also escorted past British waters on its way out in December when it passed Scotland heading south. More

US has contingency deal with Brazil, Australia to move millions of Americans in the event of Yellowstone Eruption

 – If the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts then millions of U.S. citizens could end up in Brazil, Australia, or Argentina. That’s according to the South African news website Praag, which said that the African National Congress was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years if it would build temporary housing for Americans in case of an eruption. The potential eruption of the supervolcano, one of the biggest in the world, has been a hot topic ever since videos of animals allegedly fleeing the area before an earthquake were posted online. Although the veracity of the claims haven’t been backed up, dozens of bloggers and others have been trying to figure out what, if anything, is going on. One of the latest theories is that the U.S. Geological Service and its partners, which keep an eye on the caldera, are hiding data from the public. The Praag article says that the South African government fears that placing so many Americans in South Africa could dramatically change the country. More

Powerful earthquake shakes Mexico City; workers evacuate buildings

 — A strong earthquake on the Pacific coast of Mexico shook the capital on Thursday, sending frightened office workers streaming into the streets away from high-rise buildings. The 6.4-magnitude temblor in southern Guerrero state had an epicenter about 9 miles (15 kilometers) north of Tecpan de Galeana and about 171 miles (277 kilometers) southwest of Mexico City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The quake had a depth of 23 kilometers. There was only mild shaking in the resort city of Acapulco, according to an Associated Press reporter there. The USGS downgraded the magnitude from 6.8. Carmen Lopez, an elegantly dressed businesswoman from Michoacan, was leaving a downtown Mexico City office building when the ground began to sway. She dashed across the street to a leafy median as light poles swayed violently above her. More

Nicobar Islands in Indian Ocean plagued with sinkholes after tsunami

 – While the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is sparing no effort to fill a rapidly widening sinkhole in Florida since Apr. 23, India’s Geological Survey has closed its field station in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where sinkholes have sprung up all over as an aftermath of the 2004 Asian tsunami. The administration in this popular tourist destination in the Bay of Bengal may be prepared for another tsunami. But it seems clueless about these holes in the ground that can sometimes cave in or lead to other geological events like hot springs, water spouts, natural gas emissions or even cracks in the subterranean magma chambers. Islanders told IPS that sinkholes have appeared all over Nicobar.  More


Just days after its much-vaunted reconciliation pact with Mahmoud Abbas’s PLO, Hamas’s official TV channel aired a children’s program in which viewers were encouraged to “kill the Jews”. During the show, called “Pioneers of Tomorrow”, young children are interviewed by a young presenter and her “bumblebee” co-host and encouraged to carry out a variety of violent attacks. At one point, a young girl says she wants to be a policewoman when she grows up. ”What do the police do?” asks the host.  ”They catch thieves and troublemakers,” her co-host answers. ”And they shoot Jews, right?” she responds. “Yes,” the young interviewee smiles to her interviewer’s obvious delight, “I will shoot all the Jews!”More



DAYS OF LOT – Hallmark Introduces New Greeting Cards Honoring Lesbian Moms

Image source: Hallmark Inc.Hallmark is expanding its greeting card line to keep up with evolving social structures, rolling out two new Mother’s Day messages specifically written for lesbian moms. One of the cards addresses “two moms” and the other is intended for partners to give to one another, according to Hallmark spokeswoman Kristi Ernsting. “Moms do it all and they do it with ease, from helping with homework to bandaging knees. They’re coaches and confidantes, role models, too…whatever it takes they’ll do,” reads one of the cards. “When it comes to big hearts, moms are second to none.” While the outside of the greeting card seems fairly general, the inside gets more specific: “How does anyone ever get by with just one?” More

Five Women Reveal the Heartbreaking Impact Abortion Had on Their Lives

Five women have come together to counter recent stories and videos that have offered a positive perspective on abortion by highlighting the negative and life-altering impact their own procedures had on their lives.  Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now a pro-life activist, rallied four other women to join her in sharing their stories of intense emotional pain, suicidal inclinations and ongoing guilt after their abortions. Johnson told TheBlaze that the group is hoping to offer a response to the so-called “pro-voice” movement, which she said is “trying to paint abortion in a positive light.” “What that movement has failed to do is walk with women past their initial abortion,” Johnson said. “Five years, 10 years, 20 years … will they still feel empowered by their decision? We don’t know. But the five women in this post have experienced the long term pain of abortion.” More

6-Year-Old Boy Lays Hands on the Sick and Sees Miracle Recoveries

laying hands on the sick

JOEL 2:28-29 “And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.
And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

Children can do anything the Bible says they can if they are taught in age-appropriate ways—they can even heal the sick. I recently heard from a church in Pennsylvania about a little boy named Joey, age 6. For over a year, Joey has been learning on Sunday that he can hear God’s voice and heal the sick. Joey’s aunt became extremely ill. She was so ill that they were not accepting visitors. But one day little Joey decided that he needed to go and pray for his aunt Mindy. He specifically said he wanted to pray for her in Jesus’ name so she could be healed. Everyone discouraged him. They told Joey that they wouldn’t let him in to see her. Mindy’s son told them not to bother to come. They said, “If you do, we won’t let you in. She’s too sick.” But Joey was so insistent. It was hard to resist him, and they ended up going to Mindy’s house. When they got there, the son, Mike, was not going to let them in. But instead of stopping him, Mike to stepped aside and let Joey go in with his mom. More

HGTV Axes House-Flipping Reality Show After Liberals Decry Host for Christian Beliefs

 The popular Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) axed an upcoming house-flipping reality show on Wednesday following the release of an article from a liberal organization that decried one of the hosts for his outspoken Christian beliefs and activism. David and Jason Benham, twin brothers from North Carolina, were set to air their benevolent remodeling show Flip It Forward this fall on the network. The Benhams, both former major league baseball players turned business entrepreneurs, focused their broadcast on making dreams come true for those who thought they could never afford a home. “After a decade of flipping houses for profit, brothers David Benham and Jason Benham now help families buy the homes they never thought they could afford,” a synopsis of the broadcast read, as published last month by HGTV. “In each episode, the guys help a deserving family find a fixer-upper and transform it into their forever home—with a healthy dose of sibling rivalry between the brothers along the way.”More

Further evidence that our college system has been taken over by radical Marxist professors is given by this horrific story out of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Otis Madison allegedly told students that were “Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag,” as reported in The College FixStudent Alice Gilbert, a conservative, enrolled in the class entitled “The Obama Phenomenon,” to broaden her horizons and learn more about Obama, hoping to gain a different perspective, but immediately dropped the class after Professor Madison opened his class with the hateful and potential threatening remarks. More

The 2008 financial crisis could be just a precursor to a more severe economic fallout on the horizon, closely followed contrarian investor Marc Faber told CNBC on Thursday. The publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report told “Squawk Box” he’s concerned about the possibility of a new financial crisis developing in the second half of this year. As a percentage of the advanced economies, total credit—including corporate, government and consumer debt—is 30 percent higher than it was in 2007, Faber said. “I don’t think the economy is recovering at all. We have in the American economy a slowdown.” More

Nuclear reactor sysadmin accused of hacking 220,000 US Navy sailors

A former US Navy sysadmin who worked in an aircraft carrier’s nuclear reactor department has been charged with hacking into government networks using the USN’s own computers. Prosecutors have alleged that Nicholas Paul Knight, 27, of Chantilly, Virginia, and his co-accused, 20-year-old Daniel Trenton of Salem, Illinois, were leading members of a blackhat group called Team Digi7al. Court papers seen by The Register describe Team Digi7al as a “criminal association organised to hack protected computers, steal sensitive and private information, make unauthorised public disclosures of that stolen… information and commit various other crimes related to its hacking activities”. More

After Vietnam received its first Kilo-class submarine in November, China has adopted an underwater strategy to monitor the activities of foreign submarines in the disputed South China Sea, writes US defense expert Harry Kazianis for the Tokyo-based Diplomat magazine. Quoting an article written by Lyle Goldstein and Shannon Knight for the United States Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine, Kazianis noted that China has deployed fixed ocean-floor acoustic arrays off its coastline, while research suggests that China is deploying the new system for anti-submarine warfare. Kazianis praised the work of Goldstein and Knight, which cited several Chinese-language journals such as Shandong Science, China Science Daily, Naval and Merchant Ships and Ship Electronic Engineering. He added that their research has shown that China is now hard at work deploying ocean-floor surveillance systems in its proximate waters. More

US and Philippines hold joint drill to confront Chinese expansion

With China increasingly assertive concerning its territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea, the United States and the Philippines launched Exercise Balikatan 2014 on May 5, according to the GMA Network based in Manila. The exercise will continue until May 16. Albert del Rosario, the Philippines’ foreign minister, said on May 5 that Manila and Washington need to work together to confront a neighboring state with the ambition to change the status quo in the South China Sea, a reference to an unnamed China that no one will have missed. About 3,000 Philippine soldiers and 2,500 American troops are taking part in the drill. Hua Chunying, spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, rejected at a press conference on May 5 the claim that Beijing has ambitions to project its power into Southeast Asia. She told the state-run China News Service that China is keen to work with both the United States and the Philippines to maintain regional stability. More

World is unprepared for major El Niño later this year

Wild weather is coming in 2014, with floods, storms and droughts expected around the Pacific, but little is being done to protect the people on the front line THE weather is preparing to go wild, and will wreak havoc and death around the globe later this year. An El Niño, a splurge of warm water in the Pacific Ocean, is coming. It will unleash floods in the Americas, while South-East Asia and Australia face drought. Yet little is being done to address these consequences. ”The tropical climate system is primed for a big El Niño,” says Axel Timmermann of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu (see diagram). An El Niño begins when warm water near Indonesia spreads eastwards and rises to the surface of the Pacific. The warm water carries rain with it, so El Niño takes rain from Asia and Australia and dumps it on the Americas (see “Rising waters“). The effects can be deadly. A big El Niño in 1997-98 killed 20,000 people and caused almost $97 billion of damage. More


Israel Worried Obama Will Cave to Iran Before Midterm Election

Israel is concerned that U.S. President Barack Obama will reach a bad nuclear deal with Iran ahead of the midterm elections in November, an Israeli official told Reuters on Wednesday. ”We would be happy to see July 20 pass without a deal,” an Israeli government adviser told the news agency, referring to the deadline by which Iran and the West are aiming to reach a permanent deal on Iran’s disputed nuclear program. The official added that there was worry in Israel that Obama, facing possible gains by Republican rivals in the midterm elections, might be tempted to accommodate Iran now. The official, who spoke as National Security Adviser Susan Rice visited Israel and met local leaders, said that Israel insists Iran be denied uranium enrichment capabilities under the potential deal.More

A new report from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, a bipartisan group, asserts that the Obama administration is turning a blind eye to persecution of Christians by Muslims in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, as well as persecution of Christians in North Korea. Dwight Bashir, the commission’s deputy director of policy and research, told While the Obama administration should continue to shine a spotlight on abuses through public statements, it also should impose targeted sanctions to demonstrate that there are consequences, too. By not utilizing an existing legislative tool, the United States risks sending the message that it prefers a nuclear deal to standing up for the rights of the Iranian people. The United States should not be confronting such a scenario in the first place. More

PROPHECY WATCH: Ukrainian Jews Flee Violence

The disintegrating situation in Ukraine has led to an increase in anti-Semitic attacks against Jews living in the country. Many Jews are talking about escaping to Israel. Nineteen Ukrainian Jews arrived in Israel this week after escaping the violence engulfing their country. Others still wait and worry about relatives left behind. Ilena Hila Feingold, who has lived in Israel for many years, works for The Jewish Agency. ”I’m from Donetsk. I arrived to Israel in 1991 with my family but still now I have in Donetsk my aunt,” Feingold told CBN News. “She’s 86 and I’m very worried—what about her, I don’t hear about her. I’m only praying that it will be OK.” Feingold’s job is to help other Jewish people come home to Israel. More

Russia holds military drills to repel nuclear strike

President Vladimir Putin has overseen military drills on countering nuclear strike. The planned drills come ahead of the May 9 celebrations dedicated to victory in World War II. ”We are carrying out tests of the readiness of the Russian armed forces. It was announced last November. The exercises will involve all branches of the armed forces across the country,” Putin told reporters at the Defense Ministry. Modern challenges and threats to the country’s national security demand that the army and the fleet are maintained in readiness for quick and effective retaliation in any conditions, the Russian Defense Minister and army general Sergey Shoigu told Putin in a report.More

God Performs Abortions in the Bible, Says Liberal Radio Host

A liberal radio host claims God is pro-choice and actually performed abortions in the Bible, and the video of his outrageous ideas was reposted on the RH Reality Check blog and Twitter account Tuesday. The non-for-profit organization, which reportedly has the same goals as Planned Parenthood, used the video to posit that “the Bible is #ProChoice” and to spread propaganda to support their claim. The claim that God performed abortions in the Bible and that God is pro-choice came from a segment of “The Kyle Kulinski Show” from March 28.RH Reality Check tweeted that “most anti-choicers claim obedience to the divinely inspired word of God” and that the Bible “appears contradictory to the anti-choice stance.” More

Federal Gov’t Issues Warning to State That Wants to Opt Out of Common Core

The Obama administration has issued a clear warning to the first state to drop the Common Core State Standards. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signs legislation, Monday, March 24, 2014 at the Indiana Career Council Meeting at the Indiana State Library. Indiana is the first state to withdraw from the Common Core reading and math standards that were adopted by most states around the country. (AP Photo/The Indianapolis Star, Rob Goebel) The U. S. Department of Education said in a letter to Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz that the state must prove its own standards are just as challenging, or else risk of losing its waiver from the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law and have its federal funding in jeopardy. “Because the [Indiana Department of Education] will no longer implement those standards, IDOE must amend its [Elementary and Secondary Education Act] flexibility request and provide evidence that its new standards are certified by a state network of [Institutions of Higher Education] that students who meet the standards will not need remedial coursework at the postsecondary level,” the letter says. More



North Korea Blames Its Human Rights Problems on Christian Missionaries

North Korea responded to the United Nations Human Rights Council this week regarding alleged human rights abuses by blaming Christian discipleship bases reaching North Koreans in northeast China. So Se Pyong, North Korea’s ambassador, said in a debate before the council in Geneva, “There are in the northeastern area of China so-called churches and priests exclusively engaged in hostile acts against the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea]. They indoctrinate the illegal border-crossers with anti-DPRK ideology and send them back to the DPRK with assignments of subversion, destruction, human trafficking and even terrorist acts.” More

Dutch Sheets Resigns From Christ for the Nations, Cites Limited Window for Change in US

Best-selling author Dutch Sheets announced Wednesday he will be leaving Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI), where he returned to his alma mater in 2012 to serve as executive director. His resignation becomes effective at the end of May as the school’s spring term concludes. During his tenure at CFNI, Sheets continued to minister and speak around the nation most weekends, as well as write books—including his latest, The Power of Hope, which released Tuesday. He told students and staff Wednesday that the demand on his time did not allow him to give himself fully to leading the school in a way he’d like, adding that this was “a difficult decision.” More


John Paul Jackson Diagnosed with “Aggressive” Cancer, Vows to Fight Cancer With Prayer

John Paul Jackson, perhaps best known for his prophetic dream interpretations, has been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors found a large, aggressive cancerous growth in his leg that needs immediate treatment. “I have said on many occasions that I do not always understand God’s ways, especially in the heat of a test, but I do always trust Him, in good times and in difficult times,” Jackson writes. He called the cancer his “greatest personal test.” In the face of the cancer diagnoses, Jackson has canceled his upcoming speaking engagements to prepare for what he calls a “rigorous treatment protocol.” “I have not ruled out any and all forms of treatment paths, but at the top of that list is prayer. I know that God can heal me in one instant or through the hands of doctors over time,” Jackson says. “We are focusing our faith for a miracle, while following doctor’s advice until my healing is complete.” More



Harvard Will Host ‘Reenactment’ of Satanic Mass

A Satanic Black Mass reenactment is scheduled to take place at the Queen’s Head Pub in Memorial Hall at Harvard University on May 12, with the Mass performed by The Satanic Temple, which is being hosted for the event by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club. A non-consecrated communion host will be used in the reenactment, according to Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple. “While Black Masses are supposed to utilize a consecrated host, ours is merely representative of a consecrated host,” Greaves told  “It is not consecrated. We neither believe in nor invoke the supernatural.” “To us, the Black Mass is an amalgamation that developed through time based on witch-hunting fears and later adopted by some as a declaration of personal Independence against what they felt to be the stifling authority of the church,” said Greaves. More

Top Egyptian official: Hamas must recognize Israel

Hamas must recognize the existence of Israel if the Palestinians are to move forward with their hopes of establishing their own state, former Egyptian foreign minister Amr Moussa said Wednesday. “It is normal for the Palestinians to reconcile,” Moussa said of a recent unity deal struck between the Hamas militants who run the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. More

‘Melting’ Sea Star Epidemic Reaches Oregon Coast


Scientists announced the discovery of “melting” sea stars off the coast of Oregon this week, the state’s first known sighting of the mysterious condition that began appearing throughout West Coast waters last year. According to Jim Burke, Oregon Coast Aquarium’s director of animal husbandry and dive operations, several species of sea star in Yaquina Bay were recently found in the advanced wasting stage. “One could speculate that it’s just beginning and will continue to be detrimental to the sea star population,” Burke told the Statesman Journal. More

The prophetic words delivered in 1789 by President George Washington in his first inaugural speech echoed loud and clear Wednesday evening in the chamber of the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall — this time in the voice of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the best selling “The Harbinger.” The venue was a one-of-a-kind prayer meeting called “Washington: A Man of Prayer, 2014,” commemorating the events of April 30, 1789, when, after being sworn in at Federal Hall, Washington, accompanied by Congress, proceeded to St. Paul’s Chapel where, as one of his first official acts, he offered a prayer of dedication to God on America’s behalf. More


From ‘Gay Rights’ to ‘Global Warming,’ Totalitarianism is rapidly Rising

Newt Gingrich called it an “open, blatant example of the new fascism,” Charles Krauthammer called it “totalitarian,” Pat Buchanan labeled it “the new blacklist” and RedState headlined it as “a fascist purge.” And it wasn’t just conservatives sounding the alarm. Leftist comedian Bill Maher called the perpetrators the “gay mafia,” and even well-known “gay” media personalities condemned it, Andrew Sullivan saying it “disgusts me” and radio talker Tammy Bruce calling out the “gay gestapo.” They were referring, of course, to the forced resignation of tech prodigy Brendan Eich as CEO of the company he co-founded, Mozilla, developer of the popular Firefox Web browser, all because he had donated $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 upholding traditional marriage. More


Muslim Brotherhood ties to White House resurface

The controversy that developed in 2012 when Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and four other GOP members of the House sent letters to the inspector generals at the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and State asking for an investigation of the influence played by the Muslim Brotherhood on U.S. government officials in the Obama administration took on new light last week.  On the distribution list of the “smoking gun” email released in the Benghazi probe last week was a figure with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Medhi Alhassani, who shares a similar background with Huma Abedin, the longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, reported former PLO-member and Arabic-speaking researcher Walid Shoebat. More


Obama nominee wrote opinions justifying drone strikes on US citizens.

Harvard Law School scholar David Barron is an Obama administration nominee for a federal appeals court. He is also the author of government memos that make legal justifications for killing U.S. citizens overseas with drone strikes, which is why his selection to the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals has been delayed. The White House has agreed to allow lawmakers to review at least one of the drone memos after U.S. senators and the the American Civil Liberties Union expressed concerns, technology website Ars Technica reported Wednesday. More

DAYS OF LOT – Miiquality campaign pushes for virtual equality in videogames

MESA, Ariz.
 -Videogame maker Nintendo says no to same sex couples in its newest release and now a Mesa man is launching a campaign to get the company to change its mind.  23-year-old Tye Marini is a huge fan of Nintendo video games, so he was looking forward to next month’s release of Tomodachi Life, a virtual life game where your characters are called Miis. The characters can shop, go to amusement parks, dates, get married and have children, but the game only allows for male and female Miis to get married. ”You know, it’s limiting the number of people who can fully enjoy the game since it’s a game that is based so heavily on relationships,” said Marini. More

Potentially Deadly Tick Disease Discovered in Missouri

  – It’s not even summer but already there is a case of a potentially deadly disease carried by ticks in Missouri. A vet recently diagnosed Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in a dog in St. Joseph. Britton Cooper loves the outdoors and he spent Wednesday fishing at Shawnee Mission Park. Because he’s outside so much, he’s gotten bitten by ticks hundreds of time. ”I’ve had some places get pretty infected,” he said. Learning about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever creates another reason to fear them. ”That’s pretty surprising. I knew about Lyme Disease, but I never heard about that,” Cooper said. Fortunately Kansas’ recent data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows no reported cases. But Missouri is one of five states that makes up more than 60 percent of cases in the U.S. Some of the symptoms of RMSF are a fever, headache and even a rash that develops later on. If it’s not treated immediately, it could be deadly. More

DAYS OF NOAH – Discovery of ‘alien’ DNA hailed by scientists, raises ethical concerns

Reuters/Darren Staples
American scientists have for the first time ever made it possible for an organism to survive with artificial DNA, making it more likely new medicines can be developed, while raising ethical concerns among some advocates.  For researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California the breakthrough, published Wednesday in the Nature science journal, was 15 years in the making. The announcement is so remarkable because, for billions of years, all life has been made up of DNA subunits categorized by four letters: A, T, C and G. Scientists have now added two new DNA building blocks to E. coli bugs, which then reproduced as normal with the two extra letters in their genetic code. More


Court overturns Scottsdale public intoxication law

– Scottsdale can’t prosecute people for being incapacitated in public because they’re under the influence of alcohol, a state appellate court said Tuesday in the latest setback for Arizona communities trying to cope with public intoxication. A three-judge Court of Appeals panel said Scottsdale’s law is pre-empted by a 1972 state law prohibiting local governments from imposing penalties for being intoxicated in public. Scottsdale enacted the ordinance to help curb rowdy behavior in the Phoenix suburb’s downtown entertainment district where there are numerous bars and clubs. More



FEC chair warns that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face regulation

Government officials, reacting to the growing voice of conservative news outlets, especially on the internet, are angling to curtail the media’s exemption from federal election laws governing political organizations, a potentially chilling intervention that the chairman of the Federal Election Commission is vowing to fight. “I think that there are impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions of conservative publishers,” warned Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee E. Goodman in an interview. More

Would you have sex with a robot? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Forget raging against the machine: Some people would rather get nasty with it instead. A new survey has found that one in five U.K.-dwellers would be willing to have sex with robots, marking something of a leap in the realm of digitized romance.Over 2,000 people were quizzed on their attitudes toward androids—with less than favorable results. Forty-six percent of participants said they felt that technology was progressing too quickly, while a third expressed fears that automatons posed a serious threat to humanity. The same number also believed that robots may soon replace key jobs, including those of soldiers, cops and teachers. More

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander: US preparing for attack

Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Navy, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, said the US is preparing for an attack against its navy and is worried about Iranian speedboats that can travel twice as fast as US warships. Fadavi said that the Iranian boats can launch missiles, and that the navy is working on increasing their speed from 60 knots to 80 knots so that they can travel three times as fast as US warships, the Fars news agency reported on Wednesday. The senior Revolutionary Guards commander said in an interview to Fars that Iran’s navy has been practicing for the past few years how to destroy US warships. More


harvest army


















ALERT! Huge Explosion in Iranian Secret Nuclear Facility: Closes City of 1.1 Million







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