North Korea Fires On South Korean Ship/Vatican Says Pope Will Demand ‘Sovereign Palestine’/Norway scientists took brains of 700 babies and more signs of Jesus soon return


US assigns 13,000 servicemen to first ever combined US-Jordan-Israeli exercise.

Under cover of conjoined military exercises with Israel (Juniper Cobra) and Jordan (Eager Lion), the US has moved more than 6,000 Marines to Jordan and several thousand servicemen to Israel.. The Jordanian drill starts Sunday, May 25 and will last until June 8. The US-Israeli exercise began this week with the participation of another 6,000 combat personnel from the US European Command and 1,000 airmen to operate missile defense systems. Sailing opposite Israel’s Mediterranean shore are two US warships carrying Aegis Combat Systems. Due to arrive in the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba over the coming weekend are large US landing craft, that will drop marines on land. Gulf units are also taking part in the combined exercise. This is the first time that the US has unified two large military exercises. The Jordanian and Israeli drills will be coordinated by US command centers. More

South Korean navy fires warning shots as Kim Jong-Un’s boats cross into their territorial waters

South Korea’s navy has fired warning shots after three North Korean patrol boats crossed the maritime border into its territory, it was revealed today. The North Korean boats crossed into the South Korean waters at the Yellow Sea boundary, known as Northern Limit Line, at around 4pm local time on Tuesday. The ships returned to the northern side after a South Korean naval vessel fired ten warning shots, an official with the South Korean Defense Ministry said. More

Russia may build eight nuclear reactors for Iran.

Russia plans to sign a contract with Iran this year to build two more nuclear reactors at its Bushehr power plant as part of a broader deal for up to eight reactors in the Islamic state, a source close to the negotiations told Reuters on Thursday. It was not immediately clear how this might affect six global powers’ talks with Iran addressing disputed aspects of its nuclear program. Iran has resisted demands for cuts in its uranium enrichment capacity, pointing to plans for a future network of nuclear power stations. Western powers want any lasting agreement with Iran to put to rest suspicions that it could develop nuclear weapons-making ability through enrichment. Iran denies any such intent. More

PROPHECY ALERT: First Batch of 250 Members of ‘Lost Tribe’ Arrive in Israel

A group of 40 Bnei Menashe made Aliyah today from India, the first batch out of a total of 250 immigrants from the Lost Tribe that are slated to arrive over the coming month. The immigrants, who hail from the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, were brought to Israel by Shavei Israel, which received permission from the Israeli government last October to bring 900 Bnei Menashe to the Jewish state by 2015. Earlier this year, Shavei Israel brought 160 Bnei Menashe on Aliyah from the Indian state of Mizoram. The Bnei Menashe are descendants of the tribe of Menashe (or Manasseh), one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel which were exiled by the Assyrian empire after the death of King Solomon more than 2,700 years ago. More

The Vatican’s Secretary of State made a dramatic revelation ahead of Pope Francis’s visit to Israel next Sunday and Monday, declaring that the pope will talk about the “Palestinian people’s right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent.” Cardinal Pietro Parolin holds a role in the Vatican City State, located in the Italian capital of Rome, equivalent to that of a prime minister. Speaking to Vatican television on Thursday, he said “we know that the pope is going to a particularly suffering land,” reports AFP. ”I really hope that the fruit will be to help politicians and all people of good will take courageous decisions on the path to peace,” Parolin stated. More

Pope Francis Visits Jordan, Israel, Palestine: Expect the Unexpected

In a region where politics and religion have been enmeshed for centuries, the Pope’s simplest actions will carry both spiritual and social weight. It will be the first time that an official papal delegation will included members of other faiths—an imam and a rabbi He won’t use a bulletproof car, unlike most every head of state to visit the region, opting instead for an open-top vehicle. He has invited an imam and a rabbi to travel with him—the first time an official papal delegation has included members of other faiths; Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Omar Abboud, a leader of Argentina’s Islamic community, are the Pope’s longtime friends from Argentina. He’s also emphasizing that his trip is a pilgrimage with a “strictly religious” purpose, as he said in his general audience on Wednesday. More


A sinkhole has opened beneath a college football stadium. And WSMV photographer notes that it’s massive. The hole, located in Austin Peay State University’s Governors Stadium, reportedly started out small — a 3-by-5-foot gap. Then, ABC reports, “Workers had to make it bigger, extending it to 40-by-40 feet as they search for stable bedrock.” WTVF reports crews discovered the hole in the end zone about a month ago. ”We’re not going to skip any steps. That’s the reason I brought the engineers back out — because it’s not going the way we thought it was going to.” That said, the university claims sinkholes are expected and that construction to replace the main stadium building is still on track. WSMV reports, “Austin P campus sits on land called ‘karst.’ That means the campus has a limestone base underneath it. Limestone is porous and disintegrates from rain over the centuries, which is what creates

Thai military says it’s taken over the country in a coup

Bangkok, Thailand 
 – The Thai military has taken control of the government in a coup, the country’s military chief announced in a national address Thursday. Military officials also imposed a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. local time (11 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET), authorities said in a televised address. The developments are the latest in a chain of failed attempts to defuse tensions that have simmered since November. The discord has its roots in politics, and led to both pro- and anti-government factions to fight over the country’s leadership. Three days ago, the military imposed martial law in an attempt to end the instability, but said it was not a coup. Now, it has taken power outright. More


Ukraine’s People’s Republic of Luhansk to Declare Martial Law at 8am GMT

The self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine is planning to impose martial law, a source in the republic’s leadership told RIA Novosti on Thursday. “We are implementing martial law, this will be announced at 11:00 a.m. [8:00 a.m. GMT],” the source said. Armed clashes are currently underway in northern Luhansk Region between self-defense forces and Kiev’s loyalist troops Earlier reports said Kiev was dispatching large numbers of military forces to Luhansk. Local authorities are on high alert in preparation for an assault. In response to growing tensions in Ukraine’s eastern regions, the interim Ukrainian government announced the beginning of a special operation to crack down on the protesters in mid-April. The operation that allowed for the use of military force against civilians led to dozens of deaths and injuries.More

‘Young Atheist’s Handbook’: Coming to a School Near You?

What do you think would happen if Christians sent every secondary school in America a copy of a book filled with testimonies of the power of God? I reckon it would wind up in a circular file, meet with lawsuits from secularists, humanists and atheists, and otherwise set off anti-Christ fireworks. But it seems fine and good for the British Humanist Association to send their own handbook to every secondary school in England and Wales. Indeed, these handbooks of disbelief were distributed to students in the name of free thinking. Can you spell double standard? The Young Atheist’s Handbook, which is subtitled Lessons for Living a Good Life Without God, tells the story of Alom Shaha. Now a science teacher, Shaha was raised as a Muslim in London. When his mother died, he rejected Islam and accepted atheism wholeheartedly. Now he wants others to reconsider what they believe. More


Number of Americans Willing to Vote for ‘Godless’ President Is on the Rise

Atheists are still the most mistrusted group in the U.S., and a godless politician is still the least likely candidate to win votes in a presidential election. True, 53 percent of Americans said they are least likely to choose a candidate who doesn’t believe in God, according to a survey conducted in April. But in 2007, that number was 63 percent. And those who said a candidate’s lack of belief didn’t matter to their vote rose, from 32 percent in 2007 to 41 percent today. Only two other categories of candidates showed a sharper shift toward more favorable views: gay or lesbian candidates, and candidates over age 70. A 2006 study by University of Minnesota sociologist Penny Edgell found atheists were the most mistrusted minority in the U.S. Edgell said Tuesday that an updated study based on a 2014 online survey would be released soon. Preliminary results show the mistrust meter hasn’t budged. More

The largest Christian festival in the United Kingdom has banned a pro-life group from having an exhibit at its annual event, despite covering other life issues such as poverty, human trafficking and the environment.  The Big Church Day Out attracts 20,000 visitors annually with entertainment by the biggest names in Christian music while also stating in its core values, ”The event provides an opportunity to promote social justice and missions issues, by giving a platform to various organizations, and allowing them to engage a wider audience in their vision.” Abort67 describes itself as a public education project, displaying large images of aborted fetuses to show the public what abortion really involves, with the aim of “making abortion unthinkable.” For the past four years, Abort67 has been refused a stall at the event, despite assurances that there would be no aborted images on display and only leaflets and fetal models to show the developmental stages of the pre-born child. More

’1984′ vision of police state becoming reality

Across the United States, high-school students read George Orwell’s seminal work “1984.” In it, protagonist Winston Smith is given a horrifying picture of life under a tyrannical regime.  “But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” Written by Orwell in the late 1940s, the dystopian date of “1984″ is now 30 years passed. But that doesn’t mean the nightmarish world of complete state control is gone. More

Norway scientists took brains of 700 babies

According to the newspaper, the practice, part of a research programme into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, began in 1984 and still continues today.  The scientists remove the brain and heart from the dead babies, replacing the missing material with silicone, and then return the body to the parents for burial.  At no point have the scientists informed the parents of what has been done or sought their consent, believing that to do so would expose them to unnecessary distress.  When contacted by VG with the results of its investigation, Professor Torleiv Ole Rognum, who ran the research programme, said he saw no reason to apologize. “If you heard the cries of parents who have lost their children, then you would understand,” he said. “When we started the project we autopsied up to three toddlers a day who had died of SIDS.” More



A Christian organization in the United Kingdom is warning parents of a proposed law that could send them to prison for 10 years if they harm their child’s “physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioral development.”  According to the Christian Institute, a 1933 law defines child neglect as a failure to provide the basics for a child, including adequate clothing, food, lodging and medical care. The vast leap forward proposed by the new bill, however, could include an “amorphous and expansive” definition of injury or abuse, and that would make “every mother and father … at risk of being labeled an abuser,” according to Prof. Frank Furedi. He wrote in the Independent of London recently that the so-called “Cinderella law” would “turn the emotional landscape of family life into a dangerous battlefield.” More


At least 31 people have been killed and more than 90 injured in a series of a dozen of explosions, which rocked the capital of China’s turbulent northwestern region of Xinjiang. The explosions occurred at around 8am on at an open market in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinhua news agency reported. Witnesses reported that the blasts began when two off-road vehicles plowed into crowds of people, and explosives were thrown from them. They said that one of the vehicles had exploded in the market, while there had been some dozen explosive blasts in total. More


The TSA has issued a solicitation requesting 24 million rounds of .357 SIG “duty ammunition” over a five year period, prompting fresh questions as to whether the federal agency is planning to arm its workers. “Estimated quantity is approximately 4,800,000 rounds of .357 Sig duty ammunition per year, totaling 24,000,000 over the life of the contract,” states the solicitation, posted on FedBizOpps, which adds that the ammo is for use at “DHS component locations nationwide.” The ammo purchase is likely to spark new questions about whether the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to arm TSA agents, an idea that has been pushed by the TSA’s union, the American Federation of Government Employees, but has received scant support elsewhere. Although Federal Air Marshals acting under the jurisdiction of the TSA are currently armed, other indications, such as the hiring of shooting ranges near airports, suggests the federal government could be preparing to arm some TSA workers. There are only 4,000 Federal Air Marshals currently operating in the United States, a figure that doesn’t appear to match with the 4.8 million rounds a year the TSA is set to purchase under this solicitation alone. More


Conducted outside the Tampa Convention Center Wednesday, residents looked on as service members from every branch of the U.S. military ran drills alongside commandos from Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Jordan, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Sweden and Thailand. Local newspapers worked to relieve worried residents prior to the exercise, assuring them that the sound of gunshots and low-flying military helicopters was only part of a drill. “If you see military helicopters flying over downtown Tampa next Tuesday, it’s not a sign that we are under attack by the Russians, the North Koreans or the New World Order,” said The Tampa Tribune. According to the training scenario, commandos were tasked with rescuing Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn from an “insurgent village” held by “violent extremists.” Helicopters, boats, ground mobility vehicles, and commandos unloaded blank rounds as a 14-man team worked to locate the mayor. Loud pyrotechnics were used as four snipers on the roof of Tampa General Hospital surveyed the mayor’s rescue. More

Four Couples Suing Montana Over State’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

 (AP) — Montana on Wednesday joined 28 other states with legal battles over gay marriage, while same-sex couples in Pennsylvania spent their first full day applying for marriage licenses knowing the governor wouldn’t stand in their way. A federal lawsuit filed by four gay couples in Montana leaves just two states — North Dakota and South Dakota — with gay marriage bans and no legal challenges aiming to overturn them. But that’s likely to change as same-sex marriage advocates there gear up for a legal fight. State marriage bans have been falling around the country since the U.S. Supreme Court last year struck down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. More

AIDS Expert Fired for Testifying Gay Sex Is Harmful to Public Health

He’s a pioneer in the realm of clinical infectious diseases in the Caribbean. And now he’s under fire for testifying that homosexual intercourse is dangerous to those who practice it—and to public health in general. Professor Brendan Bain, a practicing Christian who serves to treat AIDS patients, was the director of the regional coordinating unit of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, until his anti-gay sex comments caught up with him. Bain was fired in the wake of fallout related to his testimony on behalf of a group of churches working to keep Belize’s sodomy law in place in 2012. It took two years, but now he’s paying the price for his beliefs.More


Pennsylvania Governor Won’t Appeal Ruling Striking Down Gay Marriage Ban

 (AP) — Pennsylvania’s governor says he won’t appeal a court decision that struck down the state’s gay marriage ban. Gov. Tom Corbett’s decision Wednesday means that same-sex marriage will remain legal in Pennsylvania, without the threat that a higher court will reinstate the ban. On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge John Jones III struck down Pennsylvania’s 1996 law banning recognition of gay marriage, calling it unconstitutional. Corbett’s decision goes against his political beliefs. He opposes same-sex marriage and supported thus-far unsuccessful efforts to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage. More

Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China

Russia and China have just signed what is being called “the gas deal of the century”, and the two countries are discussing moving away from the U.S. dollar and using their own currencies to trade with one another.  This has huge implications for the future of the U.S. economy, but the mainstream media in the United States is being strangely quiet about all of this.  For example, I searched CNN’s website to see if I could find something about this gas deal between Russia and China and I did not find anything.  But I did find links to “top stories” entitled “Celebs who went faux red” and “Adorable kid tugs on Obama’s ear“.  Is it any wonder why the mainstream media is dying?  If a particular story does not fit their agenda, they will simply ignore it.  But the truth is that this new agreement between Russia and China is huge.  It could end up fundamentally changing the global financial system, and not in a way that would be beneficial for the United States. More

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Enrolls First Muslim Student

 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, has enrolled its first Muslim student and is defending its decision to accept the applicant despite concern and criticism. According to reports, Ghassan Nagagren, a Palestinian Muslim, recently completed his first year of studies at the Christian seminary as he is pursuing a doctorate in archaeology. Nagagren has been volunteering with the seminary for the past six years at an archaeological site in Israel. Wade Burleson, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma, wrote about the matter on his personal website Friday, decrying the seminary for enrolling Nagagren and urging the Southern Baptist Convention to address the issue. “Something very strange and bizarre is happening at Southwestern and Southern Baptists should intervene before we lose our seminary to evangelical irrelevancy,” he wrote. “The admission of a practicing Muslim who prays toward Mecca five times a day, who refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who will leave the School of Theology and presumably work against the good news of Jesus Christ is something that should concern every Southern Baptist who funds theological education with Cooperative Program money.” More

El Salvador evacuates 1,000 people near stirring volcano

 – At least 1,000 people living near the Chaparrastique volcano have been evacuated as a precautionary measure after seismic activity increased at the volcano, Salvadoran civil protection authorities said Monday. There was an explosion early Monday and the volcano then spewed reddish ash, officials said. The Civil Protection Department said in a statement that an alert had been declared for the municipality of San Miguel, where the volcano is located. The city of San Miguel itself is 50 kilometers from the volcano. It is one of the largest cities in the Central American country. The 2,129-metre volcano is about 145 kilometers east of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. The volcano’s last significant eruption was in 1976. Extinction Protocol
Would you like your pizza home-delivered by an unmanned drone? That may not be impossible in future, for a little-known pizza chain in Mumbai last week succeeded in making a test-delivery less than 3km away from its outlet in Lower Parel by using a remote-controlled, GPS-enabled drone. The ‘customer’ was actually a friend of the chain’s CEO, so it was technically not a sale, as commercial deliveries by drones are not allowed in India. Yet, in a way, it was a first for a product delivery Amazon has only planned. On May 11, the drone took off from the Lower Parel outlet and, flying at a speed of 30km an hour, manoeuvred its way atop the city’s mill district to reach its destination, a high-rise in Worli, in nearly 10 minutes. More

3.2 mag quake jolts Virginia.

 (AP) — The U.S. Geological Survey says a small earthquake shook the capital of Virginia and surrounding areas. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The USGS reported on its website that the quake happened at 9:47 p.m. Wednesday and had a preliminary magnitude of 3.2. It was centered 32 miles west of the capital of Richmond. Local television stations reported that numerous residents called in saying they had felt the


Japanese language report showing a large mushroom cloud which appeared near Kume Island , part of the volcanic Ryukyu Trench / Island chain extending South of Japan towards Taiwan. More

TEPCO dumps nuclear water from Fukushima plant into Pacific Ocean

Hundreds of tons of groundwater which seeped into a stricken nuclear plant in Japan has begun to be released out to sea, the plant’s operators say. Tokyo Electric Power Co, which operates the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, said the water’s radiation level met safety guidelines, but it was not clear whether the water was more radioactive than normal groundwater. The operator said it would discharge a total of 560 tonnes of the water, which enters the basement of the reactor buildings daily, into the Pacific Ocean. The operator has been battling with a massive amount of radiation-tainted water as it continues to inject water into three of its six reactors to keep them cool. More


Elite U.S. special forces could get futuristic ‘Iron Man’ suit made of bulletproof liquid armour by 2018

In the 2008 movie Iron Man, the main character becomes a superhero after building a suit of armour with an exoskeleton that gives him incredible strength. Today, elite U.S. special operations forces may be a few short years away from donning a similar suit, one that can monitor the user’s vital signs, give him real-time battlefield information and be bulletproof from head to toe. The suit might eventually have other features unheard of only a few years ago, including an exoskeleton made of liquid armour, smart fabrics that could help stop hemorrhaging, enhanced sensory capabilities and Google Glass-like visuals. The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) project is co-ordinated through the Special Operations Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. Prototypes are expected to be shown to military commanders in June, with hopes that the suit will be given to high-risk units in 2018. More


Russia Buys 900,000 Ounces Of Gold Worth $1.17 Billion In April

The Russian central bank has again increased its gold reserves by another 900,000 ounces worth $1.17 billion in April. Russia’s gold reserves rose to 34.4 million troy ounces in April, from 33.5 million troy ounces in March, the Russian central bank announced on its website yesterday. The value of its gold holdings rose to $44.30 billion as of May 1, compared with $43.36 billion a month earlier, it added. The following is a summary from Bloomberg of the April data template on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity from the Central Bank of Russia in Moscow. Russia’s gold & foreign exchange reserves remained virtually unchanged at USD 471.1billion in the week ending May 9. Russia’s reserves have fallen since the crisis began but remain very sizeable. The reserves include monetary gold, special drawing rights, reserve position at the IMF and foreign exchange. More



Who Is The New Secret Buyer Of U.S. Debt?

On the surface, the economic atmosphere of the U.S. has appeared rather calm and uneventful. Stocks are up, employment isn’t great but jobs aren’t collapsing into the void (at least not openly), and the U.S. dollar seems to be going strong. Peel away the thin veneer, however, and a different financial horror show is revealed. U.S. stocks have enjoyed unprecedented crash protection due to a steady infusion of fiat money from the Federal Reserve known as quantitative easing. With the advent of the “taper”, QE is now swiftly coming to a close (as is evident in the overall reduction in treasury market purchases), and is slated to end by this fall, if not sooner. More

Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor’s Home in Nigeria

As the attacks on Nigeria’s Christians continued in full force this past week, a particularly grisly attack saw fifty believers burned to death at their pastor’s home, where they had fled for refuge from a terrorist attack. Reports disclosed that over 100 people were killed by armed terrorists this past week, who went on a 12-village killing spree in Nigeria’s Plateau state. Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has once again taken responsibility for the assaults. More


On Tuesday the House of Representatives gutted the so-called USA Freedom Act designed to curb surveillance abuse by the NSA. The version that emerged from Rules Committee is substantially different than the version approved by the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees two weeks ago. The watered down and weakened version is the result of the Obama administration leaning on House leaders behind closed doors. “The USA FREEDOM Act had previously passed through two committees before being secretly watered down behind closed doors,” notes Amie Stepanovich, Senior Policy Counsel at Access, a digital rights organization. “The version we fear could now be negotiated in secret and introduced on the House floor may not move us forward on NSA reform.” “Before this bill becomes law, Congress must make clear – either through amendments to the bill, through statements in the legislative record, or both – that mass collection of innocent people’s records isn’t allowed,” the New America Foundation writes in a statement.More

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