666 ALERT: Israel Plans to Usher In World’s First ‘Cashless Society’/US Sends Assault Ship with 1,000 Marines Near Libya, Americans to ‘Leave Immediately’!/SUSPENDED-ANIMATION TRIALS TO BEGIN ON HUMANS and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


DAYS OF LOT – Indiana Judge Under Fire After Giving No Jail Time to Rapist

An Indiana judge who sentenced a convicted rapist to home detention is in the center of a firestorm of criticism. Marion County Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber gave David Wise, 52, of Indianapolis, eight years of home detention on May 16. Wise was found guilty in April of six felonies — one count of rape and five counts of deviate conduct — after his now ex-wife, Mandy Boardman, told police she had found sex videos on Wise’s cellphone of her, taken while she was sleeping. Boardman told police she thought Wise had been drugging her for about three years before their divorce in 2009, when she would often wake up with a partially dissolved pill in her mouth, court documents said. More

Merck issues mass recall of Gardasil vaccines over glass shard contaminants

Nearly three-quarters of a million doses of Merck & Co.’s Gardasil vaccine for HPV and cervical cancer have been recalled following the discovery that they may be contaminated. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which actively promotes the vaccine for 11- and 12-year-old boys and girls, says that the affected vaccines may contain glass shards due to a manufacturing error that resulted in the breakage of vials. A total of 743,360 Gardasil vials from Lot J007354 are included in the recall, which Merck says were distributed between August 20, 2013 and October 9, 2013. Among these vials, as many as ten vials of the vaccine may contain the shards, although most have probably already been administered to children. Merck says that the glass particles are so small that they can actually be transferred through the vaccine needle directly into the muscle tissue. More


First “Heartland Virus” case, death in Oklahoma confirmed

. – The Oklahoma State Department of Health has confirmed the state’s first case and death of Heartland virus. A Delaware County resident died recently from complications of the virus. The virus is found in the Lone Star tick and is likely spread through tick bites. Heartland virus was first identified in Missouri in 2009. The Oklahoma case is only the tenth person confirmed with the virus and the second person to die from it. Other cases have occurred in Missouri and Tennessee. All of the patients diagnosed with Heartland virus reported spending several hours per day in outside activities or occupations. More


Michelle Obama urges high schoolers to monitor their families’ politically incorrect thoughts

In a speech seniors designed to commemorate the US Supreme Court decision that desegregated schools, First Lady Michelle Obama made a statement against racism to high school students that reminded critics of George Orwell’s “1984.” Obama spoke to graduating high school students from five area high schools at the Topeka, Kan. Senior Recognition Day on May 16, the day before their graduation ceremony and on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision that outlawed segregation in public schools. The court case began in Topeka in 1951. Obama spoke of the decision by Topeka parents to fight against the notion of “separate but equal” education for their children. More


Pope Corrects Israeli Leader: Actually, Jesus Did Not Speak Hebrew

One minute into Benjamin Netanyahu’s sit down with Pope Francis on Monday, the Israeli prime minster found himself eating his words—words about Jesus, no less. “Jesus was here, in this land. He spoke Hebrew,” Netanyahu said, discussing the strong connection between Judaism and Christianity. Pope Francis looked up and slightly pointed his finger. “Aramaic,” he corrected. Netanyahu quickly recovered: “He spoke Aramaic, but he knew Hebrew.” The correction was gentle, even playful—typical Pope Francis style. Everyone smiled and laughed. More


People Are Not Born Gay, Affirms Royal College of Psychiatrists

A statement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists that people are not born gay has been welcomed as “a major admission” by a Christian charity that helps men and women change unwanted same-sex feelings. Core Issues Trust (CIT), which is campaigning against a ban on therapy being offered to people who want to move away from a homosexual lifestyle, says the latest statement by the Royal College admits what it previously denied. ”They now say that the causes of homosexuality are a combination of ‘biological and postnatal environment factors.’ So, if a child does not encounter such postnatal life experiences, he or she will grow up heterosexual,” says the director of CIT, Mike Davidson. More

CNN Anchor: Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills Into Law

CNN’s Carol Costello on Tuesday suggested First Lady Michelle Obama has signed bills into law. While discussing Michelle Obama’s 2010 health initiative, Costello said that the First Lady Michelle Obama “signed the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act into law.” Newsbusters was first to catch the gaffe and quickly pointed out the First Lady has no such power. After this gaffe, Ms. Costello should stick to discussing her impressive eating techniques and avoid politics altogether. More

President Obama, We Still Want to Know if You Are Really a Christian

President Lincoln believed the Civil War was God’s judgment on the United States of America. In calling for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting in 1863, he said, “Nations, like individuals, are subjected to punishments and divine chastisements,” as he called Americans to turn back to God. After the war ended, leaders inaugurated a Memorial Day event. The threefold purpose was to honor the deceased servicemen, reflect on their sacrifice and look forward to rebirth as a nation. Abraham Lincoln expressed his genuine conversion after he himself pondered the carnage and realized the tremendous toll Americans experienced because of our nation’s sins. On the observance of this Memorial Day, which we celebrated yesterday and which traditionally marks the start of our summer season, I’d like to humbly ask a question of our president as we see his woeful leadership contributing to this nation’s decline. May President Obama’s hero speak to him from the grave to repent and begin exercising the courageous Christian leadership America needs before it’s too late. More

DAYS OF LOT – Will Ex-Defense Secretary Push for Gay Boy Scout Leaders?

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday he would not press during his term as Boy Scouts of America president for an end to the group’s ban on gay adult leaders for fear of causing permanent damage to the century-old organization. Gates, who helped end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that barred gays from serving openly in the U.S. military while he was defense secretary, said he strongly supported the Boy Scouts vote last year to lift its ban on gay youth members. He also said he personally supported going further, but would oppose efforts to reopen the issue in his two years as president. His selection had fueled speculation that Gates would seek to end the ban on gay adult scout leaders. More



This month, the world’s first attempts at placing humans in suspended animation using a new technique will take place at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — not for space travel, but to save lives. The technique will initially be used on 10 patients whose wounds would otherwise be lethal in an attempt to buy the surgeons some time. It works, as suggested by science fiction, by cooling the body — but not by applying an external temperature change. Instead, a team of surgeons will remove all of the patient’s blood, replacing it with a cold saline solution. This will cool the body, slowing its functions to a halt and reducing the need for oxygen. Effects similar to this have been seen in accidents: Swedish Anna Bågenholm survived trapped under a layer of ice in freezing water for 80 minutes in a skiing accident; Japanese Mitsutaka Uchikoshi survived 24 days without food or water by entering a state of hypothermic hibernation. More



North Dakota Tornado that Damaged over a Dozen Homes Caught on Video

WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE Stunning footage posted online appears to show the absolutely terrifying moments a tornado approached Waterford City, North Dakota — and then briefly stood still, spinning adjacent next to a man recording the drama unfold. “Dude, where do we go?” one of the individuals in the video can be heard saying as the tornado approaches. “We have nowhere to go.”  The video captures the duo desperately seeking shelter in a pickup truck, watching in awe and sheer horror as they watch the destructive storm inches closer. “Oh s***” one of them says. Footage then shows the tornado, which the National Weather Service said damaged over a dozen homes, spin through the trailer park, eventually standing stationary for a few brief moments next to the two. “Oh my gosh, dude. It’s just sitting there!” one of the individuals says. Another video posted late Monday night also appeared to capture a tornado rip through North Dakota. More


Alaska wildfire scorches an area larger than Chicago

Hundreds of rural Alaskans remained under evacuation orders Monday after a wildfire south of Anchorage burned a swath of land bigger than Chicago. The so-called Funny River Fire has yet to hurt anybody or destroy any buildings on the Kenai Peninsula since it started May 19, despite threatening settlements and subdivisions on the outskirts of Soldotna, pop. 4,359, officials said.More


NSA mass recording of Afghan telephone calls.

The National Security Agency has been recording and storing nearly all the domestic (and international) phone calls from two or more target countries as of 2013. Both the Washington Post and The Intercept (based in the US and published by eBay chairman Pierre Omidyar) have censored the name of one of the victim states, which the latter publication refers to as country “X”. Both the Washington Post and The Intercept stated that they had censored the name of the victim country at the request of the US government. Such censorship strips a nation of its right to self-determination on a matter which affects its whole population. An ongoing crime of mass espionage is being committed against the victim state and its population. By denying an entire population the knowledge of its own victimisation, this act of censorship denies each individual in that country the opportunity to seek an effective remedy, whether in international courts, or elsewhere. Pre-notification to the perpetrating authorities also permits the erasure of evidence which could be used in a successful criminal prosecution, civil claim, or other investigations. More

Atheist Group Demands Iowa Remove Grant for Christian-Themed Park

An atheist group is demanding the state of Iowa rescind a grant for a Christian-themed park in Sioux City, arguing that its religious nature violates the First Amendment. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the state earlier in May, demanding that the state’s Vision Iowa Board, which is part of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, rescind a $140,000 grant that had been awarded to The Shepherd’s Garden, a Christian-themed park set to be completed in Sioux City’s downtown area by September. The park, also described by Siouxland News as a “Peace Garden,” is being created from an open lot near Jackson Street and 6th Street in the city’s downtown area, near the Missouri River. Although the park will include Christian themes, such as a stone path with Bible verses and prayer stations, Vision Iowa authorities argue that their funding is only going towards the project’s green space development, such as the planting of trees and flowers, and not its religious content. More

Israeli Security Officials Warn Against Over-Investment by China

As China significantly steps up its investments in Israel and in joint research programs, some prominent Israelis are warning against too close an embrace. The former head of the Mossad, Ephraim Halevy, has called on the Knesset to devise ways of protecting Israel’s major assets from overexposure to China. The former head of the Labor Party opposition, Knesset member Shelly Yachimovich, objected last week to the recent sale to China of a majority share in Tnuva, Israel’s largest manufacturer of dairy products. “What normal country puts its food security and its entire milk industry in the hands of China?” she asked in the Knesset. More

Pope says “Celibacy not a matter of church dogma”

Pope Francis has opened up the question of priests’ celibacy, saying the practice is not a matter of unbendable church dogma, amid calls for the requirement to be scrapped. The pontiff made the remarks during a press conference on his return flight from the Middle East, adding that there are married priests in the Catholic Church, like those in the Anglican, Coptic and some Eastern churches. His remarks come as church faithfuls suggest the ordination of married men, who are already very engaged in church business. In addition, Pope Francis said that he would meet at the Vatican with a half-dozen victims of sexual abuse by clerics in June, a first such meeting by the pontiff. More

The Size Of The Derivatives Bubble Hanging Over The Global Economy Hits A Record High

The global derivatives bubble is now 20 percent bigger than it was just before the last great financial crisis struck in 2008.  It is a financial bubble far larger than anything the world has ever seen, and when it finally bursts it is going to be a complete and utter nightmare for the financial system of the planet.  According to the Bank for International Settlements, the total notional value of derivatives contracts around the world has ballooned to an astounding 710 trillion dollars ($710,000,000,000,000).  Other estimates put the grand total well over a quadrillion dollars.  If that sounds like a lot of money, that is because it is.  For example, U.S. GDP is projected to be in the neighborhood of around 17 trillion dollars for 2014.  So 710 trillion dollars is an amount of money that is almost incomprehensible.  Instead of actually doing something about the insanely reckless behavior of the big banks, our leaders have allowed the derivatives bubble and these banks to get larger than ever.  In fact, as I have written about previously, the big Wall Street banks are collectively 37 percent larger than they were just prior to the last recession.  “Too big to fail” is a far more massive problem than it was the last time around, and at some point this derivatives bubble is going to burst and start taking those banks down.  When that day arrives, we are going to be facing a crisis that is going to make 2008 look like a Sunday picnic. More

Pakistani woman stoned to death by family for marrying man she loved

A 25-year-old woman was stoned to death by her family outside one of Pakistan’s top courts on Tuesday in a so-called “honor” killing for marrying the man she loved, police said. Farzana Iqbal was waiting for the High Court in the eastern city of Lahore to open when a group of around dozen men began attacking her with bricks, said Umer Cheema, a senior police officer. Her father, two brothers and former fiance were among the attackers, he said. Iqbal suffered severe head injuries and was pronounced dead in hospital, police said. All the suspects except her father escaped. He admitted killing his daughter, Cheema said, and explained it was a matter of honor. Many Pakistani families think a woman marrying her own choice of man brings dishonor on the family. More


Putin cuts Western ties in shift to the East

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s movement eastwards can no longer be in any doubt. Attending the St Petersburg Economic Forum, the annual meeting Putin set up in his hometown to rival Davos, last week, was almost more about who wasn’t there than who was. While evening receptions hosted by Russian companies had opulence to rival the last days of the “ancien regime” at Versailles, the high-profile U.S. attendees of recent years — like Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs — were notably absent. The most high-profile foreign delegates were from China, like Vice Premier Li Yuanchao. More


Will Israel be the first cashless society on the entire planet?  A committee chaired by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff has come up with a three phase plan to “all but do away with cash transactions in Israel”.  Individuals and businesses would still be permitted to conduct cash transactions in small amounts (at least initially), but the eventual goal is to force Israeli citizens to conduct as much business as possible using electronic forms of payment.  In fact, it has been reported that Israeli officials believe that “cash is bad” because it fuels the underground economy and allows people to avoid paying taxes.  It is hoped that requiring most transactions to be conducted in cash will reduce crime and help balance the national budget.  And once 98 or 99 percent of all transactions are cashless, it will not be difficult for the Israeli government (or any other government) to go the rest of the way and ban cash transactions altogether.  But is a cashless society actually desirable?  This is a question that people all over the world will have to start asking as governments increasingly restrict the use of cash. More



WAR DRUMS – Kiev vows fight until ‘all militants are annihilated’

Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine say that at least 30 of their colleagues have been killed after a day of heavy fighting in the city of Donetsk that included air strikes against insurgents who attempted to seize the city’s airport.  A rebel fighter, who wouldn’t give his name because of security concerns, told the Associated Press outside a hospital in Donetsk that 30 bodies of his fellow insurgents were delivered there. He said the truck carrying the bodies was still parked outside the hospital, waiting for explosives experts to check it for any unexploded ordnance. More


Christianity will rise as sceptics die out, geneticist claims

The world could see a resurgence of Christianity driven by population decline in sceptical countries, the geneticist Steve Jones has claimed. Professor Jones said history had proven that religion grows rapidly during large population booms, particularly in poorer countries. He argued that rapid growth in Africa could spark a new resurgence of major religions like Christianity. However in increasingly atheist countries in Europe people are no longer reproducing in sufficient numbers to avoid population decline, he told the Hay Literary Festival. More



Face scan, fingerprint must for Haj, Umrah pilgrims to Saudi from today

Biometric enrollment has become mandatory for all visa applicants to Saudi Arabia from today (May 26, 2014). All UAE residents, who are preparing to perform Hajj, Umrah or business visits, to Saudi Arabia will have to visit the centres of VFS Tasheel, the company mandated for managing and administrating the visa process, in the UAE to give their fingerprints and facial image when applying for a visa. Saudi Arabia instituted biometric requirements in an effort to ease the travel process for individuals and the process is mandatory for people aged between 12 and 70 years of age. “The whole process of giving one’s fingerprint and having a photograph taken will take not take more than three to five minutes,” Madhan Gopalakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, VFS Tasheel, said. More


Pelosi Calls Obamacare ‘Beautiful’, Admits She’s One Of ‘Biggest Fundraisers’ In Country

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke about a variety of issues in an interview aired Monday, calling Obamacare “beautiful”, characterizing Republicans as being a “triple threat,” and bragging that she’s one of Washington’s “biggest fundraisers.” The interview, with Vox.com’s Ezra Klein, spanned Obamacare, money in politics, the so-called gender wage gap, Benghazi, the controversy over the Washington Redskins team name, slavery reparations, and the recent VA scandal. Republicans are “anti-governance, they’re anti-science, they’re anti-Obama,” said Pelosi, when asked why the political landscape “seems rough” for Democrats going into the mid-term elections. More

Rev. Graham on Gays: ‘I Love Them Enough to Warn Them’ To Stop & Avoid ‘The Flames of Hell’

Rev. Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said he was “not afraid of homosexuals” and loves them enough to warn them that if they continue in their behavior, they risk falling into “the flames of Hell.” The reverend, son of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, made his remarks Thursday night at the Watchmen on the Wall National Pastor’s Briefing in Washington, D.C., a three-day event (May 21-23) sponsored by the conservative Family Research Council (FRC). In today’s society, “we don’t want to be called a homophobic,” said Rev. Graham, “and I tell people, listen, I’m not afraid of homosexuals, I’m really not — matter of fact, I love them.” “I love them enough to care to warn them that if they want to continue living like this, it’s the flames of hell for you,” he said. More


Is Google CCTV coming to your living room?

Google is considering buying home security camera firm Dropcam, it has been claimed. The firm sells a $150 internet connected camera that is controlled through an app. It is believed the search giant hopes to expand its home automation products after recently buying thermostat company Nest. According to tech blog The Information, ‘Google’s Nest division is plotting a move into the home-security market and has considered acquiring connected camera-maker Dropcam to accelerate the push, according to several people close to Google.’ Dropcam last year raised raised $30 million in funding for its cameras. The camera has email and smartphone alerts, and the company says it uses bank-level security to encrypt all video. More


Austria to audit gold reserves at the Bank of England

Austria is planning to send auditors to the Bank of England in order to verify the existence of Austrias gold reserves stored in british vaults. The Austrian accountability office will sent a delegation to London in order to check on Austrias gold reserves stored in vaults at the Bank of England. This is reported by Austrian magazine Trend. The measure is seen as a consequence of growing public pressure. There is a rising disbelief among Austrians about the existence of the gold. “I acknowledge the request. Any grocery store is obliged to do inventory once a year. It is the only way of getting rid of these unreasonable allegations”, Ewald Nowotny, Governor of the National Bank of Austria tells TrendMore

BREAKING NEWS: Chinese boat reportedly attacks and sinks Vietnam vessel

10 fishermen were rescued on Monday after a Chinese boat reportedly attacked and sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel in disputed waters. Bloomberg News said on Tuesday the incident took place off a Chinese oil rig located near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, citing Vietnam News. ”A Vietnamese boat from the central city of Da Nang was deliberately encircled by 40 fishing vessels from China before it was attacked by a Chinese ship,” Vietnamese coastguard commander Nguyen Quang Dam told Reuters. More

Thousands Gather for Prayer Vigil in Santa Barbara for Isla Vista Shooting Victims

Thousands gathered in the small, beachside college community of Isla Vista, near Santa Barbara, California, over the weekend to pray for the six killed and 13 injured as a result of a tragic shooting and stabbing spree that took place Friday night. More vigils are planned to take place this week, including one candlelight memorial scheduled for the University of California Los Angeles on Monday evening. The prayer vigil began Saturday at UC Santa Barbara’s Storke Tower, with thousands of students and community members silently walking through campus to a nearby park in the small, unincorporated college community of Isla Vista to pray, light candles, and pay their respects to those killed in Friday’s attack. More

UPDATE: Nigerian military official claims he knows whereabouts of kidnapped girls

A top Nigerian military official believes he knows the whereabouts of girls kidnapped last month, but he says the nation’s military will not use force to try to rescue them, a state news report said Monday. ”We want our girls back. I can tell you that our military can and will do it, but where they are held, can we go there with force?” asked Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh. ”Nobody should say Nigerian military does not know what it is doing; we can’t kill our girls in the name of trying to get them back.” His comments were reported by the News Agency of Nigeria, a state-run news service.More


Swiss to allow assisted dying for elderly who are not ill.

A Swiss organisation that helps people take their own lives has voted to extend its services to elderly people who are not terminally ill. Exit added “suicide due to old age” to their statutes at an annual general meeting held over the weekend, allowing people suffering from psychological or physical problems associated with old age the choice to end their life. Assisted dying is legal in Switzerland and technically even a healthy young person could use such services. However, organisations involved in this work set their own internal requirements, which differ from group to group. More


The White House blew the cover of the top CIA agent in Afghanistan on Sunday, when the person’s name was included on a list given to reporters during a visit to the country by President Barack Obama. The name was then emailed by the White House press office to a distribution list of more than 6,000 recipients, mostly members of the US media. The agent in question, listed as chief of station, would be a top manager of CIA activity in Afghanistan, including intelligence collection and a drone-warfare programme under which unmanned aerial vehicles mount cross-border attacks into Pakistan. More





If you’re passing though Kemah this Memorial Day weekend, you might notice a big stench due to hundreds of thousands of dead fish that have washed ashore.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the dead fish began showing up last weekend. Now, the fish litter the shoreline, and the stench fills the air.contnue


EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Bodies of anti-Kiev fighters piled in Donetsk morgue
















Tornado Injures Nine, One Critically, North Dakota Oil Boom Workers Camp








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