Bombing at Nigeria Football Match Kills At Least 40 People!/60,000 Dead Cattle In Bolivia “Hosea Prophecy”/Giant swarm of grasshoppers picked up on New Mexico radar and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Low Level Eruption at the Pavlof Volcano

The Pavlof Volcano on the Alaska Peninsula has started erupting but it’s considered a low level eruption. The Alaska Volcano Observatory raised the volcano alert level to “Watch” on Saturday after detecting a thermal anomaly at the summit of the volcano Saturday morning. AVO issued an update Sunday afternoon confirming that the elevated surface temperatures persist at the summit of the volcano and weak incandescent glowing at the summit was observed Saturday night in the FAA web cam in Cold Bay. AVO confirms that no ash clouds have been detected in satellite images. More

Magnitude-4.2 Earthquake Strikes Near Westwood, California

A magnitude-4.2 earthquake struck Sunday evening near the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor`s size was recalculated after seismologists initially said its magnitude was 3.8. Jennifer Gould reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Monday, June 2, 2014. Yahoo News

Giant swarm of grasshoppers picked up on New Mexico radar

Weather officials who were baffled by mysterious clusters on radar in New Mexico last week now say a giant swarm of grasshoppers was to blame. According to the National Weather Service, the masses were detected for four straight nights about 1,000 feet over Albuquerque. Despite reports of showers in the area, meteorologists knew the radar wasn’t picking up precipitation because the particles were not uniform. “We actually thought the radar was broken, so we had our technicians go out there a couple times,” Brent Wachter, a forecaster with the weather service in Albuquerque, told KRQE. “They couldn’t find anything wrong.” More

US says it will work with new PA government

In a major blow to the Israeli government’s efforts to isolate the new Hamas-backed Palestinian unity government, the US said Monday it would work with the new government, which was sworn in on Monday, and would maintain its aid to the Palestinian Authority. It said it would be “watching closely” to ensure the new government respects the principles of non-violence.  The US position is in conflict with the official stance in Jerusalem, which outright rejects the new Palestinian leadership because Hamas remains committed to destroying Israel and is a designated terrorist organization in Israel, the US and the EU. More

One Third of 18-34 Year Olds Live With Parents.

Increasing numbers of young Americans are heading to college, where they’re racking up debt to pay for rapidly increasing tuition costs. Those graduating are being confronted by a challenging jobs market, which eventually leads many to just drop out of the labor force altogether. This in turn has led to an increasing delinquency rate for student loan borrowers. So, it’s no surprise that young people are increasingly opting, perhaps out of necessity, to live at home with their parents. In his latest monthly chart book, Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Slok charts the rise of 18-34-years-olds currently in this position. More

DAYS OF LOT – White House declares June LGBT Pride Month

LGBT rights just got another big push from the president himself. The White House on Friday issued a proclamation by President Barack Obama calling on Americans to eliminate prejudice “everywhere it exists,” declaring June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. “As progress spreads from State to State, as justice is delivered in the courtroom, and as more of our fellow Americans are treated with dignity and respect – our Nation becomes not only more accepting, but more equal as well,” the proclamation begins. Obama writes that although the gay rights movement saw a massive victory this month last year with Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act, giving gay couples married in states where it’s legal the same federal benefits that straight couples receive, full equality is not yet here.More

In Defaming Move, Church Website Blocked as ‘Porn’

Aykan Erdemir, a member of Turkey’s parliament, plans to travel to Diyarbakir Church in mid-June. This week, to prepare for his visit, he looked up the church’s website. He didn’t get far. His office computer in the parliament blocked the church website with a message that it contained “pornographic” content. Checking the websites of other Turkish Protestant churches, Erdemir and his colleagues found they also were blocked, though the filtering screens did not mention “pornography” as the reason. The website for Diyarbakir Church, in southeastern Turkey, is not under a national ban, although on occasion, websites are banned in Turkey—the most notable in recent months being YouTube. More

Is It Time for Another Jesus Movement?

If you are over 50, you probably remember it. It would do you well to reminisce a bit. If you are under 50, you may not know much about it. You need to read on to appreciate what God did and wants to do again, differently but even more powerfully. In the midst of a very turbulent and discouraging time in our nation’s history, God intervened in a supernatural way during a five-year period from 1968 to 1973. A grass-roots spiritual movement burst forth on the scene with a soft explosion that revolutionized millions of lives. It was called the “Jesus People Movement.” Recently, Christianity Today magazine selected their annual “Book of the Year” award. They chose God’s Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement in America by Larry Eskridge. It boldly proclaims that “the Jesus People Movement was one of the most important American religious movements of the second half of the 20th century” and that it “must be considered one of the formative powers that shaped American youth in the late 1960s and 1970s.” More

GOOGLE to spend $1 billion on 180 satellites to blanket earth with Internet.

The world wide web may seem like a global community, but two-thirds of the planet still remain without access. Now, Google is planning to change this by launching a fleet of 180 satellites to provide web access for the 4.8 billion people not yet online, according to sources close to the company. The California-based giant will spend more than $1 billion (£600 million) on the technology, which will rival Facebook’s efforts to connect remote regions of the world.  Details remain vague, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the satellites will be small and high-capacity, and will orbit the Earth at ‘lower altitudes than traditional satellites.’ Google’s venture is being led by Greg Wyler, founder of satellite-communications start-up O3b Networks, and depending on the network’s final design, the group may double the number of proposed satellites. More

Massive Dust Storm Strikes Iran killing at least 4

 — A heavy dust storm roared into Iran’s capital Monday, blacking out the sun in a swirling cloud and tearing down trees in a squall that reportedly killed at least four people and injured 30. The storm struck Tehran with winds of up to 110 kilometers per hour (68 mph), state television reported. Its report said the storm killed five people, while Iran’s official IRNA news agency said it killed four people as winds hit 130 kilometers per hour (80 mph). The discrepancy could not immediately be reconciled. More


Scientists Have Discovered A Planet They Thought Was Impossible

The “Godzilla of Earths!” is in the foreground. Behind it is the smaller ‘lava world’. Their sun, in the back, appears to have been created only 3 billion years after the Big Bang. Based on what we know about how solar systems form, researchers thought that a giant rocky planet could not exist. But they just found one that’s 17 times Earth’s mass. They’re calling it the Mega-Earth. Scientists say the new planet may have “profound implications for the possibility of life” on extra-solar planets, according to a press release from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. They announced the finding in a talk at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston. More

First words of Bergdahl’s father at White House were Arabic

Clare Lopez is a former CIA operations officer, a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues, and a friend of mine. She emailed me this morning a very poignant analysis that only someone knowing language and Islam could ascertain. She wrote:

“What none of these media is reporting is that the father’s (SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father Bob) first words at the WH were in Arabic – those words were “bism allah alrahman alraheem” – which means “in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful” – these are the opening words of every chapter of the Qur’an except one (the chapter of the sword – the 9th) – by uttering these words on the grounds of the WH, Bergdahl (the father) sanctified the WH and claimed it for Islam. There is no question but POTUS knows this.”

Folks, there is a lot to this whole episode — like Benghazi — that we may never know. And this is not conspiracy theory, it is truth based upon Arabic and Islamic dogma and tradition. More



free guantanimo prisoners tweet zigler
Bergdahl’s father’s deleted tweet a smoking gun? – 
Take a look at this tweet from released Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father — which has since disappeared from his account. Folks, this is either a very bad case of Stockholm Syndrome or something far more nefarious is at stake. Regardless, there is more to this than meets the eye of Obama making a unilateral decision and announcement on a Saturday — when he believes no one is watching. More


A new Turkish aggression against Syria: Ankara suspends pumping Euphrates’ water

The Turkish government recently cut off the flow of the Euphrates River, threatening primarily Syria but also Iraq with a major water crisis. Al-Akhbar found out that the water level in Lake Assad has dropped by about six meters, leaving millions of Syrians without drinking water. Two weeks ago, the Turkish government once again intervened in the Syrian crisis. This time was different from anything it had attempted before and the repercussions of which may bring unprecedented catastrophes onto both Iraq and Syria. Violating international norms, the Turkish government recently cut off the water supply of the Euphrates River completely. In fact, Ankara began to gradually reduce pumping Euphrates water about a month and half ago, then cut if off completely two weeks ago, according to information received by Al-Akhbar. More

What Cessationists Really Think About the Supernatural

As the pastor of a Primitive Baptist church, my friend Charles Carrin was an ardent cessationist and entrenched five-point Calvinist for many years. He subscribed—as all cessationists do—to what I believe to be an unbiblical view: that God by His own will “ceased” long ago to deal with His people in a direct manner supernaturally. No more supernatural healings. No visions. No direct revelation. None of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation. Cessationists do believe in the supernatural occurrences in Scripture, of course, but they have no expectation that God will intervene supernaturally today except, perhaps, through providence. But the notion of the gifts of the Spirit being in operation today, as in 1 Corinthians 12:10-12, is out of the question. More

6 Bible Truths About Pornography

The Bible is the “word of truth.” It’s mankind’s user manual. It’s the blueprint, even in suffering, for a joyful and fulfilled existence in this life, and an incomprehensibly glorious eternity in the next. The total truths and precepts inherent within the Judeo-Christian scriptures are both timeless and universally applicable to all people and peoples across the globe, be they Christian, Jew or pagan. Obviously, neither pornography nor pornography use, in the modern sense, was around during ancient biblical times. Still, since all time is biblical time, and since the Bible transcends time and space, God, in His boundless love and wisdom, has given us specific truths that directly apply to the use and abuse of modern pornography in all its ugly forms. More

Bergdahl: ‘I am ashamed to be an American’…

The bizarre tale of America’s last known POW
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last known American POW, was freed after five years in captivity — an ordeal that began and ended in Afghanistan under a shroud of mystery. The Taliban turned over Bergdahl Saturday morning to US special forces in exchange for five notorious Islamic militants who had been held at Guantanamo Bay and will be sent to Qatar, where they will stay for a year under the terms of the trade. At least one of the prisoners, ranking Taliban leader Khairullah Khairkhwa, had direct ties to Osama bin Laden. Bergdahl was picked up by helicopter in western Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border. After climbing aboard, the 28-year-old Idahoan, trying to communicate with his rescuers over the roar of the rotors, scrawled “SF?” on a paper plate — asking his rescuers whether they were special forces. More

Did The Obama White House Trade Five Terrorists For A Taliban Sympathizer?

In 2010, The Taliban claimed U.S. soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had converted to Islam and had taught them bomb-making techniques. Bergdahl had also changed his name to Abdullah, the Taliban claimed, though the mainstream media largely ignored the story, seeing it as comparable to the tale of Sgt. Brody in the fictional Homeland television series on Showtime. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) also dismissed the claims, insinuating that it was jihadist propaganda. But in the aftermath of Sgt. Bergdahl’s release yesterday, more information has come to light, raising further questions as to whether the Taliban had in fact been telling the truth about Sgt. Bergdahl. More


UFO spotted from AIRCRAFT flying over London

This extraordinary video shows a UFO in the skies above London – as seen from the window of an aircraft. The two-minute five second clip, uploaded to YouTube, shows a dark-coloured disc with lights on either side. The craft appears to be flying above the cloudline. According to the video, the incredible scenes played out above the capital on the morning of May 25. It has been viewed more than 92,000 times since it was first uploaded. YouTube user Wayne McCabe was impressed with the footage, remarking:  ”Cool intro and good video.” More


David Cameron has reportedly said Britain could quit the EU if Jean-Claude Juncker is elected as president of the European Commission. The Prime Minister has previously said he sees the former Luxembourg leader as a symbol of Europe’s past and argued other leaders are more capable of delivering change. He is now so worried Mr Juncker’s appointment would destabilise the UK Government he would bring forward an in-out referendum, according to German publication Der Spiegel. “A figure from the 1980s cannot resolve the problems of the next five years,” he is reported to have said. More

Abortion a global right: Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau says abortion is a fundamental right and suggested Sunday he would make it part of a Liberal global maternal health strategy. “This is about democracy,” Trudeau told CTV’s Question Period, less than a week after an anti-abortion MP in his caucus called him a “bozo” for weeding out candidates if they didn’t adhere to his pro-choice position and vote accordingly in the House of Commons. Trudeau’s shift from previous leaders has upset the Catholic Church, the Campaign Life Coalition and others opposed to his no-choice stand. More 


40 Dead in Attack on Soccer Stadium in Nigeria

A bomb attack targeting fans at a soccer match in Nigeria’s restive northeast killed at least 40 people on Sunday, a police officer told AFP. “There has been a bomb explosion at a football field this evening and so far more than 40 people have been killed,” the officer told the news agency.
The policeman’s account was confirmed by a nurse at the Mubi General Hospital. Mubi is located in Adamawa state, one of three in the northeast which has been under a state of emergency for more than a year as the military has tried to crush the terrorist group Boko Haram’s five-year extremist uprising. More 

Chinese General: South China Sea Disputes May Turn China Into ‘Qualified Enemy’ Of U.S.

RUMORS OF WAR – Chinese Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu told The Wall Street Journal this week that he believes the United States is making “very, very important mistakes” with regard to territorial disputes in the South China Sea and that continuing the approach preferred by the Obama Administration will force China to become a “qualified enemy” of the U.S. Zhu was speaking in particular about comments Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an international security forum. The United States, Hagel asserted, “will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged.” “The Americans are making very, very important strategic mistakes right now,” Zhu told the paper, adding that the aggressive language used against China may prompt the government to begin treating the United States as a confirmed enemy, rather than merely using cautious language and pursuing relations with it: More

BRICS Countries Gearing Up to Launch $100Bln Multilateral Bank

The five BRICS nations will likely agree to fund their $100 billion development effort equally, giving them the same rights in a new multilateral bank that could start lending in two years, a senior Brazilian government official told Reuters Thursday. Capitalization of the bank was one of the main sticking points in the sometimes tortuous negotiations among the emerging powers to create a joint lender to finance infrastructure projects in developing nations. The new bank would symbolize the growing influence of emerging economies in the global financial architecture long dominated by the United States and Europe through the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. More

Wall Street concerned over China’s gold hoarding

The People’s Bank of China, China’s central bank, is the world’s biggest gold hoarder and the bane of Wall Street traders, reports the Chinese-language financial news website BwChinese, citing a Hong Kong financial analyst. Leung Hai-ming told the portal that China’s central bank took advantage of the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program in 2013, when the price of gold fell by 27%. The bank bought in over 1,000 tonnes of gold, representing almost one third of the world’s 3,756 tonnes last year. More

Collapse of the monetary system awaits the world in the near future

The collapse of the monetary system awaits the world in the near future, says financial expert James Rickards. Russia and China’s desire to rid the US dollar of its global reserve currency status is an early sign of the “increasingly inevitable” crisis. As one of the key events in support of his forecast, Rickards points to the words uttered by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 18th International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that took place earlier this month. “Putin said he envisions a Eurasian economic zone involving Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia. The Russian ruble is nowhere near ready to be a global reserve currency, but it could be a regional reserve currency,” he said, as quoted by ETF Daily News. More 

Sinkhole appears under car in Evansville, IN

  – Evansville police tell us a car was at a stop sign when the ground gave out causing in to go halfway into the hole at Oregon and Main. We’re told a water main was broken about 15 feet down from the impact of the car. Director of Utilities Allen Mount says it was caused by a 70-year-old brick sewer line. They were finally able to tow the car out of this hole but they’re now dealing with the issue of what to do now to fix it. The city may have to hire a private contractor to fix the hole. For now they plan to block off part of Oregon Street to keep the area clear. Main street should stay open though. The driver says he stopped at the stop sign and suddenly the car just caved into the ground. More

A pair of American hospital workers who got sick after coming in contact with a patient suffering from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, have since tested negative for the virus, which can often prove deadly, according to a Florida health official. Reuters and other news agencies reported that U.S. health officials had only recently confirmed that the nation’s first two cases of MERS had been verified, which raised new fears about the potential global spread of the virus.More

The Velocity Of Money In The U.S. Falls To An All-Time Record Low

When an economy is healthy, there is lots of buying and selling and money tends to move around quite rapidly.  Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is the exact opposite of that right now.  In fact, as I will document below, the velocity of M2 has fallen to an all-time record low.  This is a very powerful indicator that we have entered a deflationary era, and the Federal Reserve has been attempting to combat this by absolutely flooding the financial system with more money.  This has created some absolutely massive financial bubbles, but it has not fixed what is fundamentally wrong with our economy.  On a very basic level, the amount of economic activity that we are witnessing is not anywhere near where it should be and the flow of money through our economy is very stagnant.  They can try to mask our problems with happy talk for as long as they want, but in the end it will be clearly evident that none of the long-term trends that are destroying our economy have been addressed. More 


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