Pope says Israelis, Palestinians must seek peace ‘undaunted in dialogue’/Joel Osteen Meets with Pope Francis at Vatican to encourage interfaith relations and ecumenicism/Saudi Arabia reports big jump in MERS cases, including 282 deaths: is virus already out of control? and more signs of JESUS’ soon return



Are these the bones of a water demon? ‘Remains’ of mythological Kappa to go on show in Japan

  • The Kappa is a water demon from ancient folklore that is depicted as green and scaly with webbed feet and looks a little bit human
  • Remains said to be those of this mythical creature are going on display in Miyakonojo, Japan
  • Scientists have not confirmed that the bones are from what many believe to be the Kappa
  • Some people think the stories actually refer to a type of giant salamander
  • The Kappa is used by parents to scare children away from water

Just as British children have been brought up with scary stories about the Loch Ness Monster, Japanese people know all about the Kappa – a slippery water demon from ancient folklore.

The pond and river-dwelling monsters are typically depicted as human-like but with the scaly green or blue skin of a reptile and webbed feet.

But unlike the Loch Ness Monster, believers claim to have found ‘proof’ of the creature’s existence – and bones purporting to be from the Kappa are going on show in Japan.

Proof? Mummified remains (pictured) purporting to be from the Kappa - a scaly green water demon said to be around the same size as a child - are going on show in Japan

Proof? Mummified remains (pictured) purporting to be from the Kappa – a scaly green water demon said to be around the same size as a child – are going on show in Japan


Pope says Israelis, Palestinians must seek peace ‘undaunted in dialogue’

abbas 3Pope Francis told Israeli and Palestinian leaders they “must respond” to their people’s yearning for peace “undaunted in dialogue” during an unprecedented prayer meeting among Jews, Christians and Muslims at the Vatican on Sunday. The pope made his vibrant appeal to Israeli President Shimon Peres and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas at the end of a two-hour evening service in the Vatican gardens, an encounter he hopes will relaunch the Middle East peace process. More

Russia eyes paying for trade in renminbi as U.S Dollar continues to Fade

Russian companies are preparing to switch contracts to renminbi and other Asian currencies amid fears that western sanctions may freeze them out of the US dollar market, according to two top bankers. “Over the last few weeks there has been a significant interest in the market from large Russian corporations to start using various products in renminbi and other Asian currencies and to set up accounts in Asian locations,” Pavel Teplukhin, head of Deutsche Bank in Russia, told the Financial Times. Andrei Kostin, chief executive of state bank VTB, said that expanding the use of non-dollar currencies was one of the bank’s “main tasks”. More

Computer becomes first to pass Turing Test in artificial intelligence milestone.

compA programme that convinced humans that it was a 13-year-old boy has become the first computer ever to pass the Turing Test. The test — which requires that computers are indistinguishable from humans — is considered a landmark in the development of artificial intelligence, but academics have warned that the technology could be used for cybercrime. A programme that convinced humans that it was a 13-year-old boy has become the first computer ever to pass the Turing Test. The test — which requires that computers are indistinguishable from humans — is considered a landmark in the development of artificial intelligence, but academics have warned that the technology could be used for cybercrime. More

Obama is helping America Go Out of Business.

If you think of the United States of America as a store, its recent decisions and scandals resemble a sale, perhaps a fire sale. Or maybe even a “Going Out of Business” sale. The list of dramatic markdowns is breathtaking. They include trading away five murderous terrorists for a likely Army deserter, an open invitation to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross the Mexican border, and a decision to recognize the terrorist group Hamas as part of the Palestinian government. On the home front, environmental regulations will cost thousands of coal miners their jobs and drive up the cost of electricity for millions. The ObamaCare mess is hardly resolved, and the Veterans Affairs scandal keeps getting worse. The acting agency head reported the deaths of 18 more vets who were kept off the official waiting list in Phoenix. More

Joel Osteen Meets with Pope Francis at Vatican to encourage interfaith relations and ecumenicism.

joel copyMegachurch speaker and author Joel Osteen was among a group of political and religious leaders who met with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday. According to reports, Osteen was part of a delegation organized by the International Foundation in an effort to encourage interfaith relations and ecumenicism. Utah Senator Mike Lee (R), a Mormon, Gayle Beebe, the president of the interdenominational Westmont College in California, and Pastor Tim Timmons, founder of South Coast Community Church also in California, were among those who who greeted the pope, along with Osteen. “I just felt very honored and very humbled,” Osteen told local television station Click 2 Houston. “It was amazing. And even to go back into that part of the Vatican—there’s so much history there, the place that they took us through. You feel that deep respect and reverence for God.” The Lakewood leader also met with other Vatican staff during his visit, including Cardinal Pietro Paroli, Secretary of State for the Vatican, and had dinner with an unspecified staff member. More

DAYS OF LOT – Wisconsin Gay Marriage Licenses Issued After Ruling

 (AP) — Same-sex couples began getting married in Wisconsin on Friday shortly after a federal judge struck down the state’s gay marriage ban and despite confusion over the effect of the ruling. Clerks in Madison and Milwaukee began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples shortly after 5 p.m. Friday, a little over an hour after the judge released her ruling. Judges were on hand at both courthouses to perform ceremonies. ”I’m still up in the clouds!” Shari Roll said shortly after she married Renee Currie just a block from the state Capitol. Court officials conducted the marriages even though Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said the ruling did not clear the way for weddings to begin and sought an sought an emergency order in federal court to stop them. Van Hollen said confusion and uncertainty had resulted from the judge’s decision and the status quo must be preserved. More

Salt Lake City Police Officer Refuses Gay Pride Parade Assignment, Job in Jeopardy

AP) — A Salt Lake City police officer has been placed on leave after refusing an assignment to work at a gay pride parade. The officer was among about 30 officers assigned to provide traffic control and security for the annual Utah Pride Parade on Sunday in Salt Lake City, said department spokeswoman Lara Jones. ”We don’t tolerate bias and bigotry in the department, and assignments are assignments … To allow personal opinion to enter into whether an officer will take a post is not something that can be tolerated in a police department,” Jones told KSL. She declined comment on the officer’s reason for refusing the assignment. The officer, whose name was not released, is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation.More

DAYS OF LOT – Armed Forces Will Make History At D.C.’s Gay Pride Parade

A U.S. military color guard will make history in front of 150,000 people on Saturday, June 7, when members march in the 39th annual Capital Gay Pride parade in Washington, D.C. The eight-member team will reportedly be the first Armed Forces color guard in American history to march in a gay pride parade. Since the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in 2011, pride organizers say Armed Forces color guards have repeatedly declined requests to participate in parades, the Washington Post reports. This year, they were caught off guard by the one group’s decision to march. “We knew we might get turned down, but we asked and they said yes,” Bernie Delia, president of the board of directors for Capital Pride told The Washington Post. “I think that’s very significant.”More

Saudi Arabia reports big jump in MERS cases, including 282 deaths: is virus already out of control?

SAUDIA ARABIA – Saudi Arabia reported significantly more deaths from the MERS virus on Tuesday, the same day the country sacked one of its top health officials. The Saudi Ministry of Health reported that 282 people have died since 2012 from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, a major uptick from the previous official death toll of 190. This is out of 688 total cases in the Arab nation; 353 patients have recovered and 53 are still receiving treatment. About five weeks ago, Saudi Arabia was reporting 339 known cases of MERS-CoV, 102 of which had resulted in deaths. Hospitals prepare for MERS outbreak. The new numbers came out the same day that acting Health Minister Adel bin Mohammed Fakieh announced he had relieved Deputy Health Minister Dr. Ziad Memish from his post, according to a statement on the health ministry’s website. No reason was given. Last week, the World Health Organization reported it was aware of 636 “laboratory-confirmed cases” of MERS infections, which had led to 193 deaths. It is not immediately clear how Saudi Arabia’s latest figures affect those numbers. There is now a grave fear among global health watch agencies that the number of MERS cases in Saudi Arabia is being under-reported. There are documented cases of the virus around the world. As a coronavirus, MERS is in the same group of illnesses as the common cold.More

2 Utah residents tracked after coming in contact with deadly MERS virus

 — Health officials confirm they have been tracking two Utahns who came in contact with the deadly MERS virus as they traveled. The two Utahns live in Davis County, said Salt Lake County Health Director Gary Edwards, and they traveled on the same flights as a patient with Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS) coming back from Saudi Arabia. They didn’t find out until after their flight was over that their health could be compromised, he added. “There have been three cases in the United States,” Edwards said. “Two of those individuals flew; had multiple legs coming from Saudi Arabia coming back to the United States. There have been a few individuals who were on those flights.” The first two cases in the U.S. were brought back by health care workers who were in Saudi Arabia. The first case of MERS in the U.S. was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on May 2, 2014, the CDC website said. The third person to get MERS, in the middle of May, came in contact with one of the original MERS patients. More



Volcanic eruptions from Ubinas in southern Peru to continue next week

 – Peru’s most active volcano is likely to continue its eruptive activity next week with ash emissions and occasional eruptions, government officials have said. The ongoing process of the Ubinas volcano, in south-eastern region of Moquegua, is characterized by major plume of ashes as well as by volcanic gases and explosive activity. The above former activity is expected to generate harmful effects on farming and livestock raising activities in the area, the country’s Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Ingemmet) said. Likewise, the Peruvian agency announced an overall decrease in the volcano’s daily seismic energy and a sharp decline in the number of explosions, lowering from more than 40 to 1 or 2 a day.
The monitoring agency said the Ubinas began erupting with new intensity this week, thus starting a continuous stream of massive volcanic rocks which are being spewed out over 1.2 miles. In view of this situation, Ingemmet decided to continue its orange alert, the second-highest alert level, and to keep prompting inhabitants of the towns of Querapi and Tonohaya to flee their homes. According to the monitoring activity hourly, Ubinas’ current conditions is the eruptive process would be similar to that recorded over the last five centuries, which is low to moderate eruption. –EP
More seismic unrest reported at Yellowstone: Seismographs have picked up a swarm of earthquakes in the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park, including dozens early Tuesday. The University of Utah Seismograph Station reported five small earthquakes including those with magnitudes of 3.4, 2.7 and 3.2 in a 20-minute period starting at 3:33 a.m. in an area 16 to 18 miles south of Gardiner. Earthquake information specialist Paul Roberson said there were another 20 to 30 small quakes Tuesday morning that hadn’t yet been posted on the university’s website. He called it a fairly normal swarm for Yellowstone. He didn’t expect there to be any damage. Seismographs recorded 31 quakes in the same area south of Gardiner on Saturday, while another 23 were reported last Wednesday and Thursday in an area between 18 and 19 miles east-southeast of West Yellowstone. File June 3, 2014 –EP

Ground rips open in northern India, new “volcano-like eruption” reported

 – A “volcano-like eruption” in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh triggered panic among the people of the area. Reports said that flames and a hot liquid stream were seen spewing out of a hill 100 m from Gadiyada village. The village is over 200 km from Shimla. State geologists confirmed that the eruption is a ‘small magmatic activity.’ After the report, a team of Geological Survey of India (GSI) reached the site on Thursday. Fearing that a bigger eruption could damage their agricultural land and houses, residents of around half a dozen villages in the vicinity of the eruption are anxiously awaiting the final report of GSI team. “Gases and liquids are being emitted from holes in a 10 feet area around the hill where the volcanic activity took place,” said Ved Prakash, president of Drang panchayat. He said the eruption, unheard of in this area, caused panic among villagers. This is the first time such a volcanic activity has been witnessed in the state. Chief parliamentary secretary Jagjivan Pal in whose Sulah assembly constituency the area falls visited the spot on Tuesday. He said the flames and the hot liquid emanating from the hill had created panic. “Underground temperature in the area has increased manifold and people say that a steel electricity pole had become red hot a couple of days back,” he added. Pal said a sulphur-like material and black stone is flowing out from the perimeter of the hill. Extinction Protocol 






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