Armed Might: ‘NATO war game is message to Russia’/Shocking Proof! ‘Hidden RFID Chips’ Found In 1/3 of People Tested!/Questions rise after US trained Iraqi police flee for lives in Mosul and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


DAYS OF LOT – Nordstrom Promotes Gay Pride Month

It isn’t the first time that Nordstrom has taken a public stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. In 2012, representatives for the Seattle-based retail chain backed same-sex marriage in Washington state via a company-wide memo. ”With respect to our gay and lesbian employees, Nordstrom was an early adopter of adding sexual orientation to our anti-discrimination policy, which means we guarantee the same legal rights and protections in our workplace to gay and lesbian employees just as we do for other employees regardless of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical, mental or sensory disability, and gender identity,” the memo, which was also posted to GLAAD’s official website, read. More

74 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

Since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, there have been an average of 1.37 school shootings for each school week, according to data maintained by Everytown for Gun Safety, a group fighting to end gun violence. Including Tuesday’s incident at a high school in Troutdale, Oregon, 74 school shootings have taken place in the approximately 18 months since the Dec. 14, 2012, Newtown shooting. The average school year typically lasts about 180 days, which means there have been roughly 270 school days, or 54 weeks, of class since the shooting at Newtown. With 74 total incidents over that period, the nation is averaging well over a shooting per school week. More


CNN, formerly under the control of the Army’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group, has jumped on the shooting in Las Vegas to kick start the rightwing extremist meme. The narrative has languished since the Department of Homeland Security backed off characterizing Americans who disagree with the establishment as domestic terrorists. “The attack in Vegas is far from the only incident of violence by the American far right,” writes Peter Bergen, billed as CNN’s national security analyst. “According to data collected by the New America Foundation, right-wing extremists have killed 37 people in 16 violent incidents, in the United States since the 9/11 attacks. That number is more than the 21 people killed by militants motivated by al-Qaeda’s ideology in the United States in the post-9/11 era.” More

Reports of Salvations, Healings and Holy Spirit Baptisms Flood In

The celebration of the Holy Spirit around the world, coordinated and promoted by Empowered21, spanned a full week with thousands of believers marking the date that the Holy Spirit descended upon believers in the upper room. Regional Empowered21 celebrations were held in Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong and the United States, among others. Believers and churches from more than 130 countries participated in this year’s initiative with testimonies and reports of salvations, healings and baptisms in the Holy Spirit pouring in. More


New York Megachurch Picks First Female Pastor in 84-Year History

New York’s Riverside Church, one of the best-known liberal Protestant congregations in the United States, selected a woman to lead it for the first time in its 84-year history, the church said on Monday. The Rev. Amy Butler was elected on Sunday as the church’s seventh senior minister after a two-year search. Butler has served as the senior minister of the Washington-based Calvary Baptist Church since 2003 and spent years before that ministering to homeless women in New Orleans, according to the church’s website. The previous senior minister for the church, the Rev. Brad Braxton, resigned in 2009 about a year after being selected, citing divisions in the congregation about the church’s future. More

15 Quotes From Our Founding Fathers About Economics, Capitalism And Banking

Why have we turned our backs on the principles that this nation was founded upon?  Many of those that founded this nation bled and died so that we could experience “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  And yet we have tossed their ideals aside as if they were so much rubbish.  Our founders had experienced the tyranny of big government (the monarchy) and the tyranny of the big banks and feudal lords, and they wanted something very different for the citizens of the new republic that they were forming.  They wanted a country where private property was respected and hard work was rewarded.  They wanted a country where the individual was empowered, and where everyone could own land and start businesses.  They wanted a country where there were severe restrictions on all large collections of power (government, banks and corporations all included).  They wanted a country where freedom and liberty were maximized and where ordinary people had the power to pursue their dreams and build better lives for their families.  And you know what?  While no system is ever perfect, the experiment that our founders originally set up worked beyond their wildest dreams.  But now we are killing it.  Why in the world would we want to do that? More

US military base within Iranian striking distance, official warns

A top Iranian defense official’s claim that a U.S. military base in the Indian Ocean is now within missile range served both as a threat to American interests and a revelation that, if true, Tehran has doubled its striking distance. ”In the event of an irrational attack by the U.S., America’s military bases will not be safe from our missiles, whether in Bahrain or at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean,” the senior official, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) adviser Mojtaba Zonnour, was quoted as saying to Iran’s “Defa Moghadas,” or Holy Defense. More

Putin on notice: Stealth bombers head to Europe for first time amid tension.

putin copyTwo U.S. B-2 Spirit stealth bombers are being deployed to Europe for the first time. The deployment of the advanced aircraft will be used for “short term deployment” at Fairford, a Royal Air Force base in England — just three hours from Russia. “This deployment of strategic bombers provides an invaluable opportunity to strengthen and improve interoperability with our allies and partners,” said Adm. Cecil Haney, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, CNN reported Tuesday. “The training and integration of strategic forces demonstrates to our nation’s leaders and our allies that we have the right mix of aircraft and expertise to respond to a variety of potential threats and situations,” he continued. More


Rise of antibiotic resistance rekindles Phage therapy

riseFor decades, patients behind the Iron Curtain were denied access to some of the best antibiotics developed in the West. To make do, the Soviet Union invested heavily in the use of bacteriophages — viruses that kill bacteria — to treat infections. Phage therapy is still widely used in Russia, Georgia and Poland, but never took off elsewhere. “This is a virus, and people are afraid of viruses,” says Mzia Kutateladze, who is the head of the scientific council at the Eliava Institute in Tbilisi, which has been studying phages and using them to treat patients for nearly a century. Now, faced with the looming spectre of antibiotic resistance, Western researchers and governments are giving phages a serious look. In March, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases listed phage therapy as one of seven prongs in its plan to combat antibiotic resistance. And at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) meeting in Boston last month, Grégory Resch of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland presented plans for Phagoburn: the first large, multi-centre clinical trial of phage therapy for human infections, funded by the European Commission. More


As many as 100 feared dead, as northern Afghanistan hit by floods

floodsAFGHANISTAN – It is believed that 58 people have died and it is feared that the death toll could reach three figures as a remote part of northern Afghanistan is hit by floods. In addition, thousands more have been left homeless. The flooding is the most recent in a series of deadly flash floods, landslides and avalanches in a part of the country that is almost cut off from the rest. Lt Fazel Rahman, the chief of police in the Guzirga i-Nur district of northeastern Baghlan, said that 54 bodies have been recovered so far including the remains of women and children, but many others are still missing. The Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority has begun shipping out stockpiles of food and other supplies to the affected area, said Mohammad Aslim Sayas, the deputy director of the agency. More

Temperatures in New Delhi hit 47.8 C, the highest in 62 years

 – Temperature in the Capital touched 45.1 degree Celsius on Sunday while it was 47.8 degree C in and around Palam airport, making it the hottest day in 62 years giving no respite to people reeling under a blistering heat wave. Adding to the woes of heat-ravaged Delhiites, frequent power cuts across the city aggravated the situation and made life miserable. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said there is no relief likely from the heat wave on Monday and similar weather conditions will continue. “Instead, the maximum temperature will continue to hover around 45 degree Celsius on Monday as well,” the IMD official said, adding, “there will be mainly clear sky.” The maximum temperature of 45.1 degree C in the capital was five degree above normal and it was the hottest in five years. Yesterday, the mercury touched 44.9 degree C. The minimum temperature stood at 28.6 degree C, a notch above the season’s average. On Monday, minimum temperature will hover around 30 degree C, the IMD said. Similar situation prevailed in Palam where the maximum temperature was 47.8 degrees Celsius (118.4 F), the highest since 1952, the IMD department said. The minimum was 30.8 degree C. Temperature in the national capital breached the 45 degree Celsius mark on June 6, making it the hottest day of the season. Extinction Protocol 

Death toll from Ebola in Sierra Leone more than doubles to 12

– The death toll from Ebola in Sierra Leone has doubled to at least 12 in a week, local health authorities said on Monday, deepening the spread of a disease that has killed over 200 people in Guinea and Liberia. The mounting deaths in Sierra Leone, which had been spared cases for months after Ebola was confirmed in the region in March, underscore the challenges weak health systems face tackling one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. Amara Jambai, Sierra Leone’s Director of Disease Prevention and Control, said all the confirmed deaths in Sierra Leone were in the east, mainly in the Kailahun district on the border with Guinea. “It is very difficult for us to ascertain community deaths at this moment, but the 12 deaths are the ones the hospital can definitely confirm to have died of Ebola,” Jambai said. Jambai added that there were now 42 confirmed cases of Ebola from 113 people tested and new cases had been recorded in the northern district of Kambia. Ebola was confirmed in a remote corner of Guinea in March and then later spread to Guinea’s distant capital, Conakry, and over the border into Liberia. More


Assistant ‘Pastor’ Resigns in Opposition to Co-Pastor’s Sunday Sermon Against Islam

BELFAST, Ireland –
 An assistant pastor of a church in Ireland has resigned over his opposition to a co-pastor’s recent Sunday sermon against Islam, which resulted in an official ‘hate crime’ investigation by the Irish government. As previously reported, James McConnell, pastor of the Whitewell Metropolitan Church in North Belfast, Ireland, discussed the religion of Islam during an evening sermon on Sunday, May 18th. During the sermon, McConnell denounced Islam and said that the contrast between it and Christianity is stark. “The God we worship and serve this evening is not Allah,” he proclaimed, according to a video of his sermon. “The Muslim god—Allah—is a heathen deity. Allah is a cruel deity. Allah is a demon deity.” McConnell then criticized the “foolish” British government for attempting to appease Muslims financially, saying Islam is “a doctrine spawned in hell.” He also noted that Christians around the world are persecuted for their faith by the “fanatical worshipers” of Allah. More

Virginia Students Defy ACLU’s Demand to Remove Christian Song from Graduation

 – Members of the senior class at a high school in Virginia defied the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) demand to remove a Christian song from their graduation ceremony this past Friday, which would have ended a 70-plus year tradition at the school. Students at Thomas Walker High School in Ewing lined up after receiving their diplomas, linked arms and began to sing God Be with You Til We Meet Again, a song that has been sung during graduation since the school was founded in 1940. Members of the audience began to sing along, and some clapped in support of the student’s stand for their faith. The ACLU had sent an email to officials at the school last month, stating that students should not be allowed to sing the song at the ceremony because of its religious content. More

China and America at a Dangerous Tipping Point

Just a year ago, presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping met in California and, in shirtsleeves, proclaimed a “new type of major-power relationship.” A noble aspiration, perhaps. But in the interim, such stage-managed optimism has been dangerously overtaken by a cascade of troubling events. One day, the United States indicts five PLA officers for cybercrimes; the next, the United States claims victory in WTO disputes over car tariffs and rare earth minerals. All this is happening while the United States promises enduring support for Asian allies, and it has moved openly to challenge the legitimacy of Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, China is busy creating facts on the ground and water. Last month, a $1 billion Chinese oil rig set up operations in territorial waters claimed by Vietnam. In the East China Sea, Chinese SU-27 fighter jets have come within 100 feet of Japanese surveillance aircraft. More


At first blush, the title of this post could be perceived as somewhat hyperbolic by those who still have an impression of America’s police departments as bastions of safety, designed “to protect and to serve” the population of the “land of the free.” However, said impression would be promptly washed away upon reading an article in today’s NYT which citing Pentagon data, reveals that under the Obama administration, “police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.” More

5 U.S. troops killed by ‘friendly fire’ in Afghanistan.

Kabul, Afghanistan
 – Five American service members were killed in southern Afghanistan when a coalition jet, called in to help ward off a Taliban attack, mistakenly bombed them, an Afghan official said Tuesday. The five were killed Monday night along with an Afghan soldier in Zabul province, said Ghulam Sakhi Roghliwanai, the province’s police chief. According to NATO, the troops were conducting a security operation. Such operations have been stepped up ahead of Afghanistan’s presidential runoff election, which will take place Saturday. More


Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in fruit and vegetables, widened the blood vessels of cardiovascular disease patients by more than half in a landmark study. Constriction of the blood vessels is one of the key factors that can lead to heart attack and stroke, which kill thousands of people in the UK each year. Doctors now believe a daily dose of lycopene or a “tomato pill” may reduce the risk of heart disease by widening the blood vessels. The study was led by Dr Joseph Cheriyan, consultant clinical ­pharmacologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and associate lecturer at the University of Cambridge. More

Sheriff: Local cops need MRAPs because America has turned into ‘war zone’

In a pole barn in Franklin, sharing space with a motorcycle and a boat, sat an imposing military vehicle designed for battlefields in Iraq or Afghanistan, not the streets of Johnson County. It is an MRAP — a bulletproof, 60,000-pound, six-wheeled behemoth with heavy armor, a gunner’s turret and the word “SHERIFF” emblazoned on its flank — a vehicle whose acronym stands for “mine resistant, ambush protected.” “We don’t have a lot of mines in Johnson County,” confessed sheriff Doug Cox, who acquired the vehicle. “My job is to make sure my employees go home safe.” Johnson County is one of eight Indiana law enforcement agencies to acquire MRAPs from military surplus since 2010, according to public records obtained by The Indianapolis Star. The vehicles are among a broad array of 4,400 items — everything from coats to computers to high-powered rifles — acquired by police and sheriff departments across the state. More



Slender Man Now Linked to 3 Violent Acts

A fictional horror creature popularized by Internet memes is now linked to three violent crimes. A week after two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls allegedly stabbed their friend 19 times to honor Slender Man, more real-life connections to the spooky character are emerging. A man accused of killing two cops and a civilian before committing suicide with his wife in Las Vegas on Sunday often dressed up in costume as Slender Man, a neighbor told KTNV. And a Cincinnati mom told WLWT she thinks her daughter may have been inspired by Slender Man when she attacked her with a knife in their kitchen, wearing a hood and white mask. A key to Slender Man’s appeal may be that he is faceless and Andrew Peck, a University of Wisconsin lecturer who studies Slender Man and other folklore, likened the amorphous Slender Man to the villain of so many campfire horror stories – a man with a hook hand. More

‘Organized campaign’ to impose Islam in UK

Conservative Muslim school leaders in Britain’s second city, Birmingham, conducted an “organised campaign” to impose faith-based ideology on their pupils, Education Secretary Michael Gove says. Clashes between Muslim governors and non-Muslim senior staff had led to a “culture of fear and intimidation” in which some head teachers felt forced to leave their jobs, leaving those remaining free to impose a narrow curriculum, the minister said on Monday. Mr Gove was reporting the findings of two investigations into allegations of an Islamist plot to take over the leadership of state-funded schools in Birmingham with the intention of imposing a religious agenda. More

Russia sees NATO Military Build-Up as “Hostile” and could respond with Force

Russia would consider any further expansion of NATO forces near its borders a “demonstration of hostile intentions” and would take political and military measures to ensure its own security, a senior diplomat was quoted on Monday as saying. The comments come amid a deep crisis between Russia and the West over Ukraine and days after U.S. President Barack Obama offered increased military support for eastern European NATO members to ease their concerns over Moscow. “We cannot see such a build-up of the alliance’s military power near the border with Russia as anything else but a demonstration of hostile intentions,” Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov told Interfax in an interview. More

10 Nato Member War Games Prepared, 4700 Troops, 800 Military Vehicles

A major military exercise kicked off in Latvia, with 10 NATO member countries participating. The war games involve 4,700 troops and 800 military vehicles. Russia sees NATO’s military build-up as a sign of aggression. The Saber Strike ground forces exercise is being conducted for the fourth time this year and coincides with Baltic Host 2014 and Baltops 2014 naval drills. Troops from the US, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway and the UK are taking part. The two-week exercise is hosted by the three Baltic States, although some parts will be conducted in Germany. More

IDF gets set to target 50,000 Al Qaeda fighters piling up around Israel in Syria and Iraq

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz’s cryptic remark Monday, June 6, that “The Israeli Air Force will next month dramatically change its mode of operation,” meant that a decision has been taken to start directing the IAF’s fire power against military and terrorist targets in the Syrian and Iraqi arenas – in particular the al Qaeda forces foregathering ever closer to Israel’s borders with Syria, Iraq and Jordan. By aerial fire power, the general meant not just warplanes but also Israel’s long-range unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters. He was lecturing to the Herzliya meeting of the Interdisciplinary Center’s policy and strategy institute. On May 28, foreign sources were quoted as reporting that the Israeli Air force had shut down its last AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters squadron, which had served manly for strikes against armored and ground targets. Instead, lighter and cheaper drones have been commissioned for use against those targets. More


The middle class is even worse off than the numbers show

The “average” American worker earns about $44,000 per year and saves around 4% of his income. And the “average” household has a net worth of approximately $710,000, including the value of homes, investments, bank accounts and so on. But many Americans, needless to say, fall well below those benchmarks, which fail to capture widespread financial distress. The gargantuan fortunes of the rich have become a cause célèbre scrutinized by, among others, French economist Thomas Piketty in his surprise bestseller, Capital in the 21st Century. Now, the growing gap between the rich and the rest may be distorting numbers long used to gauge the health of the middle class. More


mom copyA curious theme running through several recent shootings seems to be a connection to the Batman comic book franchise, a coincidence which runs parallel with CIA mind-controlled assassins of the past being found with copies of the book The Catcher in the Rye. A recent shooting in Las Vegas appears to be the work of two crazed Batman fans. The Facebook pages of Jerad and Amanda Miller, the two accused shooters who allegedly killed two police officers inside a Cici’s Pizza in Las Vegas, as well as a Walmart patron, are littered with photos of the married couple dressed as Batman villain The Joker and his love interest and criminal accomplice Harley Quinn. Similarly, on July 20, 2012, James Holmes walked into a theater in Aurora, Colorado, and threw smoke grenades into an audience before unloading a hail of bullets, killing 12 people. Patrons had flocked to watch the latest Batman flick, “The Dark Knight Rises,” and many publications claimed Holmes painted his hair red as a reference to the Joker in a scene from “The Dark Knight.” More

Israeli farmers to give fields a rest

The nation that made the desert bloom like a rose is about to let its farmland have a year off, as the Bible commands … sort of.  Following Rosh Hashanah in September – the beginning of the Jewish new year – the agricultural sabbath year, or shmitah, begins. Rooted in God’s command given to Moses at Sinai, agricultural fields, vineyards and orchards are to be worked and harvested for six years, but in the seventh year they are to be allowed to “rest and lie fallow, that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave, the beasts of the field may eat.” While the Bible reveals little about how the agricultural sabbath year worked in practice, it’s clear the command was given great weight, with the writer of 2 Chronicles linking it to the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah in 586 B.C. The people were exiled to Babylon for 70 years, he wrote, so the land could enjoy the 70 sabbath rests it had been denied for centuries. More



The father of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl puzzled many Americans with his Arabic declaration at the White House Rose Garden event with President Obama that announced the release of his son in exchange for five top Taliban commanders At the White House, he said in Arabic, “In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate,” which, according to an Islam expert, amounted to him claiming the White House as a spoil of war. It’s doubtful he understood the significance of what he was saying, the expert said. Indeed, while the elder Bergdahl began studying Arabic and Pashto and growing a beard that made him look more and more like a sympathizer of the Taliban captors of his son, friends and two former pastors of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church he attended, insist he has not converted to Islam but remains “a brother in the Lord.” The Washington Post reported worried friends sometimes asked him if he hadn’t succumbed to some form of the captive-bonding Stockholm syndrome. On Monday, according to the London Daily Mail, Bergdahl’s neighbors said he has shaved his beard. More


IRS caught breaking law to target conservatives

The IRS appears to have been caught red-handed breaking federal law in its zeal to criminally prosecute conservatives for their political activities. The House Oversight Committee has revealed the IRS sent the FBI a database containing more than a million pages of confidential taxpayer information that is protected by federal law. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, or DOJ, is now admitting the FBI should never have had that data in the first place. The information was delivered just weeks before the 2010 elections to the FBI, after a conversation between Richard Pilger, an official with the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch and former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner, a central figure in the scandal. More


World stock markets up near record High

Global equity markets edged higher on Monday, boosting a gauge of world stock performance to near an all-time high, as low interest rates bolstered sentiment even as U.S. Treasury yields rose. Wall Street’s Dow industrials and benchmark S&P 500 closed at all-time peaks, with the latter rising to its seventh record close in eight trading sessions. Asian stocks earlier touched their highest levels in nearly three years. Europe also advanced as Spain, Italy and Portugal spurred regional indices on bets those markets would benefit most from last week’s European Central Bank stimulus measures.More


harvest army
















Digital Currency “Will End Corruption” Claims Report – Mark of the Beast is Near







World War 3 : The Beast deploys Nuclear B-2 Bombers against the Russian Bear of Gog (Jun 10, 2014)



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