Chinese river turns Bloody Red Overnight/ISIS seize Iraq monastery/U.N. Calls For Investigation Of Israel/Muslim Groups May Join Hamas to fight Israel and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


CUP OF TREMBLING – U.N. Calls For Investigation Of Israel

As Hamas continues to target Israeli civilians with rockets and use Palestinian civilians as human shields, United Nations members calling for an investigation of Israel’s defensive operation to shut down the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. The Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution Wednesday calling for an international investigation into alleged violations committed …

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CUP OF TREMBLING – Jordanian TV Host Burns Israeli Flag Live On Air

A TV host in Jordan burned a paper Israeli flag live on air during a discussion on the ongoing Gaza campaign. In a clip posted to YouTube by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Zoher Al-Azzeh burned the flag on Jordan’s 7 Stars TV while also calling for the US embassy in Jordan to be …

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CUP OF TREMBLING – Thousands take to NYC streets to protest Israel.

Thousands of people took to the streets of New York City on Friday evening to protest Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip and demand an end to the violence that has reportedly killed nearly 850 Palestinians.  Police scrambled to corral the demonstrators, which officers estimated numbered between 2,000 and 3,000, as they flooded into the …

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Republicans May Push to Impeach Obama If They Get the Chance

The notion of impeaching President Barack Obama got substantial attention Friday from two White House officials, who both said senior Republicans wanted to see it happen. But they couldn’t name any senior Republicans when pressed.  Further, White House press secretary Josh Earnest expressed doubt about whether House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was sincere when he …

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River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight.


A waterway in eastern China has mysteriously turned a blood red color. Residents in Zhejiang province said the river looked normal at 5 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday morning. Within an hour, the entire river turned crimson. Residents also said a strange smell wafted through the air. “The really weird thing is that we have …

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Turkish PM: Israel Has ‘Surpassed What Hitler Did To Them’…

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ridiculed Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, accusing the Israeli government of “barbarism that surpasses Hitler.” Speaking at a political re-election rally in the Turkish city of Ordu, Turkey’s prime minister said that Israel has “surpassed what Hitler did to them” and declared the country a “terrorist state.” “[Israelis] have …

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Winter pattern repeating in summer

Forecast model predictions a week into the future are advertising a second major shot of cooler than normal temperatures in the eastern U.S. this July. The American GFS, European and Canadian models all call for a big dip in the jet stream in the eastern Northern Hemisphere that will allow temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below …

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Jihadist militants have taken over a monastery in northern Iraq, one of the country’s best-known Christian landmarks, and expelled its resident monks, a cleric and residents said Monday. Islamic State (IS) fighters stormed Mar (Saint) Behnam, a 4th century monastery run by the Syriac Catholic church near the predominantly Christian town of Qaraqosh, on Sunday, the …

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IRS Faces New Grilling Over Targeting Churches

The Internal Revenue Service, already probably the most reviled of federal agencies, was caught harassing conservative organizations and now is the focal point of multiple investigations by irate members of Congress who believe the agency deliberately withheld information. Now yet another scandal could be looming. The Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the largest constitutional-rights legal teams in …

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Arrest Warrant Issued for Possible Illegal Alien with Drug-Resistant Strain of Tuberculosis

Prosecutors in Central California have obtained an arrest warrant for a tuberculosis patient who they say is contagious and has refused treatment. San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor said Thursday that police are looking for 25-year-old Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a transient who comes from a part of Mexico known for a drug-resistant strain …

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National Guard in Texas Could Get Arrest Power

When Gov. Rick Perry of Texas announced plans to deploy 1,000 National Guard troops to help with the border crisis, it came with a power unexpected by some. By deploying them himself rather than through Washington, he has the power to order the troops to make arrests and apprehensions, something Guard troops in past border …

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Google To Collect Data On ‘Human Body’.

Google has embarked on what may be its most ambitious and difficult science project ever: a quest inside the human body. Called Baseline Study, the project will collect anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people—and later thousands more—to create what the company hopes will be the fullest picture of what a healthy human being should be. The …

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PSALM 83 WATCH – Muslim Groups May Join Hamas to fight Israel

Hamas rejected Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s call for a cease-fire amid concerns that an agreement won’t be reached before other parties are drawn into its conflict with Israel. A new jihadi media outlet called Al Fawaris released a video Wednesday calling on Gazans to endure the military operation. Its message said victory looms and that Muslims …

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Fukushima Monkeys’ Blood Shows Signs of Radiation Exposure

Wild monkeys living in forests of Fukushima — the Japanese city that was the site of a nuclear power plant meltdown in 2011 — have lower blood cell counts than monkeys from northern Japan, and carry detectable levels of cesium in their bodies, researchers have found. The researchers studied blood changes and signs of radiation …

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The Drought Apocalypse Approaches As The Colorado River Basin Dries Up


Scientists on Thursday released the results of a first-of-its-kind study that finds the seven states of the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin are depleting groundwater reserves at a rapid rate. That threatens the future of a river that supplies water to 40 million people and irrigates 4 million acres of farmland. Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, and NASA analyzed …

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TX official warns of ‘Immigrant Tsunami’.

County Commissioner Mark Reid is warning of an “illegal immigrant tsunami” if “illegal immigrant children” are housed there.  Reid is pushing to keep to the subject on next week’s court agenda. A meeting is scheduled at 1:30pm on Monday for public input before county commissioners take action in the matter Tuesday. “I will be adding …

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Al Qaeda Targeting USA for Digital 9/11.

ASPEN, Colo.—Al Qaeda, nation states, and criminals are preparing for major cyber attacks against U.S. infrastructure that could be comparable to the devastating September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, a senior Justice Department official said on Thursday.  “We’re in a pre-9/11 moment, in some respects, with cyber,” said John Carlin, assistant attorney general …

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Israeli security forces have shot dead two Palestinians during a massive protest in the West Bank, according to medical officials. The victims were among an estimated 10,000 people who clashed with soldiers and border police at a checkpoint in Qalandiya, between Jerusalem and Ramallah. The protest came hours after 15 people were killed and more than …

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