ISIS Gains First Ground in Lebanon/Israel withdraws ground forces from Gaza as 72-hr truce starts/‘Gaza infrastructure on brink of destruction’/The EBOLA “outbreak” and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Kuchinoerabu-Jima Volcano on Japanese Island erupts for first time in 34 years

JAPAN – A new eruption occurred yesterday at the volcano at 12h25 local time. It consisted of a single powerful explosion from the Shin-Dake crater. An ash plume rose to approx 1.5 km height, and a pyroclastic flow was generated. The eruption lasted about 10 minutes and much of the erupted mass collapsed into an impressive …

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Liberian dies in Morocco of Ebola as Virus Continues to Spread

MONROVIA – The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Morris Dukuly, has disclosed that a Liberian has died of the deadly Ebola virus in Morocco. The Ebola virus, which has no cure, has killed at least 129 people here, and claimed more than 670 lives across the region. A top Liberian doctor working at Liberia’s largest hospital …

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AFRICA – The Liberian government is ordering that all corpses of Ebola victims must be cremated as fears rise that the disease could be spread by bodies being buried in residential areas. Information Minister Lewis Brown announced Monday on state radio that authorities now will cremate the remains of Ebola victims. The order comes after a …

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5.3 magnitude earthquake shakes buildings in Johannesburg, South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, SA — A 5.3 earthquake has shaken buildings in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. There are no immediate reports of casualties following the tremor Tuesday. The U.S. Geological Survey says it had a magnitude of 5.3. The quake was also felt in Pretoria, the South Africa capital, and Hartbeespoort, a nearby resort town. The USGS said the quake …

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Saudi Arabia tests first suspected Ebola case: outbreak worse than people know

SAUDI ARABIA – Saudi Arabia is testing a man for suspected Ebola infection after he returned recently from a business trip to Sierra Leone, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. It said the man, a Saudi in his 40s, was at a hospital in the Red Sea city of Jeddah after showing “symptoms of viral hemorrhagic …

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Bodies dumped in streets as West Africa struggles to curb Ebola

Relatives of Ebola victims in Liberia defied government orders and dumped infected bodies in the streets as West African governments struggled to enforce tough measures to curb an outbreak of the virus that has killed 887 people. In Nigeria, which recorded its first death from Ebola in late July, authorities in Lagos said eight people …

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Ebola outbreak could be much worse than thought

The worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in history could actually be much worse than the official death toll reflects. Already, the World Health Organization says 887 people have died, but a top doctor working at the heart of the outbreak in West Africa says many cases are going unreported. The senior doctor, who …

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Michigan community rebels against huge expansion, militarization of police

After acquiring some military hardware, one local Michigan police chief’s plan to also add more than 30 non-certified officers to the force has residents in Barry Township clamoring for an investigation – and, in some cases, his job. According to the Detroit Free Press, the township’s police chief Victor Pierce is under fire for what some …

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World Bank pledges millions to Ebola fight as panic grows

The World Bank has pledged $200 million to help contain the deadly Ebola virus causing panic across West Africa, as Nigerian authorities say a doctor in Lagos has contracted the disease, the second case in the sprawling city. The confirmation that a fourth doctor in the region had developed Ebola came Monday as fear and …

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One killed, 15 hurt in Afghanistan attack

BREAKING NEWS:  An attacker wearing an Afghan military uniform opened fire at a training facility in Kabul on Tuesday, killing one NATO-led soldier and wounding at least 14 others, according to Western military officials. A Pentagon spokesman told CNN that one coalition soldier was killed and 15 troops were injured. The German military said one person …

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Militants associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) captured the Lebanese city of Arsal in fighting that began on Friday and continued Monday. According to The Telegraph, a Syrian rebel group set up check-points in the border city but have not yet declared the area as part of the caliphate. In addition …

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Has New York Been Preparing for a Mass Casualty Event?

Less than a week ago New York participated in the largest biological attack drill in the city’s history, This on the heels of multiple terror threats from ISIS and now a possible Ebola Victim remains in Quarantine being tested for the Virus

Before Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi became what many consider the world’s most powerful terrorist, he was in U.S. custody. U.S. forces released Baghdadi from an Iraqi prison in 2009 after four years in captivity. His reported parting words to American troops? “I’ll see you guys in New York.” Baghdadi now leads a terrorist army of some …

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Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador Marries, Becomes 4th Open Gay in US State Dept

DAYS OF LOT- Get out the champagne! Openly gay U.S. Ambassador Daniel Baer married his partner Brian Walsh over the weekend. The U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) reportedly wed Walsh in Vienna, Austria, where the pair is currently living. Baer tweeted out the following picture of the service with …

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A Broward County judge ruled Florida’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional on Monday. Broward Circuit Judge Dale Cohen issued the decision. Cohen is the third Florida circuit court judge in less than three weeks to strike down the state’s ban. “To discriminate based on sexual orientation, to deny families equality, to stigmatize children and spouses, to …


Iran’s terror wing plots attacks in Israel

The Palestinian Authority has information indicating the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization has been seeking in recent days to recruit militants to carry out attacks in the West Bank and inside Israel, a PA intelligence official told WND.  The official said the PA received the information from seven former members of Fatah’s so-called military wing, the …

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Saudi Arabia Seeks to Protect Mecca after ISIS Destroys Iraqi Religious Sites

Saudi Arabia is seeking help from Pakistan and Egypt to protect its borders and religious sites from attacks by the Islamic State (IS), formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), the International Business Times reported. “The kingdom is calling in favors from Egypt and Pakistan. No one is certain what …

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Chinese DF-41 missile can penetrate US air Defense

None of the air defense systems the United States currently employs are capable of intercepting China’s newly developed DF-41 solid-fueled road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, reports the Berlin-based Die Welt. More

What Will You Do If They Make It Mandatory For All Americans to take Ebola Vaccine?

As the Ebola death toll rises and as images of bodies being abandoned in the streets of Liberia are broadcast around the globe, there has been a growing outcry for the scientific community to “do something” about this deadly virus.  And as luck would have it, there is an “experimental Ebola vaccine” that is ready to be tested …

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Are U.S. Health Authorities Concealing Number Of Suspected Ebola Victims From Public?

During a segment concerning the admission of a potential Ebola victim at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta revealed that there have been at least six cases at the hospital which prompted doctors to test for Ebola but that the details were not divulged publicly. “There have been about a …

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Over 400 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia for refuge

More than 400 Ukrainian troops have been allowed to cross into Russia after requesting sanctuary. It’s the largest, but not the first, case of desertion into Russia by Ukrainian soldiers involved in Kiev’s military crackdown in the east of the country. According to the Rostov Region’s border guard spokesman Vasily Malaev, a total of 438 …

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New Jersey Police Ticket Christian for Posting Scripture Sign on His Vehicle

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. – A New Jersey police officer ticketed a Christian who was sharing the gospel outside of a local abortion facility this weekend after the officer took issue with a sign displayed on his truck that cited two Scriptures. Luis Zapata says that he has posted Scripture and other messages on his vehicle for nearly …

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Number of chikungunya cases spike in New York and New Jersey as virus spreads rapidly

The number of cases of the painful, mosquito-borne virus chikungunya spiked in New York and New Jersey in the last week of July, raising new fears for the potential that the disease will gain a permanent foothold along the U.S. East Coast. “The arrival of chikungunya virus, first in the tropical Americas and now in …


What Will It Mean If The Potential Ebola Victim In New York City Actually Has The Virus?

On Monday, we learned that a “possible Ebola patient” was being treated at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. We are being told that this individual recently returned from a country in Africa where there have been confirmed cases of Ebola. So that would narrow it down to Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria. …

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