Islamic State executes 700 members of Syrian tribe/UK threatens to Ban Arms trade with Israel/91yo Dutch man returns Israeli WWII medal after Gaza strike kills his relatives/Ferguson protesters take to streets for sixth day and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


BREAKING – State of emergency and Curfews Declared in Ferguson, MO

BREAKING NEWS – A fragile peace shattered in Ferguson early Saturday, as looters again robbed neighborhood business while law enforcement in riot gear — monitoring another night of protests against last week’s killing of teenager Michael Brown — largely looked on without intervening.  Some protesters tried to stop the looting, at times standing in front …

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RFID implants into humans coming sooner than you think

British researcher Mark Gasson had a tiny chip injected underneath the skin on his hand in March 2009. The chip, according to reports, was just a bit more advanced than the versions pet owners use to track them, and it turned Gasson into a walking swipe card, essentially. “With a wave of his wrist,” Business Insider(BI) reported, …

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UK threatens to Ban Arms trade with Israel

Britain issued Israel an ultimatum whereby it would suspend the sales of munitions to the Jewish state by British companies should the hostilities with the Gaza-based militant group Hamas resume once the current 72 hour-long ceasefire expires. The statement comes several days after Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said it is reviewing licences to sell …

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UPDATE – Bibles Back in Navy Hotels After Outrage

A few months after the atheist nonprofit Freedom from Religion Foundation complained about the Bibles that could be found in U.S. Navy-run hotel rooms, the Navy responded by removing the Bibles from its Navy Lodges. But Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported Saturday morning that the Navy has reversed that decision — and that the Navy …

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Hamas rejects Cairo ceasefire terms, promises war of attrition

BREAKING NEWS: Hamas on Saturday night rejected an Egyptian proposal for a long-term ceasefire with Israel. Spokesman Osama Hamdan said Israel must either accepts its demands — including for a lifting of the security blockade on Gaza — or face “a war of attrition.” At the same time, Hamas’s military wing in Gaza declared, “We …

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One of Britain’s biggest hotel chains has removed Bibles from its rooms to avoid upsetting non-Christians. The decision by Travelodge has been condemned as ‘tragic and bizarre’ by the Church of England, which says Bibles in hotel rooms are important to provide hope, comfort and inspiration to travellers. But the chain, which runs 500 hotels, said …

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UPDATE – Islamic State executes 700 members of Syrian tribe, mostly civilians

The Islamic State group (IS) has executed 700 people from a Syrian tribe it has been battling in eastern Syria over the past two weeks, the majority of whom were civilians, a Syrian monitoring group said Saturday. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has consistently tracked violence on both sides of the three-year-old …

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Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic

Tens of thousands of Muslims are fleeing to neighboring countries by plane and truck as Christian militias stage brutal attacks, shattering the social fabric of this war-ravaged nation. In towns and villages as well as here in the capital, Christian vigilantes wielding machetes have killed scores of Muslims, who are a minority here, and burned …

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‘Remove US and Israeli Flags or be Fined’ homeowner told by HOA

A Gainesville woman has been told by her homeowners’ association that she must remove the Israeli and American flags on display in her front yard or face a fine. Fox5 News reports that Delita Smith was told on Thursday that she had 72-hours to remove the banners. Smith owns a condominium in the Chicopee Crossing subdivision off …

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US conducts new airstrikes as ISIS kills dozens of Yazidis in Iraq town

The U.S. military conducted new airstrikes against Islamic militants Friday as sources tell Fox News members of the group killed at least 90 male members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority in a northern village and kidnapped “dozens” of women and children. A senior U.S. defense official told Fox News that U.S. surveillance drones saw evidence of …

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Lacking a medical solution to the worst Ebola outbreak in history, governments and organizations in West Africa are resorting to a medieval tactic that would radically affect the lives of more than 1 million people, according to the World Health Organization. The method popularized in the era of the Black Death plague in the 14th …

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DAYS OF LOT – Robot sex partners ‘commonplace’ by 2025.

According to a new report that looks at how continuing improvements to artificial intelligence and robotics will impact society, “robotic sex partners will become commonplace” by 2025. A large portion of the report also focuses on how AI and robotics will impact both blue- and white-collar workers, with about 50% of the polled experts stating …

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Part of the war cycle is just the general feeling or attitude shifts due to economics. We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn. The police domestically have turned militaristic. This is a very serious issue far beyond what most people would even guess. It tends to show the changing attitudes within society. …

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National Guard troops arrive at Texas border with Mexico

Texas National Guard troops have started staking out positions along the state’s border with Mexico, as Governor Rick Perry aims to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. “Several dozen” troopers were deployed in the Rio Grande Valley on Thursday, and multiple officers were seen at observation towers in the area, according …

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Outrage in Nigeria as government fires 16,000 doctors on strike despite Ebola crisis – death toll hits 1,145

The death toll from the worst ever Ebola outbreak has risen to 1, 145, the World Health Organization said on Friday, as 76 more cases were reported from August 11 to August 13, 2014. The U.N. health agency said that a total of 152 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of the deadly hemorrhagic fever were …

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Ebola Toll May Be Far Worse Than Reported, Official Says

An official with the World Health Organization said Friday, beds in Ebola treatment centers are filling up faster than they can be provided, evidence that an outbreak in West Africa is far more severe than the numbers show. The outbreak sweeping Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria is already the largest and deadliest ever recorded, …

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Another night of protests, looting in Ferguson, MO

Multiple police agencies were called to Ferguson early Saturday morning following reports of violence. About 200 protesters clashed with police at the height of the disturbance at the Ferguson Market, where they began looting.  Police said they tried to set the store on fire. St. Louis County Police tell News 4 there has been more …

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