China Moves 12,000 Troops To Russian Border/Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia need America’s help/ISIS threatens to assassinate Twitter employees/Sharia patrols outrage Germans sparking calls for stricter laws and more signs of JESUS’ soon return




China Moves 12,000 Troops To Russian Border


According to a Russian media report, at least 12,000 heavily armed Chinese troops have been moved to the border with Russia as tensions in the region continue to build. The report cites the Russian FSB Border service as saying that Beijing began dispatching troops to the border on September 6, with 12-15,000 soldiers making the …

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U.S. air marshal boarded flight to U.S. after syringe attack in Nigerian airport


An on-duty U.S. air marshal was attacked with a syringe in Nigeria’s main airport Sunday, but FBI officials said the syringe didn’t appear to include deadly pathogens such as the Ebola virus, the Associated Press reported. The marshal boarded a United flight after the attack in Lagos, landing in Houston and then went to the …

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Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia need America’s help


Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia need America’s help, according to a key lawmaker who is pressing the State Department on their behalf. Some 28 people were rounded up Friday by hard-line Islamists from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the home of an …

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West Africa risks abandonment due to Ebola


With increasing frequency, international health authorities are warning that developed nations will seek to isolate the West African nations affected by the current Ebola outbreak, effectively abandoning tens of thousands of Africans to suffer death by Ebola.  Despite the efforts to quarantine “hot zones” in the West African outbreak, the World Health Organization declared in …

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Obama prepared to order airstrikes in Syria as part of strategy against Islamic State


President Obama is prepared to use U.S. military airstrikes in Syria as part of an expanded campaign to defeat the Islamic State and does not believe he needs formal congressional approval to take that action, according to people who have spoken with the president in recent days. Obama discussed his plans at a dinner with …

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Welfare recipients can use debit cards to buy marijuana.


Welfare recipients can’t use their EBT cards at liquor stores but they can at marijuana dispensaries in states such as Colorado that have legalized pot, Sen. Jeff Sessions revealed Tuesday. The Alabama Republican announced that he was drafting legislation to close the welfare-for-weed loophole after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services confirmed to …

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Napa Earthquake’s Bizarre Side Effect: Creeks Are Flowing Again


When the ground stopped shaking after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake last month in Napa, California, something really surprising happened next. Local residents noticed that some creeks, which had previously run dry due to the state’s prolonged drought, were filled with water again. When the ground stopped shaking after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake last month in Napa, California, …

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U.S Unprepared for pandemic


Somewhere in a Department of Homeland Security warehouse, thousands of doses of antiviral medications are about to expire. Another warehouse stores thousands of expired respirators. This is the equipment and medicine that was supposed to help protect government personnel in the event of a deadly pandemic. A federal investigation has found that the DHS is …

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Raging floods kill over 440 in India and Pakistan: heaviest torrential rains seen in 50 years


Raging monsoon floods sweeping across India and Pakistan have killed more than 440 people, authorities said Tuesday, warning hundreds of thousands more to be prepared to flee their homes as helicopters and boats raced to save marooned victims. Authorities in Pakistan say the floods, which began Sept. 3, are the worst since massive flooding killed …

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15 more countries at risk of Ebola


Until this year’s epidemic, Ebola did not exist in West Africa. Now with nearly 2,300 people dead from the virus, mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, scientists still don’t fully understand how Ebola arrived from Central Africa, where outbreaks of this strain of the virus had occurred in the past. A new model by …

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Hundreds Tested For TB in MA.


More than 30 Lynn Community Health Center employees and 800 patients are being tested to determine if they were exposed to tuberculosis after center doctors confirmed a case. Center Director Lori Berry says after confirming the single positive test for tuberculosis in a male health care worker around Labor Day, center medical workers contacted and …

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Medical officials admitted a record number of children to a local hospital over the weekend because of what they believe to be a rare respiratory virus spreading throughout the country. Although there’s been no confirmed cases of the enterovirus at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, officials admitted 540 patients Friday, said Dr. Derek Wheeler, associate …

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Chick-Fil-A founder Truett Cathy passes away at 93


S. Truett Cathy, the founder of the U.S. fast-food chain Chick-fil-A that drew protests two years ago when its president made public statements opposing same-sex marriage, died on Monday at age  93, the company said on its website. Cathy, who was Chick-fil-A’s chairman emeritus, died at home in the presence of loved ones, the privately held …

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Animal-to-Human Ebola risk bigger than thought


More than 22 million people live in parts of Africa where conditions exist for the Ebola virus to jump from animals to humans, a bigger area than previously thought, researchers said Monday. While the actual risk of animal-to-human or “zoonotic” transmission is low — with just 30 confirmed cases in history — the wide geographic spread …

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NYC to deploy technology to monitor 15 square miles for gunfire.


New York City’s comptroller has approved a contract for rooftop sensor technology for the NYPD to help pinpoint and reduce gunfire. Comptroller Scott Stringer approved the contract for the ShotSpotter Flex System on Monday. The technology will pinpoint the exact location of a gunshot, allowing officers to respond quickly. According to the Wall Street Journal, …

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Ebola Spreading ‘Exponentially’ as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia


The Ebola virus is spreading exponentially across Liberia as patients fill taxis in a fruitless search for medical care, the World Health Organization said Monday. In Sierra Leone, a doctor working for WHO tested positive and was preparing to be evacuated from the country. Meanwhile, the newest U.S. patient, a doctor infected in Liberia, was …

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HVO scientists are closely watching Kilauea and Mauna Loa


Volcanoes are prominent in the news lately with eruptions near Barbardunga volcano in Iceland and Tavurvur volcano in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, as well as Kilauea volcano’s continuing eruption on Hawaii Island. But to prevent any possible confusion, the volcanic activity in Iceland and Papua New Guinea is not affecting the eruption in Hawaii. The U.S. …

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US Air Marshal in ‘Quarantine’ After Syringe Attack in Nigeria


A federal air marshal is in quarantine in Houston today after being attacked last night by an unknown assailant at the Lagos, Nigeria airport wielding a syringe. U.S. law enforcement officials told ABC News they were alarmed by the bizarre, unprovoked attack because the assailant was apparently able to inject an unknown substance into the …

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Russia threatens to shut its skies to the West


Hundreds of flights to Asia every week from Britain and other European countries face disruption following a threat by Russia to close its airspace to Western carriers in response to new European Union sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. The move, which would increase costs for passengers by forcing airlines to revert to more circuitous routes used …

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Gay Marriage Bans In Idaho, Nevada And Hawaii Head To Court


The federal appeals court in San Francisco has already issued two significant gay rights rulings: In 2012, it struck down California’s same-sex wedding ban and this year it extended protections against discrimination to gay and lesbians. Now, three judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — all appointed by Democrats and two of …

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Subway Explosion in Chile leaves eight injured in Terrorist Attack


An explosion at a subway station in Santiago, Chile, injured eight people Monday. The explosion happened around 2 p.m. at the Escuela Militar station in the upper- class neighborhood of Las Condes, said Mario Rozas, spokesman for the Chilean National Police. Most of the injured were in a restaurant at the metro station. The victims suffered “sound trauma, …

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A U.S. Army report warns that American troops need to be prepared to enter New York City and other global “megacities” in order to prevent civil unrest, political uprisings and protect key infrastructure and natural resources in the national interest. The report, entitled Megacities and the United States Army (PDF), was released by the Chief …

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harvest army










Nigerians decry Cameroonian border raids


Doctors Probe Polio Like Illness in California Kids After Having A Cold







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