A Generation for the Mark of the Beast: The Widespread of Biometric ID And Microchip Implants Is Here /Ebola death toll skyrockets by almost 200 in one day/US, Iraq have same child homicide rate and more signs of JESUS’ soon return





Ebola death toll skyrockets by almost 200 in one day – two new suspected cases in Senegal


The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in history has jumped by almost 200 in a single day to at least 2,296 and is already likely to be higher than that, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday. The WHO said it had recorded 4,293 cases in five West African countries as of Sept. …

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America Is On The Verge Of Losing Its Place In The World As No. 1


The U.S. economy is the largest economy in the world. But it wasn’t always the largest. And it’s unlikely to remain the largest economy for much longer. The chart above comes to us via Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid. “As Alexander, Rome and Britain fell from their positions of absolute global dominance, so too has the US …

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DHS Tells Retailers To Watch Customers For Terrorists “Clues”

Super Bowl Security Football

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said his department will be issuing new guidance to retailers this week giving them pointers on how to spot potential terrorists among their customers by looking at what they’re buying. While saying the government cannot prohibit sales of some everyday materials, Mr. Johnson said retailers should be trained to look …

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BREAKING NEWS – Extreme Solar Storm Heading to Earth


An extreme solar flare is blasting its way to Earth and could mess up some power grids, satellites and radio transmissions, scientists say. It’s been several years since Earth has had a solar storm of this size coming from sunspots smack in the middle of the sun, said Tom Berger, director of the Space Weather …

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US confirms ISIS planning infiltration of US southern border


A senior Homeland Security (DHS) official confirmed to Congress on Wednesday that militants associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) are planning to enter the United States via the porous southern border. Francis Taylor, under secretary for intelligence and analysis at DHS, told senators during a hearing that ISIL …

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Preparing a Generation for the Mark of the Beast, Era Of Widespread Biometric ID And Microchip Implants Is Here


Are you ready to have your veins scanned every time you use your bank account? Are you ready to use a “digital tattoo” or a microchip implant to unlock your telephone? Once upon a time we read about such technologies in science fiction novels, but now they are here. The era of widespread biometric identification …

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No Fear Of God as Boy charged with simulating sex act with Jesus.


WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED – A Pennsylvania teenager has been charged with desecrating a statue of Jesus after he posted Facebook photos that showed him simulating a sex act with the statue. According to State Police officials, the boy posed for the photos in late-July in front of Love In the Name of Christ, …

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With binoculars in hand, an assault rifle slung over his chest and a Glock pistol on his hip, a man named Will scans the banks of the Rio Grande looking for anyone trying to cross from Mexico into Texas. Will is a member of the Patriots, a group of heavily armed private citizens who use …

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Satanists to Hold Controversial Black Mass in Oklahoma


A devil-worshiping group hell-bent on hosting a satanic black mass is planning to go ahead with its controversial ceremony this month, despite fervent protests by residents of Oklahoma City and a lawsuit from the Catholic Church. The co-founder of Dakhma of Angra Mainyu told ABC News that the religious and educational organization decided to hold …

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Lessons America Needs to Learn from 3 Cities in Israel


Discover why Jesus Rebuked 3 Cities in Israel and how American Churches are following in the same footsteps. In this message you will see why Jesus warns of the dangers of no “Repentance” in the land. This message will soon be available on CD and MP3 Download as well. Click on Image to view message


A pop-up Satan statue has been removed from a Vancouver park, shortly after the mysterious and controversial artwork was erected. Vancouver officials say a nude statue of Satan was removed from a park near the Grandview Highway because it was not officially commissioned by the city. The statue depicted a nine-foot-tall, anatomically-faithful figure of a …

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DAYS OF LOT – DirecTV and CVS Pushing Homosexuality in TV Commercials


As the sin of homosexuality becomes more of an accepted behavior in American culture, satellite television provider DirecTV and drug store giant CVS have become the latest to join the bandwagon of major corporations pushing homosexuality in marketing campaigns. In a commercial entitled Rivalry, DirecTV uses two men who state that they are “just like any couple” to promote …

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Former UN rep calls Ebola “Latter Day Plague” that is growing exponentially


The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in history has risen to almost 2,300 and is accelerating, as a government minister in the worst affected country warned the disease was “devouring everything in its path.” The World Health Organization said on Tuesday the death toll had rapidly escalated to 2,296 out of 4,293 cases …

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Russian Nuclear Submarine to Test Launch Bulava ICBM Within Two Days


Russia’s nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh has departed its port to hold a test launch of the intercontinental ballistic Bulava (SS-NX-32) missile in the North Sea, a source in the Sevmash Shipyard told RIA Novosti on Tuesday. “The nuclear-powered submarine, the Vladimir Monomakh, has left Sevmash, the ship has been preliminarily prepared, and it should return before …

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German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Helmets of Ukraine Soldiers


Germans were confronted with images of their country’s dark past on Monday night, when German public broadcaster ZDF showed video of Ukrainian soldiers with Nazi symbols on their helmets in its evening newscast. In a report on the fragile cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, Moscow correspondent Bernhard Lichte used pictures of a soldier wearing a combat …

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‘Currency wars’ to return in 2015?


With the European Central Bank (ECB) recently announcing new stimulus policies, some economists have highlighted that other central banks could be ready to counteract any foreign exchange fluctuations, thus increasing the possibility of a return to “currency wars.” Last week, ECB President Mario Draghi unveiled a promise to buy purchase asset-backed securities (ABS) and covered bonds …

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Russia and China Pledge to Use Less Dollars in Trade as Economic Ties Deepen


Russia and China pledged on Tuesday to settle more bilateral trade in ruble and yuan and to enhance cooperation between banks, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said, as Moscow seeks to cushion the effects of Western economic sanctions. Shuvalov told reporters in Beijing that he had agreed an economic cooperation pact with Chinese Vice Premier …

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Apple Pay enabling bio-metric payments at the point-of-sale


The rumors are true, the latest set of iPhones will include near field communication and consumers will be able to pay by using the Touch ID sensor built into the handset. The Apple Watch, a new wearable from the computing giant, will also have NFC and enable payments. The iPhones 6 and 6 Plus will …

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World Health Organization says Ebola will claim 20,000 lives in next six months


The World Health Organisation has issued a terrifying warning: Ebola will claim 20,000 lives within the next six months. The virus, which is spiraling out of control in Western Africa, has already claimed 2300 lives, the international health body reports. More than half of that figure have died in the past 21 days alone. Originating in Guinea …

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Health Officials Awaiting results on Rare Respiratory Virus Spreading Across Nation


As hospitals across the country see an increase in children dealing with respiratory illnesses, public health officials in several states say they are awaiting test results to see if they are indeed facing a rare virus strain that has been confirmed in six states. After a surge in children with severe respiratory illnesses were treated …

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