Catholic Cardinal McCarrick Embraces Islam/Four million dead, rotting, smelly fish plague Mexican town/Obama asks for $500 million to train, equip Syrian rebels/US to bomb Syria without Damascus’ approval and more gins of JESUS’ soon return


Russia promises swift retaliatory measures to U.S. sanctions

Russia said on Friday it would respond quickly with retaliatory measures to the latest round of U.S. sanctions that it criticized as another “hostile step”, pledging to support affected companies with state funds. The European Union and the United States have tightened economic penalties on Moscow, accusing it of sending troops to back pro-Moscow separatists fighting Ukrainian government forces in eastern regions. “Of course our retaliatory measures will not keep you waiting,” the Foreign Ministry said in an online statement. “We see Washington’s introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions as another hostile step in line with the confrontational course taken by the American administration.” The ministry said the sanctions were short-sighted and would have no effect on government policy. Earlier on Friday President Vladimir Putin, who has regularly denied any involvement in Ukraine and already responded with import bans and other steps, said any retaliatory measures would be taken carefully to avoid damaging the Russian economy. Full Story

250K Virginians may lose Healthcare plans because of Obamacare requirements

A quarter million Virginians will need to choose from new health insurance plans by the end of the year, in part because old coverage options do not comply with the Affordable Care Act. Five simple words, ‘you can keep your plan,’ are coming back to haunt President Obama, as Virginia plans that do not meet Obamacare standards will be canceled within months. “What’s happened is that the law has changed,” said Doug Gray, executive director of the Virginia Association of Health Plans. “We’re not allowed to offer those plans anymore. So what we’re saying to people is you need a plan that’s compliant with the law.” If your plan is canceled, you will receive a letter in the mail from your insurance company in the next few weeks. The letter will include a list of new options to chose from that are now compliant under Obamacare. But Republicans are saying many of new options will most likely have customers paying more. The possibility was acknowledged in a tense back and forth at the General Assembly. Full Story

Thousands pray America reverses ‘departure from God’

Thousands from the highways and byways of America, and around the globe, stopped what they were doing on Thursday to gather together and pray that America soon will reverse what organizers of the 9/11 Day of Prayer call a “rapid departure from God.” Christians gathered on a telephone conference call several times during the day to pray, to listen to others’ prayers, and seek a repentance for the nation and a restoration to God’s will. “Our country is in a deep spiral of moral and spiritual descent,” organizers explained online. “The Bible declares that such things lead to national judgment. The biblical warning signs of national judgment that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel are now reappearing on American soil.” The prayer day, featuring multiple telephone conference calls for prayer, has been endorsed by actor, martial arts superstar and now WND commentator Chuck Norris, who noted in his nationally syndicated weekly column, “WND Editor Joseph Farah and thousands of others across the land are calling up America’s spiritual reserves, challenging our spiritual fervor and cranking up our spiritual warfare by … declaring a National Day of Prayer and Fasting – and on what better day than Sept. 11?” Full Story

Penn State Removes Bibles after atheists complain

Penn State has removed Gideon Bibles from hotel rooms after a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) accused the Bibles of advocating the killings of nonbelievers. “The bible [sic] calls for killing nonbelievers, apostates, gays, ‘stubborn sons,’ and women who are not virgins on their wedding nights,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a statement last week. “What is obnoxious in a private hotel, however, becomes inappropriate and unconstitutional in state-run lodgings.” A spokesperson from the university has confirmed to Campus Reform that the Bibles have been removed from individual guest rooms following an inquiry from FFRF earlier in the summer. Full Story

1.2 million Ebola deaths projected in 6 months

An econometric simulation model based on the assumption the World Health Organization and others will be unable to control the Ebola outbreak in West Africa predicts 1.2 million people will die from the disease in the next six months. Six months is the minimum time the WHO projects will be necessary to contain the epidemic. In his analysis, econometrics research assistant Francis Smart at Michigan State University took seriously the conclusions of Canadian researchers who proved the strain of Ebola in the current West African epidemic could go airborne. The Ebola virus could be transmitted between humans through breathing, Smart says. In developing the model, Smart began with WHO’s Aug. 28 statement that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa could afflict more than 20,000 people before it is brought under control. Full Story

School bans ‘offensive’ Chick-fil-A sandwiches

Feathers have been ruffled at California’s Ventura High School, where the principal this week banned the football booster club from selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches over fears that people might be offended. What, pray tell, could people find offensive about a plump juicy chicken breast tucked between two buttered buns? Were English teachers put off by the restaurant chain’s grammatically challenged bovine pitchmen? Did the waffle fries and banana pudding milkshakes exceed the nutritional limits deemed acceptable by the federal government? Full Store

Tropical Disturbance Moving Into The Gulf This Weekend

A tropical disturbance currently over Florida will be moving into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. The broad area of low pressure is currently disorganized because strong upper level winds keep tearing apart the circulation. However, once the low moves westward in the Gulf of Mexico conditions become more favorable for development. Forecast models show the storm tracking westward, potentially reaching Texas by the middle of next week. According to the National Hurricane Center, there is a moderate chance of this developing into a named tropical storm. Even if the system doesn’t develop into a tropical cyclone, it will likely bring more rain to southeast Texas next week. People along the Gulf coast should monitor the weather this weekend for updates on this storm and the possible affects on the Houston-Galveston area. ABC EyeWitness News

Israel tells US it will act if ISIS reaches Jordan

In talks with US officials about the Islamic State this week, Israel has made clear that should the extremist group start operating in neighboring Jordan, it will not hesitate to act, Channel 2 reported Friday citing diplomatic sources. According to the report, US airstrikes in Iraq have already yielded resuts on the ground, helping Kurdish forces make inroads in recapturing territory overtaken by the extremist group. Amid intense diplomatic efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry, 10 key Middle Eastern governments, including Jordan, agreed to back President Barack Obama’s newly announced campaign against the Islamic State, which has conquered large swaths of Syria and Iraq.  In an official document, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Sunni states in the Persian Gulf formally joined Obama’s coalition Friday, pledging to stanch the terror group’s funding and possibly even contribute directly to the war effort. The signatories of the document, which is known as the Jeddah Communique, also include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In it, the Arab countries pledge to staunch sources of funding for the Islamic State, as well as stem the flow of foreign fighters to the group. Full Story

Georgia History Teacher Takes Leave From Classroom Over Fight to Keep God in School

CANTON, Ga. – A history teacher in Georgia has taken leave from his classroom over his frustration that he may not speak about God in school. John Osborne of Sequoyah High School in Canton says that he is using his time off to consider whether or not he will return to class as he does not feel supported by administrators. He states that he has spoken about Christianity in the classroom for years, but was recently the target of a complaint. “I teach world history, so there is a lot of talk about religion, and really all I want is equality to talk about everything in America, including Christianity,” he told WGCL-TV in Atlanta. Osborne said that he was accused of telling students that they would go to Hell for smoking pot, but he denies the allegations. He states that he only seeks to be a positive influence on students to help them to live honorable lives. Full Story

New Jersey Toll Collector Says She Was Told to Stop Saying ‘God Bless You’ to Drivers

PERTH AMBOY, N.J. – A toll collector in New Jersey is alleging that she was told to stop saying ‘God bless you’ to drivers who passed by her booth because some might find it offensive. Cynthia Fernandez, 34, worked as a temporary toll booth worker on the Garden State Parkway—that is, until she quit her job on Sunday. Fernandez told CBS New York this week that she used to say “Have a good day” and “God bless you” to drivers as they left, but her employer, Henry Lee, asked her to stop mentioning God . “[My boss] told me he wanted to talk to me, that I couldn’t say ‘God bless you’ anymore to customers because somebody might get offended,” she explained. While Lee decline to speak with reporters, a spokesperson for Garden State Parkway told CBS that there is nothing in the company policy that prohibits Fernandez from using the phrase. Fernandez agreed. “It does say, ‘Provide customer service, smile.’ It does say all that,” Fernandez concurred. “But it does not say in any line, ‘Do not say, ‘God bless you.’” But David Muscato of the New Jersey-based American Atheists said that the toll worker’s speech might pose a constitutional issue. Full Story


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