Killer stabs woman to death, Eats Brain, Heart and Lungs/Computer Models Project Millions dying from Ebola Pandemic/Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida/Libyan Loop: Back to brink of civil war with govt powerless and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


Fears of Bank Runs Grip Scotland Independence.

Millions of pounds have been moved to Scotland in case there is a run on the banks following a “yes” vote, according to reports yesterday. The high street banks have apparently been moving cash north of the border to cope with any surge in demand for cash on Friday from Scots worried about the implications …

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DEVELOPING – Odile Poised to Bring Catastrophic Flooding to Southwest.

Odile will unload tremendous rainfall over a large part of the Southwest United States that will run off the mountains and into the desert valleys and plains through the end of the week. According to Western Weather Expert Ken Clark, “There is the potential for devastating, catastrophic and historic flooding in this scenario.” AccuWeather experts …

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Ebola Outbreak could last years..

The Ebola outbreak could end up lasting for years and spreading to many more countries if it is not controlled quickly, a U.S. health official told a Senate hearing Tuesday, a day when aid agencies offered a stark assessment of prospects for stopping the epidemic. Lawmakers on Tuesday held their first hearing on Ebola, warning …

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NFL reportedly tells Redskins’ RG3 to remove ‘Know Jesus, Know Peace’ T-shirt

A uniform inspector from the NFL reportedly told Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III that he could not wear his “Know Jesus, Know Peace” T-shirt during a Sunday post-game press conference. Michael Phillips, a reporter from The Richmond Times-Dispatch, posted on Twitter that an NFL uniform inspector made the quarterback, known as RG3, turn the shirt …

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LA School District Police Get Armored Vehicle, Grenade Launchers.

Questions are being asked as to why the Los Angeles School District police needs equipment previously used in Iraq after officials admitted they had acquired a 20-foot-long armored vehicle as well as grenade launchers from the U.S. military. The 14-ton armored vehicle, which was was formerly used to transport US Marines, was obtained in July and …

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A volcano responsible for one of the most violent eruptions in history is showing signs of life. Scientists know little about Mount Paektu because most of the mountain lies in North Korea, one of the world’s most secretive countries. But for the first time, Western scientists have been allowed to study this sleeping giant, given …

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Killer stabs woman to death, Eats Brain, Heart and Lungs

A CONVICTED killer who was out on parole allegedly ate part of a woman’s brain, heart, and lungs after stabbing her to death, it has emerged. Police in the American state of Indiana have revealed horrific details of how Joseph Oberhansley allegedly ate part of Tammy Jo Blanton’s brain in the killing last week. Police said …

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Foreign-Born Population to Reach 60 Million Within 10 Years.

A new report from the Congressional Research Service suggests the foreign-born population may increase by as many as 27.4 million people by 2022. The more than 40.8 million foreign-born residents who lived in the U.S. in 2012 represented a 321 percent increase over the amount of foreign-born persons who called America home in 1970, according to the report. And the …

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Federal government may seize and shut down all internet sites that don’t push vaccines during a national emergency pandemic

If you aren’t saving off articles, downloading important MP3 audio files and printing off vital information that might save your life in a pandemic outbreak, you may soon find yourself completely cut off from all holistic or alternative information on the web. Under an executive order signed by President Obama in 2012, the U.S. federal …

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Wildfires threaten thousands in Northern California

Wildfires raced across Northern California overnight, charring at least 9,000 acres and forcing thousands from their homes, fire officials said. The King Fire is roaring through the El Dorado National Forest, about 60 miles east of Sacramento Some 8,600 acres have burned and the flames are only 5% contained, according Cal Fire. The King Fire obscures the sun …

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Thousands around LA without power as heat wave peaks.

About 3,600 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers remained without power Tuesday amid warnings that a stifling heat wave would likely send temperatures across the region into the triple digits, potentially breaking longtime records. LADWP officials said there was no estimate for when power would be fully restored. About 1,600 of the affected …

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Expect the Unexpected: More 9.0 Megaquakes Are Coming, Study Says

No one should be surprised if a magnitude-9 megaquake erupts off America’s West Coast — or anywhere else around the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire,” for that matter. That’s the upshot of a study in October’s issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America: Researchers say that computer models of future seismic activity, …

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Computer Models Project Millions dying from Ebola Pandemic

We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen. The number of Ebola cases in Africa has approximately doubled over the past three weeks, and scientific computer models tell us that this Ebola pandemic could ultimately end up killing millions of us – especially if …

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U.S. Soldier Caught Smuggling Aliens into Texas.

LUBBOCK, Texas — A U.S. Army soldier in uniform allegedly tried to smuggle illegal aliens into Texas, according to court records obtained by Breitbart Texas. Authorities claim the soldier attempted to drive across a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint with two illegal immigrants hiding in his vehicle. The court records show Border Patrol agents working the …

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Welfare sign-ups outpace job creation by more than a million

Illinois’ sluggish jobs recovery is coming at a tremendous cost. For every post-recession job created in Illinois, nearly two people have enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. In the recession era, the number of Illinoisans dependent on food stamps has risen by 745,000. Without adequate job creation in the …

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India Vows to Defend China Border after Standoff Ahead of Xi Visit

India said on Tuesday it would firmly defend its 2,200-mile border with China after domestic media reported a new face-off on the disputed frontier, just days ahead of a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping. More than 200 soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army crossed into what India considers its territory in Ladakh in the …

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Massive 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Revealed in Israel

A lunar-crescent-shaped stone monument that dates back around 5,000 years has been identified in Israel. Located about 8 miles (13 kilometers) northwest of the Sea of Galilee, the structure is massive — its volume is about 14,000 cubic meters (almost 500,000 cubic feet) and it has a length of about 150 meters (492 feet), making …

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Iceland Volcano on the Verge, Multiple Volcanoes coming Alive

ICELAND – The red-hot fountains of molten lava, glowing like wildfire, are nothing short of spectacular. Yet they could be ominous portents of things to come. For the second time in four nail-biting years, seismologists in the land of fire and ice, Iceland, are bracing for a monumental volcanic eruption that, once again, threatens to …

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Progressive Evangelicals Launch Campaign To Expand Christian Support For Same-Sex Marriage

As more states affirm same-sex marriage, U.S. evangelicals continue to wrestle with homosexuality, setting boundaries for what’s acceptable and what’s not, and setting the stage for a heated fall election season. This week, things got hotter. A new group called Evangelicals for Marriage Equality launched Tuesday (Sept. 9) and is collecting signatures from evangelicals who …

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Ben & Jerry’s Signs Employers’ Amicus Brief In Support Of Gay Marriage

Ben & Jerry’s is making a bold new stand in defense of same-sex marriage. The Vermont-based ice cream giant has signed an Employers’ Amicus Brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to review pending marriage equality ban cases in Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia. Company representatives confirmed the news in a lengthy post on the official Ben …

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Obama sending 3,000 troops into Ebola danger zone.

The United States government is sending thousands of military troops to the west African nation of Liberia as part of the Obama administration’s Ebola virus-response strategy, the White House said late Monday night. ‘U.S. Africa Command will set up a Joint Force Command headquartered in Monrovia, Liberia, to provide regional command and control support to U.S. …

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Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida

The Satanic Temple has announced that it will provide pamphlets on Satanism to students in Florida, following the school board’s decision permitting the distribution of religious materials.

Among the materials that are set to be distributed are pamphlets on the philosophy, practice of Satanism, the Satanic Temple’s tenets. Also, the sect tells school children about their legal rights to choose to practice Satanism, according to the official press release.

Earlier this month, the school system made a decision to let any religious and atheist materials be provided in schools.

The Temple said that although it does not agree with the school board’s decision to allow religious materials in schools, it will continue “to ensure that pluralism is respected whenever the Church/State division is breached.”

Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves explains: “We think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth.”

“I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and its Bible, and this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer,” Greaves added.

The Satanic Temple came into the media spotlight after announcing it is going to erect a seven-foot Baphomet statue next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol. It also unveiled plans to build a chapel in Detroit.


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