Pope Francis on ISIS persecution of Christians: ‘We are in World War Three’/Sierra Leone Ebola curfew causes food shortages/ISIS Takes 21 Kurdish Villages Syria Near Turkey Border/Putin Threatens WW3, Says Russia Could Invade Europe Within 2 Days and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


ISIS Calls On Muslims In America To Go To Homes Of U.S. Soldiers and “Slaughter Them”

A law enforcement bulletin obtained by FoxNews.com warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for “lone wolves” to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members’ addresses online and then “show up and slaughter them.” There will be “a continued call – by …

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The Real Reason American Churches Aren’t Growing

One question continually being asked is, How can the Christian church grow? This issue is particularly relevant as we consider the harsh realities being imposed upon us today. How does the church find a way to advance in such an antagonistic environment? In an earlier post, I recounted that, though the church was conceived in the …

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Labeled ‘Too Christian,’ School Library Dumps Corrie ten Boom Books

Pacific Justice Institute is warning a charter school in Southern California that it is violating the First Amendment by removing library books based on their perceived Christian content. A parent of students enrolled at Springs Charter Schools recently was shocked to see some of the books being targeted for removal, including the well-known account of …

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American Marines Sing ‘Days of Elijah’ With Unbridled Passion

America’s men and women in military garb worship God. They lift their hands and their voices to God while singing “Days of Elijah.” There is hope for America! This will bring tears to the eyes of true patriots. Charisma

State law Prohibiting ‘Upskirt Photos’ thrown out, Considered violation of Free-Speech

AUSTIN, Texas — A state law banning “improper photography” in public is no longer valid. The state’s highest criminal court threw out the law as a violation of free-speech rights. Essentially, giving anyone the right to take photos of you and your children in public without your consent. The decision stemmed from a 2011 case …

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Putin Threatens WW3, Says Russia Could Invade Europe Within 2 Days

Vladimir Putin allegedly threatened World War 3 during talks about Ukraine, claiming that Russia could potentially invade and take over the capitals of many European countries within two days. In a related report by The Inquisitr, both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton claim Putin wants to restore Russia to the glory of an empire that …

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More Than 700 Infants Exposed To TB At Texas Hospital

EL PASO, Texas – More than 700 infants at an El Paso hospital have been exposed to tuberculosis by an employee infected with the disease, according to public health officials. The city’s Department of Public Health says the infants along with about 40 employees at Providence Memorial Hospital were exposed. Officials say they were exposed from …

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Russian Nuke Bombers Buzz Northern Europe.

Russian strategic nuclear bombers carried out air defense zone incursions across Northern Europe this week in the latest nuclear saber rattling by Moscow. Two Bear H bombers conducted practice strategic bombing runs on Tuesday and were met by interceptor jets from Norway, Denmark, Britain, and Netherlands, defense officials told the Free Beacon. “NATO jets … …

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Super-Rich In Rush To Buy Gold Bars…

The super-rich are looking to protect their wealth through buying record numbers of “Italian job” style gold bars, according to bullion experts. The number of 12.5kg gold bars being bought by wealthy customers has increased 243pc so far this year, when compared to the same period last year, said Rob Halliday-Stein founder of BullionByPost. “These …

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Alibaba Surges in New York Trading Debut After U.S. IPO

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. surged in its U.S. trading debut, after the company raised a record-breaking $21.8 billion in an initial public offering. The Chinese company’s shares rose 38 percent to $94 apiece as of 11:53 a.m. in New York, after the IPO was priced at $68. The e-commerce company, which started in 1999 with …

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Food stamp system to go down across New York this weekend

Shop now if you depend on food stamps or cash assistance from New York. Neither will work starting early Sunday morning. The system will go down at midnight and isn’t expected to come back online until noon Sunday. It’s being shut down so the state can switch to a new company to run the program. …

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Enterovirus Cases Confirmed in California

California’s first cases of a virus that has been spreading across the country were confirmed Thursday by the state’s chief health official. Four cases of enterovirus D68 have been confirmed, all in Southern California. One was in Ventura County; three others were in San Diego County. The patients ages ranged from 2 to 13 years …

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1 in 4 Americans open to seceding from USA.

The failed Scottish vote to pull out from the United Kingdom stirred secessionist hopes for some in the United States, where almost a quarter of people are open to their states leaving the union, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found. Some 23.9 percent of Americans polled from Aug. 23 through Sept. 16 said they strongly supported …

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DISTRESS OF NATIONS – Europe Gripped By Secession Panic.


Win or lose today, the Scottish independence movement has already had an impact on much of Europe—especially regions with organized separatist movements, like Catalonia and Flanders. Should I stay or should I go? As the world waits to see how Scotland votes on Thursday, more than a few European regions are watching very closely indeed. …

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These 8 places in Europe could be the next to try for independence


Given Europe’s complicated history and cultural diversity, the existence of independence-minded groups and regions is understandable. Even so, the sheer number of separatist movements in Europe may surprise you. Some of these groups have transformed their desire for separation into successful political movements; others are operating at a far lower level. Some are more violent (even …

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Mystery illness plagues girls in Colombia, HPV Vaccine Prime Suspect

El Carmen de Bolivar (Colombia) (AFP) – A mystery illness is plaguing girls in this town in northern Colombia, and locals say a vaccine against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, or HPV, is to blame. First their hands and feet feel cold. Then they go pale and cannot move. Some convulse and fall to the …

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Dire Warning: Health workers need optimal respiratory protection for Ebola

Healthcare workers play a very important role in the successful containment of outbreaks of infectious diseases like Ebola. The correct type and level of personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures that healthcare workers remain healthy throughout an outbreak—and with the current rapidly expanding Ebola outbreak in West Africa, it’s imperative to favor more conservative measures. The …

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Jerusalem holds annual Gay Pride Parade after multiple delays

Amid a Large contingent of Police, including a helicopter and officers on horseback, a relatively small number of gay and transgender men and women marched through the streets of the capital Thursday night in the annual Jerusalem Gay Pride parade. According to Jerusalem Open House, which represents the city’s LBGT community, while the event normally attracts several …

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Ukraine accuses Russia of massing 4000 troops along border in Crimea

KIEV is accusing Moscow of massing its troops in annexed Crimea on the Ukraine border, rattling nerves just as Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko prepares to meet US counterpart Barack Obama. The apparent push north by about 4000 troops in the Black Sea peninsula came despite Russia’s declared backing of a peace overture by Kiev to …

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Pope Francis on ISIS persecution of Christians: ‘We are in World War Three’


Pope Francis has told a group of Jewish leaders “first it was your turn and now it is our turn” in a discussion about the persecution and murder of Christians in the Middle East. The leader of the Catholic faith drew a comparison between the Jewish Holocaust and ISIS’s current persecution of Christians in Syria …

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Ebola outbreak to continue for another 18 months, warn scientists

The World Health Organization (WHO) may be vastly underestimating the final death toll from the West African Ebola outbreak, according to data compiled by scientists working on behalf of the federal government. The official prediction is another nine months and about 20,000 deaths by the time Ebola fully runs its course, but computer models generated …

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We are on the brink of a third World War, experts warn

World War 3 is inevitable and some experts agree that there are a number of assumptions to conclude that it is only a matter of time until the third World War is here. Many analysts believe that sooner or later, the US will attack Syria. And according to a Sep. 17 report from The Inquisitr, …

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Obama: ISIS threats against U.S, allies ‘doesn’t frighten us’

With approval in hand to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight the so-called Islamic State terror group, President Barack Obama said Thursday the plan keeps with “the key principle” of U.S. strategy: No American combat troops on the ground. “The American troops deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission,” he …

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8 people, including 6 children, killed in Florida shooting

A Florida man shot and killed a daughter and six grandchildren Thursday in the small north-central Florida town of Bell in what authorities called a murder-suicide. Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Robert Schultz said the children ranged in age from 3 months to 10 years. Schultz said the man, who called 911, killed himself after a deputy arrived on …

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harvest army


Sierra Leone Ebola curfew causes food shortages


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