Islamic State sets sights on Saudi Arabia/CALIFORNIA DROUGHT: Children bathing once a week, sharing same tub of water and more signs of Jesus’ soon return



Pentagon Studies Reveal Major Nuclear Problems

The Pentagon will have to spend billions of dollars over the next five years to make emergency fixes to its nuclear weaponsinfrastructure, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will announce on Friday, after two separate Pentagon studies concluded that there are “systemic problems across the nuclear enterprise,” according to senior defense officials. The reports are a searing …

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Saudi Arabia outlaws ‘tempting eyes’

A new law in Saudi Arabia banning ‘tempting eyes’ has become the latest example of female oppression in the country. The law, which states that women with alluring eyes will be forced to wear a full veil, has been branded ‘stupid’ by dissenters and roundly criticised on social media, reports. Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, …

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German economy minister rejects tougher sanctions on Russia

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Sunday he does not believe tighter sanctions against Russia will help resolve the Ukraine crisis even though Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday the European Union is considering further sanctions. Gabriel, Germany’s Vice Chancellor and the leader of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) that shares power with Merkel’s …

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CALIFORNIA DROUGHT: Children bathing once a week, sharing same tub of water.

Showers were one of the first things to go when the spring dried up at the Markegard ranch south of Half Moon Bay. Forced to rely on trucked-in water, the four children — ages 4, 6, 7 and 12 — now bathe once a week, often sharing the same tub of water. “The cleanest kid …

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Ice Visible on Lake Superior Weeks Ahead of Schedule

Cold temperatures and snow across the Great Lakes in November is certainly nothing out of the ordinary, but this morning, a layer of ice was visible on parts of Lake Superior in Ashland, Wis. While this may not seem unusual given the current stretch of unseasonably cold temperatures, it is actually several weeks earlier than …

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Obamacare 2015: Higher costs, higher penalties

With the Affordable Care Act to start enrollment for its second year on Nov. 15, some unpleasant surprises may be in store for some. That’s because a number of low-priced Obamacare plans will raise their rates in 2015, making those options less affordable. On top of that, penalties for failing to secure a health-insurance plan …

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Surgeon stricken with Ebola in Sierra Leone arrives in Nebraska

(CNN) — A surgeon diagnosed with Ebola in his native Sierra Leone arrived Saturday afternoon in the United States, where he will undergo treatment at The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. “I can confirm a patient with the Ebola virus has landed here,” hospital spokeswoman Taylor Wilson told CNN. While Wilson did not identify the …

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4 workers die, 1 hurt in Texas chemical plant leak

(CNN) — Four workers were killed Saturday after a chemical leak at a DuPont plant in La Porte, Texas, on the eastern outskirts of Houston, plant manager Randall Clements said. A fifth employee exposed to the chemical was hospitalized, but is expected to make a full recovery, Clements said. The community around the DuPont plant was never …

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University Installs Prescription Drug Vending Machine On Campus.

Phoenix, Ariz. (CBS LAS VEGAS) – An InstyMeds vending machine has been installed on Arizona State University’s campus, allowing any student or university employee to pick up prescription drugs from the dispenser. Any ASU student or university employee who receives a prescription from ASU health services will be able to simply walk to the school’s Health …

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Pope denounces euthanasia as ‘sin against God’.

Pope Francis denounced the right to die movement Saturday, saying it’s a “false sense of compassion” to consider euthanasia as an act of dignity when in fact it’s a sin against God and creation. Francis made the comments to the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors. Earlier this month, the Vatican’s top bioethics official condemned as …

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‘All of Our Hearts Stopped’: Friend Details the Amazing Thing That Happened Shortly After MTV Star Died

MTV reality star Diem Brown died Friday while in her third battle with cancer and just two days after she appealed to fans for prayers as her doctors were “seemingly giving up.” Now, her friends are taking something that happened in the hospital at her death as a sign. “There were strobe lights, and it …

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How to Respond When Your Child Says They’re Gay

The tears in her eyes confirmed what I had suspected. My daughter was pulling away from me … I was turning out to be just like everyone else. Shortly before our family became Christians, my daughter’s revelation that she thought she was gay came as a devastating shock. While my husband and I were finally …

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Gold shortage worst in over a decade

The last time there was a systemic physical gold shortage was in July 2013. It is then that, for the first time in 5 years, the 1-month Gold forward offered rate, or GOFO, went negative. Fast forward to today, when as noted over the past week there has been a massive shortage of precious metals …

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Islamic State sets sights on Saudi Arabia

In a 17-minute audio message, purportedly from its elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group sets its sights firmly on Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam and the world’s largest oil producer and exporter. The speaker does not refer to it as Saudi Arabia, since this is a name derived from the ruling tribe, the al-Saud, …

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USPS workers fired for sleeping on job

Ten Long Island USPS workers were fired Friday for sleeping on the graveyard shift, sources said. Instead of repairing mail trucks, U.S. Postal Service employees at the Hicksville Maintenance Facility allegedly napped. Then lied about completing the fixes, sending potentially unsafe vehicles onto the road, an anonymous employee told Newsday. Special agents raided the 24-hour …

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‘Dysfunctional’ U.S. Postal Service loses $5.5 billion

The U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors announced Friday the resignation of postmaster general and CEO Patrick R. Donahue on the same day it reported a $5.5 billion loss in fiscal year 2014. The chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors, Mickey D. Barnett, called Donahue a visionary leader who worked tirelessly to move …

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Mexico detects first case of mosquito-borne chikungunya virus

Mexico has detected its first domestic case of the painful mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya in the southwest of the country, the state government of Chiapas said on Saturday. Chikungunya is spread by two mosquito species, and is typically not fatal. But it can cause debilitating symptoms including fever, headache and severe joint pain lasting months. …

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Water thievery on rise amid California drought

As California’s drought has grown more extreme this year, so have efforts to obtain water — some now veering toward the criminal. Parched places like the East Bay hills have experienced not only an increase in water theft in recent months, authorities say, but a bump in brazenness. In San Ramon, for example, a construction …

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North Korea issues fresh warning of retaliatory strikes

North Korea on Saturday warned of retaliatory strikes days after South Korea fired warning shots at a North Korean patrol near the border. South Korean troops on Monday fired warning shots as the North’s patrol approached the military demarcation line (MDL) that designates the border, but there was no exchange of fire and the group …

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Alaska volcanic eruption intensifies; lava advances in Hawaii

A Volcano in the Alaska Peninsula launched an ash plume 30,000 feet into the air on Saturday morning, while officials in Hawaii say lava continues to advance on a town that has been sitting in the path of a slow-moving molten slide since June. Mt. Pavlof, which has been erupting since Wednesday, continues to see …

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Russia Shocks US With Tactical Weapons, Pentagon Retaliates

Russia is in possession of strategic nuclear weapons far more advance than the United States, and it will continue to lead the game with its new generation of missiles, according to a comprehensive report from the Russian political newspaper, PRAVDA. Indeed, if World War 3 erupts, Russian Vladimir Putin will win hands down, the report …

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U.S., Japan and Australia vow to oppose Russian action in Crimea

The leaders of the United States, Japan and Australia lined up together against Russia on Sunday, vowing to oppose Russian incursions into Crimea during a rare trilateral meeting held at the G20 summit in Brisbane. President Barack Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said they would oppose “Russia’s purported …

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Vladimir Putin is set to leave the G20 summit early after a tense meeting with David Cameron over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. The Russian president is reportedly planning to leave the summit early on Sunday and miss its official lunch in response to repeated criticism from western leaders. The move comes after Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime …

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Islamic militants have army of 200,000, claims Kurdish leader

The Islamic State (Isis) has recruited an army hundreds of thousands strong, far larger than previous estimates by the CIA, according to a senior Kurdish leader. He said the ability of Isis to attack on many widely separated fronts in Iraq and Syria at the same time shows that the number of militant fighters is …

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Tel Aviv planning winter gay pride festival

Tel Aviv’s gay pride events, which took place in the city in June, were hugely successful and attracted tens of thousands of gay tourists from around the world, leaving the municipality and Tourism Ministry hungry for more. Consequently, the Israeli metropolis is planning a mini-festival in December through January in a bid to encourage members of …

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