US Army may station tanks in Eastern Europe/MAN walking on mars in 1979? and more signs of Jesus’ soon return

US Army may station tanks in Eastern Europe

The US Army plans to deploy about 150 tanks and armored vehicles to NATO countries next year and some of the heavy armor may be stationed in Eastern Europe, a top American general said Tuesday. The move is part of a US effort dubbed “Operation Atlantic Resolve” in the Baltic states and Poland to reassure …

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New Russian Nuclear Submarine Ready To Launch, Armed With 12 Nuclear ‘Bulava’ Missiles

A new Russian nuclear submarine is set to launch on December 19, setting sail with as many as 16 of Russia’s next-generation nuclear missiles on board as President Vladimir Putin continues to rebuild his country’s nuclear defenses. The new sub, named K-551 Vladimir Monomakh, already conducted a successful test firing of an ICBM which, when …

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North Korea says the U.S. is doomed just like the Roman Empire

On Nov. 15, President Obama was speaking at the University of Queensland in Australia when he began to talk about the present day’s place in history. “I often tell young people in America that, even with today’s challenges, this is the best time in history to be alive,” the president said. The president’s speech was …

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Woman Claiming To Be Former NASA Employee Says She Saw Humans Walking On Mars In 1979

A woman named “Jackie,” who claims to be a former NASA employee, called Coast to Coast AM in the U.S. She claimed she had seen evidence of two human figures walking towards the Viking lander on Mars in 1979. The “former NASA employee” asked the radio show presenter to solve a 27-year-old mystery for her. …

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Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions

The Obama administration is expected to release on Wednesday a contentious and long-delayed environmental regulation to curb emissions of ozone, a smog-causing pollutant linked to asthma, heart disease and premature death. The sweeping regulation, which would aim at smog from power plants and factories across the country, particularly in the Midwest, would be the latest …

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Another deep freeze ahead for most of Canada

One of Canada’s leading weather watchers has bad news for anyone hoping to avoid the deep freeze of last winter — you’re probably out of luck. The Weather Network’s winter outlook for Canada is calling for conditions that prevailed a year ago to be more or less repeated across the country. Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott …

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Sierra Leone workers dump bodies in Kenema

Burial workers in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema have dumped bodies in public in protest at non-payment of allowances for handling Ebola victims. The workers, who went on strike over the issue, left 15 bodies abandoned at the city’s main hospital. One of the bodies was reportedly left by the hospital manager’s office and …

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47 already dead in Madagascar plague outbreak

Over 40 people have already died in a plague outbreak on Madagascar and the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a “rapid” spread of the bacterial disease carried by rats in the capital Antananarivo. The death toll of the bubonic plague outbreak in Madagascar has risen to 47, Secretary-General of the Health Ministry …

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Are Biblical ‘End Times’ Ushering in Rise of Natural Disasters?

Despite the wails of despair you hear from some quarters, Americans as a whole rank climate change dead last on a list of important issues. Only 5 percent of Americans say climate change is the most important issue facing the United States today. The issue of climate change and its effects on the environment ranks behind …

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Only three in 10 Americans have HIV under control

Just 30 percent of Americans living with HIV have the virus in check, putting others at risk of infection, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday. The report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 840,000 of the 1.2 million people infected with HIV in 2011 were not consistently taking anti-HIV …

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Mary J. Blige: ‘I Started Praying and Crying … My Life Shifted’

It’s easy for regular people to think that stars—whether in music, film or TV—have such cushy lives so full of success, glamor and luxury that nothing ever bothers them. But if the recent suicide of Robin Williams and the overdose death of Amy Winehouse before that taught us anything, it’s that stars are people too. …

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This Library Is Officially ‘God Less’ After Snubbing Fox News Host

I received a Facebook message the other day from one of my readers in Cordova, Alaska. Kanji Christian had purchased a copy of my new book, God Less America, and he enjoyed the book so much he decided to donate a copy to the public library. The folks at the library said it would take a while for them …

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Atheists Prompt Investigation Into History Teacher for ‘Preaching’ Christianity in Class

Two self-identified atheist activist organizations have prompted an investigation into a university history teacher in Georgia in the heart of the Bible Belt who they accuse of allegedly preaching Christianity and Creationism in his classroom. The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and the Washington, D.C.-based Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science recently sent …

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It is now illegal to share food with the homeless in Florida

If you’re someone who believes in personal (not government-provided) charity and who likes to make sure that as many homeless people as possible get a decent meal each day, good for you. But you might want to avoid Fort Lauderdale, Florida, because you could wind up with a hefty fine and some jail time. Seriously. According to …

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Monster Sunspot May Unleash Powerful Solar Flares

The largest sunspot to appear on Earth’s nearest star in more than two decades is once again pointed at the planet, and it will likely kick-start solar storms, NASA scientists say. The massive sunspot, previously known as Active Region 12192, was turned toward Earth in October and early November, but rotated out of view. While it …

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What Will the U.S. and Israel Do Once Every Other Country Recognizes Palestine?

The European Parliament today postponed a vote on whether to recognize a Palestinian state, but the vote will likely come in mid-December. The Jerusalem Post reports that Israeli officials say such a move would be purely symbolic and not reflective of public opinion, though Israeli diplomats also lobbied hard for the postponement. The move comes after …

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Japan Is Running Out of Options with Economy

The New York Times recently lit up the Japanese Twittersphere with a cartoon that was a little too accurate for comfort. In it, a stretcher marked “economy” is loaded into an ambulance with “Abenomics” painted on the side; the vehicle lacks tires and sits atop cinder blocks. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks on nervously, holding …

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Russia Is Ready for Shooting War, Will Likely Win Looming Nuclear Showdown with U.S.

Preparedness for a nuclear conflict could prove as the foremost tactical advantage of Russia over the United States, likely positioning Moscow to score a win in case a shooting World War III with Washington as nemesis erupts. Noting the recent reports that Russia has gained the upper hand in nuclear weapons capability against the United States, …

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Illegals to receive Social Security, Medicare under Obama plan.

Under President Obama’s new program to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, many of those affected will be eligible to receive Social Security, Medicare and a wide array of other federal benefits, a White House official said Tuesday. In his speech Thursday night, the president touted his plan as a means of bringing accountability …

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