666: Intel wants to replace all your passwords with Touch ID-style biometrics/ISIS says its flag will wave over Jerusalem, even if the Jews don’t like it/Chlorine gas used in Syria/At least 50 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria and more signs of Jesus’ soon return


PA town breaks snowfall record, Breaks record of 1895

The only thing area motorists could be thankful for Wednesday was safely reaching their destinations. And for some, that didn’t happen. A pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm made roads a treacherous mess, sending vehicles slipping, sliding and some even overturning. The snow set a record. As of 7:30 p.m. in Towanda, Wayne Vanderpool, National Weather Service Co-Op Observer, …

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Minnesota Experiences Coldest Thanksgiving — Since 1930!

Minnesotans woke up to subzero temperatures on Thanksgiving Day, and if the mercury doesn’t make it up into the double digits, the day could be one for the record books. As of 8 a.m., it was 2 below in the Twin Cities, and 20 below in Bemidji, in northern Minnesota. Meteorologist Matt Brickman is forecasting a high …

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Incredible plans for an underwater city

Forget colonies in space, one Japanese construction company says in the future human beings could live in huge complexes that corkscrew deep into the ocean. Blue sky thinkers say around 5,000 people could live and work in a modern-day Atlantis, a sphere 500 meters in diameter that houses hotels, residential spaces and commercial complexes. The vast …

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Intel wants to replace all your passwords with Touch ID-style biometrics

Touch ID might have just made it to iPads, but Intel wants to go one step further: bringing enhanced biometric passwords to PCs, which it plans to do before the end of the year. “Your biometrics basically eliminate the need for you to enter passwords for Windows log in and eventually all your websites ever again,” …

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Study Shows Energy Drinks Speed Up Heart Contractions

The controversy over energy drinks rages on with a statement recently released by a group of radiologists who determined that consumption of energy drinks leads to increased heart contraction rates. “We’ve shown that energy drink consumption has a short-term impact on cardiac contractility,” said Dr. Jonas Dörner in a statement released by the Radiological Society of …

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A Tidal Wave of Gold Repatriations Could be Unleashed

A tidal wave of gold repatriations may have begun. As speculated in my last post, I raised a concern that should be shared with all western Central bankers…a widespread flood of countries demanding their gold back to their home soils. This notion sounds logical to any sane individual, but to a central banker who is gold …

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NATO warns that Russia could exert control over entire Black Sea

NATO’s top military commander has warned that Russian militarization of the annexed Crimea Peninsula could be used to exert control over the whole Black Sea. NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, US General Philip Breedlove, has accused Russia of keeping forces in Ukraine to help separatists, and has expressed fears that Russia may be marshaling …

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Number of Ebola cases nears 16,000 as Sierra Leone loses ground

The death toll in the world’s worst Ebola epidemic has risen to 5,689 out of 15,935 cases reported in eight countries by Nov. 23, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. Almost all cases and all but 15 deaths have been in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia – the three hardest-hit countries, which reported 600 …

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Mike and Cindy Jacobs call for prophetic prayer over US cities

“The racial tension in the United States right now is very real and warrants our cry to the Lord for peace and healing,” the two said in an email to the organization’s supporters. They pointed readers to a previously published article, Shields Up Over Our Cities, which gives a prophetic perspective on prayer applicable to …

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Russia To Test-Fire Bulava Ballistic Missile From Nuclear Submarine On Nov. 30

Russia will test-fire its Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from the Alexander Nevsky, a nuclear-powered submarine, on Sunday, Nov. 30, the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, also known as TASS, reported Thursday. According to the report, based on “a source in the Northern Fleet headquarters,” the nuclear-powered submarine will make a single test-launch of the …

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Report Claims Putin Has ‘Secret Plot’ to Rule Europe

A report is claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin has far-reaching plans to secretly rule Europe via a covert operation with the title: “Putin: the new leader of international conservatism.” Sources in the German intelligence agency said the country’s eurosceptic party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), is being convinced by Russian secret agents as part of a …

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1 in 5 Households Will Celebrate Thanksgiving on Food Stamps.

Nearly one in five U.S. households will celebrate Thanksgiving on food stamps this year, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on participation in the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program. Back in fiscal 2000, there were 106,061,000 households in the United States and, according to a USDA report published in November …

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Flying robots to start serving in restaurants by end-2015.

Restaurant-goers in Singapore can expect to be served by autonomous flying robots – the world’s first commercial attempt – by the end of next year. Infinium-Serve, the autonomous flying robotic waiters, will be first launched at one of Timbre Group’s five outlets in Singapore. Infinium Robotics CEO Woon Junyang estimated the project to cost a …

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Oil tumbles as Opec keeps 30m output target

The price of Brent crude fell to a fresh 4-year low after Opec announced it would rollover its 30m barrel a day production target for the coming 6 months. ICE January Brent fell as much as $3.39 to $74.36 a barrel – a four-year low. US oil prices also fell with Nymex January West Texas …

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Scientists on brink of creating artificial life.

With 100 billion neurons and 37 trillion cells, the human body is simply too complex to be artificially designed by modern computers. But in the quest to create artificial life, what if we started a lot smaller? That’s what team of scientists has done, creating a replica of the simplest form of life we know. The …

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Almost a Quarter of American Families Have Turned to Church Food Pantries for Help

A September Lifeway Research survey reveals that nearly a quarter of Americans have received food from a church-run food pantry. Minorities and churchgoers commonly benefit from church pantries, according to the survey. The Nashville-based Christian research firm polled 1,158 respondents about church food pantries and found that 22 percent said they have relied on a …

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Global jihadists tweet in bid to recruit Ferguson protesters

Islamic jihadists worldwide have launched a barrage of recruitment messages amid the latest unrest in Ferguson, Mo., using Twitter accounts to call on African-Americans and others in the United States to join their cause. Some messages urge direct revolt against the U.S. government, while others evoke the names of former black leaders – among them …

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New Research Reveals E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times carcinogens

E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents in regular tobacco, Japanese scientists said Thursday, the latest blow to an invention once heralded as less harmful than smoking. The electronic devices — increasingly popular around the world, particularly among young people — function by heating flavoured liquid, which often contains nicotine, into …

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U.S. a Fading Economic Superpower in China’s Eyes

President Barack Obama’s three-day trip to China earlier this month, his second as president, proved to be ultimately successful. Sessions with Chinese President Xi Jinping resulted in agreements on limiting carbon emissions — a huge accomplishment considering that China has long argued that it should be exempt form cutting carbon pollution. Still, America’s relationship with …

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Scientists Discover An Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth, Baffled At How It Formed

Scientists have discovered something truly remarkable in the Earth’s atmosphere. An invisible shield is located approximately 7,200 miles above Earth that scientists are likening to “force fields on Star Trek.” According to Front Line Desk, the shield was discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with high-energy …

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Germany Warns Wrecking Russian Economy Would Be Perilous

Germany wants to avoid wrecking Russia’s economy with sanctions imposed in the conflict over Ukraine, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said. The economic measures are taking a toll on Russia, so the European Union doesn’t need to intensify them, Steinmeier said in a speech today in Berlin. Instead, Germany must take the lead in negotiations aimed …

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New Russian Stealth Jet Fighter Called ‘Super Weapon’ Giving Russia Edge Over U.S. In Skies

A new Russian jet fighter, using stealth technology designed to conceal the plane from radar, is being called a “super weapon” by military experts who say that the fifth-generation Russian fighter jet actually surpasses United States fighters and could give Russia an advantage in the skies. Known as the TA-50 PAK FA, the new Russian …

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World’s Newest Lava Lake Appears in Africa

Heralded by fiery lava fountains and plumes of poisonous gas, a new lava lake has appeared atop one of Africa’s most active volcanoes for the first time in 75 years. The lava lake at Nyamuragira volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) simmers deep within the summit’s North Pit Crater. Though the …

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Earliest winter in decades sweeps USA.

Cold temperatures have socked much of the country early, bringing freezing temperatures and mounds of snow in some of the earliest winter weather in decades. Winter has debuted early in the USA. So early, in fact, that river ice has already ended the shipping season on the upper Mississippi river. The shipping season was ended early …

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East Coast Storms leave 350k without power.

More than 350,000 electric customers from Maine to Virginia were without power this morning, after a storm dumped a sloppy mix of rain and snow along the East Coast. New Hampshire residents experienced the heaviest level of outages, with more than 180,000 electric customers there reported without power this morning. More than 78,000 customers in …

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Bangladesh Pastors Charged With ‘Hurting Religious Sentiments’ for Preaching Christ to Muslims

DHAKA, Bangladesh – Two Bangladesh pastors have been charged with “hurting religious sentiments” and could face two years behind bars after they were arrested during a house church service. Arif Mondol leads the Faith Bible Church of God in Lalmonirhat, and meets with 30-40 area Christians on a regular basis. Earlier this month, as he …

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NATO sees Russia ready for Ukraine incursion

Russia still has enough troops along Ukraine’s border to mount a major incursion, NATO’s top commander said Wednesday, and Moscow is using its military might to affect political developments inside Ukraine. U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove said a large number of Russian troops are also active inside Ukraine, training and advising separatist rebels. Moscow has routinely denied …

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Powerful 6.8 Earthquake hits off Eastern Indonesia

A powerful earthquake struck off the coast of eastern Indonesia late Wednesday, prompting villagers to flee to higher ground, but officials said a tsunami was unlikely. There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage. The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.8 quake hit about 161 kilometers (100 miles) northwest of Ternate, the provincial …

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Mysterious Roman God Baffles Experts


A sculpture of a mysterious, never-before-seen Roman deity has been unearthed in an ancient temple in Turkey. The 1st century B.C. relief, of an enigmatic bearded god rising up out of a flower or plant, was discovered at the site of a Roman temple near the Syrian border. The ancient relief was discovered in a …

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Russian Air Force Sends 14 Advanced Su-27 And Su-30 Warplanes To Belbek Air Base In Crimea

Russia has moved more than a dozen advanced warplanes to Belbek, an air base on the outskirts of Crimea’s capital, Sevastopol, adding significant airpower in the Black Sea peninsula it took over earlier this year. Capt. Vyacheslav Trukhachev, a spokesman for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti the planes included 10 …

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ISIS says its flag will wave over Jerusalem, even if the Jews don’t like it

The Islamic State threatened to make it all the way to Jerusalem “even if the Jews and Crusaders despise it.” The threat appears in the foreword of the fifth edition of the organization’s official magazine, Dabiq – named for a town in the suburbs of Syria’s Aleppo, in which the group’s members believe their will …

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1700-year-old Silk Road cemetery contains mythical carvings found in China

UN declares emergency in Gaza over floods

Suicide attack hits Kabul diplomatic area


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