Rev 13: Pope prays in Istanbul mosque in new outreach/ Arabs Set to Call for U.N. Security Council Vote on Palestinian State and more signs of Jesus’ soon return


DAYS OF LOT – Naked Yoga Co-Ed Classes Arrive In Calgary

There seems be every type of yoga class out there: hot yoga, laughing yoga, prenatal yoga, and now, naked yoga. Katherine Medina teaches what’s believed to be the first clothes-free, co-ed class in Calgary. She says naked yoga is a great way to build self-confidence, adding that removing clothing is a symbolic way to represent …

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Fight brewing over Social Security benefits for illegal immigrants

A new clash over retirement benefits has come to a head following President Obama’s decision to unilaterally protect up to 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. The White House now acknowledges that many of the illegal immigrants spared from deportation under Obama’s sweeping executive action will become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits once …

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‘Storm is coming!’ Hundreds demand independence at Scottish Parliament

Hundreds of people have gathered near the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood with St. Andrew’s Cross flags, music and speeches in a celebration of Scottish nationhood, amid continued demands for independence as St. Andrew’s Day celebrations got underway. Poetry recitals, speeches and songs were on the agenda, as people wrapped themselves in flags and “Yes”-related paraphernalia. …

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ISIS moves to Kobani from Turkey

The Islamic State group launched an attack Saturday on the Syrian border town of Kobani from Turkey, a Kurdish official and activists said, although Turkey denied that the fighters had used its territory for the raid. The assault began when a suicide bomber driving an armored vehicle detonated his explosives on the border crossing between …

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Scores of Russian Gays Seeking Asylum in USA.

Had he stayed in Russia, Andrew Mironov would be settling in to a stable job with an oil company, likely with a newly awarded doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Instead, he faces an uncertain future in New York City as one of scores of Russian gays seeking asylum in the United States because of hostility …

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Arabs Set to Call for U.N. Security Council Vote on Palestinian State

Arab foreign ministers met on Saturday to agree a draft resolution setting a deadline for the creation of a Palestinian state and to agree on a date to present it to the United Nations Security Council for a vote. In October, the Palestinians informally shared a draft resolution with Arab states and some council members, …

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France calls for international Israeli-Palestinian peace conference

French President Francois Hollande said Thursday that France has a role to play in renewing stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and was seeking to organize an international peace conference for the purpose. “France must take the initiative to find a diplomatic solution” to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict “that has been going on for decades,” the French president …

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Abbas: Palestinians will never recognize Israel as Jewish state

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday that the Palestinians would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and accused Israel of establishing an apartheid government. The Palestinian leader was speaking in Cairo at an emergency session of the Arab League with foreign ministers from around the Arab world. His remarks came following a week of …

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This Chart Shows Why America Should Be Nervous About Crashing Oil Prices

Anyone in America who drives a car is probably happy to see crashing oil prices translate to falling gasoline prices. WTI crude oil has gone from above $100/barrel this summer all the way down to around $76/barrel this week. While the economy is likely to benefit from improved consumer sentiment, low oil prices also come …

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PROPHECY WATCH: Pope prays in Istanbul mosque in new outreach

His head bowed and hands clasped in front of him, Pope Francis stood Saturday for two minutes of silent prayer facing east inside one of Istanbul’s most important mosques, as he shifted gears toward more religious affairs on the second leg of his three-day visit to mainly Muslim Turkey. Following in the footsteps of Pope …

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China turns to drastic measures to avoid water crisis

If you think water is in short supply in California, you should see what’s happening in China. The situation is so dire that next month, the communist government will turn on the taps in the world’s biggest water-diversion project. The Yongding River, which once fed Beijing, ran dry along with 27,000 other rivers in China that …

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New supersonic jet will get you from LA to NYC in 2.5 hours

New Yorkers in the near future could one day eat Thanksgiving in Los Angeles and then fly back home before their turkey digests. A supersonic passenger jet dubbed the N+2 has been designed by US global aerospace engineers at Lockheed Martin and is intended to make commercial flights from NY to LA in just 2.5 …

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Saudis block OPEC output cut, sending oil price plunging

Saudi Arabia blocked calls on Thursday from poorer members of the OPEC oil exporter group for production cuts to arrest a slide in global prices, sending benchmark crude plunging to a fresh four-year low. Brent oil fell more than $6 to $71.25 a barrel after OPEC ministers meeting in Vienna left the group’s output ceiling unchanged …

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Finland legalises gay marriage, 12th European nation to give same-sex unions same status as heterosexual marriages

The Finnish parliament has narrowly approved a citizen’s initiative to legalise same-sex marriage. Gay couples in Finland have been able to enter into registered partnerships since 2002, but until now the country was the only in the Nordic region not to allow same-sex marriage. Finland is now the 12th European state to do so. In …

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In troubled Mideast where Christian populations are shrinking, Pope calls for interfaith dialogue

Pope Francis called for an end to all forms of fundamentalism on Friday and said fighting hunger and poverty, rather than military intervention alone, were key to stopping Islamist militants carrying out “grave persecutions” in Syria and Iraq. Speaking at the start of a three-day trip to Turkey, Francis said “terrorist violence” showed no sign of abating …

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Former Lesbian Turned Christian: ‘We’ve Made God Little if We Believe He Cannot Change People’

A former lesbian turned Christian is coming out about her conversion from living as a homosexual, and is testifying about the power of God to change a life. Jackie Hill Perry, 25, is a spoken word poet, and is expecting her first child, a girl, next month along with her husband, poet Preston Perry. “I …

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Did We Just Witness The Last Great Black Friday Celebration Of American Materialism?

Americans are going to spend more than 600 billion dollars this Christmas season, and on Friday we got to see our fellow citizens fight each other like rabid animals over foreign-made flat screen televisions and Barbie dolls. As disgusting as this behavior is to many of us, there may soon come a time when we …

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Earth may be on the verge of its sixth mass extinction

When we think about the concept of mass extinctions, we tend to think of something pretty dramatic. For instance, we now know that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a six-mile-wide asteroid that hit the Earth at thousands of miles per hour. Its impact, according to the new Smithsonian Channel documentary Mass Extinction: Life at …

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Oil prices keep plummeting as OPEC starts a price war with the US

Oil prices have been dropping sharply over the past three months — a huge energy story with major repercussions for dozens of countries, from the United States to Russia to Iran. But on Friday, prices went into serious free-fall. The reason? OPEC — a cartel of oil producers that includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and …

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Chinese Economy Is Facing A $6.8 Trillion Nightmare That Could Get Worse

That’s according to a report from China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Academy of Macroeconomic Research, written up here in the Financial Times. The report says that amount has been “ineffective investment.” For sure, $6.8 trillion is a difficult figure to imagine. That’s two years of output for the entire German economy . …

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Vitamin D inhibits prostate cancer by activating inflammation-regulating gene, study suggests

Vitamin D may reduce prostate cancer risk by acting on a gene that lowers inflammation, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center and published in the journal Prostate. Back in 1990, scientists first suggested that vitamin D might be the common variable linking a number of known prostate …

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Russian Navy successfully tests new missile

The Russian Navy on Friday successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile for a second time in as many months, proving its reliability following a troublesome development. The Defense Ministry said the Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine test-fired a Bulava missile from an underwater position in the Barents Sea. The missile’s warheads reached designated targets at …

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Cape Verde volcano threatens to destroy villages, as government meets with U.N. officials

Molten rock from a thundering volcano threatens to engulf several villages in Cape Verde – days after its initial eruption. The active volcano, Pico do Fogo, is the archipelago’s highest peak on its most prominent island: Fogo, which means fire. It burst open on November 23 for the first time since 1995 and has continued …

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Volcano in south Japan erupts, disrupting flights

A volcano in southern Japan is blasting out chunks of magma in the first such eruption in 22 years, causing flight cancellations and prompting warnings to stay away from its crater.  The Japan Meteorological Agency said Friday that Mount Aso had spewed out lava debris and smoke, shooting plumes of ash a kilometer (3,280 feet) …

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Top Nuclear Official Warns Of 2 Problems With The Iran Talks

Iran may say repeatedly that its nuclear program is strictly peaceful, but the country is not allowing the world’s top nuclear watchdog to confirm that assertion. “We still cannot give the assurance that all of the activities in Iran are for peaceful purposes,” International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano told CNN this …

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Denmark hopes vote on Palestinian sovereignty can lead to peace in Mid-East

Denmark is the latest EU nation set to hold a vote to recognize Palestine. Politicians hope a ‘yes’ vote will rekindle peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and it could go a long way to Copenhagen formally recognizing Palestine. The motion was put forward by three Danish left-wing parties, the Red-Green Alliance, the Socialist People’s …

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French call to bring home gold reserves as Dutch move 122 tons out of US

The financial crisis in Europe is prompting some nations to repatriate their gold reserves to national vaults. The Netherlands has moved $5 billion worth of gold from New York, and some are calling for similar action from France, Switzerland, and Germany. An unmatched pace of money printing by major central banks has boosted concerns in …

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Russian battleships in the English Channel, say they’re training

Russia’s Northern Fleet has been conducting naval training near Dover. Two battleships and two supply vessels worked on operations and communications in conditions of adverse weather and heavy marine traffic. “Today a squadron of warships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet headed by a large anti-submarine ship, the Severomorsk, crossed the narrowest part of …

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More forecasters warn of Arctic freeze: Britain to plunge into severe cold winter

Bitter arctic winds, nationwide snow and record low temperatures could trigger a national crisis, experts have warned. With Monday signalling the first day of winter, forecasters concede their worst fears are about materialise after weeks of speculation as to the severity of this winter. Chaotic weather patterns over the past few weeks including unseasonal heat …

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US responsible for two-thirds of all military conflicts – Russia’s top brass

US interference in the internal affairs of countries around the world has brought neither peace, nor democracy, said Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister. America’s double standard experiments in supporting terrorists are provoking further destabilization. “Think of it, over the last decades the US initiated two-thirds of all military conflicts (worldwide). Call to memory, how it all …

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Ferguson Protests Move to Walmart, Target Stores for Black Friday

Dozens of people have interrupted holiday shopping at major retail stores around the St. Louis area to speak out about a grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. The protests began Thanksgiving night and continued early Friday. Protesters spent a few minutes at each store, shouting inside. Officer in …

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Pentagon cozies up to transgender troops

A new report from a think tank that promotes transgenderism has revealed that the U.S. military has dropped a standard that until recently put transgender individuals on an automatic course that resulted in their dismissal from the ranks. And the report’s message is in its title, “Military services have failed to comply with new Defense …

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PA town breaks snowfall record, Breaks record of 1895

The only thing area motorists could be thankful for Wednesday was safely reaching their destinations. And for some, that didn’t happen. A pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm made roads a treacherous mess, sending vehicles slipping, sliding and some even overturning. The snow set a record. As of 7:30 p.m. in Towanda, Wayne Vanderpool, National Weather Service Co-Op Observer, …

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Minnesota Experiences Coldest Thanksgiving — Since 1930!

Minnesotans woke up to subzero temperatures on Thanksgiving Day, and if the mercury doesn’t make it up into the double digits, the day could be one for the record books. As of 8 a.m., it was 2 below in the Twin Cities, and 20 below in Bemidji, in northern Minnesota. Meteorologist Matt Brickman is forecasting a high …

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harvest army


Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism Is Even Older Than We Thought

Deadly attack on Kabul guesthouse ends


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