NWO’s one world religion: POPE bows to orthodox church leader/ISIL face Kurdish resistance in Kobane and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

If crazed Americans trample each other over discounted TVs, what will they do to acquire supplies in an actual life-or-death crisis?

As comedian Bill Burr hilariously points out, if you are stockpiling food and preparedness supplies but don’t have a gun to defend it, all you’re doing is gathering supplies for the biggest bully on the block. A recent article by Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper really nails this point by including photos of Black …

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1,000 new Ebola deaths in just two days as censored pandemic spirals out of control

Though it is not in the headlines much these days, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is worsening, with the number of infected people and the number of people killed by the disease being dramatically underreported. In fact, as noted by Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, the number of people in West Africa who have contracted the …

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Study finds GMOs destroy environment and human health

The arguments in favor of biotechnology-derived food — that is, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — are a complete farce. A new study by the investment group Portfolio 21 explains that, despite their widespread adoption mostly in North America, GMOs are not saving farmers money, they’re not producing higher yields, and perhaps most significantly they’re wrecking …

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‘We’ll Tear This Godd**n Country Up!’: Farrakhan’s Fiery Rant Just Days Before Grand Jury Announcement Seems to Justify Ferguson Violence

When the Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at the Black United Summit International Conference at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 22, he addressed ongoing furor over Michael Brown’s death, seemingly encouraging the audience to “tear this goddamn country up.” In one clip from the speech, Farrakhan said that what he sees happening in …

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Minister Who Called Out Al Sharpton Has Just One Question for Ferguson Protesters

Johnathan Gentry, a minister at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, made headlines over the summer with a viral YouTube video condemning the rioters in Ferguson. He also had harsh words for President Barack Obama, the NAACP and Al Sharpton. On Monday, as Ferguson is once more gripped by riots, Gentry asked just …

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North Korea Is In The Process Of Developing A Fleet Of Nuclear Missile-Capable Submarines

North Korea is attempting to develop submarines capable of launching nuclear armed ballistic missiles, Debalina Ghoshal writes for USNI News. North Korea is developing a new class of submarines based on the designs of the Soviet-era Golf-II class submarine. Although these vessels have been surpassed by later US and European models and are basically obsolete …

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RUMORS OF WAR – Russia Prepares For War

Russia Today reports the country now has a new fortified national defense facility located in Moscow that “would take control of the entire country in case of war.” The cost of the project is estimated at several billion dollars. “The creation of NDCC [National Defense Control Center] was one of the biggest military projects of …

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Billy Graham’s Legacy of Evangelism Continues Online; 5 Millionth Person Indicates Decision to Accept Jesus as Savior

The Internet evangelism ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, marked a milestone this past weekend as the 5 millionth person indicated a decision to accept Jesus as his Savior through their evangelistic online presence at PeaceWithGod.net. “This is significant because we’re following Billy Graham’s legacy of taking the most advanced technical capabilities available and …

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Florida County Considering Transgender Ordinance for Public Spaces

A county in Florida is considering an ordinance that may allow for usage of public facilities, including bathrooms, regardless of gender identity. Commissioners for Miami-Dade County will vote Tuesday on a measure that critics say will allow men who consider themselves female to use women’s restrooms. Introduced in September and cosponsored by five members of …

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CDC Report: Abortion Rate Drops to 18 Percent, But 1 in 5 Pregnancies Still End in Abortion

A report released by the CDC Friday shows a decline in the U.S. abortion rate to 18 percent annually, however, it also reveals that teenagers aged 14 to 19 accounted for over 86,000 of the more than 730,000 abortions performed in 2011. The Abortion Surveillance report released Friday also shows that 10 women died in …

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Michigan Hosts Annual ‘Adoption Day,’ Children Find Forever Families in Christian Homes

The state of Michigan recently held its 12th annual “Adoption Day,” seeing dozens of children across the state officially joined to their forever families.  Adoption Day, which is a tradition every Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day, is co-sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court, the Michigan Department of Human Services, the Child Welfare Services division of the …

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1 in 6 Children Viewing Pornography at School, Study Shows

A new poll has found that one in six students in Great Britain have accessed pornographic websites on school computers. Children aged 11 to 16 admitted to side-stepping teachers’ safeguards, according to the study, which was commissioned by an Internet service provider. The revelation follows widespread concern about the number of young people sending sexually …

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Dershowitz: Israel Has to Attack a Nuclear Iran

If the U.S. does not strike a deal strictly prohibiting Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, Israel will be forced to attack Iran in order to preemptively defend itself from annihilation, according to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who appeared Monday on “America’s Forum.” “Israel has to assume that Iran would use the nuclear weapons against …

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New Study Reveals Kids in Baltimore Worse Off Than Nigeria and India.

When a teenager from East Baltimore was asked to describe his neighborhood, he spoke of “big rats going around in people’s trash, vacant houses full of squatters and needles on the ground.” A young woman in New Delhi, asked the same question, described the dirt and the “dirty water found lying on the roads,” while …

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4.7 Magnitude Earthquake rattles Arizona

A moderate earthquake jostled residents of northern Arizona – a region where quakes are frequent but usually don’t produce much damage or alarm. The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-4.7 temblor that hit Sunday night was centered 7 miles north of Sedona and 6 miles underground. There were no immediate reports of injury or major damage, …

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California gets answered Prayer! Lots of Rain, Bracing for Flooding

Drenching rain will spread over California on Tuesday, bringing some relief to the ongoing drought and raising the risk of flash flooding. While a series of storms have brought rain to parts of northern and central California over the past few weeks, Tuesday’s storm will bring the first significant rain event for Southern California since …

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Al Sharpton at the White House as Obama proposes $263 million plan to put body-worn cameras in police departments and reviews police ‘militarization’

President Barack Obama will meet with controversial black pastor Rev Al Sharpton on Monday at the White House, and plans to demand $263 million from Congress to put 50,000 body-worn cameras in U.S. police departments in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown’s parents have pushed the cameras as one solution …

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CDC: 1,400 in U.S. actively monitored for Ebola

The killer virus Ebola may not be front and center in the news, but it’s still in the forefront of efforts by health officials nationwide. As of today, more than 1,400 people in 44 states in the U.S. are being actively monitored by state and local health departments after returning from West Africa. The good …

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Ferguson Protesters Take Lead in TIME’s Person of the Year Poll

The protests over the grand jury decision this week have captivated international attention. Ferguson protestors have gained the lead in TIME’s Person of the Year poll, with seven days to go in the voting. Unrest in Ferguson and around the country focused attention on race and policing, helping to lift Ferguson protestors into first place …

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Chuck Pierce Prophesies ‘Dragon’ Hovering Over Israel

Ferguson, Missouri, has been in the news since the Lord sent us there on June 18, and said that this area would become the dividing line of the nation. We have stayed focused on the borders and all the issues of immigration and drug cartel wars. I believe nearly all of us have seen the …

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Iraqi army retakes chemical weapons site from Islamic State

The Iraqi army has retaken from Islamist insurgents a sprawling complex where aging remnants of late President Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons program are stored in bunkers, the country’s deputy foreign minister said on Monday. Islamic State militants, who had seized the area during a lightning offensive last June, were not able to penetrate the fortified …

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Japan Has Enough Plutonium to Make Thousands of Nukes

So I like electronic music. A lot. And there is no more important progenitor of electronica than Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. If you don’t know Sakamoto, just go buy his 1978 solo effort, “Thousand Knives,” then binge with “Yellow Magic Orchestra.” It’s OK; this column will still be here when you get back. I bring up …

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Atheists Use Little Girl’s Faux ‘Dear Santa’ Letter to Send a Fiery Message About Christmas and ‘Fairy Tales’

Atheists are bringing their annual war on Christmas to the south, where a new billboard campaign takes direct aim at the Christian holiday. American Atheists, an activist group based in Cranford, New Jersey, launched numerous billboards Monday featuring a little girl and her mock letter to Santa. It reads, “Dear Santa, All I want for …

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Russia to carry out large-scale military drills in 2015

Russia said on Monday it would carry out more than 4,000 military drills next year, with the largest involving “tens of thousands” of servicemen next summer. Russia has increased the number of military drills to test and improve its military capabilities as ties with the West deteriorated over the crisis in Ukraine. “The exercises will …

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Messianic Judaism Gaining Momentum in Israel

In recent decades, Messianic Judaism, a movement of Jewish people who have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah and continued to embrace their Jewishness, has been steadily growing—especially in the United States. Jews have been coming to faith in Yeshua for centuries, increasingly so after Israel became a reality again in the late 1800s with the …

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Are we on the road to an HIV vaccine?

“It only takes one virus to get through for a person to be infected,” explained Dr. John Mascola. This is true of any viral infection, but in this instance, Mascola is referring to HIV and his ongoing efforts to develop a vaccine against the virus. “It’s been so difficult to make an HIV/AIDS vaccine.” Those were …

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Atlanta Fire Chief Suspended For Christian Views On Homosexuality

Atlanta Fire Rescue Chief Kelvin Cochran did the unthinkable: he published a book expressing his Christian views toward homosexuality and various other sexual sins. For this grievous offense, he must now be suspended for one month without pay, undergo sensitivity training, and keep his mouth shut if he ever wants to work again.  As LifeSiteNews …

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Sweden and the United Kingdom have, at least on paper, recognized a Palestinian state. This recognition has no practical significance but its reverbations undermine the foundations of the State of Israel. It is striking that. 550 Israelis have signed a petition calling for the Spanish Parliament to emulate Sweden and to also recognize the “Palestinian” …

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Dutch officials detect bird flu at another poultry farm

Dutch officials say that bird flu has been found at a poultry farm, the fourth such discovery in recent weeks. Thousands of birds have been slaughtered, and a ban on transporting poultry products has been put in place. Another case of bird flu has been found at a poultry farm in the Netherlands, the Dutch …

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Israel’s government on verge of collapse as coalition partners turn on Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s government was on the verge of collapse Sunday night as a split over a controversial new law designating the country as a Jewish state deepened into an all-out assault by cabinet rivals on Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister. Mr. Netanyahu signalled that he was ready to call an early general election to stifle the …

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Koran should be read at Prince Charles’ coronation says top bishop

Prince Charles’s coronation service should be opened with a reading from the Koran, a senior Church of England bishop said yesterday. The gesture would be a ‘creative act of accommodation’ to make Muslims feel ‘embraced’ by the nation, Lord Harries of Pentregarth said. But critics attacked the idea, accusing the Church of ‘losing confidence’ in its own …

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Pope Francis Discusses The End Of The World

Pope Francis addresses humans’ ancient question on when and how the end of the world will take place. On Nov 27, he addressed pilgrims during his weekly General Audience in St Peter’s Square. Pope Francis said people had been spontaneously thinking about how the final passage will take place and what will happen to humanity and …

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Nearly 8,000 resign from Finnish church after same-sex marriage vote

Thousands of people have resigned from the Lutheran Church in Finland, after the nation’s parliament approved a same-sex marriage law and the church’s archbishop expressed support for the vote, Finland’s Yle News reported.  By late Saturday, around 7,800 people had officially resigned from the state-supported Lutheran Church via an online service, which was specifically created …

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CDC Report: Over 200 Babies Are Aborted for Every 1,000 Live Births in America

A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Division of Reproductive Health shows that over 200 babies are aborted for every 1,000 live births in America. The report, released on Friday, analyzed information provided by nearly all 50 states for the year 2011. The information is broken down into various categories, such …

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Pope says it is wrong to equate Islam with violence

Pope Francis said on Sunday that equating Islam with violence was wrong and called on Muslim leaders to issue a global condemnation of terrorism to help dispel the stereotype. Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, told reporters aboard his plane returning from a visit to Turkey that he understood why Muslims were offended …

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Pope Francis Bows, Asks For Blessing From Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew In Extraordinary Display Of Christian Unity

ISTANBUL (AP) — Pope Francis and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians demanded an end to the persecution of religious minorities in Syria and Iraq on Sunday and called for dialogue with Muslims, capping Francis’ three-day visit to Turkey with a strong show of Christian unity.

Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I issued a joint declaration urging leaders in the region to intensify help to victims of the Islamic State group, and especially to allow Christians who have had a presence in the region for 2,000 years to remain on their native lands.

“The terrible situation of Christians and all those who are suffering in the Middle East calls not only for our constant prayer but also for an appropriate response on the part of the international community,” they wrote.

The statement was issued at the end of Francis’ first trip to Turkey during which he prayed in one of Istanbul’s most important mosques alongside the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran. He was also set to meet with a few of the 1.6 million refugees who have crossed into Turkey to flee the IS assault in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

Francis, who represents the 1.2 billion-strong Catholic Church, and Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians, called for “constructive dialogue” with Islam “based on mutual respect and friendship.”
“Inspired by common values and strengthened by genuine fraternal sentiments, Muslims and Christians are called to work together for the sake of justice, peace and respect for the dignity and rights of every person, especially in those regions where they once lived for centuries in peaceful coexistence and now tragically suffer together the horrors of war,” they said.
Later Sunday, Francis was to meet with a few dozen young refugees who are being educated by the Salesian religious order. The Vatican had downplayed the meeting, perhaps because of organizational glitches or to not distract from Francis’ ecumenical activities which were the main reason for the visit. But just before the trip began, the Vatican revealed that he would indeed deliver a speech to the youths.

Francis kicked off his final day in Turkey with a liturgy alongside Bartholomew in the Orthodox Church of St. George, where incense mingled with hypnotic chants on an important feast day for the Orthodox Church.

The Catholic and Orthodox churches split in 1054 over differences on the primacy of the papacy, and there was a time when patriarchs had to kiss popes’ feet. At the end of a joint prayer service Saturday evening, Francis bowed to Bartholomew and asked for his blessing “for me and the Church of Rome,” a remarkable display of papal deference to an Orthodox patriarch that underscored Francis’ hope to end the schism.

In his remarks Sunday, Francis assured the Orthodox faithful gathered in St. George’s that unity wouldn’t mean sacrificing their rich liturgical or cultural patrimony or “signify the submission of one to the other, or assimilation.”

“I want to assure each one of you gathered here that, to reach the desired goal of full unity, the Catholic Church does not intend to impose any conditions except that of the shared profession of faith,” he said.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, acknowledged the novelty in Francis’ message. While experts from both churches continue to debate theological divisions between them, Francis and Bartholomew are “pushing with incredible strength toward union” through their frequent and warm personal contacts, Lombardi said.

“The theological dialogue and other aspects can go forward better or sooner if there is a strong attitude” on the part of two leaders, he said. “I cannot say that this is the solution to the problem, but this is surely a strong impulse.”
Bartholomew, for his part, noted that Christians are being persecuted across the Mideast regardless of their particular confession.

“The modern persecutors of Christians do not ask which church their victims belong to,” he said. “The unity that concerns us is regrettably already occurring in certain regions of the world through the blood of martyrs.”
Suzan Fraser reported from Ankara, Turkey.

harvest army

ISIL face Kurdish resistance in Kobane


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