UN Resolution: Israel Must Renounce Nuclear Arms/French MPs recognise Palestine as state and more signs of JESUS’ soon return


UN Resolution: Israel Must Renounce Nuclear Arms

The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution Tuesday calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight.

The resolution, adopted in a 161-5 vote, noted that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that is not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It called on Israel to “accede to that treaty without further delay, not to develop, produce test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons, to renounce possession of nuclear weapons” and put its nuclear facilities under the safeguard of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency.

The United States, Canada, Palau and Micronesia joined Israel in opposing the measure, while 18 countries abstained. cont

Obama’s Immigration Plans Pitting Christians Against Each Other

In announcing his decision to protect nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, President Obama turned to Scripture, calling on Americans to protect the strangers in their land. Yet the president’s decision to bypass Congress and act on his own threatens to fracture a broad and rare coalition of religious groups, mostly Christian, including moderate …

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‘I Saw an Angel’—R&B Artist Describes Violent Wake-Up Call

Marcus Stanley is a talented pianist, playing for some of the biggest names in the music industry. His career almost came to a tragic end when he was shot eight times at close range. Thanks to divine intervention, he’s now playing music set to a different tune. Music has flowed through Stanley’s blood for as …

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‘Exodus’ Movie Depicts God as ‘Willful Child,’ Reports NYT

As 2014’s “Year of the Bible Movie” enters its final phase—and the run-up to this month’s release of Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated film EXODUS: Gods and Kings—Faith Driven Consumer continues to measure the success of Hollywood films courting faith-driven audiences.  Faith Driven Consumer recently released the first wave of results from an extensive new national …

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Did NFL Make Right Call on ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Player Protest?

The National Football League said on Monday it would not discipline the St. Louis Rams players who staged a show of solidarity with people angry about the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Five Rams players emerged from the tunnel before their game Sunday with their hands raised, …

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Power outage sweeps downtown Detroit

A ‘major cable failure’ shut down the Detroit grid Tuesday morning prompting power outages across the city’s downtown area, The Detroit Free Press reported. “We have isolated the issue and are working to restore power as soon as possible,” the city said in a statement. The paper reported that all of the roughly 100 customers, …

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Netanyahu seeks early election, fires top ministers

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked his finance and justice ministers on Tuesday, signaling the break up of his bickering coalition and opening the way for early national elections in Israel. Netanyahu’s government, which only took office last year, has been unraveling over an array of issues, including the 2015 budget and a Jewish nation-state bill …

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Lebanon says it has detained wife of Islamic State leader

Lebanese authorities detained a woman and young boy believed to be the wife and son of the reclusive Islamic State group leader, and were questioning the woman and conducting DNA tests on the child, senior Lebanese officials said Tuesday.  If their identities are confirmed, Lebanon may use the pair as bargaining chips to win the …

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ISIS Threatens Use of Nuclear Bomb in London; UN Ambassador Warns of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants have reportedly developed a nuclear weapon from the radioactive material they seized from the Mosul University in Iraq. ISIS bragged about the nuclear device on social media as a British extremist fighter claimed it would wreak havoc in London when it explodes. According to media reports, ISIS …

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French vote urges recognition of Palestinian state

France’s lower house of Parliament voted Tuesday to urge the government to recognize a Palestinian state, in the hope that it would speed up peace efforts after decades of conflict. The 339-151 vote is non-binding, but it’s a symbolic boost for the Palestinians, amid growing support in Europe for two states. The measure asks the …

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Russia Armed and Ready For New Cold War With US

Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev has warned of a brewing new Cold War between Russia and the United States. Unless the West stops building “fences” around Russia, the world will continue to witness signs of a new Cold War. In his interview with Russian news agency TASS, Gorbachev feared the sanctions or fences being built around …

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PROPHECY ALERT – UN resolution Demands “Israel must renounce nuclear arms”

The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution Tuesday calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight. The resolution, adopted in a 161-5 vote, noted that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that is not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear …

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Nearly 9,000 Record Cold Temperatures in November Alone

The daily records summarized here are compiled from a subset of stations in the Global Historical Climatological Network. A station is defined as the complete daily weather records at a particular location, having a unique identifier in the GHCN-Daily dataset. For a station to be considered for any parameter, it must have a minimum of 30 …

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Disney Blocks “God” from being thanked on their Website

It turns out you can give thanks for a lot of different folks on the Disney Channel website – but you can’t thank God. I received a Facebook message on Sunday from Julie Anderson, of Angier, North Carolina, a town located about 30 miles from Raleigh. Julie was writing to tell me about her daughter, …

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White House Rejects Petition Asking Government to Declare Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group

The White House has rejected a petition requesting that the government declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The petition had been first created in July on the White House website, and obtained over 213,000 signatures in just a month. The Obama administration has stated that it will respond to any petition that reaches at …

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Irish School Withdraws Worksheet on Bible’s Teachings on Homosexuality Over Complaint

BELFAST, Ireland – A school in Ireland has apologized and has decided to withdraw a worksheet that presents the Bible’s teachings on homosexuality following a complaint over the assignment. Hunterhouse College in Belfast, a grammar school for girls ages 11-18, had included a study on 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 for its Religious Studies curriculum, discussing a …

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A Nativity Will Soon Grace This Public Park — but Atheists Have a Plan to Hit Back at the Key Christmas Symbol

Atheists in Illinois are taking direct aim at Christmas by posting numerous public displays in an effort to combat nativity scenes and other religious sentiment. “Once again this year, the non-religious will have a voice in the Chicago area countering the religious symbolism widely present on public property during the the month of December,” reads …

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Church Votes to Fire Pastor After Reported Sex, Drugs and Money Scandal — but He’s Seizing Upon Church Bylaws to Try and Keep His Job

An Alabama pastor who has reportedly admitted to having six with married church members inside of his house of worship without telling them that he has AIDS is forging on with a legal battle to keep his position, appearing before a judge Monday and arguing for his right to regain control. The Rev. Juan McFarland, …

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Is North Korea working with Iran in Malware Attacks on US?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned U.S. businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch a destructive cyberattack in the United States, following a devastating breach last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Cybersecurity experts said the malicious software described in the alert appeared to describe the one that affected Sony, which would mark first …

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End-Time Prophetic Vision Reveals ‘Satan and God Revival’

The following is an end-time vision given to an established, seasoned minister of the gospel, Dr. Mark Barclay, and told in his own words. My heart was quickened when I read it and I thought: “This vision needs to be circulated to the body of Christ worldwide for we are seeing the increasing effects of …

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New Consumer Report: Just one weekly serving of rice pasta could put your baby at risk for arsenic poisoning

A new analysis by Consumer Reports explains how easy it is for infants to consume dangerous amounts of arsenic in common foods like hot rice cereal and rice pasta. Just one serving of rice pasta can put your child over the recommended weekly limit, according to the new report, which also details safer alternatives for …

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In a first, a telescope on Earth spots a ‘super-Earth’ transiting a sunlike star

Sen—Astronomers have made the first ever observation from a ground-based telescope of a super-Earth passing in front of a star similar to the Sun. They used a moderate-sized instrument at the international observatory on La Palma, in the Canary Islands, to measure the tiny fade in light caused by the transit The exoplanet, known as …

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If you think Ebola was bad…

“It’s all hands on deck, 24/7, for Ebola,” one prominent federal health official told me during the hysteria, but “we’re ignoring antibiotic resistance.” Yet, each year, more than 5 million people in the U.S. and Europe become infected with serious, resistant bacterial infections across the globe, with at least 48,000 of those people dying as …

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Forecasters in Australia and New Zealand warn 2015 could bring droughts

Forecasters in Australia and New Zealand warned El Nino may soon be back, reviving concern that the weather pattern that can bring drought to parts of Asia and rains to South America may return for the first time since 2010. Tropical Pacific temperatures have exceeded El Nino levels for a month and the Southern Oscillation …

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Videos show rockets being launched next to apartment complex in Ukraine

Videos posted on social media sites Monday show a series of rockets being launched next to an apartment complex in the war-torn city of Donetsk, Ukraine. Local media outlet 62.ua reports that the clips show Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) militants firing “Grad” rockets. There are conflicting reports, though, as to whether pro-Russia separatists or Ukraine’s security …

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Economic Storm Clouds are Picking up Pace

Crude Oil Prices continues to plummet, showing signs prior to the Economic Recession of 2008, Japan is downgraded, Russia is warning of Recession, China takes massive blow economically, multiple Retail Stores may be closing in the next few months and the list goes on of continual signs indicating we are accelerating in the Shemitah Cycle set …

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Russia warns of recession next year

The Russian government has for the first time acknowledged that the country will fall into recession next year, battered by the combination of Western sanctions and a plunge in the price of its oil exports. The economic development ministry on Tuesday revised its GDP forecast for 2015 from growth of 1.2 percent to a drop of …

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The Bubonic Plague in Madagascar Has Infected More Than 100 People, And it Could Keep Spreading

This week, the World Health Organization warned of the quick spread of bubonic plague in Madagascar’s densely populated capital city, Antananarivo. According to Madagascar’s health ministry, the plague in Madagascar has already infected a suspected 138 people this year — 47 of whom have died. Infamous for decimating the European population during the Middle Ages in what became known as …

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When an oil man sees $30 a barrel, it’s time to sound contrarian alarms

The bet-against-the-herd crowd has to be licking its chops over the carnage in the oil pits. When the billionaire chairman of Canadian Natural Resources warns crude could hit $30 a barrel, contrarian alarms should be ringing from Alberta to Pascagoula. Normally, a target that sticky would be a shoo-in for our call of the day, …

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Global stocks drop after new signs of slower growth; yen, oil rebound

World stock markets fell on Monday as slowing factory activity in China and Europe added to worries about weaker global growth and Apple shares dropped, while the yen hit a seven-year low against the dollar before recovering. Oil prices rebounded sharply after hitting five-year lows, lifted by data suggesting that tumbling prices may have started …

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Oil Shock Streaks Across Globe From Moscow to Tehran to Caracas. Ready for $40?

Oil’s decline is proving to be the worst since the collapse of the financial system in 2008 and threatening to have the same global impact of falling prices three decades ago that led to the Mexican debt crisis and the end of the Soviet Union. Russia, the world’s largest producer, can no longer rely on the …

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NATO prepares ‘spearhead’ to ward off Russia

Beginning early next year NATO will have a new reaction force ready, which can be deployed more rapidly on its eastern border. This new force, called “interim spearhead,” will consist of a few hundred troops from Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. Troops will rotate in terms of their state of readiness, but remain at bases …

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Islamic State May Possess Nuclear Material Stolen From Iraq

Islamic State terror group may have developed a nuclear device by using radioactive uranium stolen from Iraq’s Mosul University after seizing control of the city last June, according to a British media report. Militants boasted of the device on social media, with one even commenting on the destruction such a bomb would wreak in London, …

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harvest army

French MPs recognise Palestine as state


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