Australia Prepares For World War III, Revives Air Warfare Destroyer Programme/RAW: US Navy ‘fully operational’ laser gun blows up boats, drones and more signs of Jesus soon return

Pentagon considering re-deployment of nuclear cruise missiles in Europe.

The Pentagon is considering the re-deployment of nuclear cruise missiles in Europe in response to a new Russian cruise missile that the United States has charged violates a 1987 nuclear treaty, a senior Pentagon official told Congress on Wednesday. Brian P. McKeon, deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, said U.S. cruise missile deployments are among …

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2 Signs Russia Remains Combat-Ready vs. U.S., NATO: Increased Baltic Sea Incursions & Relentless Naval Build-Up

Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has increased its readiness for armed confrontation with the West and the latest reports are saying that the current Russian military mode suggests of preparedness for imminent showdown with the United States and its NATO allies.Signs are aplenty that the Kremlin remains in the offensive posture amidst the economic sanctions …

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Merger Of Giant Stars May Bring Vast Explosion

Twins can be close, and that goes for stars as well as people. In some cases, stars get so close that they merge–and new research by astronomers in Spain suggests that’s just what’s happening with the binary star system known as MY Camelopardalis. Located in a small star cluster about 13,000 light-years from Earth, MY …

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80,000 San Franciscans without Power

Tens of thousands of San Franciscans in the northeastern neighborhoods and near Lake Merced are without power. An outage at the Larkin substation is affecting about 80,000 households, according to a tweet from PG&E.The utility expects power to be restored later this morning. PG&E has an outage map they’re updating every 15 minutes. Here’s the …

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Israel has slammed the decision of the Irish parliament to adopt a non-binding resolution supporting an independent Palestinian state. Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon expressed disappointment Thursday at the decision, accusing the Irish parliament of giving voice to “statements of hatred and anti-Semitism directed at Israel in a way which we have not heard before.” …

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Australia Prepares For World War III, Revives Air Warfare Destroyer Programme

The Abbott government revives the $8.5 billion Air Warfare Destroyer Programme, or AWD, to enhance wartime capabilities of the Royal Australian Navy. The government had also announced a three-point plan that will create a sustainable naval shipbuilding industry that supports shipbuilding jobs, Defence said in a statement. The government’s three-point plan includes working with the industry’s …

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France’s upper house urges recognition of Palestine

France’s upper house of parliament on Thursday urged the government to recognise Palestine as a state, following a similar and highly symbolic vote in the lower house. The Senate resolution, calling for French recognition of Palestine and an “immediate restarting” of peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis, passed narrowly, with 153 votes in favour …

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California storm unleashes rain, wind gusts up to 107 mph, Could be 400 Miles Wide

A storm billed as the one of the most powerful to hit California in years began living up to the hype Thursday, with powerful winds uprooting trees and rain pouring over the northern half of the state. Forecasters said a wind gust at Mount Lincoln, northwest of Tahoe, was clocked at 107 mph. In Contra …

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Britain Braces for 2 Weeks of Violent Storms

As swathes of the UK cleaned up after yesterday’s “weather bomb”, forecasters said more mayhem was on the way. Coastal regions are on alert for further damaging gales, while parts of the North face heavy snowfalls as temperatures plummet. The wild weather follows yesterday’s storm that whipped up 80mph-plus winds, knocking out power to thousands …

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Big Pharma labs routinely delete toxic drugs’ failed test results, then ship them to US customers

One of the problems with pharmaceuticals (as opposed to most natural remedies) is the fact that, whenever you swallow a pill or receive an injection, you are forced to place your trust in whoever manufactured the medication. There is no way to determine beforehand whether or not the dose you are taking is safe and effective …

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US military converting transport planes to carry wave of infected Ebola victims to the United States

It seems in the age of Obama that the U.S. military is slowly making the transformation from the planet’s most powerful fighting force to one giant charity provider. As most Americans know, the president has ordered thousands of U.S. troops to Ebola-plagued West Africa, a move that critics have said not only misappropriates American military …

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Facebook’s Upcoming Artificial Intelligence Will ‘Mediate’ Your Online Activity

The last time you posted a Facebook status, you were probably thinking, “Wow, I really wish I had an intelligent robot to make sure this post won’t come back around to haunt me.” No? Too bad. Facebook is building an artificial intelligence program that will serve as a social media assistant—kind of like Clippy, the obnoxious …

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US responds to Ya’alon: Opposition to West Bank settlements will outlast Obama

The United States will continue to oppose Israeli settlement activity even after US President Barack Obama leaves office in two years, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington on Wednesday. “Our opposition – this Administration’s opposition to settlements is fully consistent with the policies of administrations for decades, including of both parties. So the …

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Atheists Push to Remove Language From Constitutions in Maryland and 6 Other States That Ban Them From Holding Public Office

Although these bans aren’t enforceable under federal law, a coalition of atheists are now lobbying to remove language from constitutions in Maryland and six other states that prevent people who do not believe in God from holding public office. Along with Maryland, the constitutions of Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas all …

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Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For Bank Employees

The Department of Treasury is seeking to order survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system, according to a new solicitation. The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country. The survival …

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Atheists Launch Legal Attack Against Hawaii Churches

Two Oahu churches have filed an appeal of a trial court’s decision to keep a baseless lawsuit filed by two atheists alive. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and an ADF-allied attorney represent the churches, One Love Ministries and Calvary Chapel Oahu. In May, the court dismissed the most critical aspects of the atheists’ lawsuit, which falsely …

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Chicago Proposes Police Chokehold Ban as Nation Rages

Chicago city council members have proposed a ban on the use of chokeholds by police officers working within city limits in an expansive proposal coming in the wake of the chokehold death of an unarmed black man being arrested in New York. The proposal, which includes all security personnel such as deputy sheriffs, U.S. Marshals …

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NATO Planes Join Hunt for Submarine Spotted Off Scotland


NATO patrol planes helped Britain scour the waters off its western Scottish coast after a submarine’s periscope was spotted, in a search reminiscent of the Cold War, media reported. Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) said it had received NATO help in an operation, but declined to go into further details. News of the operation, first …

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