Baby’s skull fractured by father/South Korea halts U.S. poultry imports due to bird flu in U.S./Teenager attacks 69 Year Old Man And Rapes Him and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Thousands of Protesters Storm Mall of America.

On one of the busiest shopping days of the year, thousands of #BlackLivesMatter protesters packed the Mall of America outside Minneapolis on Saturday to call for police reform in the wake of the officer-involved deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. “I’m getting my feelings out and I’m letting the world know that we’re not …

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Freak Snowstorm Engulfs House in Iceland

If You think the weather in Britain is unpredictable, check out this explosive blizzard as it engulfs a house in Iceland. Winds of 93mph and heavy snowfall battered the farmhouse where Rebecca Ostenfeld lives, in Dalasýsla, on the west of the island. More

South Korea halts U.S. poultry imports due to bird flu in U.S.

South Korea has suspended imports of U.S. poultry and poultry products because of an outbreak of bird flu in the United States, the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. The suspension, from Saturday, comes as South Korea is struggling to contain its own outbreak of bird flu in birds. “This import suspension is …

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Department Of Justice: Employers Can’t Discriminate Against Transgendered

On Thursday, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced a new interpretation of the Civil Rights Act meant to prevent employers from discriminating against people who claim the status of a transgendered person. Holder announced in a memo that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination on the basis of sex, …

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The Most Dangerous Nuclear Threat No One Is Talking About

While Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs are all the rage these days, the most dangerous nuclear threat facing the world continues to go largely unnoticed. Namely, China and India are both on the cusp of deploying multiple independently targetable reentry (MIRV) vehicles on their ballistic missiles, a development that is likely to have profound, …

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D.C. has passed sea level rise ‘tipping point,’ more cities to follow

Major U.S. coastal cities, including Washington, D.C. and Wilmington, North Carolina, have already slipped past a sea level rise-related “tipping point,” and into a new era of increasingly common and damaging coastal flooding events, a new study found. Other cities along the East and Gulf Coasts are following close behind, with the majority of coastal …

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Homosexual Teenager In Tennessee Attacks 69 Year Old Man And Rapes Him (SODOM AND GOMORRA IS HERE)

A homosexual teenager in Tennessee named Diontae Smartt attacked a 69 year old man while he was jogging and raped him, just as the homosexuals in Sodom wanted to rape the two angels. This is why we must out the homosexual agenda, or more of such evils will become more and more common. According toone report :

Chattanooga police said Smartt raped a 69-year-old man out jogging in the North Chattanooga.

“Where was he supposed to be the morning this happened? Where were you at?” questioned prosecutor Jason Demastus. Smartt’s mother answered, “He’s old enough. He sets his own clock. He gets his own self up, he goes out the door himself.”

Attorneys before Judge Robert Philyaw said the boy had discipline problems at school.

“In my memory, I think he was compliant. He was not disruptive. Some children can be mouthy, disrespectful. He never came across that way to me. He understood the rules of probation,” said Carl Miller, a juvenile court probation officer who oversaw Smartt.

Smartt’s defense attorney Jason Fisher asked, “Has he ever damaged anything, or punched a wall?” Kamilah Smartt answered “I mean, yeah. With him and his little brother, when they fight, yeah, they got holes in the walls.”

Judge Philyaw wrapped up the hearing to say all of the evidence supported premeditation and aggression. The judge said he didn’t think 18 months was enough time to really change Smartt’s behavior in the juvenile court system. Philyaw said there were too many problems at his school to consider.

Smartt was transferred to the Hamilton County Jail, isolated from the general population, and he will be held on $10,000 bond. If he makes bail, Smartt will have to wear a GPS monitor and stay away from North Chattanooga. cont

Baby’s skull fractured by father

Baby’s skull fractured by father

A computer gamer admitted abusing his son and leaving him in a “critical” condition, while playing a violent video game.

Waipukurau man Devon Ashley Bird, 21, appeared in Napier District Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to ill-treating a child and causing grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard.

On November 1, 2013 Bird’s partner and mother of the nearly five-week-old baby boy, spent the night caring for her son at their Central Hawke’s Bay home.

She woke Bird about 6.30am and asked him to care for their baby, who was asleep in a bassinet, so she could have a few hours rest, court documents said.

Between the window of 6.30am and 10am, while the baby was in his sole care, Bird caused what a doctor said was “non-accidental trauma and extremely unusual for a five-week-old infant”.

It was also during this period that Bird, who is studying computer science at EIT, began playing the graphic video game The Walking Dead.

The game is described online as a “survival game in the midst of a zombie apocalypse”. Bird was due to attend EIT in Taradale at about midday on November 1 and phoned his son’s grandmother about 10am, asking if she could look after the baby.

The grandmother arrived at the home at 10.40am and Bird told her his son had suffered a bruised eye because he had “punched himself”.

She checked the baby boy, and immediately noticed he had a bruise under both his eyes and across the bridge of his nose.

“She became concerned and continued to observe [her grandson] who appeared to be distressed,” court documents revealed.

She noticed pink spots on his cheek, and noticed the colouring of the marks appeared to be “darkening and had turned to a purple colour”.

On examination the baby appeared unusually floppy and weak.

He was taken to the family GP at 1pm, before being taken immediately to Hawke’s Bay Hospital.

At that stage the doctor noted the baby had a bulging fontanelle and also suspected he may have meningococcal meningitis or septicaemia.

X-rays revealed a large fracture to his skull, along with more than 20 other fractures all over his body, leaving him in a “critical” condition.

He was transferred to the intensive care unit at Auckland’s Starship Hospital by air later that day.

“CT scans confirmed a significant injury to his skull and brain resulting in heavy bleeding,” court documents said.

He then underwent numerous operations to control blood loss and swelling to his brain.

Further x-rays and scans were obtained and a further 30 fractures were found, eight to the boy’s ribs, several to both thighs, both lower legs, shoulder and his pelvis.

He also had a lacerated spleen.

Starship Hospital doctors and paediatricians described the fractures as being at “various stages of healing” and therefore were caused at different times of the boy’s life.

“All the fractures were consistent with non-accidental trauma and extremely unusual for a five-week-old infant.”

Bird stated he had not deliberately caused any of the injuries to his son, and said he had been very tired since the boy’s birth.

He added he “may have fallen asleep whilst sat in a lazy-boy and [his son] may have fallen onto the floor”.

Bird told police he regularly relieved his son of gas by using a technique he found on the internet.

He explained he would place the boy on his back, holding his legs and pushing them up and into his stomach.

He said he used considerable force and “knew that [his son] was in pain and even stopped breathing at one stage”.

He also admitted he had accidentally fallen into a coffee table causing a TV remote control unit to hit the boy on his head.

Judge Bridget Mackintosh remanded Bird on bail until his sentencing on December 19.


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