Cold, dark & hungry: Gaza suffers through winter, ‘conditions catastrophic’/ 20,00 Fleeing Mozambique and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Judge Rules South Dakota’s Voter-Approved Marriage Amendment Unconstitutional

A federal judge in South Dakota has struck down the state’s voter-approved marriage amendment which enshrines marriages as being solely between a man and a woman, opining that the law is unconstitutional because it excludes homosexuals from having the same opportunity. “Plaintiffs have a fundamental right to marry,” wrote Judge Karen Schreier, nominated to the …

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The ‘New York Times’ Sanctions Anti-Religious Bigotry

The pattern is now completely predictable: Gay activists and their allies overplay their hand, and the liberal media says, “Well done! We fully support your intolerance.” Last week, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed fired Kelvin Cochran, the city’s fire chief with 30 years of service behind him. As the mayor’s statements made abundantly clear—and as we …

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Atheists Crucify Mayor Who Gives God Official Ownership Over Town

At a time when some insist God is done with America, one Alabama town is renewing its commitment to Jehovah. Winfield’s government has officially proclaimed that “God is the owner” of the city. “I feel like we need to stand up for what is right,” Mayor Randy Price told “Our forefathers said, ‘One nation …

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Church of God Declares 2015 the ‘Year of the Missionary’

Church of God leaders, including all five members of the Executive Committee, gathered in the World Missions board room for the formal announcement of an intentional focus on Church of God missionaries. Spanning now till its culmination at General Assembly 2016, the focus is entitled the “Year of the Missionary,” and will benefit the individuals, …

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SHEMITAH CYCLE – Gallup CEO Blasts U.S. Leadership “The Economy Is Not Coming Back”

The U.S. now ranks not first, not second, not third, but 12th among developed nations in terms of business startup activity. Countries such as Hungary, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Israel and Italy all have higher startup rates than America does. We are behind in starting new firms per capita, and this is our single …

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Mike Huckabee Blasts Obama’s for Letting Daughters Listen to Beyonce

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee thinks Barack and Michelle Obama have a troubling flaw in their parenting style: They allow their daughters listen to Beyoncé. In a recent interview with People to promote his book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, the former Baptist minister and possible 2016 presidential hopeful calls the Obamas “excellent and exemplary …

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Boehner mocks Obama’s knowledge of Constitution

The House voted Wednesday to block funding for President Obama’s immigration orders, firing the first shot in a high-stakes battle over deferred deportations for the millions of people who are in the country illegally. The measure passed in a 236-191 vote, with 10 Republicans voting against it and two Democrats voting in favor. Democrats rallied …

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Pope visits Buddhist temple to pay his respects, Gathered with Buddhist monks as they chanted and prayed

Pope Francis became the second pope to visit a Buddhist temple on Wednesday, changing his schedule at the last minute to pay his respects at an important place of worship in Sri Lanka’s capital and to witness a key ritual for Buddhists: the opening of a casket of relics of two important disciples of the …

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India Will Overtake China As World’s Fastest-Growing Major Economy By 2017

India will overtake China to become the world’s fastest-growing major economy in the next two years, according to a new World Bank forecast. In its “Global Economic Prospects” report published Tuesday, World Bank analysts outlined their predictions for how the global economy will change between now and 2017. They noted that India’s gross domestic product …

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Sea level rise quickens more than thought in threat to Coasts

Sea level rise in the past two decades has accelerated faster than previously thought in a sign of climate change threatening coasts from Florida to Bangladesh, a study said on Wednesday. The report, reassessing records from more than 600 tidal gauges, found that readings from 1901-90 had over-estimated the rise in sea levels. Based on …

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Russia appeals for calm as crisis forces it to cut budget.

Russian government officials appealed for calm on Wednesday after predicting budget cuts and a further surge in inflation as the country faces its worst economic downturn in 15 years. With the currency and economy wilting under the twin blows of Western sanctions and a fall in the price of oil exports, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov proposed …

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Caesars Largest Unit to File Own Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Caesars Entertainment Corp. ’s largest unit is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection as soon as Thursday, the final gambit of a yearslong attempt to salvage a soured buyout. Caesars Entertainment Operating Co.’s Chapter 11 filing would launch the final stage of Apollo Global Management LLC’s effort to save some of its $1.7 billion investment …

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Iran Building Advanced Missile Sites in Syria.

Iranian military leaders admitted this week to building and operating missile-manufacturing plants in Syria, where it was also revealed that Tehran is helping to build a secret nuclear facility. An Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander stated in a recent interview that the country’s Supreme Leader ordered forces to build and operate missile plants in …

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Portland teen accused of threatening to blow up NE Portland Deli ‘in the name of Allah,’ court records say

A 19-year-old is accused of threatening workers repeatedly at a Northeast Portland deli when he wasn’t able to buy a single cigarette, saying he would blow up the store “in the name of Allah,” court records say. Abdalah Mohamed also is accused of making disparaging remarks about Jews and Israel in July, according to an …

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USB wall charger secretly logs keystrokes from nearby keyboards.

Privacy and security researcher Samy Kamkar has released a keylogger for Microsoft wireless keyboards cleverly hidden in what appears to be a rather large, but functioning USB wall charger. Called KeySweeper, the stealthy Arduino-based device can sniff, decrypt, log, and report back all keystrokes — saving them both locally and online. This is no toy. …

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DEVELOPING – House votes to overturn Obama immigration actions

House Republicans voted Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s controversial immigration actions, despite deep Democratic opposition. The House voted 237-190 on an amendment to legislation funding the Homeland Security Department through the rest of the budget year to the tune of $40 billion. The amendment would undo executive actions Obama announced in November that provided temporary …

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New law requires gender-neutral single-stall bathrooms in California city

Businesses in West Hollywood have 60 days to comply with a new law requiring all single-stall restrooms to be gender-neutral and not restrict usage to a single sex. The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that the law takes effect on Thursday with the aim of accommodating transgender and gender non-conforming people. “I hope we can …

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Ex-NYPD Detective: Muslim-Only ‘No Go Zones’ Could Come to US

The rise of so-called “no-go zones” in France — segregated Muslim communities governed by local imams and abandoned by French police — are the handiwork of Islamists who plan to spread them throughout the non-Muslim West, a former New York City police detective told Newsmax TV on Tuesday. “I think this is actually a strategy …

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POLL: Troops Turn On Commander In Chief, Deeply Unpopular

In his first term, President Obama oversaw repeal of the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Then he broke with one of the military’s most deeply rooted traditions and vowed to lift the ban on women serving in combat. And the commander in chief has aggressively sought to change military culture by cracking down on …

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Iceland Volcanic Holuhraun lava field bigger than Manhattan

Fire and ice have crashed together at the edge of the world for a stunning performance, captured by RT’s Ruptly agency. The Holuhraun lava field has spread across an area greater than the island of Manhattan in the largest eruption since the 18th century. Iceland’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, became the venue for an amazing natural …

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‘Act of War’: New Charlie Hebdo edition triggers Muslims’ Anger, Threats

A record 3 million copies of the new edition of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have appeared on French newsstands, with new caricatures triggering outrage among Muslims all over the world, and threats from radical Islamists. British radical preacher Anjem Choudary, who is allegedly connected with armed militant groups, decried the new edition as an “act …

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First notable flare of 2015 as dramatic ‘mid-level’ eruption takes place on the solar surface

The first notable solar flare of 2015 has been spotted on the sun, NASA has said. An image of the event shows the powerful burst of radiation on the surface. This particular flare is not thought to be any threat to Earth – but does that not stop the burst still looking mightily impressive. The …

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Underwater volcano near Tonga erupts to turn the sea blood red and the sky grey with ash

TONGA – An underwater volcano off the coast of Tonga is spewing ash high into the air – causing air travel chaos and turning the surrounding ocean the color of blood. The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano is around 40 miles (65km) north of Tonga’s capital Nuku’alofa. Its ash plume has reached heights of more …

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Unprecedented earthquake in non-seismic region of Yucatan confounds scientists

MEXICO – An earthquake was registered on the evening of Sunday January 10th, with an epicenter near Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, an area traditionally considered non seismic. According to Margarita Vidal Amaro of the National Seismological Service, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale occurred at 9:49 pm on Sunday January 10th …

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Last Days Deception Coming to the Church

This is a powerful message from the late David Wilkerson who pastored Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In this message he ministers on what to watch out …

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Duke University Starts Forced Amplified Broadcasts Of The Muslim Call To Prayer From Bell Tower.

A WEEKLY CALL TO PRAYER FOR MUSLIMS WILL BE HEARD AT DUKE UNIVERSITY STARTING FRIDAY, SCHOOL OFFICIALS SAID “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Obama The Islamization of America continues, as it has since Obama was elected in 2008, at a frightening pace. Public amplified broadcasts of the …

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DEVELOPING – 80 bodies found floating in India’s Ganges

About 80 bodies have been found floating in a stream of India’s Ganges, sparking renewed concerns on Wednesday (Jan 14) about the health of the sacred river where millions of Hindus cremate their dead, an official said. The bodies were discovered in a shallow tributary of the Ganges near a cremation area in the northern state …

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SHEMITAH CYCLE – Dow Drops 600 Points In 24 Hours As 30Y Yield Crashes To Record Low, US Dollar Fading

US equity prices and US Treasury yields are tumbling after the disappointingly narrative-destroying retail sales data for ‘gas tax cut’-based December. The Dow is now down almost 600 points from yesterday’s highs At 2.39%, 30Y Yields have never been lower…ever! US stock indices are down 3% year-to-date, testing the lows of the year. Crude is …

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Rare UFO microfilms published online.

In 1948, the US government launched several inquiries into UFO sightings, which many believed were sparked by Cold War paranoia. In what became known as ‘Project Blue Book,’ more than 12,000 encounters with UFOs were looked into by the Air Force. Now, decades after the files were closed, the microfilms have been made available online for …

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Muslim Actor Plays Christ in ‘Killing Jesus’

For Bill O’Reilly’s screen adaptation of Killing Jesus, a man who was raised as a Muslim takes the lead role. Haaz Sleiman is cast as Christ in the National Geographic adaptation, set to premiere later this year. For both the book and the film, “you get a much deeper perspective about Jesus,” Sleiman says. “And …

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Russia to Boost Military Capabilities in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic.

In 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to focus on boosting military capabilities in Crimea, the Kaliningrad region, and the Arctic, while carrying out other planned modernizations of the armed forces and drafting a new long-term defense plan. “We are drawing up a new Russian Federation Defense Plan for 2016-2020 to ensure timely placing and …

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US vows to cut North Korea off from int’l financial system

The United States will identify and impose sanctions on financial institutions doing business with North Korea so as to cut the communist nation off from the international financial system, a senior U.S. sanctions official said Tuesday. Assistant Treasury Secretary for Terrorist Financing Daniel Glaser made the remark during a House committee briefing, saying the 2005 …

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World Bank Expects Russian Economy to Contract by 2.9% in 2015

The World Bank has sharply lowered its economic outlook for Russia for 2015 and 2016 to reflect a further decline and increased volatility in global oil prices, the bank’s latest report on global economic prospects said. “…sustained low oil prices will weaken activity in exporting countries. For example, the Russian economy is projected to contract …

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Muslims in Philippines march against Charlie Hebdo

Around 1,500 people protested in one of the Philippines’ main Muslim-majority cities on Wednesday against the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, police said. Local politicians, teenaged students and women with veils covering their faces packed the main square in Marawi in the southern Philippines, some raising their fists in the air …

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Ruble Falls Fourth Day on Oil as Russia Says Junk Rating Likely

The ruble weakened for a fourth day as Russia’s economy minister acknowledged the government risks losing its investment-grade rating amid a slump in oil that is tipping the economy into a recession. The currency lost 1.2 percent to 66.0310 per dollar by 2:34 p.m. in Moscow, bringing its four-day decline to 8.7 percent. The ruble …

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France arrests 54 for defending terror; announces crackdown

France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism, announcing Wednesday that 54 people had been arrested for those offenses since terror attacks left 20 dead in Paris last week, including three gunmen. The order came as Charlie Hebdo’s defiant new issue sold out before dawn around Paris, with …

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North Carolina Residents Peacefully Rally Over Removal of ‘Religious’ Veterans Memorial

A number of residents from the city of King, North Carolina came together on Sunday to peacefully protest the removal of a veterans memorial in the city and to stand in solidarity in support of the display. As previously reported, in 2012, the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS), led by …

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Jimmy Carter Blames Israel For Recent Terror Attacks In France

JIMMY CARTER SAYS ISRAEL IS CAUSING MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Psalm 129:5 KJV RELATED: German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Citizens That They Must Accept Islam In the wake of the Islamist terror attacks in France against cartoonists and Jews, former President Jimmy Carter’s first reaction …

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SHEMITAH CYCLE – More American Businesses Dying Than Starting.

In a stunning Tuesday report, Gallup CEO and Chairman Jim Clifton revealed that “for the first time in 35 years, American business deaths now outnumber business births.” Clifton says for the past six years since 2008, employer business startups have fallen below the business failure rate, spurring what he calls “an underground earthquake” that only …

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Toxic leak inside U.S. space station, Evacuation takes place

A problem in the U.S. segment of the International Space Station on Wednesday prompted its six-person crew to quickly lock it up and move to a Russian module, but they aren’t in danger, Russian and U.S. official said. “The space station crew is safe,” NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs said. Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said in …

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Magnitude 4.3 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Ferndale, California


NASA Satellite Captures Photo of 40 Mile EF3 Tornado Scar left on Earth

Take a close look at the following image captured recently from NASA’s Terra satellite. Do you see an odd line west of Green Bay?  According to the Weather Channel, the peculiar line visible from space is actually a scar left from a tornado that pummeled the area more than seven years ago. The image, captured …

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Diarrhea-causing Illness Shuts Down Entire Elementary School.

Students attending William C. McGinnis Middle School and their teachers are not scheduled to return to class until at least Thursday as the district continues cleaning the school after an adult was diagnosed with a contagious diarrhea illness last week. And if the cleaning is not completed by Wednesday, the school could be closed even …

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China ‘beefs up’ social media rules by forcing people to use real-name Online registration

Online real-name registration will be ramped up on the mainland this year to cover instant messaging services, Twitter-like microblogs, online forums and other websites as the Communist Party continues to tighten its grip on cyberspace. The Cyberspace Administration did not give details on how the plan would be carried out, but administration official Xu Feng …

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“Boots On The Ground”? Obama To Seek Authorization For Military Force Against ISIS

Having unveiled his non-boots-on-the-ground strategy in September, President Obama’s “promise” was quickly proved fragile when General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, indicated to the House of Representatives armed services committee that the strength of ISIS relative to the Iraqi army may be such that he would recommend abandoning Obama’s oft-repeated …

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Did Ebola Kill Fort Hood Soldier?, Will CDC cover up case if Ebola infection is confirmed?

Today a U.S. soldier who had recently returned from West Africa was found dead in his yard. He was in a pool of vomit in Killeen, Texas. The soldier was part of a deployment to help combat Ebola. Info Wars

France Pushes for Tighter Online Surveillance

France is seeking greater assistance from technology firms as part of a plan to beef up domestic surveillance and add to its already heavy legal arsenal to track terror threats in the wake of last week’s deadly attacks. Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday said France would soon propose a new surveillance law aimed at …

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California cops sign contract to begin using massive biometric database

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – the fourth largest local policing agency in the United States – has taken another step towards building the biggest biometric database outside of the FBI’s by inking a new $24 million contract. NEC Corporation of America – a Texas-based IT firm that provides biometric services to commercial entities, …

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Earthquake Swarm Continues in Connecticut as 9 Quakes in less than 72 Hours Reported

Plainfield police have received more phone calls reporting an earthquake this morning, the ninth to rattle the area since last Thursday. The Weston Observatory at Boston College is recording a magnitude 2.1 earthquake and they are calling it an aftershock. Police said they heard a boom and felt the ground shake a little. The website for the Weston …

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5 Russian Weapons of War America Should Fear

Even with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and heightened tensions, it is very unlikely that the United States will ever directly face off against Russia. A shooting war with Russia would almost certain end poorly for all concerned. Modern Russia is not the Soviet Union, but it is still possesses a very formidable arsenal of …

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Russian Troops Stationed Near Finnish Border as Putin Begins Move on Arctic

A detachment of about 800 servicemen from Russia’s Northern Fleet has been stationed in the Russian town of Alakurtti, Murmansk region, just 50km from the Finnish border, part of a large-scale expansion of Russian military facilities in the country’s northwest according to a press statement issued by the unit’s commanding admiral Vladimir Korolev on Tuesday. …

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Egypt implements smart card for bread subsidies

The successful roll-out so far of a new “smart card” system to distribute subsidized bread has been a major achievement for Egypt’s government, saving money while earning praise from families who no longer have to wake early to fight for loaves. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi appears to be succeeding where predecessors Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed …

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Estimated One Million People Now Infected With Chikungunya Virus

Over a million people are believed to have been infected so far from Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne disease which causes high fevers and severe joints pain. There is no vaccination or cure so far for the virus, which is very difficult to control. Yahoo News

Libya becoming HQ for major terrorists

In the aftermath of the jihadist massacres in France, much of the international focus has been on Yemen, Iraq and Syria as the planning and training centers for al-Qaida and ISIS.  However, lost in the much of the Western discussion has been the central threat located in Libya, where al-Qaida groups maintain bases and where …

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22 terror camps verified inside US

Last week’s brazen attack by a “home-grown” terrorist cell in France that targeted the staff of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has drawn renewed interest in potential cells operating inside the United States. And there are many. The FBI is aware of at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communes in the U.S., operated by the shadowy Pakistan-based …

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‘I Was Aware of Everything’: Man Tells Story After Coming Out of 12-Year ‘Vegetative State’

A man in the UK is sharing his story of spending 12 years trapped in his body after also being in a coma for two of those years. Martin Pistorius became ill when he was just 12 years old, and his condition continued to deteriorate until he was unable to move or communicate with the outside …

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Dire warning for 2015: Police state tyranny, government extremism and the approaching currency collapse

Every once in a while I suddenly remember there are still people who watch the mainstream news and actually believe the lies. As all of us who are truly informed via the independent media fully realize, those people are hopelessly beyond reach. After all, they still think chemotherapy prevents cancer, flu vaccines prevent the flu …

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World Bank calls for quantitative easing to stop eurozone stagnation

The World Bank has warned of the risk of the eurozone sliding into permanent stagnation and urged the European Central Bank to embark on a money-creation programme to boost growth. In its half-yearly health check on the global economy, the bank said there was a growing gulf in the west between the strong growth posted …

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An Asteroid Will Be Making A Close Call Later This Month, And It Will Be Visible With Backyard Telescopes

An asteroid is heading this way, and it’s a big one. OK, so asteroids are always heading this way. But this particular asteroid, lovingly named 2004 BL86 by people who get paid to come up with such names, is remarkable for two reasons. First, it’s huge (as asteroids go); and second, it’s coming rather close (again, …

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Nation of Islam minister selected to serve on Syracuse school board

A minister with the Nation of Islam — the radical group headed by Louis Farrakhan — was chosen by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner to serve on the city’s school board. Mark Muhammad, 54, will serve until the end of member Bill Bullen’s term in November, the Post-Standard reported. Mr. Bullen announced Jan. 5 he was …

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Europol Warns Europe of Terrorist Attack Threat by Weekend

Greek police has received an urgent warning from Europol about the possibility of a terrorist attack in one of the European countries, with most likely targets being Belgium, Holland and Great Britain.  Greek police have received an urgent warning from Europol about the possibility of a terrorist attack in one of the European countries in …

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America following Europe’s dangerous path on Muslim immigration.

A major Islamist terror attack in France was only a matter of time. For several decades, the country has invited immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa en masse – first to bolster the labor force in the rebuilding years that followed World War II, then out of multicultural impulses that prevailed over prudential …

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China and Russia to launch new credit rating agency in 2015

The new Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) is being set up to rival the existing agencies Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, and its first rating will be issued this year. The setting up of UCRG is in its final stages, ready to challenge the ‘Big Three’ that currently dominate the industry, the Managing Director of RusRating …

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Crew evacuated from section of ISS after ammonia leak,Jan 14-2015


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