Millions attend pope’s Mass in Manila/Floods displace thousands in Malawi/Chad ready for joint Boko Haram attack and more signs of JESUS’ return

Sao Paulo’s water supply in ‘Critical’ Condition as Drought bites

Halfway through the rainy season, the key reservoir for the southern hemisphere’s largest city holds just 6% of its capacity, and experts warned Friday that Sao Paulo’s authorities must take urgent steps to prevent the worst drought in more than 80 years from drying it out. The system of reservoirs and rivers that provide water …

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Large Object Spotted in sky over Russia’s Far East, Large Explosion Heard

The residents of Russia’s Amur region woke up Sunday morning to notice an unusual celestial phenomenon – a shining object flying through the sky, leaving a white trail that some social media users compared to the Nike logo. “[The trace of the alleged meteorite] looked like a trace of the plane, only bigger and much …

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Swiss lose battle in currency war that could spread

Historically neutral Switzerland’s foray into the global currency war ended in defeat this past week after its central bank left markets shell-shocked by abandoning the franc’s exchange rate floor, analysts said. But with major shifts in monetary policy under way, the currency war is hardly over and the front lines will move to other countries. “The …

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Ukraine sends tanks to fight rebels in airport battle

Ukraine rushed tanks to the front lines in a counter-offensive against pro-Russian rebels fighting for control of Donetsk airport, with heavy shelling shaking the key eastern city on Sunday. At least six people were killed, including four soldiers, houses were destroyed and electricity was cut for many homes and businesses as explosions repeatedly ripped through parts …

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Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano is still erupting five months on

Bardarbunga volcano continues to emit lava, almost five months after it began erupting. The volcano has now produced a lava field around 85 square kilometres, making it Iceland’s largest basaltic lava flow since 1784. According to Icelandic Met reports seismic activity in Bardarbuga continues to be strong with small earthquakes occurring daily in the area. …

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176 Killed in Malawi Floods, 200,000 Displaced

Flooding in Malawi has killed more than 176 people, displaced at least 200,000 others, left homes and schools submerged in water and roads washed away by the deluge, according to the vice-president of the southern African country. Downriver in neighbouring Mozambique, floodwaters have left at least 38 dead, according to the Mozambican news agency AIM, …

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Measles outbreak spreading beyond Disneyland visitors

The measles outbreak that began at Disneyland during the holiday season is now spreading beyond people who contracted the disease at the theme park, with those patients now exposing others after they arrived back in their hometowns, health officials said Saturday. There are now 51 confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus across California, three …

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Strong 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska


Satan’s School Bus Infuriates Mother!

Look, school buses are hell. You build up the courage to finally try out that Old Navy Tech Vest at school, and the other kids on the bus are your first round of critics. And they are a tough crowd. Not only does Jeremy immediately knock your fashion sense, but he takes your lunch money …

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Strong 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Offshore Valparaiso, Chile


America Is In The Middle Of A New Cold War

It was a dramatic, even spellbinding, scene. A Russian honor guard stood at attention and martial music played as the jetliner taxied into Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. As millions of Russians watched live on television or at their computers, seemingly every cameraman and print reporter in the country jostled for position—something like when the Beatles arrived …

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Turkey caught smuggling weapons to Al-Qaida

Turkish intelligence, under the apparent direction of then Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, allegedly has been authorizing the smuggling of arms to al-Qaida cells in Syria, according to informed Turkish sources.  The weapons, said to include rocket warheads, were allegedly smuggled in up to seven container trucks under the direction of Turkish Intelligence, or …

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Statue of Bible’s Joseph Discovered?


On the sandy shores of the Red Sea, visitors still flock to hear a long-ago legend that inspired at least two of the world’s greatest religions: the tale of Moses and God’s deliverance of the Israelite people from slavery in Egypt. But on these shores, where all Pharaoh’s horses and chariots were supposedly swallowed by …

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Strong Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Strikes Tual, Indonesia


Chad ready for joint Boko Haram attack


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