Norway to Jail Citizens who give money or Food to homeless/16.5 TONS of fish ‘die suddenly’ in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Norway to Jail Citizens who give money or Food to homeless

Norway has proposed a law which would make it illegal to help the homeless in the street.  The draft for the anti-begging law would not only make it a crime to to ask for money, but also to help those who beg. The rules will state that those offering money, food or shelter to beggars will also …

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16.5 TONS of fish ‘die suddenly’ in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia

16.5 TONS of fish 'die suddenly' in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia

About 16.5 tonnes of fish floating cages in Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra, died suddenly as a result of reduced oxygen levels in the bottom of the volcanic lake waters since January 27 to February 3, 2015.  Head of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) Agam, Ermanto, in Lubuk cone on Wednesday, said that about 16.5 tons …

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135 turtles found dead between Dec and Jan in Italy , very worrying “situation”

135 turtles found dead between Dec and Jan in Italy , very worrying "situation"

Recovered off the Adriatic coast, six specimens of loggerhead turtles. The turtles were rescued by boat Rimas Cesenatico after, fell in two of trawls, were entangled in the mesh: two recorded the good state of health, were released into the sea, the other four – try by staying in networks – were hospitalized in the …

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The Mark Of The Beast Surveillance System Is Already Tracking Your Every Move

Our daily habits – when we wake up, how we get to work, what we like to watch when we get home – are being tracked by dozens of interconnected systems, from cell carriers to traffic cameras. Together, they could form a picture of your day in disturbingly high fidelity. It’s not just high-priority targets …

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California City Council Approves Armored SWAT Ambulance, Despite Protests

Police in a Bay Area town will soon be receiving an armored rescue vehicle amid opposition from protesters who fear cops will misuse the gear. On Monday night, the San Leandro City Council voted 6-1 in favor of purchasing a Bearcat Medevac, an armored vehicle designed for SWAT and Tactical EMS teams.  The city bought …

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Landslide Smashes Into Wall at Italy’s Historic Pompeii Site

Heavy rains have provoked landslide at the ancient Italian site of Pompeii, partially collapsing a retaining wall and sending rubble into a garden at the house of Severus. Italian officials on Wednesday said the affected area falls within the “Great Pompeii” joint EU-Italian restoration project and had been already closed to the public. Pompeii, the …

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Belgium latest central bank to repatriate gold reserves?

Belgium is planning to retrieve 200 metric tons of gold, deposited to United Kingdom storage in the 1930s, Belgian public broadcasting organization RTBF said Wednesday.  The date of the retrieval operation is kept secret for security reasons, according to RTBF. A ship with 50 soldiers and a helicopter will escort the ingots to Belgium. The …

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Scientists claim eternal life could be achieved by lengthening chromosomes

The key to eternal life could be a procedure to lengthen chromosomes. The procedure would allow scientists to lengthen telomeres, the protective caps that are on the end of chromosomes and shorten with age. The telomeres protect chromosomes from getting damage as cells divide and grow. But as they do, they slowly become shorter and …

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Teacher attacks 1st grader for having too much food at lunch

A Louisiana teacher is out of a job after police allege she kicked and slapped one of her first grade students last month. Chanel Lemelle, 31, resigned from her position at Bains Lower Elementary School in St. Francisville last week as investigators looked into allegations she struck a student in the cafeteria during lunch Jan. …

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China crackdown on Internet; Bloggers to be Communist certified

China will ban from March 1 internet accounts that impersonate people or organizations, and enforce the requirement that people use real names when registering accounts online, its internet watchdog said on Wednesday. China has repeatedly made attempts to require internet users to register for online accounts using their real names, although with mixed success. The …

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Obama Bars Press From Secret Meeting With American Muslim Leaders This Afternoon

WHITE HOUSE PRESS POOL AND PHOTOGRAPHERS WILL BE BANNED FROM ATTENDING MEETING Startling news coming out of Washington, DC today as it was revealed that one day after Muslim terrorists set captured Jordanian pilot on fire, that President Obama will hold a secret, closed-door meeting with high-ranking American Muslims at the White House. President Obama plans …

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Stocks Are Poised For a Serious Collapse

The bounce in stocks over the last week has mirrored the bounce in Oil. Indeed, both assets bottomed to the day: January 29th. With that in mind, it’s worth looking at Oil’s chart. From July 2014, until last week Oil has lost nearly 60%. Those who are betting on a significant rebound should consider that …

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Berkeley’s Measles Ultimatum: 21-Day Quarantine For Unvaccinated Kids If Outbreak Spreads

With the measles outbreak spreading fast, Berkeley has issued an ultimatum for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. The city’s public health department is recommending a 21-day quarantine for all unvaccinated children, at local schools where there is a measles outbreak. “It’s an absolutely standard public health practice and public health recommendation,” said Berkeley public health …

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Lesbian publisher, Gay Activist found deliverance in Christ

At a tender age, she became convinced boys only wanted one thing – sex. After she lost her innocence and got turned off by boys’ aggressiveness, she gradually moved toward the gay lifestyle. Despite a church upbringing, she turned her back on God and eventually became a prominent gay activist and the publisher of Venus …

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Martial law Style Grocery Shopping Taking Place in Venezuela Due to Food Shortages

National guardsmen and state price adjusters fanned out across Venezuela Wednesday to impose a military-style occupation with an unusual goal: Making sure shoppers can buy enough sugar. The South American country’s socialist administration temporarily took over the Dia a Dia supermarket chain as part of a crackdown on the private businesses it blames for worsening shortages …

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North Korea strikes down US talks, vows ‘Final Doom’, Threatens Nuclear and Cyber War

North Korea on Wednesday ruled out resuming dialogue with the “gangster-like” United States, and vowed to respond to any US aggression with nuclear strikes and cyber warfare. The bellicose statement from the country’s top military body, the National Defence Commission (NDC), came after reported moves by Washington and Pyongyang to revive long-stalled six-nation talks on …

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Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day Commercial Features Lesbian Couple

The company’s new campaign, called Put Your Heart to Paper, is all about going beyond just saying “I love you” to the people who mean the most to you in this world. This particular commercial features a real lesbian couple, as in non-actors, named Eugenia and Corinna, and they are so ridiculously adorable that we …

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UN official says North Korean regime must be ‘dismantled’ for human rights to thrive

A campaign within the United Nations to haul North Korean leader Kim Jong Un before an international court for crimes against humanity has touched off a defensive fury in Pyongyang, where it’s being treated like a diplomatic declaration of war — an aggressive act aimed not only at shutting down prison camps but also at …

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Ken Ham Files Religious Discrimination Suit After Kentucky Denies Ministry Sales Tax Rebate

Ken Ham, the founder and president of the biblical creation and apologetic ministry Answers in Genesis (AIG), will file a federal lawsuit this week against officials in the state of Kentucky for denying its upcoming Ark Encounter participation in the state’s sales tax rebate incentive program. In a video released on Tuesday, Ham spoke with …

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An Extraordinary Revival is Happening in L.A. and Orange County High Schools

Overcome by the darkness, this young Grant High School student decided she would end her life at the end of the school day. But instead, she went to an on-campus Christian club and heard Brian Barcelona share with about 150 other students. (Photo via God Reports) After a stirring message, “she came running up to …

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He’s Making More Than $100,000 Selling Bibles — but He Just Revealed a Major Personal Detail That Might Shock Some People

Only a few years after he first tried his hand at selling digital Spanish-language Bibles, Trevor McKendrick is making a boatload of money. But there’s a key detail that some might find pretty surprising: he’s an atheist. McKendrick appeared on Alex Blumberg’s ”StartUp” podcast recently, where he explained why he started selling Bible apps and …

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The Stunning Thing That Researchers Say Finger Length Can Show About Promiscuity and Faithfulness

New research out of the U.K. claims that both men and women tend to fall into two categories: those with a propensity toward promiscuity or those who favor faithfulness. Psychologists at Northumbria University and Oxford University examined an online questionnaire analyzing sexual habits of U.S. and U.K. individuals between the ages of 18 and 63, …

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Health care then guns: Nazis lay plan for destroying freedom

The National Socialist Workers’ Party leader, Adolph Hitler, became chancellor of Germany on Jan. 30, 1933, and began implementing a plan of universal health care, with no regard for conscience. The New York Times reported Oct. 10, 1933: “Nazi Plan to Kill Incurables to End Pain; German Religious Groups Oppose Move.”  “The Ministry of Justice,” the …

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Obama’s ‘Big Lie’ set to clash with ‘Big Truth’

Despite the Obama administration’s touting of lower unemployment figures, a strong dollar and a robust stock market, 2015 will be a year of economic turmoil, dollar panic and hyperinflation, claims economist John Williams, purveyor of the popular website and a well-known critic of politically manipulated government economic statistics.  Describing 2014 as a year of …

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Russian government seeks to ban production of GMOs

Russia’s government has submitted a bill to the country’s parliament, seeking to ban cultivation and breeding of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The bill, submitted to the lower house of Russia’s parliament Tuesday, bans “the cultivation and breeding of genetically modified plants and animals on the territory of the Russian Federation, except for the use in …

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2015 is the year the global debt delusion implodes, says capital investment guru

A capital investment expert who chose to shutter his short-only hedge fund during the depths of the Great Recession of 2008-09 has warned in a recent interview that 2015 is likely the year in which the U.S. dollar takes a steep decline. In his interview with King World News, Bill Fleckenstein, president of Fleckenstein Capital, …

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Mainstream media wages vile campaign of hate speech against unvaccinated children

Should parents who choose not to vaccinate their children be jailed and have their children taken away? Yes, according to a surprising number of vaccine activists who believe that the state’s power supersedes that of parents on this and other public health issues. Writing in USA Today recently, Alex Berezow, a member of the paper’s …

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183-year-old tortoise is world’s oldest living land creature.

His wrinkly skin, cataracts and difficulty swallowing are common enough in old age. But Jonathan had been ambling around for a century before today’s pensioners were born. At the age of 183, this tortoise is thought to be the world’s oldest living land creature. Born in 1832 at the latest, he has plodded through two …

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Three Greek banks tap two billion euros in emergency funding

Three of Greece’s four major banks have started to tap emergency funding from the Greek central bank as some depositors have withdrawn their money due to political uncertainty, two sources familiar with the situation told Reuters on Tuesday. Greek banks are facing a new crisis after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s left-wing government stormed to power …

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RBS, Barclays and Lloyds downgraded over fears government will not help them in next crisis

Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and Lloyds were downgraded by ratings agency Standard & Poor’s on Tuesday amid fears the UK government will refuse to offer them financial support in the event of another crisis. The trio were among six European banks to have their ratings cut by S&P following a new EU law that …

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IRS offers extra tax refunds to illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Obama

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirmed Tuesday that illegal immigrants granted amnesty from deportation under President Obama’s new policies would be able to get extra refunds from the IRS for money they earned while working illegally, as long as they filed returns during those years. Illegal immigrants who are granted the amnesty will be given official …

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Ancient tablets reveal daily life of exiled Jews in Babylon 2,500 years ago

A new exhibition of ancient clay tablets discovered in modern-day Iraq is shedding light for the first time on the daily life of Jews exiled to Babylon some 2,500 years ago. The exhibition is based on more than 100 cuneiform tablets, each no bigger than an adult’s palm, that detail transactions and contracts between Judeans …

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Oregon bakery will have to pay same-sex couple up to $150K

A Gresham bakery discriminated against a same-sex couple who wanted to purchase a wedding cake, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries announced Monday. The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery will have to pay the couple up to $150,000, BOLI spokesman Charlie Burr said. The exact amount will be determined at a hearing …

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Putin says Ukraine needs to repay a $3 billion loan because Russia needs the money to fight its financial crisis

Russia could really make things miserable for Ukraine soon. On Tuesday Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine should repay the $3 billion loan because Russia needs that money to fight the economic crisis that’s currently ravaging the nation, reports Bloomberg’s Anton Doroshev. Last week, Russia rolled out a $34.7 billion stimulus program, which focuses …

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Arming Ukraine: This could lead to full-blown war with Russia

As Ukrainian troops retreat ahead of Russian tanks thinly disguised as separatist rebels, the US is reconsidering military aid. But experts warn: This could lead to full-blown war. The pro-West Ukrainian government has appealed for “lethal aid” after a ceasefire negotiated late last year was cast aside by pro-Moscow separatists to launch an unexpected midwinter offensive. …

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North Korea strikes down US talks vows ‘final doom’

Three-Parent ‘Designer Babies’ in Britain’s Near Future?


harvest army



Venezuela Seizes Supermarkets Amid Supply Shortages: VICE News Capsule, February 4

Shelling forces residents to flee eastern Ukraine city


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