Hundreds of dead fish found in Bhogavati river in India/Fire Volcano covers Guatemala towns with rock and ash and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Two feet of snow could hit Massachusetts by early Tuesday

Massachusetts is about to see a lot more snow — as much as two feet over the next two days — as a slow-moving storm front hangs over the state until early Tuesday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Taunton.“The storm is prolonged, rather than a classic nor’easter,” said meteorologist Bill Simpson of …

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Sending weapons to Ukraine would escalate violence – UK Defence Secretary

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Friday that supplying weapons to Ukraine, an option under consideration in Washington, would escalate the ongoing conflict. In an interview during the Munich Security Conference, Fallon told Reuters he fully supported a new effort by the leaders of Germany and France to try to halt the Ukraine conflict. …

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Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House!

The Obama White House has finally released the names of the fourteen Muslim “leaders” who met with the President this past week. Among the group — which included a comedian, along with a hijab-wearing basketball player and a handful of left wing activists — were a select few individuals with disturbingly close ties to the …

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Chinese Imports Crash & Worst January Export Plunge Since 2009 Sends Trade Surplus To Record High

Chinese imports collapsed 19.9% YoY in January, missing expectations of a modest 3.2% drop by the most since Lehman. This is the biggest YoY drop since May 2009 and worst January since the peak of the financial crisis. Exports tumbled 3.3% YoY (missing expectations of 5.9% surge) for the worst January since 2009. Combined this …

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Is Mysterious ‘Milky Rain’ falling over Pacific Northwest from ash by Japan’s Sakurajima volcano?

A mysterious ‘milky’ rain has been falling over the Pacific Northwest that is baffling meteorologists. Residents of Washington, Oregon and Idaho have been filling up glasses of the unusual substance trying to determine what it could be. One strong possibility is that the weather system has been infected by eruptions from Japan’s Sakurajima volcano. The volcano has …

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Fire Volcano covers Guatemala towns with rock and ash

Fire Volcano covers Guatemala towns with rock and ash

GUATEMALA CITY –  The Fire Volcano in southern Guatemala exploded incandescent rock and ash over surrounding towns Saturday. David de Leon, spokesman for the national disaster preparedness office, said authorities had put area on alert, but no evacuations had been made so far. Karina Lopez, a resident of nearby Antigua, said ash mixed with a …

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Ford Contractor Says He Was Fired for Speaking Against Company’s Support of Homosexuality

A former contractor for Ford Motor Company has filed a religious discrimination complaint, alleging that he was fired for speaking against the company’s support of homosexuality. Thomas Banks has worked as a design and release engineer for Ford since 2011—that is until last August when he was fired on an accusation that he had violated …

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‘If We Can’t Reach a Peace Accord, It’s Called War’ – Hollande on Ukraine

Whether by accident or design, the United States and its partners in Europe have entered a sort of good-cop-bad-cop routine in their dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As fighting escalates in eastern Ukraine, where Russia-backed rebels are trying to carve out an independent republic that would align with Russia, the annual Munich Security Conference …

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North Korea Launches Five Short-Range Missiles Toward Sea

North Korea launched five short-range missiles into its eastern waters, a day after saying it test-fired a new anti-ship rocket in a drill overseen by leader Kim Jong Un. The missiles flew about 200 kilometers (124 miles) in the northeastern direction on Sunday after being launched from near the eastern city of Wonsan in North …

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Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal Will ‘Unleash Hell on the Mideast,’ Sen. Lindsey Graham Warns

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham warned that President Obama will soon “unleash hell” on the Middle East if he carries on with his plans on striking a nuclear deal with Iran without listening to Congress and his critics. “The Arabs and the Israelis are not going to allow the ayatollahs in Iran to have a nuclear …

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New England braces for another big snowstorm

Winter-weary New England saw more snow flurries on Saturday and braced for several days of heavy snowfall, possibly totaling a foot or more. A winter storm warning posted by the National Weather Service was to begin at 10 p.m. and remain in effect for a large swath of southern New England, including in Boston, in …

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Hundreds of dead fish found in Bhogavati river in India

For the second time in the last 45 days, hundreds of fish were found dead in Bhogavati river, a major tributary of Panchganga. Soon after getting the news, the officials of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) rushed to the spot situated in Haladi, 10 km from here, on Friday morning and collected water and fish …

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Global Debt has Swelled By a Massive $57 Trillion Since 2007: “Figures are as remarkable as they are terrifying”

Global debt has jumped by $57 trillion in less than a decade, a number unimaginable in practical terms. That’s 17 percent — nearly one fifth — of the world’s GDP. The number has climbed significantly since the last economic crisis for most entities — government, companies and household budgets alike — making the prospect of …

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