Orange chemical cloud outside Barcelona after factory blast/ISIS Seizes Ramadi City, Over 300 US Marines Stuck at Al-Assad Air Base and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

US faces worst droughts in 1,000 years, predict scientists

The US south-west and the Great Plains will face decade-long droughts far worse than any experienced over the last 1,000 years because of climate change, researchers said on Thursday. The coming drought age – caused by higher temperatures under climate change – will make it nearly impossible to carry on with current life-as-normal conditions across …

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2,000-mile long snowstorm over USA

Next week, yet another potential significant winter storm could affect several regions: the Rockies to the Southern Plains, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. This long-track winter storm is several days away. Below is a look at the cities that need to monitor this situation closely into the weekend. There will likely be changes to the forecast …

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Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread

Sweden has cut interest rates below zero and launched quantitative easing to fight deflation, becoming the latest Scandinavian state to join Europe’s escalating currency wars. The Riksbank caught markets by surprise, reducing the benchmark lending rate to minus 0.10pc and unveiled its first asset purchases, vowing to take further action at any time to stop …

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U.S. sends China millions in foreign aid despite $1.3 trillion debt

China has become one of the world’s largest two economies, and is wealthy enough to buy up at least $1.3 trillion of the U.S. debt. But that hasn’t stopped Uncle Sam from continuing to send foreign aid to Beijing. In 2014 the U.S. State Department and its USAID program provided nearly all of the $12.3 …

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Federal judge orders Mobile county to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

MOBILE, Ala. – The federal judge who overturned Alabama’s gay marriage ban ordered a defiant county to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, signaling to judges across the state that they should do the same. About an hour after U.S. District Judge Callie Granade’s ruling, Mobile County opened up its marriage license office and …

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Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

Russia’s nuclear missile force staged large-scale exercises across the vast country Thursday consisting of drills to combat sabotage and chemical weapons attacks. More than 30 regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces were involved in 12 regions, according to Itar-Tass, a Russian news agency close to the government. “According to the drill scenario, simulated enemy’s sabotage groups …

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Two More Harbingers Of Financial Doom That Mirror The Crisis Of 2008

The stock market continues to flirt with new record highs, but the signs that we could be on the precipice of the next major financial crisis continue to mount. A couple of days ago, I discussed the fact that the U.S. dollar is experiencing a tremendous surge in value just like it did in the …

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Drug company in push to produce first anti-aging pill

One afternoon in the early 1980s, Suren Sehgal brought a strange package home from work and stashed it in his family’s freezer. Wedged beside the ice cream, it was wrapped in heavy plastic and marked, “DON’T EAT!” Inside were several small glass vials containing a white paste—all that remained of a rare bacterium that today …

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CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’

During a heated discussion over gay marriage, CNN morning Anchor Chris Cuomo opined that the unalienable rights endowed to all Americans do not come from God. Cuomo was debating Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. Near the end of the back-and-forth and after Moore argued that rights cannot be handed …

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Kids of Gay Parents at Bigger Risk of ‘Emotional Problems’ Than Children of Opposite-Sex Parents

A recently released study examining the emotional well-being children found that kids with same-sex parents experienced “more distress” than their peers who have a mother and a father, according to the Christian Post. The study, which examined 207,007 children and included 512 kids with gay parents, was conducted by sociologist and Catholic priest Donald Sullins of …

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South African University Student Council Wants to Expel Jews

In the country that abolished its apartheid racial segregation policy 20 years ago, South African students called for Jews to be expelled from Durban University of Technology, a demand a top official at the university called “outrageous” and “a deep violation of … every human rights principle.” Durban University of Technology Vice Chancellor and Principal …

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Chief Alabama judge would defy Supreme Court in gay marriage ruling

The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court insisted Thursday he will continue to resist efforts to implement same-sex marriage in his state, even if the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage later this year. Chief Justice Roy Moore likened an eventual U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage to …

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U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth issues statement on decision not to attend Netanyahu address

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — U.S. Representative John Yarmuth has issued a statement in which he explains why he will not be attending when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress on March 3. The statement reads as follows: As a Jewish member of Congress, and as someone who proudly supports the State of Israel, I am …

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Hundreds of dead fish and birds found in a lagoon in General Baldissera, Argentina

GENERAL BALDISSERA – A resident of this town on social media published a series of images of the nearby lagoon General Baldissera in which hundreds of dead fish and birds observed in moribund state.  By the time the reason that generated this slaughter of animals in one of the most visited natural sites in the area …

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IRS to give illegals refunds for prior years — when they didn’t pay taxes?

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress on Wednesday that even illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes will be able to claim back-refunds once they get Social Security numbers under President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty. The revelation — which contradicts what he told Congress last week — comes as lawmakers also raised concerns Mr. Obama’s amnesty …

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Business Inventories Grow At Slowest Pace Since May 2013, Inventory-To-Sales Worst Since Lehman

Business inventories grew at a mere 0.1% in December, missing expectations for the 7th of the last 8 months. This is the slowest inventory growth since May 2013. Perhaps most worrisome is the drop in sales (down 1.1%) which slammed the inventory-to-sales ratio to its highest since July 2009. Zero Hedge

JUDGE RUTH: Americans ready for gay marriage

Americans are prepared to accept a U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, pointing to what she described as a sweeping change in attitudes toward gays. In an interview Wednesday in the court’s oak-paneled east conference room, Ginsburg also said President Barack Obama’s health-care law, which is under attack in …

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PSALM 83 WATCH – Iranian Forces Advance Towards Israel

Iranian officers working with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization are fighting their way closer to Israel’s northern border with Syria and could soon be in control of the Syrian side of the armistice line. A government source from Syria’s Ministry of Information confirmed to WND a report Tuesday from a U.K.-based human rights organization which …

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Signs of the End Times Escalating Worldwide!

Matthew 24: 4-8 –  And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things …

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“Fireballs In The Sky” New Zealand, “Looked Like A Big Fireball, Explosion In The Sky, Split Into Three Pieces

NEW ZEALAND – Bright flashes and sonic booms in the night sky above the North Island are most likely a chunk of asteroid or a meteoroid bursting through the Earth’s atmosphere and burning up.  Bright lights and explosions in the sky have been reported from Auckland to Nelson, and the Coromandel to New Plymouth, and …

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Fifty tanks, 40 missile systems crossed from Russia into east Ukraine overnight

WAR DRUMS –  Around 50 tanks, 40 missile systems and 40 armored vehicles crossed overnight into east Ukraine from Russia via Izvaryne border crossing into the separatist Luhansk region, a Kiev military spokesman said on Thursday. “The enemy continues to strengthen its forces in the most dangerous areas, especially in north-east Luhansk region and in …

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Court Rules Details of DHS Cellphone Service Kill Switch Can Remain Secret

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington DC has ruled that the Department of Homeland Security’s procedure for shutting down cell phone service during a declared emergency can remain secret. The lawsuit was brought by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) after the DHS failed to release its criteria for network shutdowns following an incident …

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Florida School Board Votes to Ban Bibles Over Satanists Seeking to Pass Out Coloring Books

ORLANDO, Fla. – A school board in Florida has voted to ban all religious materials from being distributed in public schools after a New York-based Satanist group As previously reported, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) learned in 2013 that the Christian ministry World Changes had made Bibles available to Orlando high school students on “Religious …

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San Francisco commuters possibly exposed to measles on train

SAN FRANCISCO  – Tens of thousands of commuters on San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system may have been exposed to measles after an infectious Bay Area resident rode a train to and from work for three days last week, public health officials said on Wednesday. The rider represents the first case of measles confirmed …

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Toxic orange cloud outside Barcelona after chemical blast

BREAKING NEWS – Three people were reportedly injured in a chemical explosion in northern Spain, which created a toxic orange cloud. Residents in towns around Barcelona were told to stay indoors. The restrictions were lifted after about four hours. The accident in northeastern Spain appears to have been caused by two chemicals accidentally mixing while …

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New fears as tens of thousands flocking to ISIS

The U.S. bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria has failed to slow the pace of foreign fighters flocking to join the Islamic State and other extremist groups, including at least 3,400 from Western nations among 20,000 from around the world, U.S. intelligence officials say in an updated estimate of a top terrorism concern. Intelligence agencies …

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Brazilians hoard water and prepare for possible drastic rationing

Brazilians are hoarding water in their apartments, drilling homemade wells and taking other emergency measures to prepare for forced rationing that appears likely and could leave taps dry for up to five days a week because of a drought. In Sao Paulo, the country’s largest city with a metropolitan area of 20 million people, the …

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Ukraine Tensions Hit Boiling Point as Obama Confronts Putin

In a one-on-one conversation Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama personally warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that unless an acceptable peace deal is reached in talks scheduled to be held in Minsk today, Russia will face increased costs for its invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and its continued support of separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. The conversation …

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It’s not just smart TVs. Your home is full of gadgets that spy on you

This evening, while you settle down to watch Death In Paradise or Birds Of A Feather, the disturbing reality is that your television set may also be watching and listening to you. If you own a ‘smart TV’ from South Korean tech giant Samsung, every word you say can be captured by the device and beamed …

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Here Are The Next Retail Stores that could disappear like Radio Shack!

Last week, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy and announced it would shut down some 1,100 stores by the end of the month. While the 94-year-old company is an American household brand, the outcome is not surprising – sales had been shrinking for years before the company’s final downfall. The electronics retailer is not alone, as brick-and-mortar …

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Florida High School criticized for student saying ‘God Bless America’ in morning announcements

A local High School is facing criticism from the American Humanist Organization over the phrase “God Bless America.” The Washington-based Appignani Humanist Legal Center wrote a letter to the Nassau County school superintendent and Yulee High School principal Natasha Drake. The group says the school violated the Constitution when it allowed a student to end morning announcements …

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Germany faces impossible choice as Greek austerity revolt spreads

The political centre across southern Europe is disintegrating. Establishment parties of centre-left and centre-right – La Casta, as they say in Spain – have successively immolated themselves enforcing EMU debt-deflation. Spain’s neo-Bolivarian Podemos party refuses to fade. It has endured crippling internal rifts. It has shrugged off hostile press coverage over financial ties to Venezuela. …

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Muslim Brotherhood: White House Official Met Us at State Department

A Muslim Brotherhood member who recently was hosted at the State Department along with several of the Islamist group’s key allies now claims that a White House official also was present in that meeting, according to recent remarks. Abdel Mawgoud al-Dardery, a Brotherhood member and former Egyptian parliamentarian, was in the United States late last month …

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Obama Is ‘Trying to Protect’ Islam and ‘Is Seeking to Destroy Israel’

President Barack Obama’s failure to honestly address the threat of the Islamic State and radical Islam, along with his actions towards Israel, show that he is “trying to protect the Muslim faith” and is “seeking to destroy Israel,” said nationally syndicated talk-radio host Mark Levin on Tuesday, Feb. 10.  Levin, who is Jewish and a …

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Saudi Arabia And ISIS Both Want The Same Thing: World Domination

When ISIS released a video which showed Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned alive, it shocked the entire planet. The evil that it takes to do such a thing is on a level that is almost unspeakable.  In the western world, we have a very hard time understanding what would motivate anyone to take a …

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Yemen rebels seize US weapons, vehicles after embassy staff leave

On the heels of Obama declaring “War on ISIS” US embassies are evacuated and weapons captured!  Houthi rebels have reportedly seized all the US embassy’s vehicles in Sanaa and the weapons of the Marines, who were guarding it, after the American ambassador and diplomats left Yemen’s capital earlier Wednesday. Over 20 vehicles were taken by …

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Obama Lied About Gay Marriage to Deceive Blacks During Election, Says Adviser

U.S. President Barack Obama always supported gay marriage, but he lied to get elected, a new book reveals. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod says it was to gain support from the church. In Believer: My Forty Years in Politics, Axelrod details, according to Time, the specifics: “Opposition to gay marriage was particularly strong in the black church, and as …

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Church in Battle With Yoga Instructor Over Demonic Classes

A church that ended a yoga class’ use of its hall because the activity’s roots are “incompatible with the Christian faith” has received support from its diocese. St. Michael and All Angels’ Church made the decision last year. Church council members informed yoga instructor Naomi Hayama that they were no longer allowing groups linked to …

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Military Implanting Microchips in Guantanamo Bay Detainees Prior to Release

The government is implanting trackable microchips into Guantanamo Bay detainees prior to their release using nano technology first tested on U.S. troops, according to a Marine and other high-level sources. In 2010, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah asked the Obama administration to implant the microchips into the detainees to track their movements upon release, according to …

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Tests planned on mysterious ‘milky rain’ in Pacific Northwest

Scientists from two U.S. Pacific Northwest laboratories plan to conduct tests of unusual precipitation that fell across the region over the weekend in hopes of pinpointing the origins of so-called “milky rain” that has mystified residents, officials said on Wednesday. Officials at both the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Benton Clean Air Agency, both …

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IRS apologizes for seizing bank accounts of small businesses

Pressured by Congress, the IRS said Wednesday it is changing its policies and apologizing for seizing banks accounts from otherwise law-abiding business owners simply because they structured bank transactions to avoid federal reporting requirements. Their alleged crime: routinely making bank deposits of less than $10,000. That allowed the business owners to avoid reporting requirements designed …

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North Korea warns South of ‘most miserable end’

North Korea stepped up its rhetoric against the South Wednesday, warning that its neighbour would face a “most miserable end” if it joined the US in “a war of aggression” against Pyongyang.  The threat follows a series of North Korean missile tests, reflecting escalating military tensions on the divided peninsula ahead of large-scale US-South Korea …

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