Brazilians employ drastic measures to save water/Iraqi Terrorists Destroy Synagogue, Take Over Ezra’s Tomb and more signs of JESUS’ soon return

Strong Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes off S.E Taiwan near city of T’ai-tung

Strong Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes off S.E Taiwan near city of T'ai-tung

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck off the southeastern coast of Taiwan near the city of T’ai-tung, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Friday. The quake, initially reported as a strong magnitude 6.3, struck at 4:06 a.m. on Saturday (2006 GMT on Friday). It was centred just 14 miles (22.5 km) east of T’ai-tung, the USGS …

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‘First I’m Going to Pay My Tithes,’ Says Single Mother of Four Claiming $188 Million Lottery Win; But Should Christians Play the Lottery?

A North Carolina woman with four children says that the first person to get a cut of her $188 million Powerball lottery win will be the Lord “because I wouldn’t have none of it if it wasn’t for God.” Marie Holmes, a resident of Shallotte, claims she is among the three people who were lucky …

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Construction Begins on Hobby Lobby President’s $400 Million Museum of the Bible Near US Capitol

Construction has officially begun on the Museum of the Bible, a longtime project spearheaded by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, which is scheduled to open in Washington, D.C. in 2017. “In many respects this is the kickoff of a three year project. We’ve been working on it for two years, this is the first time …

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Russian Spy Ship Gathering Intel in Florida Waters

A Russian intelligence-gathering ship is again plying the waters off the southern United States in operations aimed at spying on U.S. ballistic missile submarines based in the area, defense officials said. The intelligence collection ship, Viktor Leonov, has been closely watched by U.S. Navy ships and aircraft for the past several days near Jacksonville, Fla., …

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Sierra Leone locks down 700 homes after Ebola Death

Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone has put hundreds of homes in the capital, Freetown, under quarantine, following report of a new death from the killer epidemic. “Some 700 homes have been quarantined for 21 days in the tourism and fishing community of Aberdeen in the west of the capital Freetown…after the death of a fisherman who was …

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Iraqi Terrorists Destroy Synagogue, Take Over Ezra’s Tomb

Terrorists in Iraq have seized a major synagogue and holy site in Amara, the Elder of Ziyon blog reported Wednesday – and have already destroyed much of it. According to the Iraqi media site quoted by the blog, the synagogue will become the new southern headquarters of the terrorists, whose name and affiliation are unspecified. …

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Powerful Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake has struck Northwestern Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Powerful Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake has struck Northwestern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

ALIEN DECEPTION (PROJECT BLUE BEAM) UK Scientists: Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth

The Bible warns of coming deceptions and fables that would turn people from the truth of the Gospel and this story coming out of the UK is just that. Scientists in the U.K. have examined a tiny metal circular object, and are suggesting it might be a micro-organism deliberately sent by extraterrestrials to create life …

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Megachurch Pastor Prayerfully Allows Gays Into Leadership

Is the Bible Belt coming unbuckled? Stan Mitchell, pastor of the GracePoint megachurch in Franklin Tennessee, has apparently taken his Bible belt off altogether. Mitchell told his congregation—a congregation that includes superstar singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood—that practicing homosexuals can be card-carrying members of his Bible-believing protestant church and can even hold their gay weddings in the …

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‘Storm is Coming’: Russians still fear crisis

In spite of Thursday’s cease-fire agreement between Kiev and Moscow, the Russian economy is still struggling amid swingeing sanctions, oil price declines, a weak ruble and rampant inflation. And ordinary Russians are feeling the pinch – with some believing the crisis hasn’t even started yet. Russia’s economy has been hit hard by the severe decline in …

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Discarded Russian submarines could cause a nuclear disaster in the Arctic

The Arctic could become a site of future turmoil, and not just because of the emerging geopolitical tensions and militarization in the region. Beyond concerns of a frozen conflict in the icy north, there is the additional fear that the Barents and Kara Seas could become the location of a slow-motion nuclear disaster. Until 1991 …

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Bill Gates Insane Quest To Sterilize And Depopulate The World Revealed

BILL GATES DREAM OF POPULATION CONTROL IS BEING ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH THE EXTENSIVE USE OF VACCINES AND ABORTION When I was outlining the main points of this article, at times I felt like I was reading a fictional novel — so EVIL, that it nearly took my breath away that people could do such horrific things …

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Eleven people linked to Philippines MERS case show symptoms

Eleven people who had contact with the Philippines’ first confirmed case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) are also showing symptoms, the World Health Organisation said on Friday. “Eleven contacts are symptomatic. It’s a mix of family contacts and hospital contacts, the doctors and nurses who attended the case before she was tested and …

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Sign of the Apocalypse? Plague Is Back, With a Disturbing Twist

If you thought the film Contagion was frightening, this medical plot twist may scare you even more—because it’s real. Back in November, the island nation of Madagascar confirmed 119 cases of plague, including 40 deaths. But the bad news recently took a disturbing turn: “The fleas that transmit this ancient disease from rats to humans …

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Bolstered by the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah and its patrons in Tehran, the Syrian Army continued its rapid advance into southern Syria today, inching closer to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. “Regime troops and their Hezbollah-led allies are advancing in the area linking Daraa, Quneitra and Damascus provinces,” close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the …

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John Piper: No One Is Absolutely Addicted to Pornography

Not all sexual desire is lust. God made sexual desire. It has its good place and it can, in fact, become an act of worship in the temple of marriage. But lust is sexual desire gone wrong. Here’s my definition: Lust is a sexual desire that dishonors its object and disregards God. Disregards the promises …

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President Obama: If You Like Your God, Keep Him

“Confession is good for the soul,” said Mark Twain, “but it’s bad for the reputation.” Candidate Barack Obama in 2008 confessed to his top adviser, David Axelrod, “I’m just not very good at (expletive).” Actually, he was very good at it. He told millions of Americans that he believed marriage was “a sacred union” between …

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US retail sales data point to slower economic growth

U.S. consumer spending barely rose in January as households cut back on purchases of a range of goods, suggesting the economy started the first quarter on a softer note. Sluggish spending came despite cheap gasoline and a buoyant labor market, leaving economists to speculate that consumers were using the extra income to pay down debt …

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IMF Announces $17.5bn Bailout Deal for Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund has granted Ukraine a new $17.5 billion bailout deal to help support economic reforms. With the help from other lenders, including Europe and the US, the deal could climb to around $40 billion over the next four years.Ukraine has so far received $4.6 billion as part of a $17 billion aid …

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McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas

Would you like a side of hepatitis A shot with your Happy Meal? As it turns out, your child may just be able to receive a number of significant vaccinations at your local McDonald’s on behalf of the Department of Public Health. I was just as shocked as you are when I heard news from …

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Nearly 200 whales stranded on New Zealand beach; 2 dozen dead

A huge rescue effort is underway to save nearly 200 pilot whales stranded on a beach in New Zealand’s South Island. The whales were stranded on Farewell Spit, at Golden Bay, near Nelson, according to The New Zealand Herald. Weather conditions and nightfall hampered efforts to save the whales on Friday, it reported. Farewell Spit …

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ISIS Fighters Seize Iraqi Town Near Base Where U.S. Marines Are Stationed

AL-BAGHDADI, Iraq – Jihadists with the barbaric Islamic group ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, have reportedly seized the majority of an Iraqi town near a base where U.S. Marines are teaching Iraqis to fight the terrorist organization. According to reports, the town of al-Baghdadi was seized on Thursday, just …

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ISIS Poised to attack Christian Towns

Some 3,000 Sunni jihadist fighters have gathered in the Syrian Qalamoun mountains bordering eastern Lebanon, poised to attack a series of Christian towns in northern and central Lebanon. They appear to be preparing to undertake a pincer attack on the north around Tripoli and in the south from the Syrian Golan Heights, according to informed Middle …

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SHIRLEY MACLAINE: Were Holocaust victims paying for sins in past lives?

Her bizarre New Age views on topics such as reincarnation and UFOs have often left the public baffled. Now Shirley MacLaine has provoked widespread fury by claiming the victims of the Holocaust may have brought their fate upon themselves. The veteran Hollywood actress suggests the six million Jews and millions of others systematically murdered in Hitler’s death …

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$10,000 Muhammad Art and Cartoon Contest to be Held in Texas

Pamela Geller is planning a “Draw the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas in the same location as a Muslim group held a “Stand with the Prophet” conference in January. The First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest will be hosted by the Curtis Caldwell Center, which is owned and operated by the Garland Independent School …

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Pharmacy Shelves Emptying In Venezuela, Crisis Looming

It’s a tweet that ultimately fell on deaf ears: “#ServicioPublico Infalgan solution of 10 Mg for injection is needed for Vanessa Chacón.” S ent from San Rafael del Piñal, a small town in Venezuela near the border with Colombia, the tweet was sent on behalf of Chacón, 22, who needed the medicine to survive a …

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US faces worst droughts in 1,000 years, predict scientists

The US south-west and the Great Plains will face decade-long droughts far worse than any experienced over the last 1,000 years because of climate change, researchers said on Thursday. The coming drought age – caused by higher temperatures under climate change – will make it nearly impossible to carry on with current life-as-normal conditions across …

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2,000-mile long snowstorm over USA

Next week, yet another potential significant winter storm could affect several regions: the Rockies to the Southern Plains, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. This long-track winter storm is several days away. Below is a look at the cities that need to monitor this situation closely into the weekend. There will likely be changes to the forecast …

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Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread

Sweden has cut interest rates below zero and launched quantitative easing to fight deflation, becoming the latest Scandinavian state to join Europe’s escalating currency wars. The Riksbank caught markets by surprise, reducing the benchmark lending rate to minus 0.10pc and unveiled its first asset purchases, vowing to take further action at any time to stop …

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U.S. sends China millions in foreign aid despite $1.3 trillion debt

China has become one of the world’s largest two economies, and is wealthy enough to buy up at least $1.3 trillion of the U.S. debt. But that hasn’t stopped Uncle Sam from continuing to send foreign aid to Beijing. In 2014 the U.S. State Department and its USAID program provided nearly all of the $12.3 …

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Federal judge orders Mobile county to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

MOBILE, Ala. – The federal judge who overturned Alabama’s gay marriage ban ordered a defiant county to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, signaling to judges across the state that they should do the same. About an hour after U.S. District Judge Callie Granade’s ruling, Mobile County opened up its marriage license office and …

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Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

Russia’s nuclear missile force staged large-scale exercises across the vast country Thursday consisting of drills to combat sabotage and chemical weapons attacks. More than 30 regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces were involved in 12 regions, according to Itar-Tass, a Russian news agency close to the government. “According to the drill scenario, simulated enemy’s sabotage groups …

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Two More Harbingers Of Financial Doom That Mirror The Crisis Of 2008

The stock market continues to flirt with new record highs, but the signs that we could be on the precipice of the next major financial crisis continue to mount. A couple of days ago, I discussed the fact that the U.S. dollar is experiencing a tremendous surge in value just like it did in the …

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Drug company in push to produce first anti-aging pill

One afternoon in the early 1980s, Suren Sehgal brought a strange package home from work and stashed it in his family’s freezer. Wedged beside the ice cream, it was wrapped in heavy plastic and marked, “DON’T EAT!” Inside were several small glass vials containing a white paste—all that remained of a rare bacterium that today …

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CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’

During a heated discussion over gay marriage, CNN morning Anchor Chris Cuomo opined that the unalienable rights endowed to all Americans do not come from God. Cuomo was debating Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. Near the end of the back-and-forth and after Moore argued that rights cannot be handed …

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harvest army


Brazilians employ drastic measures to save water


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